Adults Reality Game

by rodeotexas

Copyright© 2012 by rodeotexas

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Adult version of the reality show "Survivor" with fucking machines!

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Fan Fiction   Humor   Sports   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Double Penetration   Size   .

Beach Party Tiki Theme, set on a scenic private beach, hills or mountains

Adult Reality Fantasy Outdoor Game Contest

I have come up with five "challenges" but think more should be created to make a good long feature.


As contestant advances, women will eventually lose their bikinis, have to ride various mechanical fucking machines and at the end stages involve large quantities of sterile artificial movie special effects slime, dildos and wrestling with each other.

Large quantities of low cost artificial slime (similar to what was used for the Ecto-Plazm slime in the Ghostbuster movies) can be made from J-Lube.

J-Lube is an obstetrical concentrated dry powder lubricant that is mixed with sterile or distilled water to create a slick, slimy and stringy lubricant.

A very small quantity of powder when mixed will create a large quantity of lubricant whose consistency can easily be altered by the quantity of water or powder used.

A tablespoon of powder will make a quart of slick, stringy lubricant.

Equipment & Dildos utilized for the contest can be referenced at:

Also, do a web search for the Jane Fonda Barbarella movie;

Narrow search to the Ex-sex-sive Machine for movie clips.

Also do a web search for J-Lube and plenty of sites will pop up that range from ordering to recipes.

The Ghostbuster Ecto-Plazm was made from food grade Methocel from Dow Chemical (used as a food additive) and Serapan as a thickener.


Women contestants are only allowed to wear tiny string bikinis.

Bikinis can only be tied with a standard shoestring tie

If any part of the bikini comes off during the game it must remain off

If any part of the bikini becomes dislodged, it must be removed


The women straddle and slide along a long gigantic padded gymnastics balance beam shaped like a giant phallus, from balls to end.

Lengthwise the entire length, there is a series of slightly raised one foot long ridges that they must slide over.

Each ridge is a powerful vibration point.

At the end (head of the phallus) they have to slide over the tip, facing it, in order to dismount.

The tip is blasting a powerful stream of water.

Hopefully, the water stream will loosen or dislodge one or both pieces of bikini;


Girls with remaining clothes get in a clear Plexiglas box (works similar to the Jane Fonda Sci-Fi movie Barbarella Ex-sex-sive machine and the Lick-a-chick machine from

Box is designed so legs are slightly spread apart and arms are held out away from their sides.

Machine strips off remaining clothing by multiples of mechanical tongues that slide up and down their bodies.


This machine from has wheel casters added to it.

Several machines are setup for a distance race.

The women straddle their rocker, which inserts a dildo.

The machine is also equipped with a vibrator, which rests against her clit.

Using just their body motion and hands (no feet), the women must move the rocker machine a set distance and cross a finish line.

As they rock to move forward, the rocking action also thrusts the dildo in and out.

If she orgasms before crossing the finish line she loses.


One by one they have to straddle a tall very long, hollow rounded bench patterned after a gymnastics balance beam.

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