Cassie's Fall

by FreeJack

Copyright© 2013 by FreeJack

Sex Story: Sequel to "Catfight." Cassie and Andrea meet again, how far will Cassie fall?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Lesbian   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Spitting   .

Cassie licked her lips, took a deep breath, and then knocked on the door before her confidence failed her. She had decided last night before going to sleep that this trip was necessary, but upon waking this morning and facing actually having to go through with it, she had found herself not wanting to do it. All through breakfast and her usual morning routine, she had wavered back and forth, finally managing to talk herself out of it. Then, having gotten dressed and headed for the gym like normal, she found herself making a series of wrong turns until she found herself here, parked outside of Andrea's apartment.

Now, waiting outside Andrea's front door at 10:00 in the morning, she was again confronted with the thought that this might not be the best idea. She could feel her heart thumping in her chest, and a lump was beginning to form in her throat as nervousness washed over her. There was probably no reason for her to be here anyway, she told herself. What had happened Tuesday had been a fluke, a one-time thing, which looking back, she had to admit she had most likely initiated. And there was no point in denying that she had liked it. Hell, she'd loved it! Just thinking about it had caused her to finger herself to multiple orgasms last night while Jack was at work.

So why was she here? Why was she shivering on Andrea's doorstep (wearing only her gym clothes, freezing her butt off) at ten in the morning—a time when Jack was still snoring in bed and she should be at the gym?

Because it was Thursday morning. Because of the last thing Andrea had said when she had walked out the door, that smug smile playing on her lips. "So, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning is it?"

Cassie hadn't thought too much of it at the time, (hell, her mind was barely functioning at all, her entire being still overwhelmed from the afterglow of multiple orgasms), but later that comment popped back into her mind and lodged there. She knew she shouldn't worry about it. Even though she and Jack had an open relationship that pretty much allowed them to do whatever they liked, they had agreed to always check with each other first. And as far as she knew he had never broken that trust.

But this was Andrea. His ex. His gorgeous, sexual-goddess ex. A woman he had once loved dearly. They shared a past, a history that didn't involve her. And she was hot. So hot she made Cassie's knees weak. How could she not worry just a little?

She steeled herself, and before she could change her mind, knocked on the door. She waited for what seemed like an eternity, her body shivering uncontrollably in the cold, her teeth threatening to chatter. She knocked again, waited some more, and was just about to give up hope Andrea was home and return to her car, when finally there was the sound of a lock turning. A moment later, the door cracked open and Andrea's sleepy, scowling face peered out at her.

"Cassie? What the hell are you doing here?" Andrea's voice was thick with sleep, and Cassie realized she had woke her. Oh well.

"We need to talk," Cassie replied, trying hard to sound normal and not let her nervousness show.

"No, I need to sleep," Andrea retorted, "What do you want?"

"Can I come in?" Cassie asked, "It's fucking freezing out here."

Andrea eyed her for a minute, then muttered something that sounded like "fine" and disappeared back inside. Cassie followed her in, hurriedly closing the door behind them, just happy for the moment to be in from out of the cold. Her ears and nose were already tingling, and her nipples were painfully hard beneath her workout shirt and sports-bra.

For some reason, she hoped they weren't showing.

Andrea had disappeared around the corner into the kitchen, the sound of doors and drawers opening and shutting audible, so Cassie took off her shoes and waited where she was, rubbing her hands up and down her arms to warm herself. While she did so, she looked around. Andrea's apartment wasn't very big; the front door opened directly into the living room, which was fairly small and seemed even smaller for the couch, loveseat, coffee table, and entertainment center that were packed in it. Also, Andrea wasn't the tidiest person, and stacks of CDs, books, notebooks and other assorted stuff made the area seem even more constrained. Around the corner was the kitchen and very small dining area, while straight ahead was the bathroom and short hallway that led to the bedroom. Cassie knew this from the one previous time that she had been here, after her and Jack had met up with Andrea and some friends at the bar one night and returned here for some after-hours partying.

