Water Slide Hi Jinks

by JohnnyMax

Copyright© 2012 by JohnnyMax

Humor Story: I've just installed a water slide, what happens when skinny dippers use it!

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Humor   Father   Daughter   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

Large elements of factuality in this story. I'll let you guess which is which.

Hi, I'm Jeff, a single father with a 14 year old daughter named Trina; Catrina but it always got shortened. We'd been together full time since she was seven when her mum up and moved to Australia and asked me to take Trina which is what I'd been fighting for for a few years.

Anyway being a single dad is pretty tough at times financially but we made it through the rough patches and I always managed a few surprise treats for my little lady. I owned a lifestyle block, five acres way out in the country but I always dreamed about a larger farm. Still we had enough space for some sheep, chickens, a decent garden and Trinas pony.

I had been working at an outfit in the rural town and I'd been there 11 years with never a positive word from the boss so I decided I'd had enough. New systems had come through from head office that needed modifying to suit our local situation and I'd worked my butt off getting things useable in time but some of the paperwork and administration hadn't been completed. Needless to say the boss jumped on me. The union got me out of there with a three month settlement and because the boss wanted me gone, I didn't bother with finishing off some of the bits and pieces.

I was starting to look for work and realizing that there wasn't that much around for a 59 year old so I was looking at a wider range of options when the bomb struck, I won 4 mil in the lottery. Coming three weeks after I quit, my first reaction was to go and buy a Lamborgini and drive past my old work laughing. Then I settled down and realized I could turn my dreams into reality. I bought a 620 acre farm and hired a family to manage it while I built the house that I'd been idly planning for the last 5 years. It was an earth berm house where the house is sort of buried, but I had a large terrace in front, the full width of the house, underfloor heating, solar panels, the place worked out just as I'd planned. Something Trina had always wanted was an upstairs bedroom so on top of the earth berm was her apartment with internal access down some stairs. From the terrace we could go down five metres of steps to the gardens then a further five metres down to the swimming pool. I'd planned a water slide to go from the top of the stairs down the side of the hill before a sweeping turn and into the pool. The slide was 35 metres from top to pool and the suppliers assured me it would work great.

The builders were really good and had promised we could move in late January just before the end of the summer school holidays and the start of a new school year.

It was also four weeks before Trinas 14th birthday and a tradition we had managed to keep going was allowing her to have a group of friends over for a birthday sleepover. This year her birthday was a Saturday so they were coming Friday and Saturday nights. You probably think I'm a sucker for punishment having four screaming teenagers but I figured they would all be up in Trina's room so I wouldn't get too harassed. Hah!

Having just moved in things were slightly hectic but the extra girls actually pitched in and helped moving stuff around. Two of them had been to Trina's sleepovers before, Stacey; a pixyish little lass with an infectious laugh who was always the first to thank me for meals and help out with the dishes and anything else, then Kelly who was long and lanky like the pony she rode, also very helpful. New to the sleepovers with Trina was Danni who had becomes friends halfway through their first year of high school when her and her mum had moved here after separating from her father.

Because the house was rather more spreadout I'd put in a PA system so when I got up on Saturday and started making breakfast I made a general announcement "Get up you lazy lasses, breakfast will be in 5".

I carried on cooking the bacon, eggs, etc then turned around to see a line up of giggling, grinning girls along the breakfast bar, I realized the view a little lower was rather eye-catching with bare breasted beauties on display. Rather taken aback I realized they were all wet so figured they must have already gone skinny dipping, at least topless anyway.

They were rather taken aback when I frowned and they looked kind of worried until I growled "That's unacceptable, they should be in size order, biggest to smallest",

Stacey cracked up laughing and looked along the lineup and said

"Lucky we worked that out last night, I'm smallest, then Trina, but Danni and Kelly we can't decide if there's a difference, Mr M can you judge"

They hastily rearranged themselves, at the same time confirmed it was a total skinny dip, then I looked at the two largest and laughed that

"Danni's left is bigger that Kelly's left but the right breasts, Kelly's is bigger, we'll have to call it a tie"

"Now I suppose you all want two of everything for breakfast"

After breakfast the girls did the dishes and cleaned up, still naked and giggling about their daring then they headed back down to the pool.

