Nis: Charlie and Charley

by obohobo

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Sex Story: Charles (Charlie), a school prefect, and very shy Charlotte (Charley) are paired for their week in the Naked in School programme. The humiliation is almost too much for Charley.

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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to persons living, dead or otherwise is purely coincidental. The ideas and thoughts that follow are pure fantasies. In real life, at the very least they would be unpleasant and probably illegal. Fantasies are like that; daydreams where we can contemplate and imagine the sensations without suffering or inflicting the pain, despair or humiliation.

© obohobo 2012

Friday afternoon

"There's a high chance I'll be in the programme next week, in fact there's a 25% chance, my mathematical mind told me, but who will they partner me with? Jenny Carstairs probably. I've worked on a few projects with her and we're both a bit nerdy. Yes, almost certainly it will be Jenny, the form master always tries to pair compatible students, students with a common interest." The programme started seven weeks previously and by now most students accepted it without the over amount of touching and gawking of the first few weeks and even the biology and art teachers have given up using the naked students as live instructional models.

Looking around at the students in the classroom, with the two still finishing their Naked in School week, fourteen have completed the programme, leaving ten remaining in my 6th form class and because of the imbalance of males to females, four were boys and six girls, hence my 25% chance. I wondered what the school would do with the last two girls; put them together of use two boys who'd already experienced it? One of the raison d'être was to have a male/female couple as buddy partners who'd keep together for the whole school time except when certain classes dictated otherwise. Thus they spent their breaks together, ate at the same table and used the toilet at the same time and, by what had become a tradition, the boy used the girl's toilets. At least now with the bitterly cold November weather I wouldn't be expected to do PE outside without clothing and be watched and subjected to raucous remarks from the public standing around the school fence, not like those students who'd been in the programme on warmer days. I realised I was fortunate in being at the rear end of the couples attending the programme.


My guess as to my partner proved to be totally wrong. Over the weekend, I'd become more and more certain I would be chosen and Jenny would partner me. I'm nearly six feet tall, thin and lanky and have above average intelligence, being top of the class in maths, English and computer studies. Presumably these combined influenced the staff to award me prefect status but not to become Head Boy; I wasn't into the sporty things that seemed a requirement for that office. As I said, I'm a bit of a nerd and mostly study or read rather than socialise. Jenny, at 5ft 9 inches is tall compared with the other girls in the class, socialises much more than I do but is still in the top three or four for intelligence in the class and she too is a prefect. An excellent combination, I thought. I certainly looked forward to seeing her well-developed tits at close quarters and having her give me 'relief'. "Perhaps something more will develop and we might get together after school and maybe she'll become my girlfriend." A forlorn hope especially as she'd already had a number of boyfriend relationships that lasted only a short while but I could dream and I wanked myself off several times to that thought over the weekend. At least two couples in my class were still together weeks after finishing their stint and I'm pretty sure they had sex at the time and since, so I held on to the faint hope of a long term love life with her.

Oh, I guessed correctly that I would be in the programme but not in my wildest thoughts did I expect Charlotte Green as my partner. Charlotte, a very shy, slightly dumpy looking girl with a below average IQ, is very good at practical things but always hides herself in the background and hardly speaks to anyone. For her final year she is taking woodwork (of all subjects for a girl), needlework and domestic science and she is likely to get good grades in these but will fail dismally in Maths and probably English. What have we in common? Only one thing that I could think of; I'm Charles Winscombe, usually known as Charlie and Charlotte is nicknamed Charley, they, I assumed, put us together on our nickname basis. "Bloody Mr. Browne our form master, is playing a cruel joke," I cursed when I realised this.

