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Sex Story: Little does my wife know that our son is interested in more than video games.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   .

After three hours of waiting on a flight due to mechanical problems, I decided to not go to my monthly sales meeting. At 7PM, I did find it strange that I had to use my house key to get into my front door. Even stranger was what I found when I entered the foyer.

One of my fourteen year old son's close friends was just heading up the stairs carrying three energy drinks and a big bag of chips. That in itself wasn't weird. Kids here were always free to grab what they wanted for food or drink. The strange part was that he was completely naked.

When he saw me he stopped dead in his tracks. If possible, he seemed more surprised to see me than I did to find him like this. "Ahh, ya ... ya ... your home, Mr. Wensler", he stuttered. He glanced at the door, then up the stairs, then back to the door. Clearly he was looking for a way out of this situation, which I think was only worsened by my non-reaction. I remained calm as if finding him like this was no big deal.

"So where is everyone?" I asked.

"Well, a, yea, well ... Upstairs", he said finally. "So, a, umm, a, so your trip got cancelled, huh?"

"Yup – the plane had problems and I got tired of waiting."

As I started to go to the stairs, he briefly stepped over to block my path, but then, thinking that was not a good idea, he moved back to let me by. I asked him, "Something wrong?"

Confusion, fear, and dread crossed his face as he once again looked up the stairs, back to the door, and then back upstairs. In his panic, he dropped one of the drinks. I managed to stop it with my foot before it could roll down the steps. I leaned down and picked it up. "Let me get that for you."

"Aaah, um, a, thank you", he forced a smile. I motioned for him to lead the way.

I obviously knew something was up but never would I have guessed what I was about to find. There in my bedroom was my son, as naked as his friend, mounted between his mom's legs bangin her for all he was worth; her stiletto shoed feet pointing straight up. Beside him, on the same bed, was one of my son's other friends, in almost the exact position only he was humping away on my daughter. While both were grunting and moaning, his friend was fairly quiet. My son on the other hand was quite vocal. "Take it you old whore." "Jiggle, jiggle goes the big-ass titties, bitch."

I did notice a large box of condoms on the bed stand. At least they thought enough to practice safe sex. The empty wrappers showed me that they had been going at it for a while.

When I yelled "What the hell is going on here", both boys in a single motion leapt from the bed and landed near the far wall away from where I stood.

As I looked to the two females on the bed, it became apparent both had both been drugged. Now, I hadn't seen my daughter naked since she was in diapers. At 16, she looked exactly like her mom at that age – cute blue eyed blonde, athletic build, with large breasts. In contrast, her mom today was about forty pounds heavier but most of it was in her boobs (DD) and her butt – she carried it well.

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