Chronicles of Mrs. Olsen

by HardFelt

Copyright© 2012 by HardFelt

Erotica Sex Story: A Clubhouse and surgically implanted device series of stories. There will be chronicles of this woman's and her family adventures as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Slut Wife   Cuckold   Mother   Humiliation   Big Breasts   .

Note: There were other women at the Clubhouse who were older married moms. Judy Ann Olsen was only one. Sara Ann Bergman a personal friend of Judy's was another. Both women were married, had children and practicing their salaried professions. Both women cuckolded their unwilling husbands and both women had a surgically implanted device which though perverted could externally give the women extreme discomfort. The much larger breasted Mrs. Judy Olsen will have other adventures recounted in the future.

Clubhouse Ordeal

It was just after her forty second birthday that circumstances started to go south for Mrs. Judy Olsen. She had two children both boys and both in school. She had been happily married for the past twenty four years to her husband Jim, but she wasn't sure she was going to be able to make it to the twenty fifth anniversary.

It wasn't because she and Jim were having any problems, it was because of the ugly situation she found herself it which had doubled up somehow into a really messy series of events. It had been six years ago that she had the surgically implanted device placed inside her to quell her back and neck pain. The Device had work well too, perhaps too well, because if the Device ever got out of tune she suffered extreme pain. As a result, more because of the design of the Device than anything else, every five or six years the Device had to be tuned in again to her specific Device. It wasn't until she found out that the device inside her could never be removed that she became concerned and she became downright upset when she discovered that a remote controller could allow her to experience both pain or pleasure. If the device was set on the pleasure setting the only way to relieve herself was through a sexual climax which almost always had to be through actual penetration. The pleasure side had a less than five percent failure rate and in the first few months after the device had been implanted she thought it had been in failure mode almost all the time because she was horny all the time in those first few months; much to the pleasure of Jim who didn't mind the aroused female he was married to. What she never had told her husband was what had happened shortly after their first son was born. She had experienced a kind of mental breakdown which had resulted in some rather unusual events. Judy had experienced sex with an underage boy but the worst of it was that in the recording of that terrible sex it looked as if she had raped him; not the other way around. What was worse, even though the police knew about it, they didn't know her name and they had no real documentation so she was safe. She was safe until Ernie Fryman found out and then things went from bad to worse. Judy did some checking and found out that Fryman was every bit the devilish punk he came across as. What was more her oldest son knew him from school. Matt, her son, had told her that it would not be in anybody's interest to mess with Fryman. There were all kind of bad things rumored about him. When she asked what sort of'bad things' her son told her some of what he knew and it didn't take a whole lot of effort to verify that what he said was true. Her son claimed that Fryman had some kind of wicked hold on several of the female teachers at school which he sometimes exploited and sometimes he didn't. But when he did it almost always revolved around some kind of sexual preference, usually in a change of clothing style the teachers wore and how much they exposed themselves in front of the male students in the classrooms. At first Judy thought this was teenage male hormone over reaction but on doing some checking she wasn't so sure. This only added to the stress she was experiencing.

To take off some the built up stress she was experiencing she started walking after she got home from work. She was a part time nurse at a local hospital. The walks began to get longer and longer as she tried to walk off some of the extra weight that she'd put on. She needed to lose another twenty pounds, she figured, so she could get back down to what she weighed when she first got married at one hundred and eighteen pounds. As she walked off some of the extra flab it had the effect of emphasizing her already large boobs. She felt like the Dolly Parton of the neighborhood and from some of the young catcalls she received from those eagle eyed Peterson boys at the end of the street her loss of weight was being noticed. Judy often resented her overly large breasts and there many times she had considered having some surgery to have the excess removed. But her husband, Jim, was opposed to this from the start. He had stated she had the boobs when he first married her and he wanted her to keep her boobs even if those boobies were large. The primary reason, now, for her concern, was the virtual ultimatum she had received in the mail. It arrived not by regular mail but by special delivery. She cried as she went through the material because that material could send her to prison. Fryman had sent it with his cell phone number and a demand she call within twelve hours of getting the package. She had called and talked with the evil minded youth and felt while on the cell phone with him his capability with controller. Judy suspected he used it somehow through the cell phone but it didn't make a difference how he did it the thing that mattered was the severe jolt of pain she had received along with the ultimatum that she would surrender herself at his clubhouse for an initial meeting at the end of the month, only two weeks from when she called. But before she arrived she was to pose for at least thirty nude photographs and those photographs had to be in his hands before she arrived at her clubhouse. When she asked him how she was to obtain those nude photographs he told her to ask her husband, or perhaps another friend. The idea of asking even another friend, male or female, was something she abhorred. After several long walks, several painful agonizing days of self doubt and self depreciation, she went to her husband Jim and explained everything. She left nothing to his imagination, describing in altogether very graphic explicit details all that Fryman held over her and what she had been fretting over.

