Lucy the House Slave

by Vektor

Copyright© 2012 by Vektor

Historical Sex Story: Seth's family buys a new slave to take care of his little brother in 1850. She teaches him about his body while taking care of his little brother.

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Historical   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   First   Masturbation   Lactation   Cream Pie   .

After a 4 hour bumpy carriage ride, Seth waited in his room for his mother to greet him. He had not seen his mother in three months, and was now waiting for her to show him his new brother. Seth liked Charleston, but enjoyed the open space of his family's plantation. Having a house in the city and a large plantation meant he was forced to travel between the two at times. The five hour trip had taken its toll, and his eye lids were giving out.

Staying on a large plantation in 1850 had its benefits for an adolescent boy of sixteen. After his tutors left, Seth enjoyed outdoor activities such as, horseback riding and fishing. Having a schoolhouse on the plantation also kept him isolated from other boys his age and race. His only playmates were property of his family. Having a father that travelled and worked out of state put him at the head of the household nine months out of the year. His mother Abigail refused to let go any power of running the plantation, even though her activities kept her away from the plantation most of the time.

Seth watched his mother walk in the room followed by a new slave she must have bought a few months ago. Seth knew his mother bought a new house slave from her letters, but she never described her in the letters. Seth saw this new slave walk in behind her mother, with a baby in her arms. She looked young compared to the other house slaves his family owned. Her hair was covered by a pale white head wrap, and she wore a simple house dress. Her body and face seemed very slender, and was a stark contrast to Loni, the other house slave. Even though her face was looking down at the baby in her arms, Seth could see that her face was flawless and full of life.

Seth stood up to greet his mother. "Hello, mother." He knew that she did not like affection, and was told he was too old to hug his mother like a child.

"Seth, meet your new brother Ethan." As she said this, the new house slave tilted her arms and body to show Seth his new brother. He was wrapped in a blanket and only his chubby face was visible to him.

"I wish I had more time to spend with you, but your Great Uncle passed in London. I will be heading out tomorrow morning to settle his affairs. I need you to stay here in Charleston to await your father. He should be back shortly from his trip to the Capital. When he arrives, you can return to your studies."

"Yes, mother. I understand." Seth looked at his mother with great disappointment. Having just got a black stallion for his birthday, spending time waiting was punishment. In Charleston the only thing allowed, was keeping up with his studies. On the plantation there were plenty of things to do, and kids his age to play with. Even if those children were slaves.

"I am bringing Loni with me, and am leaving Ethan with Miss Lucy. She belonged to a good friend of mine and am told is very capable in the household. If there is a problem Mr. Harrington is next door."

Seth felt his mother give him a peck on his forehead, and then watched her walk out with Lucy and his baby brother.

Seth got changed and waited for Loni to call on him for dinner. This would be the last dinner with his mother for months.

The conversation at dinner was bland and respectful as always. He told his mother about his schooling and how the tutors were boring. When the conversation switched to his new horse, he was told that it was impolite to speak of animals at the table.

After dinner Seth retired to his room, and easily drifted off into sleep. After a long ride to Charleston, it only took a few moments to fall deep asleep. This deep slumber ended with the sound of a crying baby in the room next to him.

The weather started to get a little cold in November, so Seth put on a sleep robe, before investigating. Walking to the next room, Seth was greeted by the sight of the new house slave Lucy with her breasts exposed feeding his baby brother. Seth could see one of her dark nipples on her breast. Her upper body looked very slim, but her breasts seemed very large for her frame. Upon seeing Seth, Lucy casually said. "I am sorry to wake you Mista Seth."

Seth was instantly intrigued by his brother's feeding from a female breast. He could not take his eyes off Lucy's chest. He wanted to say something, but the sight of an exposed female breast held his attention. "Mista Seth, did you need something?"

Her question snapped him out of his gaze only for a short time to answer. "I was just wondering. If you are ... have ... breakfast?"

After stuttering his question out, Lucy lifted her head up to look at him for the first time. He could see her soft blue eyes, and smooth light brown skin. "I haves some porridge thats still warm if you wants it. When I finished here with the little one, I could fix some eggs and grits."