I got my tools out as the water slide needed to be set so that it would only run enough water to get them down and then switch off until the next slider stepped on the entry board.

I had a dummy that I dropped on the slide and timed it. A few settings and test runs and I figured it was probably about right so I called Trina to put some crash gear on for the live test run. She went and got her riding helmet and sk8ter pads and even some pants.

"Just in case I have an accident and you have to take to hospital it would be weealllyy embarrassing to go in with a bare bottom"

Onto the entry, the water started flowing, she grabbed the bar and swung herself on and went racing down. Round the curve and she hit the pool at the bottom with an almighty splash that soaked her friends waiting.

"CHOICE dad, that was great, didn't feel like I was going to lose it at any point"

"OK kids, have fun"

and wandered off to start putting books on the living room shelves. I noticed Trina was ripping the safety gear off as she ran up the stairs for another go with the other girls close behind her.

About half an hour later Trina came quietly in and sat beside where I was working. She looked rather wide-eyed and her breasts looked flushed, her hands were clenched over her groin which had me worried and she was trembling. I dropped beside her

"what happened sweetheart?"

"Th ... the g ... girls think I ... I ... h ... had an org ... gasm"


We had had the obligatory talks about sex and she was comfortable talking with me about periods, pads, etc but this was rather unexpected.

"I went down the slide on my back with my legs apart and it felt really good so the next time I did the same and it felt really, really good with the water flowing up and over my pussy, so I kept doing it like that and suddenly it felt so good I had to scream"

"Kelly nearly drowned, she was laughing so much"

"We discussed it, and they are sure I had an orgasm, now they are all trying to have one too"

"Oh dear, possibly because you are going down naked, it's letting the water flow where it normally wouldn't"

I suddenly thought

"Oh God, what am I going to tell their parents?"

The other three girls came in with silly grins on their faces so I guess they had all succeeded.

I decided I better bite the bullet and phoned Danni's mum Melissa. I figured she was the best one to start with as she lived a lot closer than the other two families.

"Ah Melissa, it's Jeff, nothing urgent, more sort of curious I guess, Something these girls have discovered that might be better with a womens touch"

Melissa hit the gate phone about 10 minutes later so I buzzed her in. When she got up to the house she couldn't make up her mind between wanting to look around the house and finding out the issue.

"These girls have discovered something about the water slide, they decided to go skinny dipping this morning and when they went down the slide the water flow over their genitals was somewhat stimulating and they think they had orgasms, it took them three or four slides but they all experienced this"

"Where are they now?"

"trying again!"

"Oh my, oh my goodness,,, he he he"

Melissa went off to talk to the girls and came back in a few minutes later looking rather flushed.

"Um, ah, I think I'm going to have to try this, purely research of course, but it sounds like you might have a very popular slide"

She looked me in the eyes and carefully took off her T Shirt and placed it on the breakfast bar where we were talking, slipped off her shorts and placed them carefully on top. I was surprised she was undressing in front of me but she looked deep in thought so I didn't interupt. Off came her bra and her thong to add to the pile.


I thought, maybe firm C's but A quality with a neatly trimmed pussy below, Melissa stood there in front of me for moment or two then looked me in the eye.

"Research, right"

I agreed "Research"

She strode over to the water slide entrance, starting the water, looked back at me, then at the slide. I noticed her hand in her pussy, looked like she was spreading her lips. A deep breath, which caused her breasts to swell noticeably, and she stepped forward, grabbing the bar and swung her legs up and down she went.

"Whee har" then splash.

A moment later she came running back up the stairs with a big grin on her face

"I'll get it in two" she yelled as she swung herself into her second slide.

"Ahh ... yes, YES"

This time she was lot slower coming up the stairs, a silly grin on her face.

"I wish to report the results of my research..."smirk "difinetely an organism, I mean, definitely an orgasm"

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