Andrea reappeared from the kitchen and motioned her towards the couch, "You can sit down if you want. I put some coffee on, it should be ready in a couple minutes."

Cassie moved to the couch and sat, watching as Andrea took up a spot across from her on the loveseat, tucking her legs up under her Indian-style. Dressed only in a pair of boxers and a wife-beater, her hair still tousled from sleep and with absolutely no makeup on, she still managed to look somehow sultry. Cassie hated her for it. No that wasn't exactly true, she didn't hate her—she was just slightly jealous.

Okay, maybe more than slightly.

Cassie knew that she herself was good looking. Hell, who was she kidding – she was hot. She had heard it enough, (not just from guys, but from her girlfriends too, who all said how jealous they were of her) to accept it and be comfortable with the fact. Still, when she was around Andrea, she felt somehow inferior.

Cassie was the all-american girl – blonde hair, blue eyes, slim, trim, and athletic. Yet, Andrea's beauty seemed somehow exotic. Her dark lustrous hair, her piercing emerald eyes, her perfectly curved body all seemed to meld into something more than the parts themselves. She radiated pure animal magnetism, like some dark goddess of sex. Cassie felt it herself when looking upon her.

Like right now. She couldn't help but notice how Andrea's dark nipples tented the thin fabric of her top. Couldn't help but sneak a quick glance at her exposed thighs, and think about the dark shadow that hovered just out of eye-sight behind those boxers. Couldn't help but remember being buried in that silky pussy.

She quickly flicked her eyes back up to Andrea's face, but it was already too late. Andrea was smirking. She'd obviously caught Cassie peeking. It was confirmed a second later. "What? Couldn't wait for me to come to you?" Andrea purred, smiling that evil little smile. "Or do you not want to share with your man?"

Cassie felt her face reddening uncontrollably and cursed herself. You stupid little bitch, get yourself under control. Jesus, this is what got you into this mess in the first place. She breathed in deeply and forced herself to stay calm. She cleared her throat. "Despite what you may think, I came here so we could talk about this situation."

"What situation is that?" Andrea asked innocently.

"You know what I'm talking about. About what happened on Tuesday."

Andrea smiled even wider. "Oh. You mean when I fucked your man, and then you sucked his cum from my ass?" Andrea asked mockingly. "That situation?"

Despite her best efforts, the scene flashed across her mind and a small jolt of unbidden pleasure spasmed through her pussy, making her have to fight hard not to moan out loud. That bitch. The way she said it – so casually, so contemptuously – made Cassie want to jump up and knock that silly little smirk right off her face. Unfortunately, it also made her pussy twinge with desire.

Stay calm. Stay calm.

She matched Andrea's smile and stared her straight in the eyes, trying hard to show her disdain. "Yeah. That situation."

Andrea shrugged, unaffected by Cassie's stare. "Okay, so talk."

You can do this, Cassie thought to herself, Just say what you've got to say. Be forceful. Make sure she knows you're serious. "Look Andrea ... I'm not gonna tell you that I didn't enjoy Tuesday – I did. I'm just here to tell you that it was a one-time thing. It's never going to happen again."

"Is that so?" Andrea replied, lifting one eyebrow sardonically while simultaneously stifling a yawn.

"Yes. That's so," Cassie replied evenly. "So I'm going to ask you, politely, to stay away from Jack and to stay away from our apartment."

Andrea laughed. "Or what?"

She laughed. She actually had the nerve to laugh. That fucking bitch. Cassie could feel the anger boiling up inside of her. She wanted to smack her, to punch her. Wanted to pull her hair and spit right in that arrogant, gorgeous face. But even as she thought that, she realized that she also wanted to lick her. Wanted to suck on those perfect tits. As much as she wanted to pummel her, to scratch her eyeballs out, she couldn't help but also think about eating her pussy, and – god help her – tonguing her tight little ass. She felt her panties dampen considerably.