Seth gathered the last of his wits and stopped gazing at Lucy's one exposed tit. "I am sorry to intrude. I can have what you left out."

As Seth made his way to his room to get dressed, he realized that that was the first time he ever apologized to a slave, other than Loni. Being ashamed at himself for staring, he just thought an apology might make up for it. Then it came to him, that this was the first time he had seen a female breast before. The small glimpse of a tit occupied his every thought until he finished his breakfast.

When Lucy came into the kitchen to see if Seth was done, he looked in her direction but not to her face. "I did not mean to intrude upon you during my brother's feeding."

Lucy smiled a little when she responded. "No needs to say you sorry Mista Seth."

Seth did not know if he felt guilty about seeing her breasts or wanting to see them again. A strange urge and sensation came when he thought about Lucy's breasts. Thinking it was just guilt, he got up from the table in a hurry. "I am going to finish my studies now."

Seth sat in his room with a book open but had not read a word. In his mind he tried to think of her breast and how it looked, and must have felt. Having lived around slaves his whole life, they never looked as pretty as her. He also could not place where she was from. She did not have any accent he heard before. Her sweet voice was almost captivating to him, and was not from South Carolina.

Seth seemed to lose himself in thought and lost all track of time. The sound of Ethan crying in the other room snapped him out of the daze. After listening to him cry for a minute, the sound of footsteps could be heard. Lucy had come into his room to soothe him with singing. The sound of the crying seemed to fade away almost immediately after she started to sing. Curiosity got the better of him, and he put down his book to investigate.

Trying to make himself known that he was not snooping, Seth called out. "Lucy?"

"Is here Mista Seth."

Seth took this as an invitation to walk into the room. When he entered, she was casually rocking his baby brother in a rocking chair. "He a fussy one when he's hungry."

Seth's eyes lit up with fear and excitement. He did not know if he should to run from the situation or stay and see what he has been thinking about all day. "Do you require me to leave?"

Lucy looked up to Seth and nonchalantly said back."If you wants to watch you need to come closer."

Feeling his heart drop, Seth did not know what to say. He had an anxious feeling overwhelm him. He wanted to sit and stare at her, but just froze in place looking at the wall next to her. "I really should give you privacy, if you are going to feed him."

"I use to people all round me when I do this. Nothin harmful bout you watchin."

With the invitation Seth sat down on the bed. Lucy unbuttoned and pulled down the front of her dress. She pulled it down just far enough for her to pop out her left breast. Since the bed was only a few feet from the chair, he could clearly see her engorged breast. It was large, and had a small dark brown areola. The nipple pointed out almost an inch. Seth also spotted a drop of milk on the tip of her nipple, as she brought his brother to it.

Seth sat and stared at his brother feeding from a house slave's tit. A feeling in his groin gained his attention, as his penis become erect. This same feeling has been coming more frequent over the last few months. The only difference was being able to hide it. Sitting on the bed was not making it easy. It was now very visible, and moving positions was not helping. Not wanting to wait for the moment he could not control it, abruptly walking out of the room, was his only option. The only thing he said was. "Excuse me."

As soon as Seth walked into his room, he collapsed on his bed and crawled up into a ball. Now it was a wait to get his erection to go away, and forget the whole fiasco. Within a few minutes his penis returned to normal, but the shame lasted. Still upset over what happened he sat at his reading desk and pulled out one of his books to read. As he read, the only thing he could think about was how nice his house slave's breasts looked. After what seemed like an hour, there was a knock at his door.

"Don't wants to be a bother, I gots some cornbread in the kitchen for ya Mista Seth."

Seth turned around and saw that Lucy still had a smile to her face, and that the whole incident was nothing. "Sure I will be down in a moment."

Just as he put his book down, he heard her singing to his brother as she went down the stairs. Seth took a second to compose himself and then followed her down the stairs. He walked in the kitchen to see a plate of warm cornbread on the table. Lucy was holding his brother, and stirring something by the kitchen fire. "I thoughts you might likes some cornbread."

