The Babysitter

by Imbalance

Copyright© 2012 by Imbalance

Erotica Sex Story: The parents are home and it's time to collect her reward.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   FemaleDom   .

Mary Summers was curled up on the Anderson's massive overstuffed couch deeply immersed in a book. Clustered around her were more books, notes and half glass of fruit juice all but forgotten on the coffee table. Except for her nest of study material the house showed no signs of the chaos of the last few hours. The Anderson's children were both darlings and mostly well behaved but an evening of pizza, ice-cream and made up games of increasing complex and outlandish rules had resulted in quite a mess. Chloe and Billy, her charges for the evening were in bed at last giving Mary had some much needed quiet time for study.

At first glance Mary didn't appear to be anything remarkable, a girl in her late teens, average in height, slim framed and dressed as she usually was in loose fitting and not very flattering clothes, most didn't give her a second glance. She was also a shy, quiet girl and so often overlooked and all but invisible.

What most people didn't see was that under the unflattering clothes and mousey demeanour she was a kind hearted, hardworking and very smart girl. Her friends were few in number but all close, dear and as loyal to her as she was to them. What still fewer people knew, including Mary herself was that hidden under the frumpy, ill-fitting clothes she had a body to die for, long toned legs ending in a firm and shapely ass, the merest suggestion of womanly hips giving way to a narrow waist, firm flat stomach and pert round breasts. Her figure was owed in part because Mary was a runner. When she wasn't studying she was often out running.She had never run competitively despite the pleadings of her various school coaches. To her it was an activity that allowed her to clear her head and pursue a simple yet worthy goal that she could chase alone.

So immersed was she in her studies that Mary didn't hear the Anderson's car pull up or the front door open. It wasn't until Mr Anderson, a tall well-built man of distinguished features put a hand on her shoulder after speaking her name several times that she was startled out of her study.

"Mr Anderson sir, I'm so sorry I didn't hear you." She stammered as she scrambled to her feet. Mr Anderson smiled warmly.

"Quite alright, it's heartening to see a young person taking their studies so seriously."

"Um, yeah, well finals are coming up, exams I mean."

"How are the children, not too much trouble I trust?"

"No sir, no trouble at all. They had their dinner, we played some games and they went to bed on time."

"Good. You know they were excited all afternoon once they heard you were coming over."

"Probably just excited for pizza and ice cream I guess."

"Not at all, there was much talk of your prowess at telling bedtime stories and something called scoodoodelwoodle. What is that may I ask? The children tried to explain it to me."

"It's ah, a kids game. Rrules are made up as we go along, it's silly really."

"Well from what little I understood of it, it sounds most entertaining."

An awkward silence grew, Mary couldn't think of anything to say to continue the conversation and felt increasingly nervous under Mr Anderson's gaze.

"Well then, I'll pop up to check on them I think. Janine will settle your payment; I believe she is in the bedroom."

"Ok. Goodbye Mr Anderson, nice to see you again."

"And you too young lady."

As she watched him disappear around a corner she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Nice to see you again, gah, idiot." She said cursing herself for her clumsiness as she quickly packed her books away in her bag.

Being around Mr Anderson always made her so nervous and tongue tied, although she wasn't sure why. While he was a tall man and had a commanding presence, he was always well mannered and friendly and often made her laugh. But there was just something about him that made her feel unsure of herself.

She padded bare foot down the hall to the master bedroom.Peeking around the corner she saw Janine Anderson looking very elegant in a rich green evening dress sitting at her massive ornate dresser. Mary carefully placed her bag down and prepared to meet the lady of the house.

Janine Anderson sat at her dresser carefully taking off her jewellery. She was a tall woman, almost as tall as her husband, she projected an air of confidence and vitality. Ever the life of the party, captivating and vivacious she had a way of making anyone she spoke to feel special. The slinky evening dress she wore showed off her womanly curves and very generous bust to great effect and the long curly red hair that was her pride and joy was pinned up in a fashionable style. She caught a glimpse of movement in the mirror and smiled inwardly.

Mary entered the room silently, practically creeping in and stopped in the centre. She made no move to announce herself but just stood and fidgeted. She gazed in rapt attention at the gorgeous, elegant, perfect Mrs Anderson who was humming softly as she performed her evening rituals.

Though well aware of the girl's presence, Janine gave no sign of it, instead pulling the last of the pins from her hair and shaking it out letting fall around her shoulders in a cascade of rich scarlet curls. Smiling to herself she finally spoke.

"Are you just going to stand there and gape at me all night or are you going make yourself useful?"

Mary jumped at the sound of her voice then scurried over to the woman. In a blur of frantic motion she whipped off her jacket and cast it aside then quickly pulled off her track pants and cast them aside as well. Now completely naked she knelt down before the dresser seat. She had arrived more thoroughly dressed but had shed everything except her track pants and hoodie in preparation after the children were in bed.

Janine stood and turned looking down with bemusement as the naked teenager scrambling to arrange herself in the proper pose before her.