Actually I didn't find out immediately. Monday morning's I am the prefect on 'gate duty', a task that entails seeing students arrive in an orderly way and checking-in the late-comers, hence I entered the school building ten minutes after the bell had gone and everyone else in the programme had been informed and had left for their form rooms. "You've to go to room 103 straightaway," the school secretary told me when I handed her the late list and this gave me the first hint I'd been selected because students in the programme used room 103 to change and store their clothes. Although I felt rather nervous at the prospect, I'd already psyched myself to being naked for the week and concentrated my mind on seeing Jenny, giving her a hug and feeling her tits against my chest. Shock, horror, curled in a chair in a corner of the room trying to hide her breasts and sobbing pitifully, sat Charley Green. My face must have registered my shock because she turned her face from me but I had little time to say or do anything before Miss Timpson, the teacher overseeing the students, asked me to get undressed. Because of my lateness, at least I didn't have the embarrassment of undressing in front of the others, although I knew Miss Timpson watched me closely. "Keep your book bags on your back and don't use them to cover your fronts," she reminded us as if we didn't know from the previous weeks. My thoughts centred on Charley and her pathetic weeping and distressed state, a state I would be expected to comfort somehow. Miss Timpson confirmed it when she said, "See what you can do with her Charles and take her to assembly, nothing I have said has helped." Again I silently cursed Mr. Browne and Dr. Carter for placing the extra burden on me.

Perhaps Miss Timpson thought my being a prefect and of Charley's age would somehow allow me to enter her mind and pacify her but nothing I said helped either and I had to physically try and lift her, a feat that I couldn't have accomplished had she totally resisted but once on her feet I gave her the hug I intended for Jenny and for the first time felt a girl's tits against me, not against my chest but much lower and her tears wetted my shoulder. "Off you go otherwise assembly will have started," Miss Timpson chivvied us, "Oh it already has, we'd better creep in the side door," she added when we heard the music from the hall.

I dragged Charley along but her crying drew everyone's attention when I tried to enter the hall quietly to take the seats along the sidewall reserved for those in the programme. Dr. Carter, the headmaster, paused his assembly causing all eyes to turn towards us and to make matters worse we had to thread our way passed the juniors in the programme and they tried to touch and feel us as we went by and each time she shivered and moaned with gave a cry of disgust. Not an auspicious start and unless something changed dramatically, this wasn't going to be a good week for me. In many ways I felt sorry for the girl but when I looked across and saw Jenny standing to sing the hymn, my disappointment again surfaced especially when she turned towards me and gave a little smile or, more likely, a smirk. Only during Dr. Carter's announcements, did I have a little time to reflect on the situation and wondered what, if anything, I could do to improve it. Nothing came immediately to mind.

"Will Charles Winscombe and Charlotte Green report to my office immediately after this assembly please," Dr. Carter ended the assembly and I guessed we were already in trouble.

The interview with him didn't go well either. He brusquely told Charlotte to get over her reluctance to show her body, "That's one of the reasons for the programme," he stated and ordered me to ensure she conformed without further fuss. Charley sobbed and I put my arm around her shoulders.

I must have shown some leadership qualities for them to make me a prefect and at that moment I decided to assert myself and try to help my partner. "Sir, with all due respect, considering the depth of her feelings on this matter, that is not going to happen, not in a classroom situation. I'm no psychologist but I would think it better to build up her self esteem rather than having it knocked and battered by comments from others in the class."

"Good for you boy," he gave a little smile, "And you wish to take her out of the classroom for private tuition? That would again defeat the purpose of the programme."

"Only until break time Sir, and then perhaps allow me to accompany her during her next lesson. We have the same classes in the afternoon."

Reluctantly and only after more argument did he give his agreement but he threatened that if there were any more problems he'd take more drastic action. We both knew that meant contacting our parents with the view to continuing the nakedness together at one of our homes or being sent to the psychotherapy wing at the hospital for a weekend of training and a further week in the programme. As her partner, I would be forced to accompany her even though I went through the programme without problems.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked as, with an arm around her, I ushered her to the girl's showers.

"First we need to get you cleaned up and then we'll go into the 6th form common room and talk until break."

Fortunately at this time of the morning the showers were empty. Never having washed a girl before I started with her short dark hair and cleaned her tear stained face. So far she didn't resist. Gradually I worked down to her breasts, quite large compared to others I'd seen in previous weeks but with a slightly protruding belly, they didn't stand out and the bra she wore normally didn't lift them. I soaped the soft globes but when I played with her nipples, she tried to push me away. "Did I hurt you?" She shook her head. "Then try and enjoy the sensation. We're alone and not being watched so make the most of it. We could be in humanities now but I'm sure this is better for you and for me." I met more token resistance when I washed her genitals but by then she seemed resigned to her fate. "Your turn to wash and get to know me."