Seth sat at the table and took some cornbread off the plate. As he ate his cornbread he watched Lucy's every move. She seemed to move through the house gracefully and with great energy. He even found himself looking at her body and the way her dress seemed to hide almost all of her figure. After finishing up in the kitchen he watched her leave to finish other chores in the house. With nothing left to do he went outside to stretch his legs.

Seth went from walking to the market, to walking all the way to the docks to see the tall ships at port. When he got back to the house he could smell his dinner from the kitchen. When he walked in he expected to see Lucy in there. To his dismay, al he saw was his warm dinner sitting on the table with a glass of water. It did not take long for Seth to finish off his dinner and retreat back to the seclusion of his studies.

As Seth walked past his brother's room, he could hear the rocking chair creak back and forth. Then soft low sound of Lucy singing filled his ears. Just when he thought Ethan was going to fall asleep, he started to cry very loudly. By this time he was at the door looking in. He could see Lucy rocking back and forth trying to calm Ethan down. Not thinking anything weird of the situation, Seth walked away. Then he heard Lucy's voice over his brother's cries. "Mista Seth, you want to watch again?"

Seth stopped in his tracks and thought about it. He did not want to seem like there was something wrong the last time, and he really wanted to see her breasts again. Without answering her, he walked in the room. Walking over to the bed, Seth sat down directly across from Lucy in the rocking chair.

Lucy continued with her breast feeding routine, and lowered her dress to pull out a breast. Seth saw her nipple already dripping some milk. Wasting no time, she brought his brother's hungry mouth to her nipple and let him latch on. Seth was fixated on her exposed flesh. Even though he could not see anything but the outline of her tit, the mere thought of a naked tit was getting him excited again.

Lucy looked up at Seth as he stared at her milking chest. "Haves you seen a feeding chillin before, Mista Seth?"

Seth looked up at her face to see her gentle features as she asked him a direct question. "I have heard some of the hands talk of it when they had theirs, but I have never seen it. Does it hurt?"

"Oh, no Mista Seth. It's no hurt a bit."

Seth smiled a little thinking the tension between them was gone. "By the way he feeds, it seems he likes it."

"Alls love it, Mista Seth. Wanna try some?"

Taken back by her question Seth did not know how to respond. Hormones kicked in and he quickly came back with. "Sure if it's not a bother."

"Oh, no bothers Mista Seth. I asks cause the little one not finish again. Miss Sally's twins all finished me dry."

After a few moments, Lucy pulled Ethan from her tit. She got up to put him in his crib. After a few pats on his back she placed him in his crib. By the lack of sound from his brother, Seth knew he was passed out asleep.

Lucy then sat down on the bed next to Seth. Seth could feel his heart rate increase. Seth had his erection at full strength and his heart beating out of his chest the second Lucy sat down next to him. He knew now he was going to see and taste a woman's breasts for the first time.

"Now you puts you head on my lap. This makes it easier."

Seth complied and placed his head on her lap facing her chest. Seth watched intently as Lucy undid the top buttons of her dress and slid it down past her breasts. He could see both light brown breasts as they were inches from his face. Lucy breasts seemed very large for her slender frame. Her petite body had no pockets of fat or signs of stretch marks on it. Her breast hung low from their size and shape, but did not look like they sagged.

With his face so close to her tits, he could smell of milk coming from them. He could see the small droplets of milk lactating from her nipples. He waited for her to place a tit in his moth before he started suckling. He was glad he was on his side, with his obvious engorged erection.

When Lucy finally put her tit in Seth's mouth he did not have to do much sucking. The milk seemed to flow into his mouth with very little effort on his part. The sweet warm taste of her breast milk filled his mouth quickly. Seth did more swallowing than sucking for the first few moments. The taste of her warm milk and the act of suckling on Lucy's tit made his erection throb uncontrollably. When the milk flowed less, he then started to suck harder to keep the flow going strong. As he started to suck he could feel her breaths getting deeper and longer. It was not long before he was moving his hips a little to keep the pain down from his erection as he nursed from her tit.