Judy had told him if he wanted a divorce, she would understand. Instead he said he would stand by her no matter what the cost, to him personally. He would be there. He would take the photographs and he would have them sent back to Fryman and he would also go with her to the first meeting. Jim took the digital photos of his wife laying and sitting on their bed when she completely nude and sent them to the address specified under registered mail. He got an acknowledgment that the photos had been delivered. Two days later the Olsen's received communications from Fryman that when she arrived at the end of the month she was to wear a skirt or dress with a two inch above the knee hem line. She also was to wear four inch spiked high heels along with garter belt supported thigh high nude tinted hose. She would wear double the amount of make up and mascara she normally wore and she was to be freshly groomed with a good deal of perfume. If she was not in these garments she would not even be received for her initial meeting and all material would be appropriately distributed to the proper authorities and family members. Almost as a side note Fryman stated that her pubic area must also be complete shaved, bald and smooth. He included the address and specifically stated that first contact would be established in the garage off of the main building which was the clubhouse at ten in the morning of the day specified.

Judy made it clear to her husband the one thing she wanted avoid at all costs was to irritate Fryman in this first meeting. She had been told he had a temper and she had been told that the first meetings were the most important to Fryman because it established how he dealt with the situations. Through her contacts Judy had learned that it was absolutely mandatory to make a concerted effort to go out of her way to please the punk the first time around and if her husband came along he was to follow the same guidelines. If these guidelines were not followed bad things happened immediately and later down the line. Judy made every effort to tell her husband the situation and to make sure he understood the importance of being able to swallow some pride, even be humiliated, just to get through the first meeting. Judy knew she looked short, because she was, she only stood five feet. Any weight she had made her look frumpy and even sometimes a little sloppy. She chose a tight fitting beige colored half sleeved button up the front top which clung to her big boobs and helped detract from some of her love hands at her hips. She wore a specially modified pencil style skirt that was navy blue with white pin stripes through it. The skirt had been modified to raise the hem line to Fryman's specifications. She also wore a two hundred and twenty dollar set of four inch spiked fuck me high heels which were brand new and bought for this meeting. She wore a blazer jacket over the tight fitting top. She also purchased a new white garter belt and nude tint hose which were so thigh high that the edges of the hose rubbed the thong style panty that she wore beneath the skirt.

Judy was a skittish as Jim was calm when he drove their car to the address and the location where the garage was outside what looked like a duplex style home but which Jim and Judy Olsen had agreed was probably the clubhouse Ernie Fryman had talked about and which she had heard about through some of her friends; although all of the female friends had not entered they had all heard stories which only added to Judy's discomfort.

Judy exited the car, nervously clutching her purse, as Jim opened a door that read simply Entrance'. It was surprisingly clean and neat inside as well as very well lit. A workbench ran the length of the wall to her right. To her left was a vehicle. To the left of the vehicle was a young man seat behind a wooden desk. In front of the desk was a hat pole with what looked like women's garments on it.

'Ernie Fryman, ' said Jim.

'No. He'll be out in a minute, you have to wait here.'

'I'm Jim Olsen and this is my wife Judy, we-we were supposed to be here at ten and you both are to wait for him.'

'I really don't give a shit buddy. He will be here at ten.'

