A Lazy Afternoon

by King Wesley

Copyright© 2013 by King Wesley

Mind Control Sex Story: Jojo has a magic emerald and she intend to use it to have some fun with her friends

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Magic   Lesbian   Group Sex   .

"How is it that every semester you always count the days until your next vacation only to spend that vacation time sitting around doing nothing and almost waiting for college to start up again?" Mindy said, throwing a magazine to the ground.

"I know" agreed Sally, "Even the television seems to plot against us. During term time you get all the great shows enticing you to abandon your studies and watch them instead yet as soon as you have empty evening after empty evening praying for something to remove even twenty two measly minutes of tedium, what is the best thing two hundred and seventeen channels can come up with: America's next top Barista and yet another season of Kitten Idol."

"There hasn't been a truly talented kitten on that show since 2009 either." Added Jojo idly filing her nails. It's like they want us to go outside and do something active."

"Well then why don't we go out and actually try doing something active then?" suggested Mindy

"The weatherman said it might rain later though." Said Jojo

"That was in Miami!" replied Mindy,

"The storm could change course."

"And travel two thousand miles in three hours? Do you actually realize how far away Miami is?"

"I suppose you are right, but I still don't want to risk it. I just got my hair done this morning it would be criminal to ruin it."

"How about the cinema?" suggested Sally, "I heard that the new Adam Sandler movie about a guy who adopts an ostrich that grants wishes is supposed to be quite funny, maybe not Rob Schneider funny but..."

"Hair." repeated Jojo interrupting and pointing to her head before pointing towards the window "Rain."

"The rain is in Miami!" screamed Mindy in frustration.

"Okay, okay." Said Jojo, "How about we all just sit here and talk about something a bit more interesting than rain and Adam Sandler?"

"Fine," said Mindy calming herself down. "So Sally, was that creepy guy on the bus again today?"

"Yeah. That's the third time this week; it almost makes me want to walk to the store."

"What guy are you talking about?" asked Jojo.

"Oh for the last couple of weeks there's been this guy on the bus who just keeps staring at me and Mindy. He's a real pervert and doesn't even try to hide it."

"That's horrible!"

"What do you expect from a freak?." Added Mindy, "I expect he's one of those sad little men who has never had a real girlfriend so just tries to freak out any attractive women he sees. And we just happen to be on his bus route. It's creepy, but I don't' want to give him the satisfaction of thinking he can get a reaction from him."

"So we both just try to ignore him." Continued Sally.

"I think I'd try to rip him a new one if I ever caught a guy perving on me in public." Said Jojo

"But that's what he wants us to do?" argued Sally, "He wants the attention and I have no intention of giving him any extra material to use in one of his wank fantasies."

"I'm surprised you never see him when you come here." Said Mindy, "You can't miss him. He stares like a teenager who's just spotted his favourite celebrity crush."

"Maybe I'm just lucky." Suggested Jojo, "Besides he wouldn't want to try that shit with me. I'd make him regret."

Mindy and Sally both let out a snort of laughter.

"Oh would you now?" chuckled Mindy.

"Yeah, I bet an indignant 120 pound girl would really put the fear of God in him." Added Sally with a snigger.

"You'd be surprised what I can do if pushed." Replied Jojo,

"You and what army?" giggled Mindy

"Don't need an army" replied Jojo, a wicked smile crossing her lip, "Just need this."

Jojo pulled something green, shiny and on a string out of her purse and held it up for the two girls to see.

"So you plan to bribe him with trinkets from a Christmas Cracker?" asked Sally.

"Oh this isn't a trinket. This is a Venus Emerald. It's very rare to find one except in one small town out in the middle of Whoknowswhereville."

"Emerald?" commented Mindy "so it's an expensive trinket?"

"Yes it's best you two get all you fun and jokes in now" smiled Jojo, "seeing as soon I'll be the one having all the fun. Well, maybe not all the fun..."

"Whatever." Said Mindy, "Why don't you just show us how your little plastic emerald supposedly works."

"Oh it's a real Emerald. Found near the site of this great lake but I digress ... the Venus Emerald simply works as thus:

"If I hold the stone up to the light like so, and then instruct anybody watching to say, I don't know, take off their bras and panties then ... well why don't we find out?

At first Mindy and Sally just laughed at their friend's silliness. Jojo seemed so dedicated to her little emerald joke that it almost felt like she believed what she was saying. But soon the laughter turned into gasps.

It was Mindy who noticed it first. She looked over at her friend Sally to realize that she was actually starting to remove her bra.

"Mindy! What the hell are you doing!"

