The Desire

by Marduk

Copyright© 2012 by Marduk

Fiction Sex Story: Two friends visit a fortune teller, one out of curiosity, the other because of his friends report that the woman had fantastic tits. She asks him his desire. He says he wants his wife to like being nude, to fuck and suck his cock. The woman says that will happen but she will also be available for others. Over time that happens. She fucks and sucks. She parades nude. She accommodates his mates and finally makes herself available for other men - cock she can't get enough of.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Gang Bang   Interracial   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

The two friends came away eating a large hamburger they had just purchased. "Well what now mate", said one of the men as they paused to admire the array of activity in the amusement part of the show. "We could try and pick up a couple of birds", his companion replied. "I'm sure there must be a couple of women around who would appreciate a decent fuck". They continued towards the avenue of activity when the first speaker stopped. "I have always wanted to try one of those 'fortune tellers' and there is one just there", he said as he began to move in that direction.

His companion was very doubtful. "Hang on Harry, the only thing that you will achieve is loosing your finances, they are a racket. I would prefer to try out luck at picking up a couple of women". His friend only smiled but on reaching the tent, entered leaving his companion outside. He was in there for several minutes; finally he came out with a smile and commented. "It was worth the money, not because of what she said but because she has mountains for tits and wasn't shy is making sure they were admired. I reckoned that I could have given them a feel and she wouldn't have minded", he concluded.

It was that description that made up the mind of his companion, for he was a tit man. "How much did she take you for Harry?" he asked.

"Twenty Warren", he said. "But her tits were worth every cent". The tent was in twilight, done for the atmosphere but the atmosphere was not why he had entered. Harry was right she had a magnificent set on her and on more than one occasion in his visit the nipples, large and erect was on display. "What is your request?" she asked with the usual rubbing up of the glass ball in front of her and the shuffling of an array of cards on the table. Warren didn't hesitate as he paid the required amount. "I want my wife to like being nude, not be terrified of having no clothes on and to fuck and suck my cock". He expected the woman to splutter and be shocked and most likely kick him out of her booth, but she didn't. She picked up one of the shuffled cards, turned it over and did the same with others, but smiling she said. "Your wife will embrace nudity, she will fuck as you say and she will suck your cock, but not only for your benefit, for others as well. What you ask will occur but it will also become a mill stone for yourself. The genie you want released will be impossible to replace."

"Well?" Harry asked. "Did you appreciate your visit, did she drop them out?" Warren smiled but did agree that the visit was worth the price for the woman certainly had a set on her and it only made him wish that what the woman said would come to pass, something that he knew was as likely to happen as a visit from Mars, for his wife had a set on hers that would equal what the woman in the booth had, but they were tits that were barely revealed.

The two friends continued and went into the beer tent and immediately observed two well matured women, well hung but very intoxicated and very friendly. They chattered them up and then virtually carried them to a vacant van that was behind the sheep pavilion, all the time giving those hanging melons a decent feel so by the time the door of the van closed both women were topless and only giggles and grunts came from them as they were stripped, positioned and fucked, boy were they fucked. Not only were their cunts enjoyed but then they turned them over and fucked their bums and as they serviced those ample bums, the antics of the women as they arched and thumped and sprayed saliva with every thrust, made the men only ram them harder till they gave the thrust that emptied their nuts and sent the women hard against the rather un-kept bed.

Although more like rag dolls, so drunk and so screwed were they the men still had their cocks to be sucked and although the women made attempts to avoid those cum covered pricks they eventually did what they were meant to do – sucked. With cum dripping from their lips, with tits showing much bruising they were left, naked and sprawled over the bed; what they did from then on was of no concern to the blokes, they were satisfied and left with the passing comment. "You were great to fuck, especially your bums".

Warren picked his wife up from the station, she had been visiting relatives in the country and they then returned to their rather dull existence; the comments made by the woman in the booth were forgotten till some days later. Warren slept alone and was up well after his wife. As he came out of his room he was stopped by an activity by his wife that was so alien, she had come out of the bathroom, totally naked and was bending over in the hall to pick up part of her underwear, revealing a very lovely bum with a lot of hair around that now revealed cunt; he was an opportunity that couldn't go unchallenged. In seconds he was out of his pyjamas and with a throbbing hard-on levelled at that hairy target he grabbed her by her swinging tits, inserted the cock head into her crack and thrust.

Her first reaction was a gasp, but on the second thrust she exploded; she bucked and shook like an unset jelly, but he held her till he was so anchored that no matter what she did, she couldn't dislodge him. He fucked her and then half carried and half pulled her into the bedroom, pushed her onto it and then pulling out his very lubricated cock, levelled it at the cheeks of her bum, pushed the head between the cheeks and thrust, boy did he thrust. She erupted like a volcano, one minute trying to get up, which gave him the opportunity to grab her tits or the next so lost in the bedclothes that only muffled grunts came from her. The thrust that cleaned his balls made her rumble and shake that even the vase on the dressing table shook. He pulled out, wiped his prick over her bum and left her just as the doorbell sounded.

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