"I no mind if you plays with your thingy. It looks mighty painful"

Seth pulled his mouth from her breast to speak. "What do you mean play with it?"

Lucy looked down at him to see droplets of milk around his mouth. "You do plays with it? I sure know it's mighty painful for a boy like you not to plays with it from times to time."

"I have never been with a girl before, if you mean that?" Seth was a little confused but curious. He had never really talked about it to anyone about it. The only kids he played with were younger slave kids on the plantation. When he was being tutored, it was by himself on the plantation too. Seth never had any real interaction with other kids his race or social standing.

More with a face of concern and pity then trying to be mean, Lucy asked Seth. "None of the other boys told you about playing withs your thingy before?"

"You mean you want me to put it in you?"

"No Mista Seth. Not putting your thing ins me, but doing it bys yourself while you suck."

With a look of disappointment and awkwardness on Seth's face he responded. "Sorry, I have never done that before. I don't know how."

"Well lets starts by pullin your pants down"

Seth complied nervously. He could not remember the last time he was naked in front of someone. Slowly he pulled everything down to reveal his full manhood to his house slave.

He did not know if she was going to laugh or make fun of him for not knowing. Instead he felt her guide his hand to his dick. "Grabs it here and just do what comes natural."

Awkwardly Seth started stroking his penis. Not knowing what to do, he did quick mini strokes. As he started to lose his grip and masturbate wrong, Lucy moved her hand on top of his until he was doing long strokes in a rhythm. After a few strokes she let go and let Seth masturbate for the first time. As he seemed to get the hang of it, she placed her other breast in his mouth. Without being told what to do, Seth let the milk pour effortlessly into his mouth and waited for it to slow down so he could begin suckling.

When he began sucking hard, his throbbing dick was being stroked as fast as he could handle. The feeling was nothing he ever felt before. More and more milk was spilling out of his mouth as he tried to keep up with the strong flow. A building urge in his balls told him something was going to happen. It was like he had to pee. Not wanting to pee on her or the bed he stopped everything.

"I have to stop, I am going to pee."

Lucy was still breathing heavy as she pulled him towards her one leaking nipple so he could latch on. She kept her hand on the back of his head and told him. "Don't you worry bout that, just keep on doin it."

Seth never had an orgasm before, and felt a shutter and then an intense feeling of relief in his body. "OHHH!" Letting his mouth go from her tit he and let his whole body relax. The throbbing pain subsided and for the first time a feeling of euphoria surrounded him.

Lucy looked down to see that Seth did not ejaculate. She could see his 6 inch dick was still a little hard, but there was no cum on it. "That's must be your first time. I hopes you feels better now."

Seth sat up in the bed and fixed himself. "How did you know that?"

As Lucy was pulling up her dress she told him. "Sometimes you do not shoot your stuff on the first time. Don't worry, its normal."

Seth stood up and pulled his pants back up. "Thank you for this. Can we please not tell anyone?"

Lucy was finished buttoning her dress, when she looked up at Seth and gave a big smile. "I would never breathe a word Mista Seth. I should be thankin you though. Mista Ethan does not feed from me that much. I am use to making milk for more thens one child. Sometimes it hurts bad if I don't feeds."

Before Seth could respond, the sound of crying from Ethan interrupted him. Lucy got up to tend to the child. Seth watched as the slave took over to care for him. He left the room to go to the outhouse and clean himself up.

When Seth got back he was drained of all life and thought about nothing but sleeping. The last thoughts on his mind were sucking on Lucy's milking breasts.

When Seth awoke from his sleep the sun was shining in his face and a new day was before him. He did not know when he could get back to the family plantation, but was not as eager to head back as before. As Seth made his way to the kitchen he instantly smelled the cooked eggs, and bacon coming straight from the kitchen. He did not see his brother Ethan or Lucy anywhere. On the table was a plate of bacon, biscuits, a glass of milk and fried eggs. Not wasting any time he sat and ate. When he took a sip of the milk, he recognized it as breast milk. The sweet familiar warm taste filled his mouth as he drank it. Seth went from sipping the milk to gulping it down as he finished eating.