Now kneeling with her legs spread apart, hands on her thighs and chest thrust out as she had been taught, Mary slowly raised her gaze. Her mistress was a vision in green silk. She felt trivial and childlike before her. She was a woman in every sense of the word. She had beauty and curves to die for coupled with supreme confidence in herself and her sexuality. She was wise and patient and strong willed. To Mary she was a goddess. Just being in her presence made her heart flutter.

"Plea ... please may ... may I be of service, mistress?" Mary stammered quietly.

The older woman looked down on the trembling young girl with a cool gaze and nodded.

Mary rose carefully never taking her eyes from Janine and reached for the shoulders of her dress with trembling hands. She carefully guided the dress down Janine's body until she was again kneeling on the floor and holding a puddle of silk. Janine stepped out of the dress and sat down while Mary carefully laid the dress aside and resumed her position on the floor.

Then, with the merest twitch of her leg Janine indicated her want. Mary quickly reached for her left foot gently raising and removing the high heel from it. She repeated the process with the other foot and carefully set the shoes aside. Rising so that her face was level with her mistress's breathtaking cleavage, she tentatively reached for the top of the left stocking, stopping just short and looking up for permission. The older woman gave it with the smallest of nods though without looking at the girl, instead inspecting her nails. Mary held her breath and slipped her fingers into the sheer stocking and slowly slid it down the shapely leg before removing it completely. She reached for the other thigh and again waited for permission before removing it was well. Her task done, she sat back.

Janine looked down on the young girl, so excited and nervous that the poor thing was shaking. Janine was quite excited herself of course.She had been looking forward to this as much as the girl had, she just concealed it better. Mary was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. Her long limbs and firm body, toned from all the running she guessed, was perfect. Her sweet unblemished face held innocence and her large crystal blue eyes were enchanting. Janine knew there was fire behind those big pretty eyes, deep and secret desires yearning to be fulfilled.

She had a pretty face and a body to die for but what entranced Janine the most were the girl's prefect breasts. Though not large, a handful at most, they were perfectly shaped fleshly globes that perfectly fit her slender frame. They were firm and perky and topped with the cutest pink nipples which became erect at the slightest stimulation. Right now they looked hard enough to cut glass.

Still holding her gaze Janine slipped her panties out from under her and slid them down her legs letting them fall to the floor. The girls gaze flicked to her waist for just a moment. Janine spread her legs revealing her bare pussy to the now visibly shaking girl and with a gesture beckoned her forward.

Mary dove forward, eagerly pushed her face into her mistress pussy and lapped vigorously eliciting a gasp of surprise from Janine. Mary licked and sucked, trying to remember through the fog of her own arousal all that her mistress had taught her on previous encounters. She worked her lips and tongue enthusiastically, if inexpertly, and was rewarded with gasps and moans as the woman shuddered. She felt a hand on her hair and pulling her deeper in.

With her nervousness and insecurity gone, the girl attacked her mistress's pussy with a will for she was now where she was supposed to be, naked and on her knees with her face buried in pussy of the woman she served. Her entire being was focused on pleasing her beloved mistress. She thrust her tongue deeper into the older woman's pussy lost in a warm dark world that smelled of her mistress. With swelling pride she felt her mistress shudder and groan and then felt the woman's hand on her head pulling her in, welcoming her into the one place she felt at peace.

Janine moaned louder, her stern controlled facade failing as she gave into the young girls enthusiastic ministrations. Her orgasm exploded from her pussy, engulfing her whole body. She held on to the poor girls head for dear life lest she fall from the stool as she rode out the last delicious waves.

Mary stopped licking as she had been taught and merely held still, trapped between her mistress's legs, she breathed in her heady scent. After a time she was released and sat back, and was treated to the sight of her mistress still breathing hard as she came down from the orgasm. Mary swelled with pride.

Janine struggled to regain her breath and composure; the girl's oral skills were improving rapidly.

"Stand up girl."

The panting, flushed, naked girl slowly rose up between Janine legs. She drew her on to her lap and kissed her deeply.

"Good girl, you did well, I'm pleased." The girl shivered slightly at the praise.

"Was it really ok mistress? I know I can do better."

"My dear girl that was wonderful, you're getting quite good." Mary positively glowed.

"And for doing such a good job you deserve a reward."

Janine took Marys slender hand in her own and guided it to the girls own inflamed pussy. Mary looked at Janine nervously, unsure where this was going.

She placed her girls had at her entrance and guided it in a gentle circular motion. The girl only looked at her in mild confusion

"Have you never touched yourself dear?"

"Um yes mistress, I mean I have mistress, I mean I-"

"Show me what you do."

"I um, usually..."

"I said show me, not tell me. I want you to make yourself cum for me." She said with only a hint of sternness.

"Yes mistress." Mary replied meekly

The girls hand had finally started moving on its own at first continuing the gentle circular motions albeit somewhat slower, then sliding up and down her swollen lips. Meanwhile Janine brought both hands up to play with the prefect breasts she so loved. She tweaked the girl's adorable pink nipples eliciting a soft moan.

Mary finally relaxed and leaned back. She slid her slick fingers around the edge of her swollen lips. Her mistress's hands were all over her. Sliding over her body, caressing her face, cupping and pinching her breasts. When soft lips found hers Mary kissed back eagerly. Suddenly another hand was on her pussy along with her own and Mary froze.

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