by David Michaels

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True Sex Story: I come home from work and find another teen looking for sex, but this one had an unusual request

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Tim's Friend Scott

Hello again, yep another installment in the sneaky nephew universe. This one involves Tim's friend Scott. If you haven't read the first several stories in this series, you've missed a lot. Just to catch you up, my sneaky nephew Darrin, started this all just after he turned 18 and lead me into a great three years, and I say sneaky because he instigated the sex part, not me. While I was sworn to secrecy, I guess he was allowed to talk, because I met plenty of his friends and a few of theirs as well. Anyway Darrin was a hot red-head and loved having his 'uncle' pleasure him but only when he wanted it, so I always had to wait for one of his girls to give him blue balls. Then we'd stay up until the wee hours and he'd end up 'passing' out in my bed, and sometime during the night instigating sex, which was usually a BJ for him and a hand-job for me if I was lucky. He eventually moved in with me, but I still had to wait for him. However he apparently told a few of his friends and I ended up getting plenty of sex, and all from 18 – 20 year olds. My favorite was his BFF Todd. Todd was a tall skinny young man who wasn't hung up on labels, he said he liked sex and it didn't really matter to him if it was with a guy or a girl, as long as everybody had fun and no one got hurt. Todd introduced me to a goth kid named Tim and we had a wonderful three way and Tim and I also got together a few times just on our own. Then there was Scott, and this is how that unfolded.

This particular night as I got home after a long day at work, I noticed a young man sitting on my steps. I assumed he had the wrong apartment because I didn't recognize him, and as I approached he stood and I noticed a small bulge in his basketball shorts.

"Hello," he said "you don't know me, but I'm a friend of Tim and Todd."

"Nice to meet you," I replied "what bring you around here?"

"I'd rather discuss it inside if you don't mind" was his answer.

"Sure, I'm David by the way and you are?"


He seemed rather nervous as I unlocked my door, collected the mail from the floor, and turned on a few lights. "Have a seat on the couch and I'll be right back, I've had to piss since I left work," and I headed to the bathroom. I noticed Darrin wasn't home, so I figured he'd found some girl to sleep with for the night. I intended to change out of my work cloths, so as I finished pissing I didn't bother fastening my work pants and as I turned was startled to see Scott standing in the doorway. Without hesitating, he took the two steps to close the gap between us, grabbed the back of my head and planted a kiss. I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth so I parted my lips and let him in. He kissed almost as good as Tim, and it didn't last long enough. He backed off breathing heavily, and said "I've been waiting too long for that. Ever since Tim told me what you he and Todd had spent the night doing, and then showed me that picture of you without your shirt."

"So exactly what do you know about that night?"

"Everything, Tim told me what a great kisser you are, how nice your ass is and how you love to fuck and get fucked, and especially how you love eating ass. If I had known that what those two had planned when they said they were coming over, I would have come over instead of jacking off home alone."

"Let me guess you have a crush on Tim or Todd?"

"Neither," was his reply," not that I wouldn't mind getting in either of their pants, but I really like older guys, and you better in person than I thought. Ever since Tim showed me your picture and told me you were in your 40's you've been the person I jack off to almost every night. Neither Tim nor Todd would give me your address, so it's taken almost a month to find you."

"So how did you find me?" I wanted to know.

"I was talking to Tim on MySpace and saw your profile, from there it was just a matter of doing some legwork to figure out where you lived. Then last week, I finally figured out which apartment you lived in."

"So why didn't you come in last week?"

"I was afraid the real thing would not live up to the fantasy."

"You've got a fantasy about me? That I would love to hear, so let's go to the bed room just in case Darrin comes home, and tell me this fantasy." We headed to the bed room, and sat on the bed. I started to change, but Scott asked me not to, so I waited.