This was a mistake to come here, she thought, her mind and body at war with one another. A big mistake. Still, she forced a calm she didn't feel and tried to match Andrea's imperial attitude. "Or else I'll be forced to take action."

"Yeah," Andrea replied haughtily, "What'cha gonna do, lick me to death?"

Calm. Stay calm. The rage was starting to burn ... and so was the desire. Why was it that when she got mad, she got horny? Who was the sick God that had made her that way? How was she supposed to feed off her anger to get things done, when all it made her want to do was get fucked? In any and every way possible?

She stared at Andrea, trying hard not to show any weakness. "Actually, I have in my possession a number of tapes – very explicit tapes – that I'm guessing you, hmm, how should I put this ... you might not want shared with the, uh, the entire world."

To her credit, Andrea didn't seem fazed at all. In fact, her expression barely changed. She regarded Cassie with the same bored, condescending look that she'd already been wearing. "Are you trying to threaten me?" she asked coolly.

"Threaten?" Cassie echoed. "No. No, of course not. I just thought that you might be curious as to where we stand."

Andrea smirked again. "Where we stand? I'll tell you where we stand," she drawled. "Those tapes don't mean shit to me. You can show them to whoever you want – I really don't care. Actually, some of them I'm rather proud of ... But the thing is, you're not going to show them to anyone."

"And why is that?" Cassie asked haughtily, trying to match Andrea at her own game.

Andrea laughed merrily. "It's simple, my dear. They all feature Jack as well as me. And you're not going to show tapes of your man fucking someone else." She grinned wickedly. "Especially when he's doing it so well."

Cassie's pulse was pounding, and she wanted to fly across the room and slam Andrea through the wall. Smug, little, arrogant bitch. Always lording over her about how good they'd been together. Instead, she answered, "I could blur out his face."

Andrea laughed again. "I highly doubt that," she said flippantly. "But even if you managed, I'd just tell everyone what you'd done. Including Jack. You don't really want to answer all the questions that would bring up now, do you?"

Cassie gritted her teeth. Fuck, fuck and double fuck. Andrea was right, and both of them knew it. Cassie would never post the videos of her and Jack together; that would only reinforce the very idea that she was trying so hard to subvert. Mainly, that her and Jack worked well together. There were a few videos of just Andrea, but they were simple masturbation videos, and Cassie believed her completely when she said that she didn't care who saw them. She probably would be proud, fucking slut...

Cassie could hardly blame her though. She had seen the movies and somehow Andrea came off looking like a model in every one. And not your average model either, we're talking Adriana Lima category here. The solo videos actually looked more like works of art than homemade porn, and some of the videos of her and Jack ... Cassie still couldn't figure out how someone could look so beautiful and goddess-like while doing such dirty, nasty things.

But that was what she was up against. The bitch was hot. And not only did she know it – she knew how to use it. Even now, fresh from bed, her hair a mess, and wearing a pair of ratty old boxers, she managed to look somehow both rumpled and alluring at the same time. A fact that she was certainly aware of as she rearranged her legs underneath her, showing off her smooth, sleek thighs.

Cassie willed herself not to look, but ultimately couldn't help herself. Despite her best intentions, she found herself nearly salivating as she glimpsed Andrea's long legs and just a flash of the dark, silky hair that rested between them as she resettled herself. Memories of being trapped between those thighs, of her nose being buried in that dark tuft of fur, coursed through her mind and she felt herself getting weak in the knees. The syrupy sweetness of her pussy, the intoxicating smell...

She realized suddenly that she'd gotten distracted and that Andrea was waiting on her for a response. She had nothing else to say though. She'd bluffed, and Andrea had called her on it. Without even batting an eye.

She should have known better. She knew how Andrea was: arrogant, commanding, not someone to take easily to blackmail. This plan hadn't really had much of a chance from the get-go, now that she thought about it. She should have taken more time. Should have planned better. Thought of something that would have played to Andrea's sense of superiority.