My prick stood out at least at half-mast, not fully hard but well on the way. Without much enthusiasm Charley began washing my body but avoided my prick until I admonished, "You'll need to be able to handle it later in the classroom if I ask you to give me relief," I pointed out, "Here you've only to wash it and do it in private." Very tentatively she did so and again I asked her if it hurt." She shook her head.

We dried each other with me taking more time than necessary on her tits, and indeed, made her nipples harden so I knew she had some sexual feelings even if she didn't show them. Her initial drying of my prick and balls was cursory to say the least, but after further encouragement she dried them to my satisfaction and even induced my prick to become fully hard. She blushed; I smiled and thanked her.

We'd over half-an-hour in the common room before break and I spent most of the time with my arm around her gently trying to find out a little about Charley's home life to see if it had any bearing on he shyness and her utter reluctance to show her body to anyone. To my surprise she said that her parents looked forward to her being in the programme because they thought it would help her to get a boyfriend and only near the time the rest of the sixth formers would arrive did she admit that a group of girls and a few boys living on the same estate, had for some years taunted her over her fat, frumpy body saying that all she could offer a boy was the hole between her legs, if they could get over the disgust of seeing her body, and they wouldn't want her for anything else.

"You have much more than that to offer Charley and this week may let you realise it. Have I shown any hesitation in looking at you or touching your body and remember when I took you into the shower, your face was in a mess from the crying?"

"I saw the way you looked at me when you first came into the changing room," she whispered.

"Only because I didn't expect to partner you."

The arrival of the others in two sixth form classes prevented any further conversation and while we were subjected to some touching and comments, Rod and Jayne, the naked pair from the other 6th form class, gained more attention.

Not having any practical skills that didn't involve a soldering iron and a meter, the woodwork class proved an eye opener. With Rod, three of us were in the programme but Mr. West issued us with smocks as 'protective clothing' and I know he remembered me from earlier years when I had to do the subject for a term because he commented, "I hope you are only here to watch and not to help her, Charles, she's the best in the class and I remember that you couldn't glue two matchsticks together." I could well believe her skills when I saw the beautiful little jewellery box she had almost completed for her mother. My praise caused her to blush.

On the way to lunch Jenny and a group of girls accosted us and requested a feel of my prick, "I expected to partner you," she commented.

"I did too," and then wondered who she would get, the boy who sat with her at the table later had already been in the programme. "Perhaps I am better off with Charley," I thought, "Any relationship with Jenny wouldn't last and I'd always be worrying who would take her away from me."

Maths after lunch and Charlie sat next to me although we did totally different work. I didn't ask for relief at the beginning of the lesson although with my prick semi-turgid, I could have done with it. All seemed to be going well until about the middle of the lesson when, for no apparent reason, Charley gave a cry and started sobbing loudly. I'd noticed she wasn't working on her maths and only a short while earlier I'd asked if she needed help but she'd shaken her head so I guessed her mind was on her nudity and all that had happened during the day.

Mike Ransom, the class bigmouth and bully, inflamed the situation by commenting loudly, "Fatsy is blubbering like a baby again because no one wishes to look at her ugly body."

With a loud wail Charley rushed from the room and without asking permission, I followed her into the girl's toilets but she'd entered a cubicle and locked the door before I could stop her and my requests for her to open it were refused. Another girl who'd been washing her hands, watched the incident, "Would you mind going to the secretary and asking her for the emergency key to the doors," I asked her in loudly enough for Charley to hear in the hope she would open it voluntarily. She didn't and the secretary herself came with the key and unlocked the door. Charley didn't move from her sitting position with her knees tucked under her chin until I knelt and put my arms around her in a hug. "Looks like I have to wash your face again, dear," I tried to joke but that only set off another bout of sobs.