Scott then started into his fantasy. "I always dreamed it would be a warm day, we had sort of already met through Tim or Todd, and I was coming to meet you after work. You were running late, and because it was so nice out I decided to sun myself on your front porch. As you finally drive up, you see me half naked, and cannot control yourself. You 'force' me into a French kiss while I try to fend you off, but I soon find I enjoy your rough handling of my small half naked body. You break off the kiss, grab my cock and balls and pull me inside. Once inside, you order me to finish stripping, so I take off my shoes, and slide my basketballs shorts down my hairless legs. As I stand back up you notice my 6" semi-hairless cock and run your rough hands across my smooth chest and stomach. You turn me around and grab my ass feeling the smooth twin cheeks, and roughly run your hand up and down my smooth crack. You order me to bend over and spread my cheeks, and when I don't you smack my ass, telling me you'll keep smacking it until I bend over. So I bend over and spread my cheeks. You drop to your knees and inspect my ass hole. I feel you kiss it lightly, then lick it, and start to shove a finger in. I tell you I'm a virgin and you laugh and say not after tonight. You slide a finger in my ass and as I whimper in pain, you grab my little hairless balls with your other hand and tug, saying you'll give me something to cry about if I'm not quiet. You play with my ass a while, then stand, tell me to stand up and take your clothes off. I unbitten your shirt and it falls to the floor, as I pull your T-shirt over your head, you keep your arms raised and tell me to lick your pits clean. I don't want to saying it's gross, but you again grab my balls and squeeze, telling me to do as I'm told or you'll squeeze them off. I lean in and lick your sweaty pits, and it isn't as bad as I thought. When I get one clean I move to the other and as I do so you release my balls."

I had to stop him here, because I was about ready to shot my wad. Then I looked him over and asked him if he really wanted it that rough and raw. He said it was a fantasy and after what he'd heard from Tim he thought I could be the one to help him make it come true.

"Well, we've already kissed" I said "so let's see about the rest. Now strip." Scott stood and stripped, and he wasn't kidding. He almost had hair around his cock and balls. "Turn around and spread your cheeks" I ordered next, surprised at the sound of authority in my voice. He paused so I smacked his ass, and he quickly turned, bent over and spread his cheeks. His ass and hole were just a hairless as his front. I felt each cheek, leaned in and kissed his beautiful, young, pink pucker. I wet a finger and tried to push it in and he was tight. He whimpered so SMACK and I left a hand print.

"No complaining, you wanted this remember"

"Yes" he replied.

I grabbed his balls and thumped each one, "That's yes sir, or yes dad. You decide and stick to it, no switching back and forth."

"Yes dad" he replied meekly.

While still tugging at his balls, I wet my finger again and pushed it into his ass, there was no noise this time. I stopped, released his balls, and stood up. "Ok, stand up" he stood. "You're sure this is how you want it?"

"Yes dad"

"Just to be smart if it gets too rough, or you change your mind, simply say 'ice cream' and the playtime will be over."

"Ice Cream, got it dad" He was really getting into this, and so was I

"Since that's clear, get me naked." He moved closer, unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my shoulders. He then pulled my t-shirt over my head, and just like his fantasy, I left my arms raised and ordered him to lick me clean. He hesitated, so SMACK across his left butt cheek, he still didn't move so SMACK across his right cheek, that did it, he leaned in and started the cleaning. When I thought he had them both clean, I told him to remove my pants, shoes and socks. He complies, we are both naked, and I can't help but admire his smooth teen body. "On your knees, and lick my cock and balls, they are sweaty and need a good tongue bath." He pauses, and I raise my hand, he drops to his knees, quick learner. For a beginner he isn't bad at cleaning my balls either, and he tries to suck my cock. I grab his hair and say "I told you only a tongue bath" so he return to licking my cock and balls, but I can tell he'd really like to suck on my thick 7" cock. When I feel I'm clean enough, and before I shoot my load, I order him up on all fours on the bed. He scrambles to comply, and soon I have a beautiful smooth teen ass winking at me. I lean in and kiss it again, then lightly smack each cheek while I use my tongue to loosen him up. I push my hand up towards his mouth and he knows what I want, and slobbers all over the three fingers I present. I pull them back and insert one, then two with little resistance. When I try number three he pulls forward. SMACK, SMACK, a hand print on each cheek, I reach under and grab him by his large grape sized balls, pull him back and tell him not to move. I try three fingers again, and again he pulls forward, this time I follow him and holding his balls even tighter, I push three fingers into his ass. Is he ever tight, I can tell he's probably fingered himself, but not like he's getting it now. After a couple of thrusts in and out I feel him relax, so I release his balls. Then having second thoughts, I pull them back up and suck on them while I slowly move my fingers in and out of his ass.

"Please fuck me dad."

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