First Time a Boy Got to Homebase

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2012 by Linda Jean

Erotica Sex Story: a quick little story of how I let a boy get to "home-base"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Masturbation   .

All through school, almost every night since I was fifteen, I went on dates. But I seldom dated anyone more than three times. I decided very early in life that I would not get hooked on anyone who couldn't give me the life that I had planned for myself. Now don't get me wrong, like any healthy girl I like boys. No, the truth is I loved boys.

There was this boy who asked me out and he took me to see "Sleepless in Seattle". After the movie he took me up to ';Make-out Mountain', and that night we really made out hot and heavy. He never tried to touch me but wow, could he kiss! After our date, his lips were all I could think about as I masturbated under the covers in the dark.

The second date he took me to the drive-in and we began making out before the movie even began. And I mean really going at it hot and heavy. That time I let him touch and play with my breast where he really worked my nipples. He had me panting and my pussy was throbbing and wet. When he moved his hand to my leg, it seemed to bring me back to reality. I grabbed his hand and told him, "not now, not here."

I was glad he did not push it because if he had pressed it, I would have lost. It was all I could do to not let him touch my pussy. I figured I better get out of the car before I lost all control. I told my date that I had to pee; he said he had to go as well, so we both walked to the snack stand bathrooms.

I went into the girl's bathroom and walked straight to an empty stall. As soon as I shut the door, I leaned back against it, closed my eyes, and quickly lifted the front of my skirt and put my hand inside my panties. They were soaking wet. I was on fire. If I had not been able to get in to the girls bathroom and touch myself, I would have gone mad.

I stood there with my hand in my panties thinking how my date made me feel in the car. It felt wonderful to just stand there leaning back against the door working my clit like that. I never, ever touched myself anywhere other than my bed late at night in the pitch-black darkness.

I could hear other girls talking and going in and out as I played with myself, it was noisy. The only thing that I cared about was the way my pussy felt. I had to climax one way or another. My fingers worked their magic and I just stood there loving the way my hand and fingers gave me pleasure.

It seemed way more exciting masturbating like that in a public place. It excited me knowing that I was doing something so dirty right next to so many others that were just inches away and had no idea what was going on.

My date had me so turned on that it did not take me as long to climax standing there. I never in my life have been as wet. My pussy never felt that slippery, or my lips never ever felt so fat and huge.

I came very hard and as I came my whole body felt like I was having my own personal earthquake. I stood there shaking from my toes to my head. I just stood there resting and catching my breath. I had no idea how long I had been there. I just knew that I needed to get back to the car.

I did finally sit down and pee. When I finished, I washed my hands and walked out. I saw that my date bought popcorn and drinks from the snack bar and was just waiting for me.

We went back to the car. I don't know what happened, but we actually watched the rest of the movie. Even though we made out a little bit, it was nothing like we were before we went to the bathrooms. In a way I was glad and disappointed. I thought that he must have taken care of himself in the boy's bathroom like I did.

On our third date, he took me bowling and we had a great time. After we left the bowling alley, we went back up to ';Make-out Mountain'. We both got in the back seat and we began kissing passionately. This time he went straight for my breast. It was so passionate, and I was so turned on that my head was spinning with desire. I found myself lost in it all.

This time when I felt his hand on my knee I did not stop him. I wanted him to touch me down there. I felt him slowly move his hand up my under my skirt, closer to the source of my heat. I couldn't wait for his fingers to find me.

Kissing him felt so good. I felt his fingers touch my panties as he touched me right where my clit was. My heart was throbbing like crazy. My mind was telling me that I should not let him go any further, but my pussy was on fire and it quickly overruled my brain.

I bit down on the side of my mouth because I did not want to let him know just how wonderful that he was making me feel. I did not know it then, but he knew just what he was doing. He touched my clit so gently, and once he knew I was not going to stop him, he pressed harder and began rubbing faster and faster. He kept going much faster and harder than I had ever did in bed late at night. In short, it was just not the same.

He however began doing something that I had never had done before. He began sliding one of his fingers up and down my opening slit. He would work my clit and then my slit. It was wonderful the feeling that he gave me. I could not help myself. I opened my legs even more for him. I found myself moaning and when he heard me he asked, "Is this the first time you ever let a boy finger fuck you Linda?"