It was only a few seconds later that Ernie Fryman entered the room. Judy recognized him immediately, even if she had never met him before. She had been told he was a short, swarthy looking, mean eyed kid that was more gangster than human. His black hair and dark penetrating eyes only made him look all the more sinister. He carried a manila folder which had some papers and other material in it. As soon as he stepped in from the opposite door, Jim stepped forward with his hand out and said, 'I'm Jim Olsen.'

The kid looked at the outstretched hand and then back at Jim. He ignored the gesture Jim had made as Jim Olsen slowly lowered his arm. Fryman looked over at Judy. He looked in his pamphlet, then back at Judy. He ignored Jim. Fryman looked at Judy and said, 'There are some important clubhouse rules you must follow before we proceed. Please remember you, ' he paused and looked at Jim, then back to Judy, 'can leave at any time you want. You are held here only on your own decisions. The first rule you both must know is that the clubhouse does not allow any females that are not topless. You must first be nude from the waist up, just to enter the clubhouse.'

'Uh, said Jim, 'is that completely necessary?'

'It is a mandatory requirement which will not and cannot be ignored. Also, in your wife's case and because this is the first time meeting she will expose her pussy to Al here at the desk for approval of the requirement I sent to you ahead of time; that is she is to have a bald pubic area. Now, if you two can not meet these requirements immediately we will end this meeting right now.'

Jim was silent obviously upset.

Judy hesitated and said as she took off her blazer, 'Where do you want me to put my clothes, Mister Fryman.'

'On the rack here will be fine. You will note that there are three other sets up there. The exact number of women currently in the clubhouse.'

Jim took a double take as his wife stepped closer to Fryman and hung the blazer on the pole before she looked back at the youth and slowly unbutton her top while staring straight at Fryman with a hard look in her eyes. She pulled the blouse out of the skirts waist band and shook it off her shoulders. The others all noted how her big boobs jiggled and wiggled as she gingerly too the blouse off then hung it on the pole. She stood next to Fryman, deliberately close, as Fryman did not retreat at all, dropped her shoulder straps to her huge bra then unfastened the four hooks in the back. Her big boobs burst out of her bra and immediately drooped down on her chest freed from the confines of the bra as she slung it forward on her forearms then hung it too up all the pole with all the others. She stood there momentarily, letting Al' get an eye full of her now totally exposed boobs before stepping over to his desk. She blushed as she bent forward, her tits rubbing the desk top and she lifted her skirt and removed her thong panty, putting on the table. She looked back at Fryman.'Stand in front of Al, hold the skirt up, let him feel, Mrs. Olsen.'

Judy avoided looking at her husband as she walked around the corner of the desk, standing in front of the seated youth. She bent down and lifted the hem of her skirt, wiggling from side to side to get the skirt up past her garter straps and her hips then stared over the kids head as she exposed her bald, freshly shaven crotch to the youth. She jumped when she felt his hand touch her private parts as he rubbed.'Smooth, she passes, ' said the kid named Al,

'Would you like to verify that, Mister Fryman?' asked Judy brazenly.

'No. We will proceed into the clubhouse. Normal rules are suspended for the initial meeting other than the topless requirement which you have already met. I presume you want your husband with you, Mrs. Olsen?'

'Would that be a problem, Mister Fryman?'

'No. No problem as long as your husband understands this is for the most part a business arrangement.'

'I think he understands that Mister Fryman, ' she replied.

The office was a small alcove off of the back entrance to the house. Judy received a couple long stares from some youths in the house as she entered and Fryman looked back at Judy and said, 'Never make an attempt to cover your tits. If you feel the need you may use your arms as support, cradling them, but never, ever cover your tits. Mrs. Olsen.'

'I un-understand Mister Fryman, ' she responded.

After they entered the office which consisted of a large desk, several chairs, a long leather covered couch and several tables with lamps on them, Fryman said, 'Have a seat Mister Olsen. Mrs. Olsen will remain standing and you will raise your arms and interlace your fingers behind your head as we go through this part of the process.'

