by Marduk

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Fiction Sex Story: The main character boards and Marion is the daughter of the landlord. She is totally ignorant of sex and one afternoon on returning with the reserve forces he seek her, or the landlady out to leave a message that he won't be home for tea. He finds Marion is the process of dressing. She invited him into her room and there he takes the opportunity to seduce her and from then on their engagement is pure sex and finally he shares her with his mate and later with his own girl friend they all fuck

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Group Sex   White Couple   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

To say Bruce hadn't noticed Marion would be incorrect, however, she was twenty years his senior, was around five feet in height, slightly plump, short brown hair and not that attractive, sort of plain. She was the daughter of the woman he boarded with and even if there had been something about her nature that attractive him he wasn't that much interested. However, to be fare she did have a decent set on her and a very big backside; but he had a girl friend who was very co-operative and he really didn't need to seek another woman. However, his 'not interested' agenda was going to run aground with very pleasing results.

Bruce was a member of the Defence Reserves and every month he spent a weekend away in training. It was late Sunday afternoon when he got back to his place of abode. 'I'll tell them I won't be here for tea as I will be having that with Pam', he muttered to himself as he threw his pack onto the bed. Marion's family had been quite large and the house was a queer design, there were a lot of rooms, his was right at the back. He checked the kitchen, lounge, dining room and the veranda for sometimes the old lady would do some of her quilt making in the afternoon sunlight, however; no one was there. 'I'll leave a note on the kitchen table', he muttered.

He returned to his room, scribbled the note and was coming out when he heard the rather mournful words of a song coming from the corridor where Marion's room was. 'Hopeless singer', Bruce muttered. 'But I don't have to leave a note.' The door to Marion's room was ajar. He pushed it open. Marion was standing in front of the full length mirror. She was wearing only pants, the old fashion bloomers and a bra of which she was in the process of doing up. Bruce gave a knock. Marion turned. "Hello Bruce", she said. "Come in I won't be long, just as soon as I fasten myself up". What it was that made Bruce act, he didn't really know. Maybe it was her big backside, her big tits or maybe he just fancied a fuck, but within seconds he was behind her with the comment. "Can I help?" Before Marion could register. He undid the eyelet's on her bra and as her tits fell free, he cupped them and for minutes played and massaged her nipples, till not only did they expand and harden but Marion was uttering small sounds of pleasure.

He didn't want to rush; he knew he was beginning to sport a hard-on. He continued his task till Marion was licking her lips, only then did he venture to her groin. He slipping his hand under the elastic of her bloomers, into the thick forest of hair and then gently began to play with her cunt, till it was wet enough for him to begin to finger her. Now Marion's slight moans began definite pants, her expression was one of pure pleasure and her groin began to push against his invading finger and she began to rock back and forth. Slowly he pushed her panties down till that great triangle of hair was revealed. Now he was rock hard. He let go of her tits, undid his trousers and began to rub his cock head up and down the crack of her bum. "Bend ... bend over", he stammered. Marion did, her large tits swinging free. Bruce levelled his cock at her hair covered crack, grasped both tits and shoved. Now Marion gave a cry, spraying the mirror with her saliva as Bruce sent his nine inch cock to the depths of her cunt. He rammed her with a passion that was almost fanatical and for her part Marion responded with pants and grunts, working her body in rhyme to his pumping. He held off for as long as possible, but with his balls near bursting, he grasped her swinging tits and shoved. This time Marion bucked as, for the first time ever, she felt the hot cum of man flooding her cunt. They stayed joined for a number of minutes. Finally Bruce's cock fell out and Marion nearly collapsed over the stool she had used for support.

"Enjoy that?" he asked.

Marion's face was flushed and his finger marks were visible on her lily white tits and down the inside of her legs cum was beginning to drip, but there was no denying the great smile that appeared on her face. "I basely wanted to tell you I wouldn't be home for tea", he said as he lifted both tits and kissed there very extended nipples and as he reached the door said. "If you would like a repeat of what we just did, come to my room I will be home by about eleven for you have one of the hairiest cunts I have ever come across and to be frank Marion I would enjoy fucking it again". Bruce left Marion standing naked but sporting a great smile of satisfaction.

To say Bruce didn't think of Marion till he returned home would be incorrect, however, it was only for a few seconds. As Pam's head bobbed up and down over his cock he wondered as he filled her mouth with his cum, 'if Marion would suck him off'.

The bathroom light was still on when he returned home. He brushed aside the urge to tap on the door to let Marion know he was home. 'The light will be on', he said to himself. 'If she wants another poke all she has to do is come into my room'. Bruce turned the bedside lamp on, positioned a chair in the centre of the room, stripped except for a dressing gown and waited. He heard the shower go off, heard the light go off and heard the approaching shuffle of her slippers. 'Would she come in?' was the question he asked.

Marion was rather slow. She had never had a boyfriend, so she had no real understanding of sex. She knew that there was a difference in her body to that of a man. She knew that she had breasts and a large amount of hair between her legs, where as a man had a long tube of sorts in front of a large sack between his legs. She had never felt it, or observed it 'on heat'. She had never been fucked; in fact her education in all fields was very limited. However, what she had experienced that afternoon had given her such pleasure that she had felt giddy. Even as she had her shower the thought of that pleasure ripping up inside her with that burning burst of absolute pleasure that felt like a hot burst of liquid coming after a massive thrust, nearly made her collapse.