But she hadn't had more time. Today was Thursday. The day that Andrea had threatened to return to their apartment. She'd had to come up with something on the fly, something to try and head the situation off before it could keep rolling. Unfortunately, she had failed. Now she was standing here clueless. The least she could have done was come up with a back-up plan. Or an exit strategy.

She felt momentarily lost. And stupid. Andrea was eyeing her with an amused, smug expression, and Cassie had no idea what to do next. She wanted to turn and flee, to get away from this succubus that so infuriated her and made her so weak at the same time, but knew if she did, she would have accomplished nothing here. If anything it would only show Andrea her weakness, and further encourage her to continue messing with both her and Jack. Yet the longer she stayed, the more she felt things spiraling out of control, and she was afraid what might happen if she didn't leave soon. She thought desperately for a way out.

"Cat got your tongue," Andrea purred sexily, interrupting Cassie's thoughts. She uncrossed and re-crossed her legs again, slower this time, presenting Cassie a perfect view. "That's too bad. I was just thinking of something you could do with it."

The suggestion was all too blatant, and Cassie hated herself for not being able to disregard it at once. The desire to do as Andrea had insinuated – to go to her, and kneel down before her, and worship that perfect, pink pussy – was almost overpowering. Memories flashed through her mind, and her body was tingling with desire. She could feel her pussy leaking like a sieve and knew that her nipples were rock-hard as well. Her body was a cyclone of passions and emotions, and she felt herself spinning out of control. It took every ounce of her considerable effort to pull her mind away from the wanton desire to give herself over to Andrea's will.

"Fuck you, bitch," she said, unable to think of anything else.

Andrea smiled sweetly. "That's precisely what I was talking about."

Cassie wanted to punch her, wanted to rip her face off. Unfortunately, she wanted to eat her even more. Wanted to bathe in her sweet, syrupy juices. Her pussy was on fire, and it was trying to take over her body. She needed to get out of here. Now.

She turned to leave, but Andrea's voice sounded behind her. "No? Don't feel like playing yet?" she asked with false innocence. "That's okay. I can wait another hour. Besides, it'll be better for you that way. By the time you get home, Jack can have me all nice and steamy down there. That is how you liked it, right?"

Cassie spun back around. Her hands clenched into fists. She felt like screaming. She was so pissed that she could feel the blood surging to her face, could feel it pounding in her chest, could feel it racing through her clit. God, she wanted to kill her! Wanted to punch, and kick ... and bite ... and lick ... and suck ... Control, she tried commanding herself, control, goddamnit. Get yourself under control.

But control wasn't easy to come by.

Andrea noticed her clenched fists, saw the looked of restrained fury on her face. "Uh oh, did I say something I shouldn't have?" she asked, lifting one hand to her mouth in a fake show of surprise.

A moment later, however, her expression changed. Her eyes sparkled dangerously and her tone took on a hint of steel. "Look, I think we both know why you're here. No need for us to play games. If you need me to beat you down first so that you can lie to yourself afterwards, I'll do it. But to be honest, it's pretty early in the morning and I haven't even had my first cup of coffee yet, so ... let's be civilized. Why don't you just come over here nicely, get down on your knees, and wrap that pretty, little cunt-licking mouth around my pussy, so that we can both get what we want and be on with our day?"

Cassie was so stunned, at first she didn't know how to respond. Her anger whipped through her like a wildfire, inflaming her in more ways than one, but her mind was spinning at Andrea's words. " ... we both know why you're here." Was there any truth to that? Could there be?

She tried telling herself that there wasn't. That there couldn't be. But her mind was suddenly having a hard time fully believing it. Had she just been fooling herself? Had she come here on false pretenses, secretly hoping for something else? Her need to tell Andrea off, to make sure she stayed away from their apartment – was it in actuality a need to see her, to make sure she didn't stay away? Was that possible?

