by John D

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Coming of Age Sex Story: This is a short story. Sarah Hutchings, a sixteen year old sister who is about to give her family a big shock.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Oral Sex   Petting   .

Sarah Hutchings has a secret. She was a respectable teenage girl, turning sixteen that day, she liked rock bands and posters of their lead singers lined her walls. She attended the local all-girls grammar school where she excelled in half-a-dozen subjects, and she was an avid photographer and ballet dancer. She was a regular, typical sixteen year old in every way, except one.

There was a knock on the door and Sarah ran downstairs from her room. She had been getting changed and was wearing only her bra and knickers, but she knew who it at her front door and they didn't need to worrying about seeing her half-naked.

Becky giggled when she saw Sarah. "I see you've started before me," the long haired girl teased and as they shut the door, embraced with a strong kiss. "Happy birthday," she whispered and kissed the side of her neck.

Sarah giggled and pulled at the jacket of her lesbian lover and Becky grinned pulling out a small present. "I had to get Lori to get this," she whispered, and Sarah smiled ripping open the wrapping paper to be presented with a set of ben-wa balls. Sarah kissed her and thanked her and then pulled her up the stairs.

"We got an hour until Mum and John get home," she promised. "Just enough time for a quickie."

Becky laughed. "You know Mum asked me today about my boyfriend, I had to tell her that we split up because he cheated on me."

"I know. I swear John knows about us, he probably has hidden cameras or something, you know what he is like."

Becky cackled and led herself into the room with a single bed. "Yah need a bigger bed," she whispered, and Sarah shrugged.

"Well John said he will swap when he goes to Uni in a couple of months, and Mum said I can have a double. Just waiting."

Sarah turned to her blonde friend and started undoing her buttons on her blouse. Becky smiled as she let her friend undo them and then removed her garment, putting it neatly on the desk.

The visitor licked her lips and looked at her lover, her brown hair held back with a white alice band and a fiery seduction in her eyes. She leant forward and unclipped the white bra holding Sarah's well-developed breasts in place and sighed expectantly. She watched transfixed as the pearly white orbs came free, and pertly rested where they were.

Sarah smiled at her and leaned into Becky, her nipples touching her lacy black bra, and she kissed her as she unclipped it, allowing her breasts, somewhat smaller than her own to hang unfettered. Becky shook her hair back and stared at her with her blue eyes. Sarah knelt down and unbuttoned the shorts her lover was wearing. The shorts slid to the ground to reveal matching panties and Becky stepped out of them.

Sarah looked into Becky's eyes as she stood up and Becky knelt down, sliding Sarah's white knickers past her thighs and her knees and then onto the ground. Sarah watched as Becky slid her hands up Sarah's smooth legs and kissed her shaven mons expectantly.

Sarah mewed and licked her lips. She knew what to expect from Becky, a forest of blonde curls hiding a luxurious heaven and she knelt down beside her, looking up. "Use your teeth," Becky begged and Sarah moved into her musky crotch and took the top of the waistband in her teeth and slid it down. It got caught by her waist, and she moved her head up, expecting to find hair and saw a shaven crotch. "For you. I know you like yours shaved."

Sarah smiled and took her panties down slowly with her teeth and then kissed the inside of Becky's thighs. She groaned, and Sarah got up and embraced her lover. "I love you," Sarah whispered into Becky's ear and then nibbled on it. Becky ran her fingers along Sarah's sides and then cupped her soft, peachy ass.

"I love you too," Becky whispered back and pushed her naked body into the warm torso of her lover. They kissed, passionately massaging their tongues. Becky cradled Sarah and guided her towards the bed, lying her down and kissing her stomach. Sarah closed her eyes, and felt Becky's warm hand stroking her thighs, and then darting around her bare mons. She gave her a gentle massage and Sarah mewed.

Becky's hands caressed the inside of Sarah's thighs causing the birthday girl to groan and push herself into the mattress. Becky's touch then followed the contours of her body up to her breasts. Becky knelt on the bed and kissed the lips of Sarah.

Sarah opened her mouth and passionately returned the lesbian osculation, as Becky's hands touched her breasts, cupping the firm bosom with her left hand. Sarah groaned and pulled Becky towards her, and the teenager slid on top of her friend.

They slid their bodies against each other, their nipples and breasts rubbing and their lips touched again. Becky moved her lips away and sucked the side of Sarah's neck, gently nibbling at her and causing Sarah to cry out in expectancy.

Becky slowly slid down Sarah's body, swirling each nipple around with her tongue and then began to kiss slowly her way down to her belly button and shaven mons. Becky glanced up at the eyes of Sarah and saw a begging look, willing her to proceed.

Becky got her finger and slowly traced it down her open crack and brought the wet finger up to her lips. She sucked the tip of her finger and repeated the slow tracing of the inside of Sarah's slit and held it up to Sarah who savoured it.

Sarah groaned as Becky's fingers traced her for a third time, her lips parting easily as the probing finger slid past her clitoris, and her opening and to her anus and back. She thrusted her hips slightly and moaned as the delicate warmth spread from her loins.

"This is paradise," Sarah whimpered, and Becky smiled. Sarah had done something very similar to her only a day or two ago and brought her to several climaxes on her sixteenth birthday. She loved her, and she wanted her feel special.

Sarah felt more than special and rocked backwards as Becky's finger darted up and down.

"I want you," Sarah whispered. "Come here."

Becky smiled and pulled herself up as Sarah slid down the bed and arranged a pillow. Becky swung her legs around and gently lowered her moist crotch onto the eager face of Sarah. Sarah kissed Becky's thighs as she lowered herself and then ran her tongue over the smooth mons of Becky.

She loved shaved cunts and none more so than that of her girlfriend. Kissed the top of Sarah's mons and slid her tongue down the slit, touching her clitoris and then nestling against the opening. Sarah groaned and eagerly began lapping up the fragrant aroma of her lover.

Sarah opened her eyes, she loved looking at the undercarriage of her friend. She flicked Becky's anus, she loved that, and then danced her tongue along the side of her partner's labia. Becky grunted and her muscles twitched as Sarah touched the clitoris, proudly engorged and emerging from its pink hood.

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