Lucy walked in the room to see that her breakfast was finished and her milk was drunk. "Sorry bout the milk Mista Seth. I had to do somethings with it."

Seth stood up from the table and smiled. "I don't mind at all. I am rather partial to it now."

"I best head to the market now, can you writes me a pass. I don't know anyone in the city that will speaks for me."

Seth knew that an unfamiliar slave walking through the streets might bring unwarranted problems. Seth retrieved some paper from his desk and scribbled a quick pass for her. He then watched her head off to the market with his brother in tow.

Not wanting to sit in the house and do his studies, he decided to chop some wood and do his neglected chores. Even though his parents were not around much on the plantation, the overseer would give him random chores to do. He said a boy needed to build strength, and made him do certain physically demanding jobs to build his strength. When his mother was around, he was forbidden to do anything except study though.

As Seth spent most of the afternoon getting wood chopped and doing some other random chores he saw Lucy carrying some goods from the market. Ethan was on her back in a carrier and looked passed out. As she walked up onto the porch she had a great big smile to her.

"Oh Mista Seth you look worns out. You bests come inside and get cleaned up. Miss Abigail would tear me up if she knew you looks dirty likes that. Come inside while I get a bath ready."

Seth walked inside and sat at the kitchen table and waited for Lucy to come back from putting Ethan in his crib. When she walked in she had a large bathing tub. She then drew some water and put it over the fire to get it hot for him. She walked over to him and began removing his shirt. Not stopping her, Seth let Lucy take off his sweaty dirt stained shirt.

"The water be ready soon, but would you like something to drink?"

Seth looked up at Lucy's beautiful brown face and responded softly. "Please."

Seth pulled his chair around so he was facing her. Lucy slowly unbuttoned her top buttons and pulled down her dress to her waist. Seth saw her slender light brown body. Her breasts hung a little low from their size, and were leaking from both nipples. She stepped a little forward so she was right between his legs so he could have full access to her mother's milk. Not delaying a moment, Seth put his mouth directly over her dark brown areola and started to nurse from her.

The feeling of her warm sweet breast milk filled his mouth quickly. It did not take long from him to realize the effect her milk had on his penis. Before he could even think about it, his erection was at full strength begging to be freed from his pants. Lucy placed her hand on his head while Seth continued to use his mouth to drain her tit of her warm mother's milk. It was not long, before he switched breasts and did the same to the other one. Seth could hear her breaths getting deeper the harder he sucked. She ran her fingers through his hair as he feed from her.

When the flow of milk began to lessen he pulled away. When he did Lucy walked over to the fire and poured the water into the wash basin. As she did this Seth took off his clothes to get ready for his bath. He kept his hand covering his still raging hard on, while Lucy continued to get his bath ready. After adding some water from the well into the bath, the water was ready. She stood there waiting for him to get in.

"Seth looked at her confused to why she was still in the room. "I can handle it from here. Thank you for getting the water ready for me."

Lucy stood before Seth with her dress pulled down and her chest exposed. "I can help, you just hop in the tub now. I will make sure you clean."

Seth dropped his hands to grip the sides of the tub to get in. As he got in the tub, she stopped him before he could sit down in it. "Lets clean you up before you gets in."

Lucy pulled out a wash cloth and a small bar of soap. As she lathered up the washcloth, Seth stood motionless with his erection pointing right in her direction. After dipping the wash cloth in the warm water, she proceeded to wash his body. She got behind him and cleaned his back and ass. When she was finished she came around to the front of him and started to clean his chest and legs, leaving his erected dick untouched. Seth did not think she was going to touch it, and was fine by that. That changed when she was finished with his legs. Lucy dipped the cloth in the water to get it wet, and grabbed a hold of his erect cock.