Judy blushed as she watched her husband take a seat in front of the desk. Fryman set the manila folder down on the desk and waited until Judy had complied. Jim nervously cleared his throat as he looked at his topless wife brazenly displaying her huge naked breasts to this youth that held a considerable amount of power over her. Both husband and wife exchanged brief glances with a little smile of reassurance on Judy's part to her husband.

Fryman opened the folder and pushed the nude photos of Judy out across the table for any and all to see. He looked through the paperwork and then looked up at her and said, 'It indicates you are five foot tall.''That is correct, Mister Fryman.''Not five one or five and half inches, five foot even.''Yes, Mister Fryman.''Your weight is one hundred and thirty eight pounds?''Yes, Mister Fryman.''As of what date?''Yesterday, Mister Fryman.''Your dimensions are: tits 42F waist: 30 hips:38. This also is correct?''Ye-Yes Mister Fryman, ' she stammered as responded to his questioning this time losing it a little.

Judy saw a small smile on his thin lips.

'As far as the F cup goes I will have my majordomo verify that either this time on the next. Now on to other matters. These photo's here are nude, just like I asked, but not one has a shot of your pussy. I don't like that so there will be another set taken but in this next set I want you to start them off with being fully dressed and strip down to the garter belt, hose and high heels like you have on now. Can you take care of that for me, Mister Olsen?''Yes, ' he husband replied, 'I believe I can. The same number of photo's, Mister Fryman?''No, I think triple, say ninety would be better. Also I would like to see you, clothed in the photo's.''How am I supposed to take the photo's a be in them at the same time with my wife that is, Mister Fryman?'

Judy was glad she didn't detect any resentment in the reply on her husbands part as she continued to stand there shamelessly exposing herself to the youth.'I have the solution, but wait one, will you? Mrs. Olsen come closer to me here, ' he said pointing to an invisible spot on the floor.

Judy walked forward and stood in the indicated spot.'Arms getting tired, Mrs. Olsen?''A-a little, yes.''Drop your arms, pinch your tits with them, then lift your skirt and expose your pussy to me, after which you will tell me that your pussy is mine to touch.'

The comment made Jim squirm in his chair as Judy did as she was told exposing herself to the youth and within touching distance as she said, 'My pussy is yours to touch, if you want to Mister Fryman.'

He did want to touch it too. He smirked as he fondled her smooth pubic area sliding his finger through her slit as saying, 'Nice. Wet too. That's good.'

Judy made no response but licked her lip stick covered lips nervously as she stood there holding her skirt hem up and letting the youth finger her in front of her husband.'Open your legs a little more, ok, Mrs. Olsen?'

She nodded opening her legs as he slid his finger from the top of her slit down to near her ass then back up to the clit area. He rubbed the little nub area as he said, 'I don't like non-verbal responses Mrs. Olsen, do you understand me?''Yes, ' she replied, 'yes Mister Fryman I understand you.'

She stood there staring straight ahead as he fondled her clitoris wondering if she could last before there was some kind of a reaction. She was very aware of her naked breasts exposed and pinned between her upper arms as she stood there and let the youth fondle her.

It soon became obvious to both Jim Olsen and Ernie that Judy was becoming aroused and that Ernie's fingering was having a devastating effect on her composure.

Ernie kept two fingers up inside Judy Olsen's pussy, his thumb rotating her clit as he looked over at her husband and said, 'The solution to the problem is for you to have Matt help you.''Matt?' queried Jim Olsen.'Your son Matt. In fact I want to see him equally naked holding his mom's tits in at least ten pictures you forward to me.''No!' said Jim.'I don't like that word, especially coming from you, ' said Ernie as Judy gasped out, 'Plea-please Jim, plea-please, oh god, oh god... ' she moaned now as her hips were churning and bucking to the youths fondling. Her nipples were getting hard and she was breathing in slow, shallow gulps as she became more and more aroused.

'It's not reasonable, Fryman!''I'll tell you what's not reasonable, asshole! It is perfectly reasonable for me to have this big titted slut here go out on the street and whore herself out. I could make a lot on her, believe me, but she is going to be here at the clubhouse. I could arrange to have slut Judy here come every time she comes around your boss at work, I hear he has the hots for her anyway. There are a thousand things I can and will do if you and your old lady don't be real, real, nice to me! Comprende?'