"What do you mean?"

"Why have you removed your bra?"

"I haven't! That's crazy. But wait, are those your panties on the floor."

"Of course not! Well ... wait a second! They are! Jojo, what the hell is going on?"

"You wanted to see how the Emerald worked" replied Jojo, her innocent tone betraying her clearly devilish intentions."

"But this is impossible!" cried Sally, adding her panties to the small pile in front of her which contained the pair's other three undergarments. "You can't just order people to undress and they obey."

"With the Venus Emerald I can. I can and will order you to do all sorts of stuff and you will both obey happily."

"Like hell we will!" said Mindy. "Come on Sally, let's get out of here."

"Call us when you stop being crazy" agreed Sally as both girls got up to leave.

Jojo waited until Mindy had opened the front door before responding, "And stop right there." She ordered them, you didn't actually think I was going to let you just walk away did you?"

"Jojo, please just..."

"And no more talking unless I say you can." Interrupted Jojo, the girls' protests immediately going silent.

"Now why don't we remove the rest of those pesky clothes eh?"

The two girls turned to go inside and undress but Jojo had other ideas:

"I didn't say go indoors! I think it will be more fun to undress outside in the sun. Like you said Mindy, the nearest bad weather from here is in Miami."

Both Mindy and Sally's expressions changed to ones of horror as they powerlessly began to strip out on the front porch. With their underwear already accounted for indoors it wasn't long before the girls were standing over a second pile of clothes before them.

"Now don't go covering yourselves up like that." Said Jojo, "Keep your hands by your sides. Let's give any potential passers by a thrill."

Mindy and Sally glanced nervously don't both directions of the thankfully empty street. Jojo continued with her fun:

"What shall we do next girls? I know I'll give you a choice. Option one: we stay out here on the porch and you fuck the next ten people that walk by. Option two: we go back inside and have some fun just you two.

"So what's it gonna be? I'll allow you to answer either Option one or Option two."

"The two girls stood in silence and looked at each other. They both dreaded what plans lie in store inside but it had to be a better option than staying outside. With a final glance over at her friend, Mindy meekly muttered the words: "Option two."

"Good choice." Said Jojo and she ushered her friends back indoors.

"The Venus Emerald has other functions," began Jojo once everybody was back in the living room. "For example, if you hold it up about ten centimetres in front of somebody's eyes and order them to stare into it for twelve seconds, they become insanely horny for as long as the Emerald's owner wishes them to be."

Jojo smiled at Mindy, "Why don't I show you?"

Mindy wanted to run, but she couldn't. She wanted to close her eyes or look away but she couldn't. All she could do was obediently stare into the green abyss that Jojo held up before her. She heard Sally begin to count to twelve at the behest of Jojo.

At first there was relief as Mindy felt nothing change as the seconds ticked by. – Seven: nothing. Eight: nothing. Nine: Still nothing. Ten: Still nothing. Eleven: Still nothing. Twelve: Oh my living sweet Jehovah I need to fuck now!!

As the opening 't' of twelve reached Mindy's ears her entire body betrayed her. Everywhere and everything felt like and orgasm waiting to happen and despite her better judgment, a hand was very quickly embarking on a journey down south.

"Oh no you don't you naughty girl." Said Jojo, noticing Mindy's intentions. "You can't be having all the fun. We have to wait for Sally to get horny too."

Sally's eyes went wide with panic. She had just seen what had happened to her friend and was desperate not to fall foul to the same fate, no matter how inevitable it seemed that she would do.

"But I tell you what I am willing to make a deal." Continued Jojo, "I will put both your fates in your hands: If you choose to, I will remove all of my control over the pair of you and we can just forget that this ever happened. However if you prefer, I we can horny her up right now like you are and have some real fun. What do you say?"

Mindy's body was shaking with the desperation to satiate her horniness but to Sally's relief, Mindy found herself able to force out the reply: "L ... l ... let, h ... h ... her, g ... go."

Jojo smiled. "Oh no, you have to hear the arguments for both side first. You can make your decision afterwards."

If it weren't for the controls Jojo had put on her, Mindy didn't know if she would have been more lightly to scream out of anger with Jojo's games or out of frustration for being unable to frig herself silly. She just knew she was frustrated to a point she could not believe and just wanted Jojo to stop screwing around and end this.

"Now I don't think I need to do much arguing for the case to letting you both go. I think you already have an opinion on that. But let me explain the pros of choosing the sexier option." began Jojo.

"Look at Sally. Isn't she hot? Wouldn't you just love to know what she'd be like? You must have thought about it. This is your chance."

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