I could not say anything. The only thing that I could think about was how the feeling kept getting better and better. I never can explain to you just how wonderful his finger felt as he did that to me. At some point I realized that when he slid his finger down, that he was brushing against my hole. It felt so wonderful and it began to hurt a tiny bit all at the same time.

I put my hand on him and he was hard. I did not know what to do, so I just held onto him. I realized that he was working his finger up and down my slit. One moment he had his finger touching my clit rubbing it real fast and then sliding it down my wet slit and pushing into my hole.

The discomfort in my hole went away and all I could feel was pleasure. I had my hand on him as I closed my eyes and my whole being was focused on the pleasure that he was giving me.

I felt him begin to use his finger going from my clit to my hole and then shoving it as deep as he could up inside of me. When he began doing pushing this finger in and out of me like that he kept going faster and I came. As he did, I moaned with pleasure, I lifted my legs up and I put my heels on the edge of the back seat.

I felt his finger really open me up. I felt more pressure at my hole and it seemed like his finger was opening up my slit wider as he slid it up and down and I realized that he was using two fingers and my pleasure just kept building. And when he slid those two fingers inside, I could feel my hole being stretched and opening more to receive them. I also found myself thrusting my hips forward to meet his fingers that were fucking me so wonderfully.

At some point I also realized that he was no longer rubbing my clit. He just kept finger fucking me with his two fingers. His whole arm was moving fast as his fingers slid in and out, I was lost to the pleasure.

He began talking to me, asking if I liked him finger fucking me. I could not talk because it was the most wonderful feeling that I had ever had in my whole life and I climaxed again. All I could say was, "more, more, oh it is so good, harder, oh it is so good, so good."

He said to me "come for me Linda and I will fuck you with my cock, it will even feel better than these three fingers inside your hot cock hungry cunt, you know I'm going to fuck you, don't you baby?"

I heard that and my mind melted. Three, three, he now had three fingers fucking my hot hole. He had three fingers fucking me and making me crazy with pleasure. I already had three orgasms and every time I came it was stronger than the one before.

I knew that whatever he wanted to do to me I was going to let him. He knew things I did not know about my own body. He knew how to make me feel like a woman. Somehow I knew that what ever he wanted to do to me would only make this feeling better.

I wanted to see if the climaxes could even get better and maybe stronger. I just knew in my being that whatever he wanted me to do, I wanted it equally as much.

I felt another climax coming and I took hold of him and just held his body with my arms to give myself leverage to shove my hot cunt into his three fingers. He did it and took me the hardest climax that I had ever had in my life. He knew I came and he said to me, "Want me to fuck you now Linda? It will feel even better than that did."

I remember just how much I wanted that to happen. He still had his three fingers sliding in and out of me. While it felt like he had his whole hand up inside of me, it was only three fingers.

I told him that I was a virgin and to take it slow because I knew it was going to hurt. He laughed a little and said, "I already took care of that Linda, I popped your cherry with my fingers. Didn't you feel it?"

I could barely think, but I did remember how it did hurt a little the first time he pulled his one finger up inside of me. It hurt again a very tiny bit when he began using the two fingers. I never realized when he began using three fingers. So, I guess he was right, I wasn't a virgin anymore.

He told me that before he could fuck me that I needed to suck his cock. He said that if I didn't that he would come too quickly. I was so fucking ready, and then he said, "You are the hottest girl I have ever finger fucked. Your pussy is so wet and slippery. You were made for boys to fuck you. I made you cum, now you need to make me cum before I can fuck you. I want to enjoy this as much as you do. I want this to last tonight."

I told him that I would do anything for him. But I had to admit to him that did not know what to do. I had heard about giving boys blowjobs, but I never knew how it was done. I told him I wanted to do it, but he would have to tell me what to do.

He pulled his three fingers out of me and brought them to my mouth and said, "Taste." As he slid them in my mouth, He said now pretend this is my dick, and gently suck as they slide in and out of your mouth.

His fingers were all wet and slippery, they had a taste I would never forget, he told me what to do and I did it. After a few minutes he pulled his fingers out of my mouth and said as he took his pants off. "Suck my dick just like you sucked my fingers."

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