The Neighbour's Response

by Marduk

Copyright© 2013 by Marduk

Fiction Sex Story: A wife gets friendly with a neighbour which leads to invitations that end in sexual activity. Finally the husband find his wife very co-operative and he and his friends take full advantage of what is on offer.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Robot   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

To be frank Matt didn't know why his wife was so interested in the neighbour. Maybe it was because she felt sorry for him because he was a migrant, maybe it was because his son was a penny short of a quid or maybe it was because the mother was in an old aged facility, what ever the reason she was very co-operative with the neighbour. Time and again she would be actively engaged in conversation over the fence and on more than one occasion had been invited in for morning or afternoon tea, so it didn't come as a surprise when she informed him that the neighbour would like her to meet his mother.

Her activities didn't bother him, but he did get annoyed when she asked him what to wear. "Wear what you like", he replied. "You are not going anywhere special just to visit your friend's mother". She muttered something and just picked out a reasonable outfit. Her next comment was "I'm off". As she walked next door he did wonder if there was more to her relationship with the neighbour for one day while in the front he had said to the bloke. "My wife seems to like you, she speaks highly of you. Are you fucking her for you get far more consideration from her than I do; in fact she can barely stand me anywhere near her". That question didn't floor the neighbour, but it did open a window of consideration, he hadn't fucked her, but she certainly has sucked him off on a number of occasions.

That event was not going to be revealed to the husband, however, unbeknown to the neighbour when he arrived back from the visit to his mothers, Matt was in the front working in the garden, a garden that was concealed in shrubs and lattice work and therefore wasn't noticed. The neighbour embraced his wife and gave her ample tits a very decent feel, an operation that his wife didn't object to but it was the next action that made him take notice. His wife disappeared below the dash in the vehicle for a number of minutes and when she reappeared she accepted a tissue from the neighbour to wipe her mouth: her actions conveyed one message – 'she had sucked the neighbour off'.

Matt was not to know that, that action had been done on a number of occasions when his wife went in for afternoon or morning tea and it wasn't only the neighbour that had enjoyed the actions of her mouth, but also the son who couldn't stop giggling as her mouth drained the cum from his balls.

Why did she do it, it was a question that wouldn't be answered for a long time, in fact not till one afternoon he returned from his class that he took every Tuesday, a total day commitment and it was on that day that the neighbour decided that having his cock sucked was not enough, he now wanted her cunt and hopefully her arse as well. The husband had only been gone for several minutes when there was a knock at the door. The wife opened it; she had just come out of the shower and was only wearing a house coat. Standing there was the son of the neighbour who told her that his father would like to invite her in for morning tea. She smiled and as she secured the house coat by it one and only belt and on closing up said. "Is it morning tea or does your father and you as well, just want your cocks sucked?" The son could barely control his giggles.

The morning refreshments were finished and just as she put her cup down the neighbour, standing behind her opened her grown and gripped her tits and lifted her up, acting on instructions already given, the son gripped her legs and she was carried to the nearest table and now with her house coat removed she was totally naked and what ever slackness was in the son throbbing cock, disappeared when that forest of hair appeared. She had been taken totally by surprise but when that cock found the lips of her cunt and was shoved, she almost was lifted off the table and her gasp became a very loud 'Ahhhhhh!' and it would be repeated over and over again as the fucking began.

The son pumped till he blew and then the father took over and it was while that cock was ravishing that now lubricated cunt, that the door bell sounded. They were friends who happened to drop in; it wasn't pre-arranged. However, one was as black as night and when his eighteen inch cock was shoved up her, her howl of pleasure echoed throughout the house. Not arranged, but now they were there – well there was an open invitation and it was an invitation that they were not going to decline. So as the father blew the wife didn't get a chance to consider her position when again her cry echoed from the walls of that room as another cock was rammed to the depths of that now very lubricated crack.

Each man fucked her, each man stuck his cock in her mouth and held her till she drained their balls, each man sucked her now very erected nipples and finally each man fucked her bum and this time she did perform, she bucked like a mule and her cries of pleasure bouncing off the walls. They rode her and they fucked her, over and over again.

It was late in the afternoon when the last cock blew and with help from the black whose cock had almost sent her off the planet, the neighbour got her back into her own place and pushed her into the shower, for she was covered in the essence of their balls. She just collapsed onto the floor of the cubicle and there she was left with the comment, 'you were a fantastic fuck, especially your bum and the boys, especially my black friend would love a repeat' ringing in her ears.

It was well after five when the husband returned. He dropped his briefcase into his study, put the kettle on, gave the paper a quick survey and then went in search of his wife. She was sitting on the bed, nothing unusual in that, except this time she was naked, not a stitch on and the expression on her face was totally neutral, in fact there was no expression at all. However, the one thing that was noted was her nipples they were very erect; the sort you could suck on and even chew. It was the sort of situation that made him wonder if he was in the right address, for his wife hated 'nudity' and if he did catch her naked she would get very upset; now she was just sitting there and it was an opportunity he wasn't going to ignore. He stripped and remembering the incident in the neighbour's car when she had sucked the neighbour off, he pushed his cock into her face, rubbed the head against her lips and said "Suck it" and suck it she did.

As her mouth performed his request, he held her head hard against his groin; the pleasure that radiated up from his cock was so great that his teeth almost rattled. He would have loved her to just drain him, but now he wanted something that had always been his hope – her bum. He stopped her with a 'keep going and you will get a mouth full'. He stood her up, turned her around and pushed her onto the bed and then with a very lubricated prick, pushed the head between the cheeks of that lovely bum and shoved and shoved again.

There was no violent explosion, just a grunt for her arse opened without any difficulty. However, the pleasure was far too great for him to even consider that on a bum that had never been fucked, the reaction should have been quite severe; it was the opposite his cock slid in and out without difficulty, but it was still enjoyable and he was determined to make it last, so he fucked slowly and deliberately, driving his cock in till only his balls were out, letting it soak and then slowly pulling out only to shove it in again. This continued till he couldn't hold and then he gave a thrust that made his wife buck and her gasp sounded like music to him; for it wasn't the gasp of disapproval, but a gasp of acceptance.

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