Thinking Lucy was only going to give his manhood a quick rinse was unfounded when she knelt on the floor and started to wash his testicles too. Seth wanted to say stop, but the feeling of her soft hand on his balls while she used her other to gently clean his throbbing dick was too good. When he thought she was done, Seth felt the warm water rinse all the soap off of him. Then she asked. "I can helps, if you want?"

Not being able to say a word, because of the intense feeling he was having, Seth just nodded his head, and let her take over.

Looking down he could see her tits sway back and forth as she stroked his shaft. The feeling he got when he did it was great, the way she did it was even better. When her hand moved the length of his dick, she managed to rub the head with each stroke. Seth was surprised how good she maneuvered her hands up and down on his dick, while the other hand massaged his balls. The movement of her milk bags and the feeling of her hand stroking him was almost too much to handle. His body tightened and he felt an orgasm coming on.

"UHH, I am going to..."

With eyes glue to her hand strokes, he saw her hold her other hand at the tip of his dick as he let go a spurt of sperm. The white jizz shot from his cock with force and volume. He had never seen cum before or felt it come from his body. He counted about four gushes of cum, each landing in her open hand.

Seth did not know if he came too much, or enough. He also was unsure if he was supposed to do it at his age. "Am I ok? Was that supposed to happen like that?"

Still knelling on the floor, Lucy looked up at him. "You did fines Mista Seth. Thinkin you needed that's."

"Is that what it is supposed to look like?"

Lucy looked at her hand which was filled with her owner's son's sperm. "Sure did give a lot. Looks fine too."

As she finished saying how normal it was, Lucy lifted her hand to her mouth. Lucy stuck her tongue right into the pool of boy cum in her hand. She made sure her tongue was covered in Seth's cum before getting the full taste of it.

"You best finish washin up, while I goes clean up."

Seth sat in the large wash basin and started to rinse off. The feeling of his orgasm would not leave his thoughts as he washed himself. It did not take long for him to clean up and get out. Just as he was getting out he saw Lucy bring in a clean set of clothes. Not wanting to stand around in the cold, he got out quickly and got changed. "Thank you for the clothes Miss Lucy."

She smiled back at him and handed him a comb from her waist pocket. "You best be turnin in. Growin boy needs his rest."

Seth was too tired to argue, and went off to bed without a comment or complaint. The whole night he spent replaying the day's events and experiences. Hoping the next day would be as good as this one. Although worrying about his mother finding out what has transpired. He worried more about his father coming to get him, and not being able to drink from Lucy.

Waking up the next morning seemed to follow the same routine. Waking up to the sun on his face from Lucy pulling the curtains open. Going downstairs to the kitchen and having a warm breakfast. Just as before there was a glass of milk to go along with his food. Seth took great delight knowing the warm milk he was drinking came from her beautiful large breasts.

After eating Seth heard his brother crying in the next room. Just as the crying got louder, the sound of Lucy trying to comfort him soothed it. Anxious about his brother's feeding, Seth wandered into the living room to investigate. As Seth walked in only to see Lucy holding his brother as she was sewing something.

"Almost done heres, Mista Seth. Soon as I am done, I can help you for the day."

A few things entered Seth's mind. She could be meaning food, or something to do with chores for the day. The last thing he was thinking, but it was a long shot was jerking him off. Seth sat down on the loveseat in the living room and watched the family house slave sew as fast as any tailor of the day. Within twenty minutes she had finished a hat to go on his brother's head.

Still not acknowledging Seth, She walked out of the room carrying his brother. About five minutes later Seth was thinking she moved on to another task she had planned. Just as he was about to get up and go about his day, Lucy walked in the room and started unbuttoning her top part of her dress. Seth sat back down in a hurry and waited for her to come to him.

As she approached, he could feel the swelling of his manhood in anticipation of what he was going to taste. As expected she walked up to him and stood directly in front of him as he sat on the family loveseat. Seth watched as she pulled her dress down to reveal her full breast to him. They bounced just so slightly right in front of his face. The dark brown nipples of his brother's nanny he saw were already leaking and ready to be nursed.