Near the end of the lesson, with much trepidation, I took her back into the classroom. Mike Ransom wasn't there and the rest of the class remained silent and afterwards I found out Miss Timpson had strongly castigated the class for their behaviour and had sent Mike to stand outside the headmaster's office until she could see him at break.

We sat in the classroom over break and a couple of the girls stayed too and sympathised with Charley while I worried over the repercussions that might follow her action. I didn't have long to wait. About twenty minutes into Mr. Browne's English lesson, the assistant secretary came and asked if we could go and see the headmaster. Expecting another outburst, I clasped Charley closely but instead of crying I felt her body shaking with fear. "It will be okay," I reassured her but I doubt she took in anything I said.

We had to wait outside the office while Dr. Carter finished talking on the phone. "What do you think he will do to us?" Charley whispered, "None of this is your fault and yet you are missing lessons and getting blamed for my shyness."

"Well these days he can't cane us for being naughty so I expect he'll either tell us to behave ourselves or, more likely after what happened with that junior pair a fortnight ago, we'll be in the Naked at Home programme if your parents or mine agree to us living together for the rest of the week." I felt her tense up and went on, "Don't worry, I won't do anything to hurt you and I doubt we'll be doing anything more than be naked whilst our parents can see us. In bed we can cuddle and kiss as much as we like."

"You really want to cuddle and kiss me?" I nodded, yes. "Or is that just to get me to have sex with you?"

"I hope it will lead to us having sex partly because I've not done it before but you will have to want it too. I won't force you." The headmaster calling us into his office curtailed any further conversation.

At first I only held Charley's hand but as the head informed us that he had suspended Michael Ransom and more gently than in the morning, reprimanded her for making more of an issue of being naked than any other student, her shaking increased and tears flowed again but I held her tightly and ignored his request to release her. "She'll just curl into a ball on the floor if I do that, Sir. Why not just tell us what punishment you've decided on? Are you going to suspend us too?" I didn't expect him to do that.

"No Charles, I would not want you to miss too many lessons and get behind with your work and I have noticed how you have tried to help Charlotte, without too much success as yet but I thought that given more intimate time together, things might improve."

"Here it comes," I thought, "Were going to be put together after school as well."

"I've arranged with your parents for you to be in the Naked at Home programme from now until Monday morning. Your parents, at least your mother, whom I spoke to Charles, refuses to have Charlotte live and sleep in her house and blamed me for putting you with an uncooperative girl. She cited your small room and bed but I also felt she disapproved of your sleeping with a girl that you were not in love with and assured me that your father would agree with her." I thought, "Dad will agree with her just to keep the peace." The headmaster went on, "However, tonight and alternate nights you will both spend the evening with them until after you've had your meal there. You can collect anything you need for your schoolwork each night on the way to Charlotte's home. Charlotte, your parents sounded pleased you'd been put in the programmes both the one at school and at home and your mother expressed the hope that it will help you lose many of your inhibitions and overcome your sense of inferiority. You've had the contraceptive injection and I'm told your bed is big enough for two so there is no problem there." He carried on detailing what he expected from us and then looked at the clock. "It's hardly worth you going back to your lesson, so I'll get my secretary to unlock room 103 and you can dress and go home. I'll give you a note to excuse you from any homework you've been given today so you'll be able to spend more time getting to know each other." He finished with more advice on our behaviour and hinted at the psychotherapy weekend if we didn't.

We dressed and then had to collect our book bags from the classroom and fortunately they were all working. I knocked and went in and apologised to Mr. Browne, "Sorry Sir, we've been sent home and need to collect our bags." The class immediately came to life and I'm sure most guessed the reason because of the embarrassing comments they made before Mr. Browne quietened them.

"Mother, this is Charlotte Green, 'Charley', Charley, my mum, Sheila. Dad is Mark but won't be in until after five," I introduced her.

"Yes, I know who she is," mother snorted, "I had a long conversation with the headmaster." She turned to Charley, "Why couldn't you conform like all the other girls? Now we have to put up with this inconvenience and having to see you walk around, flaunting your naked body. Why did they pick you to partner him? I suppose you have to undress now but you won't be having sex in this house." Before she could say more, I dragged Charley upstairs into my bedroom with mother's last words following us, "Leave the door open so I..."