Jim was obviously taken aback by both the vehemence in Fryman's tone and the fact that his wife was about to climax on the end of Fryman's fingers. He sat back and said, 'Ok, ok. I will make it happen.''Be sure you do ... and Mrs. Olsen don't you dare cum yet ... fight it!''How can I! How can I with your fingers up my cunt and your thumb on my clit!,,,,, Oh plea-please stop or let me cum ... plea-please.''No, ' said Fryman continuing to work the older woman's wet pooch as he talked with her husband.'It said in the file she gives good head, deep throat. Is she any good at it?''Oh! Oh!' Judy exclaimed, she was fighting the climax but barely winning.'I climax when she does, ' Jim said.'Do you cum in her mouth?''No. She doesn't like that.''That will change, ' said Fryman withdrawing his fingers and using her skirt hem to wipe some of the pussy juice off his fingers.'Mrs. Olsen, ' said Fryman to her.

Judy stood there trembling so close to a climax but finally getting some measure of control.'Mrs. Olsen, ' repeated Fryman.'Yes Mister Fryman.''First start calling me sir'. Second clean my fingers off ... with your tongue and mouth.''Yes ... sir, ' she responded and obviously not liking it bent forward, her tits dangling in front of her as she used to the desk to brace herself and she licked and sucked on Fryman's fingers that had been covered with her own juices. It helped keeping her from a climax but what a strong build up she felt. It was disgusting and demeaning to clean the youths fingers off with her tongue and mouth but it also served to help get her own body functions in control. The problem was the amount of built up pressure she was pushing aside. If it were ever released... !'Did you hear what your husband and I were talking about earlier?''Not-not really ... no sir, ' she responded.'I understand from the records you are good at sucking cock.'

Judy blushed and then said, 'I take it deep. Most like it, sir.''Ask me real nice, ' he said looking at her.'Would ... would you let me suck your cock, sir?''Nicer, ' he said looking deliberately over at Jim.'Please, sir let me suck your cock. I-I'll use my titties, I'll suck your cock deep sir, I'll take it all down my throat and give you a hell of a blowjob sir.'

'Not bad, let's see if you can live up to all that.'

Fryman unzipped his fly and withdrew a large pulsating but not yet fully erect penis.

Fryman watched her slowly drop to her knee's and move in between his legs as she licked his length.'I don't want it licked, slut. Suck it.'

The older woman put his erection in her mouth and started to suck on his length. The noise of her action filled the room with her mouth as she took him all the way in, in one gulp his erection sliding to the back of her mouth.'Hold your mouth right there slut, we will see if you can deep throat it now. Let me get nice an hard while you suck and release, no head movement now, just nice and deep, yeah, yeah feel my cock swelling to your throat, good.'

Fryman looked over at her husband while his slobbering wife held the youths growing erection in her mouth and down her throat as he slowly became harder, longer, thicker.'She do it that way for you, too?''No exactly, but yes. Should I call you sir' too?' asked Jim trying to sound agreeable and relieve some of the stress on his wife.'You, Mister Olsen, Jim, are a lucky man. She gives one of the best I have had. Although she said she'd use her titties, she's still holding me in place. Very nice.'

Judy heard the criticism as she felt the youths cock, which was bigger than her husbands by a long way, as she continued to use her throat muscles to squeeze his big prick lodged in her slobbering mouth and down her throat. She had not yet gagged. She pushed her head even more forward taking the last inch of his erection in her mouth and lifted her tits rubbing his pant covered thigh with her tits as she pleased the youth.'So you Jim will take care of that thing I want done, right?''Yes sir I will, ' responded Jim as he watched Fryman close his eyes and take a deep breath. He looked down at the woman whose mouth was engulfing his length, 'Can you understand me, slut?''Hum, ' she said and nodded her head up and down.'Another rule is that when you do sit down, later, is to make sure your naked ass cheeks touch something, doesn't matter what, but your skirt has to be that high when you park your ass any place. Think you can remember that?''Hum, ' Judy said slurping and nodding her head as she felt his cock suddenly pulsate and then jerk as he climaxed. His cock was buried so deep in her throat that his spend didn't even enter her mouth but went straight to her belly as she felt him squirt once, twice, three times and then a final fourth spurt. There was very little cum left over.'Pull away, Mrs. Olsen, an go have a seat next to your hubby there.'

