Cherry's Dilemma

by Abe Lin

Copyright© 2012 by Abe Lin

Erotica Sex Story: Quick stroke story inspired by some online chat with a bored housewife in Mayalysia (I'm in SoCal). This is a repost of the same story on ASSTR, but as not everyone gets over there (and this is a much friendlier site to find stuff in), I'm reposting here. Merry Christmas! -Abe

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/ft   Incest   Mother   Son   Daughter   Group Sex   .

Cherry was horny, but her husband wasn't.

This was not a new problem, but one that was becoming increasingly intolerable. She stood in front of the full-length mirror in her walk-in closet, looking critically at her 35 year-old body. Not bad, she thought, not bad for a woman who had her first baby at sixteen and her second at 18.

Those babies – Danny at 17 and Jennifer at 19 – could almost pass for twins, she thought, as she cupped her still-firm C-cup breasts in her hands, tweaking the nipples for good measure. Her almost completely shaved pussy –just a little trail pointing to her soft pussy – and her half-Malaysian heritage meant she would probably look this good for a long time to come.

Thinking of her children - Danny, with his lacrosse-hardened body, ripped and muscular from years of playing that sport and others, and Jennifer, who was following her body shape, curvy but fit – caused her hand to slide down her body to lazily rub the hard, wet little bud at the top of her pussy.

She closed her eyes and squeezed her nipple harder with one hand and increased the tempo, sliding deep between her lips to pull more wetness up to her clit. Thinking of how hard his six-pack abs must feel, she moaned his name "Danny..." drawing out the last syllable as a mini-orgasm shuddered through her.

"Mom, can I borrow your blue top..." Jennifer stopped abruptly in the door of the closet, just as her mother finished her miniature cum. "Oh." She said.

Cherry turned, and – oh God it seemed mad – kept her hands massaging one breast and the other firmly in her pussy lips to see her oldest child standing there in bra and panties. Lacy black bra, the edge of her areolas just visible, her tits heaving in surprise at her mother's lusty display, Cherry pulled the wet finger from her pussy and brought it up to her full lips to lick her juicy finger clean.

"Which top, my dear" she asked, moving closer. What was she doing, part of her mind wondered – but only a small part.

The other part of her came close to her daughter – who, with half again as much anglo blood in her was almost a head taller – and wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled the strap down on the black brassiere with the other and immediately sucking Jennifer's long hard nipple into her mouth.

"Mother!" Jenn cried, but made no move to pull away, "what are you ... Why ... Ohhhh"

Somehow, they stumbled into the master bedroom and tumbled together onto the king-size bed, lips coming together in a passionate kiss. The brassiere was thrown on the floor and Cherry's hand was stroking the clitoris of her daughter, as Jenn suckled on her mother's tits.

"Jenn, are you ready to go? Jenn, where are..." Danny was immobilized at the door of his parent's bedroom, paralyzed by the sight of his oh-so-hot sister sucking the luscious firm tits of his slender mother. He had been pulling on a shirt, but it dropped to the ground as his cock sprang to life so fast, he grew little faint.

Cherry looked up to see the boy that she'd been fantasizing about earlier – the fantasy that had suddenly become very, very real. She stroked Jennifer's back and continued to bring her daughter to a crushing orgasm with her other hand, staring deep in her sons eyes.

"Get undressed and come here," she commanded.

As if he were still a child, he obeyed. The shirt dropped. He unbuckled the loose cargo shorts and they dropped in a heap at his feet, his cock – unencumbered by underwear – sprang free. Cherry reveled in the sight of a fat, nine inch monster of a cock – much, much bigger than the puny thing her husband rewarded her with on a monthly basis – if she were lucky.

He moved quickly to the bed then stopped, kneeling at the end, his big cock straining towards the pair of beautiful women.

Suddenly, perhaps noticing the new movement on the bed, Jennifer looked up to see the little brother that she had been fantasizing about, with an immense cock pointed right at her.

"Here, bring it here," she moaned, spreading her legs – willing her brother to bring that cock to her.

He couldn't believe the sight before him – his naked, buxom mother fingering his lithe, horny sister who had spread her legs wide to show him a wet, glistening pussy aching to be filled.

He moved between, and felt his cock brush up against her wet cunt lips.

Cherry ran her hand down the hard smooth flank of her soon, to caress his muscular, hard ass. She was consumed with lust. Reaching between his legs, she wrapped her hand around his magnificent member and guided it into her daughters waiting cunt.

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