Knowing her to be on the verge of another flood of tears, I hugged and kissed her fully on the lips. She allowed this for longer than I expected before pulling away and looking at me in surprise. For a short while we sat on the bed and intermittently discussed our life together for the next week. At least we both agreed that we didn't wish to spend time being brain washed in the psychotherapy unit or have another week in the programme although I had to admit to enjoying the feel of Charley's body next to mine. "You're only saying that because you've never had a girl and I'm better than nothing," she remarked. I didn't believe that was the case and told her so but doubted she believed me.

"Let's go down into the kitchen and see if Mum needs help. She usually does and we should be able to wear aprons as 'protective clothing," I suggested to stop the remarks developing into a full blown row but even that suggestion met with opposition until I forced the issue.

"Well there's potatoes to peel but you know how useless you are at cooking, just like your father and I don't suppose she's much better. I've to make a pie for afters so she'll only get in the way."

"From what I hear, she's probably a better cook than you, Mum. She helps in the kitchen when the school needs refreshments for an evening function," I rebuffed her hoping Charley would be allowed to help and improve mother's opinion of her. "Show her where the stuff is and let her try."

Dad's a senior manager in a large accountancy agency and, as usual, arrived home late although Mother had phoned him at five and warned him to be home on time, "To meet the little bitch he's brought home." I'd thought her attitude to Charley softened during their time in the kitchen but perhaps not as much as I hoped and I'm not sure whether we gained or lost points when Dad congratulated mother on the pie, "That's the nicest pie you've made in a long while Sheila, and it must have been a special occasion for you to make custard." "You can come again, Charley," he grinned when mother admitted she hadn't made it. We had the feeling that dad was more in favour of our being together than mother. Admittedly my bed is too narrow for the two of us but we could use the double bed in the guest room that is only occupied a few times a year.

We received a totally different reception at the Green's house. Her mother hugged and kissed Charley and surprisingly did the same to me, her father hugged his daughter, shook my hand and welcomed me to their home. "I'm Bob and my wife is Dora," he introduced, "How was your day? I gather it didn't go too well otherwise you wouldn't be here." My mother hadn't mentioned our day at school during the whole of our time with her and dad only casually asked when we rode in his car to Charley's home. When I answered, "Embarrassing," he merely remarked, "That's to be expected."

"Wait a minute Bob, let them go and change while I make a pot of tea and then we can get the full story and I can see how well equipped this fine lad is for taking care of our daughter." Obviously she had no qualms about our having sex, indeed her words indicated that she expected it.

In some ways we found it more embarrassing to sit naked in front of her parents than at school, especially for Charley to have her father look at her when he sat only a few feet away. When we entered the lounge again, Dora held me by the shoulders at arms length and looked up and down at my body and prick which had started to harden for the umpteenth time that day, and after clasping me in a tight hug, declared, "You'll do fine lad."

While we sat side by side on the settee and related the events that led to our being in the Naked at Home programme, with Charley being much more talkative at home than at school, I studied Dora, a slightly larger version of Charley, same dark hair, same large breasts and dumpy figure but with a much more outgoing personality. Turning my attention to Bob and while my height exceeded his, his stocky, fit body warned me he shouldn't be trifled with; his working in a warehouse and moving heavy parcels all day built up his muscles so I conceded he was far stronger than me. Our tale alternately brought smiles and tears to Dora's face but at the end of it, I received another of her overwhelming hugs and a thank you kiss for looking after Charley and trying to keep her from getting into further trouble. "I daresay you hoped to be partnered with one of the more beautiful girls..." "Jenny Carstairs," Charley interrupted. "One without the emotional baggage and shyness of our daughter to overcome and I'm sure there will be further problems at school but we'll help all we can. Dr. Carter mentioned mental treatment and a further period of being naked in school if she doesn't respond better by the end of the week. I'm sure neither of you want that, especially you," she turned directly to me, "Because you are the innocent party in all this and will have to suffer with her." Charley blushed and looked ready to cry, "But spending the nights together may help not only with your personal relationship but the spinoff may help at school too."