Lucy moved forward just a bit so her nipples were at face level to Seth. Needing no invitation to suckle from her tits, he started to suckle her. The warm steady flow of her mother's milk made his cock come to full attention. Seth wondered when she last feed his brother, because the flow of milk was stronger and faster than before. He almost could not keep up as some of it was spilling out of his mouth and on the floor. Thinking he was doing something wrong he tried to pull away. This was just stopped by her hand as she held him to her breast.

"You just keeps suckings. Been hurtin all day for you to do this."

As Seth kept suckling on her breast, his erection was hurting as it wanted freedom. With milk flowing into his mouth he fumbled trying to unbutton his pants. When he moved a little down to get a better reach on his buttons, his mouth slipped off her tit. The milk was still squirting out though, only onto his face. Knowing that this was going to make a mess, Seth just pulled his pants down around his ankles and put his mouth back on her leaking nipple.

Seth was swallowing mouthful after mouthful of warm mother's milk, but could not reach around her to grab his dick. He waited to when he switch off to her right tit before trying again to get a hold of his raging hard-on. Seth did not know Lucy was a little off balance because when he tried to reach around her she slipped forward. Instinctively she just landed on his lap with her legs straddling him.

Seth pulled away from her grip for just a second to let her stand up, but she held him fast to her chest. Feeling her dress move up on his stomach, Seth looked down to she was lifting the front of her dress on to him. The pale plain dress she wore all the time was now bunched up in the front between them. It did not occur to Seth what she was going to do, until he felt something wet move across the head of his throbbing prick.

Before he could protest what was going to happen, a warm wet sensation swallowed his virgin shaft. The feeling of a warm wet pussy was something he could not describe. The way her tight love hole wrapped around his cock was perfect, every little contraction could be felt. Thinking she made a mistake and let his dick slip in by accident, Seth froze in place and did not move or jerk his hips up to fuck her. This was no mistake as he felt her gyrate her own hips and grind her slave snatch back and forth on his body. Not knowing what to do next, Seth kept still and sucked harder and harder on her milking tit.

As the milk flowed less and less, Seth finally let loose his clamp on her nipple. With her hand still on the back of his head, he switched to kissing and licking her nipples. The sweet taste of her milk still weakly dripped from the nipples as his cock was buried deep inside her.

Lucy's grinding stopped and she started to lift her body up and down. Seth could feel every inch of his throbbing cock slide in and out of her wet hole. Trying to hold himself back was getting harder and harder, as her pussy clamped down every time he was deep in her. It did not take long for him to realize he was moment away from exploding in her. Wanting to moan loudly, Seth buried his entire face in her bosom so it would muffle his moan. Within seconds of his moan Seth could feel his dick expand to discharge its sperm deep inside of her wet snatch. Just as the first shot of fertile cum covered her vaginal walls, Lucy stopped fucking him. She held her body down on to his, and adjusted herself so that Seth's squirting dick was as far in her as possible. Seth could hear her deep breaths and feel her fast heartbeat as he continued to fill her pussy with his juice.

When Seth had nothing left to give, Lucy got up off of him and adjusted her dress. "I hope you feel fines after that Mista Seth."

With a fatigued voice from all his moaning, Seth responded. "I did not expect that. I just thought you needed to be emptied."

"Just wanted to help you out, I could feel you were needings it. But we best gets fixed up. Now Mista Seth, you go get yourself all fixed up for father."

Seth left the room and went to get a wash basin to fill with water. The whole time he was cleaning, his thoughts were on what he just did. He wanted to feel guilty for having sex with a slave, and even thought of an apology he had planned. The more the incident replayed in his head, the more he wanted to have sex again. Seth then realized if he apologized, she would most likely stop.

Once back inside the house, Seth got dressed in better clothes and finished his studies. Having spent so much time ignoring his studies, he had so much to make up. Seth knew that his mother gave his tutors directives to use a switch in case he failed to meet their expectations. Not wanting to get hit forced him to make sure his writing and reading was done before he traveled downstairs. Since his mind was on something else a few hours seemed like days. Then he heard Remo come in the back door.

