Emily's Embarrassing Problems

by Vanessa Evans

Copyright© 2012 by Vanessa Evans

Fiction Story: Poor Emily has some really embarrassing problems

Tags: Fiction   Exhibitionism  

Emily's embarrassing problems - Part 4

Author's Note: You may be wondering why this is Part 4 of Emily's embarrassing problems; well, parts 1, 2A, 2B and 3 describe Emily's medical conditions and how they affected her life before she reached the age of consent. This web site has a restriction whereby they will not publish stories about girls under the age of consent. It is not difficult to find these earlier parts using a good search engine searching for "Emily's embarrassing problems" – with the double quotes. Without the double quotes you get details of web sites all about dandruff and other such mundane, trivial (well trivial compared to Emily's) problems. My Emily's problems are much more interesting.

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