Seconds passed then slowly the door opened. Marion stepped in. She was wearing an old fashioned dressing gown. Bruce got up, cautioned her to be silent and closed the door. She stood rather awkwardly, he smiled as he disrobed. Marion's mouth opened for his tube was sticking out like a lance. "Feel it", he said as he undid her gown. As her fingers closed over it, he bit his lip to stop from crying out with the pleasure that raced through his being. Her dressing gown dropped to the floor, he then lifted her nightie and now it was his turn to give a groan of satisfaction, Marion was wearing no underwear. He backed to the chair and sat down and then indicated to her what to do. She didn't take much to understand that she was to saddle that length of pulsating flesh. She was smiling as she settled over it, but that smile was replaced with a 'Ahhhh!' as his cock head found the lips of her cunt and she dropped, sending nine inches of hardened meat to the utter depths of her cunt.

He did his best to stifle her cries of passion and the only way was for her to bite into his shoulder every time she rose and fell. For his part he nearly gobbled her nipples as he pumped and as she rose and fell till finally he shot his load and this time Marion's whole body reacted as though it was hit by a thousands electric bolts. Her cunt dragged every last drop from his balls and even with his cock empty she was still wriggling her groin in an effort to extract more cum. They were silent for some time, till she pulled away. Her hair was stuck to her forehead with perspiration, sweat was dripping down her cleavage and both nipples were wet with his saliva.

"That was fantastic", he whispered. "You have a terrific cunt and you are tops in the fucking world". For a minute Marion was puzzled but then replied. "What ... what is a cunt and what do you mean by 'fucking'? Bruce smiled and for the next few minutes quietly explained the terms he used. By the time he had finished Marion was beaming and wriggling her groin against his and in between kisses was saying "Fuck my cunt some more". Marion was fairly solid but he managed to carry her to the bed, without a fraction of cock coming out. The bed groaned as they fell upon it, but with just a few manoeuvres that made themselves comfortable and then realised how exhausted they were, sleep came almost instantly. Bruce just clicked the switch of his bedside lamp before snuggling into Marion's ample tits to sleep.

The muscles of their sex woke them both. The moonlight showed on Marion's face as she began to push her groin upward as Bruce began to push down. Slowly and gently they rode each other. "Don't rush", he whispered. "Just take our time, let the muscles of my cock and your cunt do the work". Marion didn't argue for the sensation ripping up in her belly was fantastic, she wanted it to continue. For nearly half an hour this system worked until both were so aroused that only a solid thumping with the absolute result would satisfy and this time he couldn't stop Marion's cry as she rose to accept the essence of his balls.

With a suggestion to be back in her room before her mother got up and to wear no panties while she was at home, Marion reluctantly left. Bruce arrived for breakfast a little after seven. He greeted both women.

"Did you have a good weekend?" his landlady asked.

"Terrific!" Bruce replied as he gave Marion a big smile, who, for her part was beaming.

"Marion certainly has a rosy complexion this morning", he said as he buttered his toast.

"Yes must have had a good nights sleep", her mother replied as she poured out his tea. Nothing was said for some time, but under the table his and her leg were actively engaged. With breakfast finished Bruce got up and then, almost as an after thought said. "Those drawing you wanted Marion are done; if you would like to check them I can get photo copies finalized today". Marion got up and followed him, once inside his room, Bruce took her in his arms. It only took seconds to find out she was nude under the gown. For several seconds he played with her cunt and then, with a tone of near desperation in his voice asked her to bend over. Marion obliged and for the next five or so minutes he fucked her, ramming her cunt with such force that the bed in which she had bent over was pushed against the wall. Finally with a gasp and a muffled cry from her he emptied his balls.

There relationship grew and unbeknown to her mother Marion was spending most night in Bruce's room, leaving some times with only minutes to spare before her mother rose to light the old combustion stove and prepare a good country breakfast. However, in all that association he had not bummed her, or for her part has she sucked him off. It was a question that he had not seriously considered. Marion was more than happy to let her cunt do the fucking and for his part Bruce was only to happy for it to do so. Her cunt was the tightest he had ever penetrated and the pleasure it created could not be described. However, this afternoon he arrived home early and the opportunity to sample that large backside presented itself.

Marion was in the laundry and her mother was engaged with a guest. Bruce came up behind her, cupping her now bra free tits, bouncing them up and down and rubbing and squeezing the fast growing nipples. He then lifted her dress, found that hair covered crack and played the fingering game; Marion was giving off gentle 'coo's' and pushing her groin against his finger. Bruce was hard. He let his trousers drop and for the first time ever pushed his cock head between the cheeks of her bum and then slowly and gently began to push it in. As it began to penetrate he worked his fingers into her cunt till Marion was rolling her head and saliva was running down her chin. Slowly he began to thrust and each thrust he could feel her bum beginning to pulsate till it was working in rhyme to his actions.

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