Allen's Violation

by Extremist

Copyright© 2012 by Extremist

BDSM Sex Story: A college boy goes to a secluded beach to meet his girlfriend, but is met by a far more sinister and unexpected figure.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Rape   Gay   BDSM   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Allen was surprised to get a text from his girlfriend after football practice on Friday. He thought she was going back home to visit her folks over the weekend. She wanted to meet him on a secluded beach she learned about from her sorority sister. "So private we won't need suits! Meet me there at 6 and we can watch the sun go down, then you can watch me go down!"

He took a quick shower, threw on trunks and a t-shirt, and drove down to the end of the Blind Pass road, following the direction she had texted. There he saw a secluded gravel path, almost covered by brush. He steered his old jeep down that path until he couldn't drive any farther.

She wasn't there yet, so he grabbed his big towel and headed down the beach on the little goat trail. When he came to the sign marked "No Trespassing--Violators will be Prosecuted," he texted her again. She replied that she was on her way, and that he should just ignore the sign and keep going.

"There's a big old concrete bunker from the Vietnam War or something." Allen shook his head ... just like his girlfriend to be stupid enough to think they built bunkers in Florida for Vietnam! They were obviously for the Korean War, he thought. But, she was totally hot and way into him, just the way he liked women. "Find a nice spot near the bunker and hang your trunks where I can see them. Get all hard for me, baby!"

Allen pressed on past the sign, and eventually found the bunker. This place was totally isolated. He was feeling really randy so he stripped down and enjoyed the feeling of the cool breeze and warm sun on the naked flesh of his 20 year old, well-built frame. He started teasing his dangling cock to life as he searched for a cozy place to play. His unit wasn't really big, a little less than 6 inches fully erect, but when you are the starting QB of the college football team, you don't need a big cock to be cocky.

He found his spot and took a piece of driftwood and made a flag out of his trunks and t-shirt. Spreading out his big beach towel in a hollow between two dunes, he lay back and waited for his girlfriend, still gently stroking his erection.

"Here. C U Soon!" his girlfriend texted. He closed his eyes and waited.

Less than a minute later, he was jarred out of his reverie. Not by his girlfriend's voice, but by the snarling, gravelly bark of a male voice. "Pervert! What the fuck are you doing here?"

Startled, he scrambled to cover himself as much as he could. The man, short, muscular, with dark, close cropped hair and a blue uniform with patches that read "Security Officer." The man was holding the stick with Allen's clothes on it.

"I'm meeting my girlfriend here. I'm not a pervert!" Allen protested.

"Whacking off on a private beach alone ... definitely a pervert. Stand up, turn around and put your hands against the wall! Now!"

Allen complied. "Spread those legs wider! Arch up! you're not hiding anything up your ass, are you, perv?"


"No, Sir!" The guard's open hand came down on the young mans ass, hard.

"No, sir." Allen repeated meekly.

"Nothing in your ass?"

"No sir, there's nothing in my ass."


"In my ass, sir!" Allen maintained his pose, but turned his head to see that the guard was holding his cell phone in a position that suggested he was taking a picture. "What are you doing?" Allen protested.

"Collecting video evidence, pervert. The cops are gonna want to see this when they get here to pick you up. You're a sex criminal, boy! You better get used to that position."

Allen broke out in a cold sweat. "No, please ... I'm not. I didn't mean to ... I didn't know." The normally confident young man was on the verge of tears.

"You knew ... you must have passed six posted warnings to get here."

"No, there was only one!" Allen sobbed.

"So you admit it! Good, I have that on video too. Stand up, arms behind you. I have to hold you until the cops arrive."

Allen thought he would be cuffed, but instead the guard pulled out a length of black rope and started to bind the young, naked football player's arms together.

"What is that?"

"Private security ... I can't cuff you, but I can tie you up until the cops arrive. Let's get you off the beach and out of sight." The guard roughly pushed the young man, tears welling in his eyes, into the concrete building.

Much to the young man's surprise, there was a length of black rope hanging from the ceiling of the bunker. The guard quickly, roughly and with considerable expertise bound his captive with this longer rope in a bent over position with his hand behind his back.

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