There was a plopping noise as she disengaged her mouth from his organ and she watched as he was putting himself away. She pushed back and slowly, shakily got to her feet. Using the desk surface as a help she half stumbled over to the chair, remembering at the last minute what the youth had said about sitting down. Her skirt was over her fanny as her bottom touched the cool surface of the padded leather chair. It made her nipples hard. She was still very horny.

Judy had a dazed look as she and her husband listened to the other rules.

Twelve hours a month. She would have an ID card to mark her time. The first four hours of her time were to be without a skirt, totally nude. She would wait on tables and allow any club member access to any and all of her body for whatever the club member wanted as long as they wanted. Later, once she had proved herself the hourly requirement would be dropped completely and she would only have to respond to designated persons who would be acting in Ernie's name.

'Ho-how many ... how many club members, I-I mean how many male club members are there sir?' Judy had difficulty speaking because her throat was still somewhat sore from the recent invasion it had suffered.'Approximately fifty. But sometimes there are no persons here sometimes as high as a couple dozen, it all depends. There are about twenty five bitches servicing the club right now; actually Mrs. Olsen I think you will make the twenty fifth.'

'I see, ' she replied nervously.

'You have big tits, Mrs. Olsen, much too big for me. I tend to like the more proportioned woman and you quite frankly have a huge set of melons.

I want those photo's delivered to me by the end of this week. When you have them all, Mr. Olsen, have your wife call so she can schedule a time to deliver them to me.''Yes sir, I will.'

'The guy out at the garage is what we call the Gate Keeper. When you leave, or for that matter when you arrive, you will do exactly as you are told. This may not always be something you want to do. I tell you right up front, though, displeasing a Gate Keeper displeases me and I will punish you for that is that understood Judy slut?''Yes sir.''The Gate Keeper position is one that is rotated so you won't always find the same person there. Just remember that you must always do as you are told on these grounds.''I ... think I can remember that ... sir.''When you leave you must ask permission for each article of clothing you want to put back on. You will do whatever is necessary if you want that clothing item. If you don't you can forfeit it to the club and leave without that article.''That sounds clear ... a little unreasonable ... but clear ... sir.''Ok then that about wraps it up. There is one more thing before you two go though and it may not be to Mr. Olsen's liking, but he did ask to come along.''I think he has been reasonable, sir, ' said Judy.'I agree Judy, slut I agree. What has to happen now is you and your old man have to go out to the main club area. I think it would be a good idea to cradle those tits in your arms, but it's totally up to you. Your hubby will introduce you with your full real name. He will then ask each club member if they are interested in some time with you. If any want that time you will go to an available side room where your ... talents will be utilized in his presence. He will answer any and all questions put to him as will you. Once you have satisfied all you can leave. If no one wants to spend time you can leave. Have a good day Mister and Mrs. Olsen, ' said Fryman as he stood and held out his hand towards the door.

Judy got to her feet slowly. Jim steadied her as they exited the office walking past the back door to another corridor and into a large room area. There were a couple of women in the room, all as topless as Judy was. One woman was being fondled and another was delivering drinks to a young man seated on a couch as he ran his hand up and down her calf. There were two young men who looked to be in their late teens and one poked the other pointed at Judy and the other just gawked.

Jim was trying to guide Judy to the first kid down the row, all were unknown'thank god), thought Judy as he was trying to get to the first kid. A youth came up to Jim from Jim's right side behind him and said, 'Hi Mister Olsen, I see you brought your pretty lady to our clubhouse.'