There was no denying that her pussy was drenched. That her nipples were hard little diamonds of pleasurable pain. There was no denying that the thought of going over and doing what Andrea had suggested – 'wrap that pretty, little cunt-licking mouth around my pussy' – was imploring to her. That its crude suggestiveness was appealing, demanding. Almost ... overpowering.

No! That's not true, she told herself. That's not why you came here. You came here to tell her off, to tell her to stay away from you and Jack! Don't let her trick you once again. Don't let her deceive you with coercing words and some flashing of skin. You are not her bitch! You are her better and you need to show her that.

Her fists were still clenched and she could feel her nails digging painfully into her palms. Yes, she thought, focusing on the pain, that's what you need to do. Go over there and let her feel those fists, let her feel those nails. Show that whore who's really the boss.

She started across the room, blood pounding in her ears, racing through her veins. Her footsteps were sure and confident. Her fists clenched tight. Eyes blazing with a fire to match the infernal flames of hell.

Andrea watched her come, that same snide smile still curling the corners of her perfect lips. The same careless dismissal dancing about her eyes. She didn't rise to meet Cassie, didn't look the least bit alarmed as Cassie bore down upon her. Instead, she spread her legs wide – a mocking invitation.

Cassie closed the remaining distance quickly. Leaned over and swung out with flailing arms and clutching hands—

—grasped the bottom of Andrea's boxers and ripped them roughly down her long, smooth legs. Tossed them carelessly aside. She fell to her knees, burying her face in Andrea's fragrant, now-accessible crotch. A pent-up primal whimper escaping from her as her tongue slid out, searching blindly for Andrea's sweet moisture.

And then she was there. Her lips met Andrea's. Her tongue slipped gently between them. And she began to slurp at Andrea's ripe deliciousness like a man (or in this case, woman) dying of thirst.

Her mind still screamed at her, lashing and berating her for her weakness and stupidity, but her body didn't care. It responded eagerly to Andrea's tart taste and heady, pungent aroma, the latter of which now hovered about her like a thick mind-numbing fog. It blanketed her with a warm, pervasive sense of pleasure. A feeling of comfort and hominess. Like the smell of a fresh-baked apple pie was to some, then so the scent of Andrea's pussy was to her.

She couldn't say why this was ... it just was. She had always liked the smell of pussy, hers included, but something about being buried in Andrea's sweltering confines, just sent her over the top. It was rich and thick, and ever so naughty. She buried her face deeper into Andrea's crotch, rubbing her nose back and forth in her silky, raven-hued triangle and was suddenly glad that she had came so early. This way she'd gotten to Andrea before she showered and washed away the previous day's accumulated sweat and smell.

She sniffed long and hard, inhaling deeply of that redolent aroma that was Andrea, pulling it deep inside of her, relishing in its dirtiness. Oh god, it was good! So strong and heady. So intoxicating! The last time Andrea had been fresh from the shower, smelling of shampoo and shower gel; this time she was fresh from bed, smelling all natural – of pussy and sweat and a tinge of urine. Cassie luxuriated in it, breathing it in, her tongue probing deep into Andrea's molten depths.

And the taste was every bit as exquisite as the smell. Salty and sweet, dirty yet delectable. An intoxicating ambrosia that rivaled anything she could imagine. Flattening her tongue, she delved up and down Andrea's awakening slit, slurping up mouthfuls of the thick, welling nectar. Coating her mouth and lips and throat; doing her best to drown in Andrea's juices.

Her own pussy was leaking just as copiously, saturating her panties, turning them into a sodden mess. She could feel them clinging stickily to her pussy and ass, further highlighting the itch between her legs. An itch that needed satisfying. Reaching back, she pawed at her pussy through her shorts, rubbing at it furiously, using no tact, wanting to punish the traitorous organ as much as pleasure it.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Andrea purred knowingly, her long fingers entangling themselves in Cassie's golden hair. Holding her face tightly in place, even though Cassie had no intentions of going anywhere. "You love that pussy, don't you?"

