The Matting Bug

by Marduk

Copyright© 2012 by Marduk

Fiction Sex Story: A husband and wife are invited by a friend of the wife to her and her brother's beach house for the weekend, as a way of saying thank you for giving her accommodation.They didn't know that she and her brothers were swingers. The wife didn't know that she was targeted to be fucked and with the help of a bug that bit her, she became co-operative. She became just a fuck and continued with her husbands mates as well. She sucked,she fucked and took it up the backside as well.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

The phone rang just as Matt was emptying the lawn cuttings into the compost bin; it rang and rang. Finally with a gasp 'why can't the silly cunt answer it' the ringing stopped; either she had answered it or the caller had hung up; it wasn't till he came in that he was told that the call was from one of her friends, inviting them down to her and her brother's beach house for the weekend.

"Cathy feels that as we were very nice to her and let her bunk here for a couple of weeks, when her accommodation was being renovated, that she now has the opportunity to say 'thank you'", his wife said as she continued examining the latest 'crossword puzzle'. "I didn't invite Cathy here out of any sense of reward", he said. "She is your friend and was in a bit of a bind, she was no problem", he concluded.

It was just after ten in the morning when they drove into the carport of Cathy's beach house. The engine hadn't been turned off when she was at the window with a great smile of welcome on her face. As it was only for the weekend there was only the bare essentials, a change of clothes, underwear, sleep wear and swimmers for although it was a beach house the house had an inside heated pool, not big but big enough for a few people.

Although he knew Cathy he had never met the brother and after introductions were done he suggested. "I thing Cathy wants to show your wife her 'bug' collection Matt", he said. "How about a bit of exploration along the beach for Cathy has told me you like caves and there is one not far from here. It's not big but you will need a torch", he concluded. "I'm all for that Warren, lead the way for I'm not into 'bugs'", Matt replied

Cathy was a 'bug' enthusiastic; she loved the things. After the men had left she opened the case and began to explain what bugs they were and how they lived and what they ate. "This one Alice", she said. "Is called the matting bug, it bites its mate as a means of affection. You can hold it, it tickles as it walks", with that she put the bug into Alice's hand. For a minute it wandered over her palm till suddenly she gave a gasp. "I ... I think it bit me".

"It is not toxic or dangerous", Cathy quickly said as she replaced the 'bug' into its box and applied an ointment to where Alice thought the bug had bitten her. The ointment took away the slight sting and the matter was then forgotten as the two women occupied themselves with other activities until the men returned some hours later.

As they sat down for the evening meal Cathy mentioned how Alice had thought the 'matting bug' had bitten her. "Oh! When was that?" her brother asked. "Not that long after you and Matt had gone to explore the cave", she replied with a slight smile for she knew what her brother was now going to do. For unbeknown to Matt and especially his wife Cathy and her brother were active 'swingers' and Cathy had deliberately put the matting bug into Alice's hand for she knew it would bite. She also knew that the bite carried a toxin that effected humans, especially women and made them very co-operative and her brother had already told her that he wanted to fuck his mate's wife.

Warren got up and began to massage the shoulders of Alice's neck, slowly moving to her tits and while he massaged them and they were not small, she purred and licked her lips much to her husband's total disbelief. He knew his wife hated any form of sexual activity yet here she was having a virtual stranger touch her up. However, that surprise was going to be mild for what was to happen, that was to leave him flabbergasted.

Warren undid his wife blouse and she made not attempt to interfere as he removed it, he then undid her bra and as her two tits fell free Matt was amazed at the size of her nipples, they were erect and very large. For minutes Warren massaged them, squeezing and pulling them till saliva was dribbling from the corners of his wife's mouth. Then with his glass hovering half way between the table and his mouth Matt could just gasp as Warren moved to the side, dropped his trousers and pushed his enormous cock up against his wife's mouth and with just one word 'suck' her mouth opened and then for some minutes she sucked. Finally he lifted her up, pushed her over the table, pulled down her slacks and panties and drove his cock up, what Matt knew was a very hairy cunt.

Matt wasn't ignorant to a woman being fucked. A number of times he had ventured to one of the swingers club, what he couldn't get at home, he could at these venues. However, this was his wife and he just sat, almost welded to the spot as Warren gave the thrust that emptied his balls and his wife bucked, her tits swung so much they were but a blur and her cry of 'Ahhhhhh!' echoed around the room. Then with Cathy help he stripped her and carried her off to his room.

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