Jim turned around to see Todd Granger and he groaned inwardly but said, 'Hi Todd. Yes Judy is here for her first day.''So I see, how have you been Mrs. Olsen.''To-Todd!' she stammered. She had just seen him last week at a block party. He used to live in the neighborhood but when his parents had moved he had moved with them several blocks away. The thirty year old man stepped past Jim and reached out to cup both of Judy's dangling exposed breasts. He hefted them in his hands and said, 'You know I always wondered how this would feel. Pretty nice, I think I like it.''I am glad you do Todd, ' Judy responded trying to sound casual and failing miserably.

Todd grinned and said, 'Oh I doubt that, this being your first day and all. Jim, your lady has a fine set of jugs, course I told you that before.''Yes, ' said Jim, 'you did.''Never got to feel em up like this before, shit I bet you would have busted me in that chops if I squeezed them like this and twirled her nipples at the same time. Fine set of tits Judy doll fine set!''I probably would have, Todd, ' agreed her husband, then clearing his throat he said, 'would you like some time with Judy, Todd?''Sure would, Jim, sure would, ' he said sending his hand down Judy's back to her skirt covered fanny, 'what say we use this room right over here, ' he said as he applied pressure to Judy's naked back half pushing her along to a room at the end. All the rooms had beads over the doorway and inside the little room off the main was a cot a few chairs a big table and a little table with a lamp on it.'Make them melons wobble will you Judy doll. Yeah, never get tired of see tit ripple like that.'

Judy was rolling her shoulders and wobbling her boobies like Todd wanted her to. Judy knew what he wanted and she also quickly found out that cradling her big boobs like Fryman had suggested took the pressure off her shoulders and made it easier to give the effect that the young man who hit on her all the time almost all of last year wanted her to do.'C'mon over here Judy doll, ' he said as he sat down and watched while her husband sat in a seat across the room.'Put your hands on your knee's and wobble them puppies for me Judy doll, oh yeah what a fucking set of melons!'

He reached up and fondled the woman's dangling boobs. He played with the nipples, squeezed the breast flesh until she winced and said, 'Please Todd, they are attached you know!'

'Oh yeah, but these are really monsters Judy doll, fuckin whoppers. What's the cup size, Judy slut?''I am not a slut Todd. My bra cup size is F, ouch!' she said as he twisted her nipples at the same time in different directions.'Stand up straight, slut, and show me your pussy. I wannah see some puss, hey Jim, you don't mind if I look at your wife's pussy do you? Haha!''Spread those pretty thighs a little slut, come on, yeah, hey Jim how about I feel your wife's pussy, would you like that?''Not particularly, Todd.''Hear that slut, he ain't happy about me doing this. Appears you like it, though, huh? Wet already!''I-I am not wet!''Sure you are Judy slut, see, ' he held his slimy fingers up glistening with her pussy juice.

He stood up abruptly. Judy stared at him as he smiled unbuckling his belt, then taking his trousers off. He then took off his boxer shorts and Judy saw his erection. It was about the same size as her husband's ... maybe a little bigger. He sat back down and as he did he pulled her towards him leaning to one side so he could see her husband and rub it in some, 'Jim, I'm gonnah fuck your wife now, ok?'

To his credit Jim didn't say anything as Todd pulled her towards him, guiding her so that her skirt rode up around her waist as she straddled him and lowered her swollen pussy over the top of his rod. Judy was already aroused, Ernie had seen to that. As she slid onto his rod of flesh it felt natural and he saw the look of guilt on her face as she obviously enjoyed his erection. He leaned into her and buried his face in her big tits licking and sucking. At first the action of him lifting her big boobs and covering them with saliva repulsed her but as she got into the fucking action she realized it was a turn on to have the younger man slobbering over her big boobs. Judy quaked and shook as she raised and lowered herself over his rod of flesh pumping her body up and down as he penetrated her deeply. He rubbed her clit with one hand and her big tit with the other as she writhed on top of him and obviously climaxed with an, 'Oh yes! Yes! Yes, fuck me good, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! I-I'm cumming, I'm cumming!'

She felt him spurt inside her as he emptied his first load deep inside her which made her go through another rather intense and unwanted but nevertheless intense climax. Finally she slowed to a stop and leaned against him, his cock still up inside her pussy.'That, Judy baby, was a nice fuck. Take your skirt off and when you are able join me over on the other side of the room, be sure you stand in front of me instead of Jimmy boy there ok?''Yes Todd.'