Seth knew that his father was about to enter the house the second he heard Remo's voice in the house. Seth liked Remo, because of the stories he would tell before he was sold to his father. Since Remo was his father's driver, Seth prepared himself before he went downstairs.

Seth was excited to see his father, and counted the days for his visit. Now with a new house slave, Seth was worried his new found experiences would end. Seth carefully made his way downstairs to greet his father who he had not seen in a year.

As Seth walked downstairs he saw Remo standing at the base of the stairs holding his hat in one hand and a letter in the other.

"Massa tolds me to gives this to you before he went back. Tolds me it's was portant to gives you."

Remo handed Seth the letter, and he opened just as quick. Seth read part of the letter out loud and read to himself the rest. Seth read the part of him heading back to the plantation so he could be looked after by George Anderson. Mr. Anderson managed the day to day operations and pretty much left Seth alone, and was more interested in making sure the rice and cotton was harvested. What Seth did not read was the fact his father had been selected to a special subcommittee and would be in the Capital for another six months.

Seth was a ball of mixed emotions. As much as he wanted to see his father, he wanted to spend more time with Lucy. Seth walked back up stairs to his desk and wrote a quick note back to his father. He also wrote a travelling pass for Remo to head back to the plantation. Seth was only allowed to write passes for Remo, because he was the family's most trusted slave. Seth was sure Remo would follow his every order. He also knew Remo would follow his father's orders if they contradicted his own.

Seth walked downstairs to hand Remo his pass. "Go back and tell Mr. Anderson I am staying in Charleston for another few days."

"Sure things, Mista Seth."

When Remo left, Seth got a few things together and left to have his father's letter sent by messenger. When Seth finally got back to the house, his supper was on the table, and Lucy was upstairs cleaning. Seth did not know what was going to happen when Remo told Mr. Anderson about him staying back in Charleston. Although Mr. Anderson was only the manger, he had say in his affairs while his parents were away. Seth ate in silence, worrying the whole time.

Tired from a day of stress, and excitement, Seth passed out in his room. He thought he could finish the last of his book, but his body had other ideas. The only thoughts he had before he fell asleep was the trouble he could be in for.

Opening his eyes Seth saw the night sky still there. Thinking he had more time to sleep, he remembered his brother not feeding from Lucy all the way. Just as his eyes were going to close to drift back asleep, a sudden wave of guilt washed over him. He figured Mr. Anderson was going to be angry at him; he did not want anyone else to be upset with him. Seth put on his night robe and lit a night lamp. He walked quietly not wanting to wake his infant brother. He headed right for Lucy's quarters.

It was a small room next to his brother's. It was just big enough to fit a bed, and a night stand in. Normally it was a storage closet until his mother had Ethan and needed a place for a nanny to stay. Seth slowly opened the door trying to prevent it from squeaking. There he saw Lucy lying on the bed. She had a blanket covering her body, but her hair was no longer covered by her head wrap. Her long hair looked nice lying across her back. It was in small tight dreads, and looked very well taken care of. Seth realized this was the first time he had seen her hair without a head wrap.

When Seth walked a little closer, he saw Lucy turn over on her back exposing her bare breasts to him. While Seth gawked at the sight of Lucy's large breasts, he did not see that she was looking right at him. "Mista Seth is something wrongs?"

Breaking away from his gaze he answered. "I thought you might need some help with the feeding."

"I don't mind you feedins, Mista Seth."

Not wanting Lucy to be inconvenienced any further, Seth got on the bed and knelt by her side over her waiting to be given a sign he could suck. Lucy motioned with her hand for Seth to begin, and then placed her hand on the back of his head.

Seth took the nipple of her left tit right in his mouth and started suckling. The taste of her warm milk brought shivers to his whole body. The milk squirted faster than he could keep up and started to dribble from the sides of his mouth. Knelling from a bad angle Seth had a hard time keeping her breast level with his head, and more milk escaped. Lucy used her other hand to move Seth into a better position. She moved the covers off her body and moved Seth between her legs.

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