The Car Park Was Empty

by Marti

Copyright© 2012 by Marti

Erotica Sex Story: husband and wife arrange a meet and explore his and her fantasy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   Swinging   White Couple   White Female   Voyeurism   Size   BBW   .

The car park was empty just as he said it would be, it was about 10.45, and we were early. We had been very quiet as we drove here, both a little nervous, I was tingling with apprehensive excitement but I could only guess what you were feeling. At 10.55 the red mondeo pulled up beside our car. 'Is that him?' you asked, 'I think so' I replied. We sat for what seemed like an age, neither daring to make the next move but we didn't have to, he flashed his interior light and for an instant I could see that it really was him. He was doing something inside the car and then our mobile phone shattered the silence. Startled, I fumbled for the phone. 'Hello? Hi yes it's me Ian, I hope that's you in the car next to me?' His voice was soft and low. 'Listen to me, I want you to pass me over to Jax in a moment but first I need to explain to you what I am going to suggest'. Ok is all I could reply. 'I want to make sure that you and Jax are ok with this, especially Jax, you've got to be sure?' he paused for a moment. If she is, then we can do this in two ways, either here in the car park, or we can go to a place I've arranged, it's a flat that belongs to a friend of mine, its close by, discrete and we won't be disturbed. But it will be up to Jax. However, if she's not sure then we stop right now'. 'Ok' I say again, conscious of my lack of vocabulary. 'I'm sure about this but I understand it's up to Jax'. 'Fine' he says now pass the phone to her.

'Hello?' your voice is croaky and quiet. 'Yes, hi yes, yes I am' a pause... 'Ok' your voice quizzical now. 'Um, I think I'd prefer that, another pause, 'no I think that's what we should do, as long as its ok, your voice firmer now, 'u-hu, ok, right, ok yes I understand, ok'. You close the phone and end the call. His car starts up, 'follow him' you say.

We leave the car park and travel back the way we came, after a few minutes we turn off the main road and pull up in front a parade of shops. He leaves his car and heads to a door between two shops. I wait as you watch him, 'he said give him ten minutes to prepare' you say, not looking at me. I notice you are squeezing your thighs together, you seem very expectant. I check the clock it's only ten past eleven. We sit and wait, neither of us speaking, your eyes constantly checking the time. I touch your hand but you pull away, finally the waiting gets too much. Its 11.15, you open the door 'let's go' you whisper. I quickly lock up and hurriedly run to catch you up. When I reach you, you are at the door and have rung the bell. You take my hand and squeeze it tight.

The door opens and a shadowy figure greets us. 'Come in' he says softly 'go through' you walk towards a chink of soft light at the end of a long hallway. The door is closed behind me with a click and then a chain is latched. 'There, safe and sound' he whispers. Ahead of us you open the door and leave the hallway.

The room is well furnished and beautifully decorated the soft light is from a myriad of candles burning about the room. As I walk in you are standing by a large leather sofa that borders a deep rug, opposite is a flat screen TV. To your left is a single leather chair of the same style. Ian joins us, 'please, sit down' he says, he points to a door, 'kitchen through there', bathroom and um, bedroom on the other side of the hall, but it's not hard to find your way around. He seems a little edgy: I sense that he too is a little nervous. You sit on the sofa and I tactically move to the single chair. Ian moves towards the kitchen door, 'drink?' he asks. 'Wine or something stronger?' (You have already had a couple of glasses of wine, earlier in the pub) 'I've got white wine or Jack Daniels and some coke to go with it, but that's it, oh there's ice in the freezer'. I accept a glass of wine but you ask for a JD, I notice that when it arrived, it was a large one. I settle into my chair and Ian sat next to you, he sips from a darkened glass. He is smartly dressed with a smooth black shirt, black jeans, soft shoes but no socks. His shirt has been hanging outside his jeans, but as he sits it parts to reveal a tell tale outline at his crotch. I notice you are staring; you catch my eye and blush. Ian notices too, 'its ok' he laughs, 'would you like to see it jax?'

You turn to me then look at him, 'yes, I'd like to see it, is it really as big as it looks on line?' Your voice has that tell tale drop in tone, desire or the booze is beginning to take over. 'Well, you can be the judge of that' he answer's., 'But it does gets a little help' he chuckles, he pulls a small packet from his pocket and reveals a small blue pill, he throws it in his mouth and washes it down with the contents of his glass.

He now turns to you, he looks straight into your eyes, 'so, how shall we do this?' he asks. What do you mean' you reply. Well, shall I just get it out here? While we are all fully dressed, or should we all get naked together, get the difficult bit out of the way?' He looks at you and grins. A smile spreads across your face, 'I think we should get down to our underwear and then you should reveal it to us'. You glance at me coyly, 'to me' you add.

Ian stood up and took your hand, 'Ok Jax, are you really sure?', his voice firm, 'you can still change your mind? You turn and look at me; you pause, as if waiting for me to speak, then turn back to him, you rise from the seat, your voice just above a whisper, 'lets get undressed', is all you say.

