Somethings Just Happen

by Salladin

Copyright© 2013 by Salladin

Fiction Story: A second-generation 'family man' tries to run things like a business. He has a few weaknesses, one of which is that he 'cares'.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Blackmail   .

It had been a nice Spring day in 'The Windy City'. The entire North Shore area was busy. People were running, playing tennis, sailing their boats and, in general, having a good time. It had not always been that way. For several years, a sort of war had been going on, people were dying, business was being held for ransom and new construction and trades were sold at prices that made most everything come to a standstill.

That all began to change quite by accident. One day Gino Trivasano, needed some mints. He was on his way to a 'family' meeting and wanted to have the residuals of last night and this morning a thing of the past. He had never married and knew the 'toys' he kept around his lake condo were only there because of his money.

He did not mind, he lived a fast life and knew a wife would be to restrictive to have. It had been a little different for his father and brother. Having a mistress or two seemed to be their answer to a happy marriage. That was something he never wanted. He would rather pay for his 'fun' and forego a mock relationship. There were very few women who had even seemed to interest him. The closest was a girl who was as mysterious as she was beautiful. They had a business relationship. Her mother had been involved' with his father, and later him also. Monique had been sent to some of the best finishing schools in Europe. When she had graduated she became the 'family' problem solver.

For years, most of her activity had been centered in Europe and Asia, for she was part French and part Chinese and spoke several languages. It had been an incident in Manila that had brought her skills to Gino's attention. It was not anything about the job or how it was taken care of, but the fact that he had been visited by her in his Paris home. No one had seen her enter then leave. This, in itself was not too unusual, what was, that the girl had researched everything and discovered that there was something amiss, and came to Gino for clarification.

The 'mark' had been identified by the Cartel in Paris, several attempts to silence him had been made, all had failed. $1 million had been set as the fee for his removal. Monique, had been selected to resolve the issue. When he found her drinking a Evian water in his home, calmly sitting on the desk chair he had to take several looks. She was dressed in black, a bodysuit, gloves, high boots and a raised facemask gave her the appearance of a acrobat in costume. She only said, "I think we have a problem, I need you to decide what should be done."

Her mother had looked close to how her daughter did, Gino could understand why any man would want to have her. She was beautiful.

"What is it?" Gino barely vocalized.

"Someone has tried to set you up on this hit. The mark seems to be very loyal to you, and, even some gentle feminine persuasion could not tempt him to stray from his wife. Not the trait of a thief, nor of one you would liquidate. I serve you and will do as I am told, but something is wrong with this."

"When did you start running 'this thing' we have Monique?"

She lowered her eyes, shook her head and started to leave the room. A tear ran down her cheek. Before she left, she heard, "Find out, to your satisfaction, what has happened. When you decide what needs to be done, do it, when you are done, move yourself into the New York, LA or Chicago facility and call me at this number." He handed her a paper and a bankbook. "Resolve the problem. Where were you three years ago? You have more balls than anyone I have ever met, I appreciate what you are doing and from now on, you will only answer to me, no one else will complicate your life. I see why my Father held your Mother and you in such high regard. Let me know where you wish to settle and Tony will make all the arrangements. Thank You again."

She looked at the bankbook, then at Gino. This is $1 Million. What am I supposed to do."

Monique, solve the problem. Who told you to come here, to question a hit and tell me something was wrong, before a mistake might be made. No honey, you are in-charge of this, you decide what needs to be done and I will never second guess you. The money is just so whatever you decide is needed, you have some resources. If you need more just let me or Tony know." He walked over, gave a light kiss on the forehead and said. :C'mon back, Darlin', Ya Hear"

As Monique left, all she could remember was the kiss and him saying that her Mother and her held a position of respect. All her fears and pent up emotions were released. She had never done anything to question her contracts, and did not ever consider Gino as a man who would act like he had.

While she was thinking her thoughts, Gino was giving Tony a series of things to do. He would start his own research as well as prepare for the girl's move. God, she was beautiful, and smart too. A dangerous combination, a very dangerous one.

He wanted some mints or at least gum. He noticed a small store on his way downtown. He had the cars turn and head to the rear alley, One car blocked the South Side of the alley, another pulled in after his and blocked the North, He had always tried to be cautious, especially now. If Monique was right, he might have a serious problem to resolve.

As the car pulled to the rear of the store, the ripped clothes of a little girl, near topless now, could be seen. Blood was freely flowing from her face, head and chest. Knife marks clearly visible. Several men were now chasing her, She stumbled and fell. Gino nodded to the two men in front. They opened the doors, took careful aim from the Swedish P-90's they carried and fired at the men. It was over quickly. All were on the ground, Big Al went to the fallen girl, wrapped her in a blanket he had taken from the trunk of the car and gave his assessment. "She is not hurt bad Boss, but is pretty cut up. She needs to see a doc and I'm not sure if these bastards got to her girly parts or not.

Mustapha(Steve, in the US) looked to Gino, who nodded his head. One of the men who had been shoot, started to swear at and threaten Gino as to what he had stopped. It was the last attempt to speak any of the men made. Their throats were slit, tongues removed and placed in neat stacks along with their genitals.

"Home, call for a Med team to meet us there.'

"Boss what about the... ?" It only a look from Gino to silence any further comments.

When they pulled into the Chicago home, it was about thirty miles from the Condo. A Jet Ranger III was landing and several people were rushing to take the girl from Big Al. The look he and Gino gave them stopped them in their tracks.

"Bedroom, West wing," Gino said, and they began to follow Big Al.

About three hours later, a nurse and doctor came out and started to tell Gino about the girl. Gino raised his hand, they stopped trying to talk and he pointed to Big Al.

The doctor started, the girl had lost a lot of blood, her one arm was broken, several teeth knocked out and he did not think she was a virgin, he would need more tests as well as tests for any STD or HIV issues. She would need some facial re-construction and there would be scars.

Big Al looked at Gino, who threw up his hands, Big Al very simply said, "Doc, you will do whatever that girl needs, I mean everything and anything, as if your very life depended oh it."

A pall came over the now compliant Doctor. "I will try to get her into a..."

Doc, are you deaf, your very life depends of fixing her up, right here, starting right now. You will not leave until everything is done, not alive anyhow! None of you will!"

A simple motion of his head had four men escort the nurse and doctor back.

Tony came up to Gino, whispered something to him then left.

"Tony, meet me in my office when you finish. Al, would you please join us when you settle in our little guest."

It was about twenty minutes later. Al and Tony knocked on the office door, it opened and they walked in.

"How long have you known me? asked Gino.

Both men looked confused, Al scratched his head. "Boss you were still in Diapers when the 'Old Man' had me watch out for you." Tony, laughed, "you were still a pain in your Momma's belly when I was there."

"OK, so, that means you guys know me pretty well?" "Ahh yeah." they both said.

"Tony, say again what you told me.'

Tony told of the bomb going off in the private elevator, one which only Gino and a few of his people used when there was a 'family' meeting. If they had not stopped to help the little girl then head to the house they would have been in that elevator.

"There are only three of you I now trust with my life." He pushed three Bankbooks to them, Tony and Al, each take one, find out who wants me dead."

"Who gets the other Boss?"

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