The Dead Frog and Sue's Cherry

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Sue is annoyed by her stupid step-brother and her new step-mother who has stolen her father's heart and time. A camping trip is not the best idea in her opinion but nothing can change her father's mind. The overnight trip makes her step-brother seem a lot more interesting in close quarters.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   .

You are probably wondering what a dead frog has to do with Susan Bloomington losing her cherry at the ripe young age of 16. In all honesty, Sue never expected to lose her cherry so sudden like and she certainly never expected it to be with her step-brother Ryan to whom she had always carried a particular dislike because of his sarcastic mouth and slovenly ways.

When they first learned about the family camping trip to Lake Tahoe, neither Sue nor Ryan really wanted to go but they soon discovered that not going was not an option.

So on the first Saturday in January, they all piled into the sliding door minivan and headed to the snow-covered camping grounds set aside for local residents without having to pay any fee or entrance charge. This was the fourth time Sue had gone on the annual camping trip ever since they had moved to the foothills from the crowded apartment in the big city.

It was the first time she went with her dad's new wife, Stefanie, and her dildo head 17 year old son, Ryan. Both she and Ryan were sort of on a shaky truce stage of sibling coexistence ever since she had caught him sniffing her dirty panties in the laundry room. He had promised to ease off on the sarcastic remarks providing she did not report him to his mother.

Now that she had something over her older step-brother's head, she felt a little more in control of the situation. Life in the Bloomington household had settled down a bit with the possible exception of the irritating sounds of love-making that continued to frustrate her at night alone in her bed. At sixteen, Sue had only been kissed by her best friend Cindy and that was only for "practice" in case some guy came along who wanted to experiment with her lips.

She managed to tease her step-brother by leaving her dirty panties on the shower curtain or behind the commode in case he wanted to use them for his masturbation exercises. Sue had already seen his cock more than once and was surprised none of the girls at the high school had declared it their "property" by announcing they were going steady. It was too bad Ryan was such a jerk because she might have let him do more than sniff her panties to get his rocks off. Sure, some would consider it incest, but she didn't think it really was just because her father was fucking Ryan's mother.

They had two pretty good tents for the camping expedition. The large one was the one her divorced mom and her dad used for the first three years. The much smaller one was the one she used and she liked the privacy of her own tent. Apparently, when they first set up the sleeping arrangements, Stephanie had convinced her father that she would bunk down with Sue and Ryan would sleep with her dad. Then, Stephanie changed her mind when she saw the difference in size and comfort and told her father, "I could never sleep in that thing!"

They decided it was OK to have Ryan and Sue sleep in the small tent because they had separate sleeping bags and it was a known fact that the two of them barely spoke to each other the animosity was so ingrained into each of them.

Soon after it got dark, her dad and his new bride zipped down the flap in the big tent and she and Ryan looked at each other with disgust when the sounds of Stephanie's giggling cut into the cold night air. Sue and Ryan got their sleeping bags from the back of the van and started to spread them out in the small tent. She had hung the small LED lantern from the center pole and watched with interest as her step brother stripped down to his BVDs and socks. He zipped up his bag and she decided to do the same only inside her own sleeping bag so the little pervert couldn't see her boobs or behind.

When she opened her sleeping bag, a nasty odor emanated with pungent foulness inside the small tent.

"What the hell you got in there, Sis?"

Sue held her nose and looked inside. It was a dead frog almost completely rotted away that soiled her immaculate sleeping equipment. She quickly zipped it up and put the foul-smelling bag outside the tent hoping the odor would dissipate quickly.

Ryan looked at her sitting there with a disappointed look on her pretty face.

"Are there any blankets in the van, Sue?"

Sue shook her head in the negative. The sleeping bags seemed perfect for the overnight trip and blankets seemed totally redundant. Ryan suggested that he get dressed and use his step-father's coat to sleep in the van. Sue shook her head because she knew how cold it got at night in the mountains and that it was not a good idea at all.

"I tell you what, sis; you can get in my bag with me because there is enough room for both of us if we don't move around too much. Just be sure you don't fart after I zip it up."

Sue laughed and agreed it was the best solution because the sounds from the other tent clued them to the fact that Stephanie was "getting it" real good from Sue's father.

"I am going to turn the lantern off, Ryan, because I am going to take my clothes off now."

As soon as she was stripped down to just her smiley-faced panties, Sue slid into the sleeping bag trying to not get too close to her step-brother. There seemed to be electric current whenever her bare skin touched his skin inside the bag. Ryan reached around her waist to zip up the bag from the inside and she moved back slightly to allow him the get the zipper all the way up.

That was probably a bad move because her rounded hips and panty covered ass pushed right into her step-brother's groin causing an immediate arousal of his baby-making equipment.

Sue started to breathe rapidly and the sounds of her panting revealed to her step-brother that she was not entirely turned-off by the pressure of his stiff cock on her soft rounded backside.

"Sorry, sis, I can't help it, your ass is so nice and soft. I will try not to get it into your crack or between your legs."

"That's all right, Ryan, I have been touched by boy's cocks before. You can rub it on me if you want, just don't stick it up my ass or in my pussy."

Her step-brother pulled her hips back and his cock slid into her heated crack. Sue groaned with excitement and tried to turn her ears off to the sounds of Stephanie grunting as her father fed his cock to her inside their darkened tent. She felt Ryan moving around behind her and then she felt the bare skin of his naked shaft rub between her legs. She reached down and touched it to be certain.


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