Ian grabs the TV remote, 'ok', 'but first lets set the mood' the big screen flicker's into life, within seconds the soft sound of moaning fills the room and three figures writhe upon the screen. We start to undress, in a few moments we are all down to our underwear; my jeans and shirt are quickly removed as are Ian's. However, your blouse comes away slowly (I am sure you are teasing) then with a wriggle your neat pencil skirt drops to the floor. 'WOW!' exclaims Ian. You stand there in 4" heels, sheer black stockings and 'oh so sexy' 50's style waspie, suspender and bra. But it's your hand that has him excited, you are stroking the front of your matching knickers and licking your lips as you gaze on the all too familiar contours of the bulge straining against his tight fitting boxers. You sit back down, your head at the same height as his groin, inches from the slumbering giant. 'Ok' your voice deep, edged with desire, 'why don't you get him out for me'.

I sat enthralled; my cock was already hard and was causing some strain on my shorts. Ian chuckled playfully, 'why don't YOU get him out?' You picked up your glass from the side of the sofa and drained it in one gulp. Without a glance you laughed seductively, and waved your empty glass at me. 'Get me a refill, no coke just ice. But hurry, I want you to see this.' I leapt from my seat, grabbed the glass and headed for the kitchen; the JD bottle was on the worktop but I couldn't see the fridge freezer, 'damn!' Then I noticed a panel with a light in the corner. I opened it, yes! I raced back with a full glass, just in time! As I reached you, my arm outstretched to offer you your glass, you slowly dragged Ian's straining boxers down.

They slowly slipped from his hips and rolled over the firm cheeks of his bottom but the material clung to the bulge, encasing the monster and preventing its escape. Until with a heave and a final tug out it leapt! 'Oh!' you exclaimed, your hands clasped to your mouth, you giggled nervously. It was indeed enormous, still only semi erect, it jiggled from side to side then slowly came to rest, arching away from his groin. Regaining your composure you eased yourself from the sofa and knelt in-front of him and slowly eased his pants to his knees. 'Oh my god' you whispered breathlessly. I could clearly see that his cock, though still only half erect was as big if not bigger than mine, even though I was fully erect! And it was much, much thicker. I was sure this had not gone un-noticed by you.

I placed your glass by the edge of the sofa, 'your drink' I said thickly. You snapped a glance at the glass and then returned your gaze to him. I backed of slowly and sat down and waited for your next move.

I didn't have to wait long, your hands smoothly ran up Ian's legs then moved to cup his heavy balls and grasp the thick shaft of his cock; it made your hand seem so small. Ian groaned, 'you will have to get me hard' he grunted but his cock was already beginning to swell the large head slowly curving up-ward. 'God it's so big already' you replied huskily, 'maybe this will help?' Your tongue snaked out and licked the swelling head just underneath the glands. 'Ooooooh' Ian groaned then gasped! You took the head in your mouth, instantly it began to grow, twitching it became fully erect! 'Augh, Mmmmmmm' you murmured and quickly pulled the growing beast from your mouth. Giggling again you looked up at Ian. 'My god' you cried, 'it nearly got stuck in my mouth!' Now as you worked your tiny hand up and down his huge length you stretched your mouth wide and carefully returned the engorged phallus to your mouth and sucked. 'Oooooooh that's sooooo good' Ian sighed. After a few seconds you pulled away, shifted back onto your knees and exclaim, 'Oh my, it's so damn big!' Then you looked up at Ian with pure lust, 'Fuck me with it' you whispered.

You stood up, and skillfully removed your knickers: Ian turned you slightly and eased you down on the sofa. You lay back and luridly parted your legs, moisture glistens on your pussy lips in the candle light. Ian positions himself between your thighs, his great phallus straining upwards 'I'm going to fuck you Jax' he said 'but first I want to taste you, I want to taste your cunt!' And with that he buried his face deep into your lap. You moaned, long and low, you're back arched, thrusting your chest forward, your eyes closed and your breath grew heavy and laboured. Your hands leapt to your breast tearing away your bra, fingers fumbling for your hard pert nipples. 'Ooooh yessss' you hissed, a hand travelled down over your belly finding the back of his head, pressing hard you ground yourself onto his mouth. It was truly amazing and by now I was pulling on my own cock, wanking furiously. I could tell Ian was enjoying you too, a creamy drop of pre-cum oozed from his massive cock and slowly descended onto the rug followed by a second and a third.

Suddenly you pushed him away, gasping, 'Oooh, don't make me cum yet!' Thrusting him from your sex, you rubbed yourself, pulling the lips of your cunt apart, 'I want it in me', you cried 'oh God, fuck me, Ian fuck me!'

Ian needed no further instruction; gently pulling your legs towards him he positioned you at the edge of the sofa, causing you to slump seductively into the cushions, presenting your pussy to him open and wanton. I could see moisture seeping from you, your lips wet and slippery. Positioning himself between your knees, Ian grabbed his cock and shuffled forward. You gasped as he placed his swollen cock head against your moist slit. You looked straight at me, 'are you ready?' you growled. Then you looked back at Ian, your eyes met, he leaned forward slightly, your lips parted in a silent 'oh'. Your eyes widened and your breath came in short gasps and as I watched, his mighty glands slowly disappeared inside you!

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