Serving Mom's Friends
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My mom had me serve her friend's at her weekly card party. Then it got kinda crazy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex  

I guess I'm not the first guy on earth who was pretty nice looking but just really shy around girls. So, while most of my friends were dating when we were sixteen, I was usually home alone.

Well, not alone, I did live with my mother; my father had moved out when I was fourteen and, while I did see him a few times a year, I was mostly home with mom.

I did okay in school, didn't have many outside interests other than the swim team I was on and, like I said, there were no girls breaking down my door.

But I was pretty buff from my swimming and one day Mom picked me up after practice and I was still in my Speedo.

"Patrick, perhaps a mother shouldn't say this to her own son but you have a killer-butt."

"Mom, geez, come on."

"Well, you do, son, as far as I'm concerned you can wear that around the house. Your poor old mother doesn't get much enjoyment any more, you know."

"Yeah, but, well..."

"Humor me for once, Patrick," she said. I had never gone by Pat growing up, always with my full name, Patrick.

I didn't say any more, just figured I'd leave them on, after all they were dry by that point.

So, I went up and jacked-off and finished my homework, the two things I always did when I got home from school, then went downstairs, still in my swim gear.

I was smelling something good from the kitchen so I went to see what might be for supper.

"What's for dinner?" I asked.

She turned and I saw that her eyes immediately went down right to the bulge that was hardly hidden.

"Um, roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy," she said; one of my all-time favorite meals. "Just for my hunky son."

I went over to her and gave her a hug and she pulled me closer than usual especially pulling my hips close.

"Thanks, Mom, it's always good when you make it."

"That's sweet," she said as her hand drifted down to my butt. I moved away and went into the den to watch the news wondering what was up with my mom all of a sudden. As I sat there, I realized I had an aching hard-on. The second realization was why I had an erection.

Well, truthfully, it was not the first stiffie I ever got from my mother. She's now forty but not at all overweight. I've seen her in a bikini and she's pretty hot. Long blond hair, often in a braid or ponytail, nice curves, medium-sized boobs that don't really droop; they're nice. I know because I've seen her in teeshirts at times with no bra underneath. And, yes, each time I'd have to go to my room.

So, I have looked at my mom as a sexy woman; after all, she is. But now at sixteen, especially with her noticing me now and making some comments about my body, it's got me thinking more about how she looks.

I did decide to go upstairs and change, to put on a shirt and some pants; after all, it did make me feel a little uncomfortable along with getting aroused by it all.

Nothing much else happened until the next Friday evening. I was in my room, in bed, my laptop pressing down on my erection as I watched porn videos when my mom walked in carrying an armful of folded clothes and put them on the chair.

I quickly closed the top and pushed it off to the side as she turned to me. She was wearing only a bra, one that bared quite a bit along the top, a pair of white panties that were cut lower than I'd seen previously and a pair of thigh-high stockings, also white. She stepped over to my bed, looked down and asked me, quite softly, "Do you love me, Patrick?"

"Of course I love you, Mom."

"More than your father loved me?"

There was a weird question.

"Yeah, more."

She reached behind her and I saw her bra loosen then she dropped her arms down and it slid off baring her breasts.

"It looks like you like what you're seeing?" she asked nodding to the tent I was making in the sheet over my lap.

"You're really beautiful," I said softly, barely above a whisper.

She bent down pulling off her panties and lifted the sheet and got under with me.

"Just hold me, Patrick, just hold me," she said as our arms went around one another. My dick was throbbing as I felt her push her middle against it. I pressed back as she lifted her leg so I could slide it between her thighs, then she dropped her leg back down and moved back and forth a few times. She was wet and slippery between her legs and it felt really good. I knew I wasn't inside her, we weren't fucking, but it sure seemed like it and it was feeling better and better.

"Do yo want me, Patrick?"

"Yes, Mom, I want you so much."

Her head came forward and she kissed me softly on the lips. Then her tongue slowly began parting my lips as it came inside my mouth to explore.

Now I began moving more and more between her thighs as it felt better and better.

Her hand reached mine and led it to her breast and right then, as my cock slid back and forth, I cummed between her legs.

"Uhh, uuh, mmm, oh, god, sorry, Mom, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that," I gushed.

She kissed me again, then said, "I'm glad it made you happy, Patrick," and she held me tightly and rolled over onto her back, pulling me up over her as she widened her legs under me.

I was now over her, my cock right where her pussy had to be, when she put her lips to my ear and whispered, "Inside, Patrick, inside."

I'm not sure what you think about this but I pushed up into her as I felt me parting her open and so smoothly slipping up into her.

She let out a sigh, saying, "Make love to me, Patrick. Make love to me," and I began moving up and down, realizing that this was something that I had wanted, that I wanted it not just now but I wanted it from now on.

I moved up on my knees so I didn't have to prop myself on my hands; they wanted her breasts which felt so good in my hands as I squeezed and rubbed.

"Mmm, you feel good, Patrick, you fill me up wonderfully. I hope you want this."

I just knew I never would have started this totally on my own, I just don't think I have the guts to do it but I was glad she did. It just felt so good that I couldn't stop.

"Are you happy?" she asked and I told her I was. "Mmm, then maybe we can do this more," she whispered in my ear and my hips moved back and forth.

More, I thought, sex with my mom. I knew, of course, that it was a taboo kind of thing to be doing but it was sure making my dick hard. It was my first lesson in how taboo is also erotic.

"Oh, Mom, I'm really close. Should I stop?"

"No, dear, I had my tubes tied a long time ago, so just go ahead, I want to make you happy, I want you to feel good," she said as she began gyrating her hips under me making it feel even better.

That did it for sure. I pushed hard down into her as I felt my cum spurting into her as I was overcome with the best feelings of my entire life.

"Oh, uuh, uuh, feels so good, mmm" I moaned as her legs went up around my back pulling me tight as she shook her hips back and forth.

"YES, YES, OOH, OOH, huh, mmm," she cried out as her hands pulled my head down to kiss me over and over. "Thank you, thank you, Patrick, you've made me so happy."

I was over her, resting lightly, my elbows keeping my weight off her but I still wanted my cock inside where it felt so good.

"You still seem hard, do you want to do it again?"

I didn't answer, I just began again.

"Mmm, this is lovely. You really know how to make me happy. I want us both to be happy, it feels good, doesn't it?"

"Wonderful, it feels better than anything in my whole life," I panted as I went in and out, now sliding even more easily.

After, we went to her room and I slept in her bed that night and we began sleeping together from then on.

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