Cassie could only moan in response, her lips and tongue too busy probing Andrea's moist folds to respond. She did love that pussy. Loved how soft and wet and tight it was. How snugly it seemed to wrap around her questing tongue, glazing her taste buds in thick, delicious cream. She loved it more than anything in the world.

But she hated it too. Hated how pretty and pink and perfect it was! Hated how maddeningly wonderful it smelled, how impossibly delicious it tasted. Hated that there was not a single, little, tiny thing wrong with it. But mostly she hated how much power it held over her, how she couldn't seem to refuse it.

She hated that even as she was cursing herself for a fool, reminding herself just how much she hated Andrea, she couldn't seem to pull herself away from worshipping the bitch's wet and weeping cunt. It was an odd feeling knowing that the only thing more powerful than her hate of Andrea's perfect pussy, was the pure depraved delight she received from subjecting herself submissively before it.

How is that even possible? Why is it that a girl that irks me so much, a girl that I loathe—and let's be honest, a girl that I'm jealous of—can somehow enflame me like no other? Why does debasing myself before her, catering to her needs, make my pussy so god-damn fucking hot? Make my whole body tingle like it was struck by lightning? Why goddammit, why?

She didn't know, but there was no denying the truth. Her pussy was on fire. Threatening to burn a hole right through her gym shorts. Already her fingers were damp and slippery where her juices were beginning to soak through, and she couldn't remember ever having been so wet in her life. Not even with Jack.

Her nipples were rock-hard little diamonds within the tight confines of her athletic bra, trying desperately to burst free, to poke their way through the thin, stretchy fabric. Even the slightest touch to them sent dizzying waves of almost-agonizing pleasure surging through her, and she began to sway light from side to side, dragging them across the smooth, brown flesh of Andrea's knees.

All the while, her tongue continued to probe. Digging deeper and deeper into Andrea's molten depths, sucking and slurping up every last bit of moisture she could find. Occasionally, she'd run it up to Andrea's little nub, giving it a couple of moan-inducing licks. But mostly she concentrated on lapping up all the delicious juices flowing from Andrea's simmering well.

Her own moans enveloped Andrea's and drowned them out. Deep throaty grunts that she was unable to hold back. They welled up from somewhere deep inside her and spilled out into the cavernous area between Andrea's spread legs, seeming to echo back at her mockingly. She was embarrassed and ashamed, thinking that the grunts made her sound like a little piglet. But that shame and embarrassment only furthered her degradation. Making her that much hotter between the legs.

She wondered what was wrong with her. Wondered how she should get such exquisite pleasure from degrading herself so – and in front of the one person in the world that she least wanted to, no less. Yet there was no denying it. Her whole body was a live wire, and the thought of her as a little piglet, wallowing about on the floor, rooting around in Andrea's dark pussy, was enough to send her over the top.

An orgasm rocketed through her, causing her whole body to tense up and shake. Like she had been hooked up to powerful electrodes. Cum spewed into her already saturated shorts and panties, dripping out over the sides and onto her cupped hand below, and her grunts became high-pitched whimpers. Whimpers that spoke of both pain and pleasure – and an undeniable loss of control.

She quivered and thrashed as the joy of release rushed through her in rippling waves, and was only prevented from falling on her face by the presence of Andrea's fingers entwined in her hair. They held her tightly in place, and even as Cassie was cumming, her tongue continued to lap blindly and obediently at Andrea's flowing slit. Trying to please her new mistress with pure animal-like need.

"Oh shit," Andrea mused, "you really like that, don't you? The taste of my unwashed pussy?" She twined her fingers even tighter into Cassie's hair, smearing Cassie's wet and shiny face around her swollen gash. "You must. You must really love it, to cum that hard and that quick. God, what a slut you are. What a filthy, dirty, cunt-loving slut."

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