Todd, still nude from the waist down, walked over to where Jim was sitting and pulled a chair next to him. He didn't sit right next to him, about three feet away, he did this to emphasize the fact that when Judy came over to stand in front of him in the nude she would be directly in front of Todd.'You know, Jim, she's really a good fuck. You haven't got anything to complain about, least away the way you were talking to me last week about how cold she is and all. Hell, man, she's got a really hot pussy!''I-I never said she was cold, ' Jim said back to him.

'Sure you did, I even remember what we were talking about. You were all worried about that piss ass at the end of the street that was catcalling her all the time. Shit I'd have done the same thing seeing a big titted beauty like her walking around when I was his age. Anyway, ' said the talkative younger man as both watched Judy wobble in her high heels as she stepped out of her skirt and lay it on the couch before straightening and slowly turning to face Todd and her husband, totally nude, dressed only in her thigh high hose.'Anyway you were saying how you thought she was cold cause you thought she was jerkin herself off before you got a chance to get to her.'

'I don't remember saying any such thing, ' responded Jim.'Well you had a couple under your belt by that time. I have to give you credit though, Jim, I tried to find out her cup size back then and you wouldn't give it up. Shit! F cup! Man that's big.'

Judy had slowly walked over and positioned herself in front of Todd.'Looks like your slut wife knows who is the boss here though, she standing there right in front of me, naked. Do me a favor, Judy slut, make them jugs wobble around some more. Wow! Wow can't never get over that!''Tell me Jim, really, what do you think of them whoppers she's got. I mean you been around them a long time, getting to see this all the time, tell me for sure what you think of them titties.'

'Her breasts ... are very attractive to me, ' replied Jim carefully.

'Yeah, shit man you don't want to cooperate at all. Just making it harder on yourself and her, not even knowing it. So ok, slut Judy, bend over and let them hangers dangle down here in front of both me and Jim here. Yeah, just like that, ' he said as Judy leaned forward and allowed her breasts to hang within arms reach of her husband and Todd.'Ok, Jim, here's the deal. You feel up her right tit and I will do her left and let's see which nipple gets the hardest fastest.''No, ' said Jim, 'I won't do that.''See, there you go again making it difficult on the situation. See I can't take it out on you, but... '

He squeezed Judy's left breast harder and harder his fingers digging into her tit flesh as she winced, leaned towards him. Todd smiled and began twisted her tit as Judy finally burst out, 'God, please, Jim do what he wants, it hurts! It hurts!''Say thank you Todd for twisting my tit, slut Judy, ' Todd said to her.'Todd, thank-thank you for twisting my ... tit.''See, your old lady knows how to respond, now we gottah get you up to speed. So tell me Jim, really, point out a spot on your slut wife here that really turns her on when it gets touched.'

Jim remained silent.'Tell him Jim or I will, ' said Judy.'Alright, under her left breast close to where her breasts meets her chest.''Oh, now that's a good one. Another one, tell me another one.''The area between her asshole and her pussy.''Aw Jimmy boy, that one don't count, everybody knows that one, no, no something special that say when rubbed at the same time makes her super hot, tell me!''Under her right ear lobe.''So those turn her on, eh?''Yes.''Prove it. Show me.'

Jim looked up into Judy's face with an I told you so' look.'Do it, Jim, ' said Judy.'Listen to slut wife, Jim, do it, she wants it. I want to see her get hot. Then we're going back to the titty thing, so you better get it right.'

Jim did his thing and Judy did get hot. Uncontrollably hot, her eyes glazing over, her pelvis swinging obscenely in front of her husband and Todd. She got sweaty and her breathing intensified.'See that wasn't so hard, was it Jim? You just listen to good old Todd, shit I bet I want to make your slut wife hot more than you do.''Maybe you do, Todd. I just don't like having to put up with all this shit!''Yeah it's a raw deal, which is why most hubby's don't want to come along. But you did and here you are, and there's pretty Judy with the big whoppers getting turned on again. Now get on her right tit and get that nipple hard.'

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