"Just because you're sleeping with her doesn't mean can force her to have sex, that is rape and you'll feel the full force of my fist if you do, but providing you are both happy with it, by all means enjoy a good fuck and don't worry about the noise or us knowing what is going on. It may even stimulate us," Bob commented grinning widely.

"He looks like he needs 'relief' I think they call it on the leaflet we had on the programme, why don't you do it for him now, Charley and get some practice before you have to do it in a classroom? You've seen it done with other students." Dora suggested with a mischievous look on her face. My protests and suggestion that we went into the bedroom were overruled, "She and you need to become comfortable with doing it in front of others before tomorrow so get hold of it girl and wank it off, that's what we used to call it. Give it a suck if you like." I doubted she would do that but with more persuasion from both Dora and Bob, she tentatively at first and then with more vigour, rubbed my now rock hard prick until it spurted over her hand and on my stomach. In a way it pleased me to be able to perform in front of my 'in laws' as I sort of thought of them but my body flushed red with embarrassment and I noticed Charley's did too. However, she quietly wiped my belly and then her hand with the tissue her mother provided.

Nine o'clock, Dora ushered us to bed because as she put it, 'you've had a traumatic day and need an early night'. None of us believed that and while chatting and watching TV with them had been pleasant, I wanted to be alone with my partner and to be able to talk and play with her more freely than in the presence of her parents, however accommodating they were.

Some of her shyness returned when we were in the bathroom but after snuggling under the duvet and kissing, she relaxed and allowed me to suckle her tits and rub her mound and in fact, became very wet but remembering Bob's words, I didn't try entering my prick. Before long she gave a little cry and I guessed she had an orgasm although I'd only read about them. Gently she lifted my hand away but didn't object when I rolled her on top of me and trapped my rigid prick against her stomach. We didn't speak but I kissed her forehead and caressed her back in the hope that she would allow me entry but I suspected her mind unendingly debated whether to or not. In the end, her weight caused me to roll her off and we lay face to face and I took her hand and placed it on my prick while I had my arms around her back and my hand lightly massaged her bum. Still no indication of my getting my first fuck and frustration almost caused me to slide my body down a bit and push my prick in but Bob's words kept ringing in my ears. I toyed with her clit again and at last this brought her over the edge. Working herself higher in the bed, she placed the tip of my knob at her entrance and quietly whispered, "Do it, I know you want to." Her hymen had already gone, and my prick slid slickly into her wet vagina. "During a gym class," she later told me, "They set the vaulting horse too high for me and I hit the front edge hard and fell back on the floor with my hand on my crotch. The girls laughed of course, and the pain went after a little while but when I changed at the end of the lesson, the inside of my shorts had blood on them. Miss Cummings suggested that my hymen had broken and if I had further pain, to let her know." I rolled into the top position and, gently at first because of the tightness of her opening, began to thrust into her and after only a relatively short time, I heard her cry and knew she'd climaxed for the second time probably more from my foreplay than my prick. By then I had no further need to try and hold back and shortly spurted my sperm into her. For a while we lay quietly locked together in a post coital embrace until, with more kisses, we finally broke apart and lay close without talking, both of us going over the events that led to our losing our virginities.


Neither Charley nor I slept very well and at a little after midnight, early Tuesday morning, I lay awake and I knew she was too and when she stirred and gave a little sigh. I asked, "You okay?" and turned her to face me although in the dark we couldn't see each other.

"Yes, not used to sleeping with anyone especially a boy."

"But you've imagined it. I've often dreamed of sleeping with a girl and doing all sorts of things with her, like making her suck me and doing her bottom." I felt the movement of the pillow as she nodded her head.

"You want me to do that?"

"Well maybe a blowjob if you feel like it but anal is only something for my imagination. You're worried about school tomorrow?"

"Not as much as this morning and I know you'll be with me most of the time. Do you think the others will notice that I've been ... fucked?"

"They might guess but they won't know unless you tell them."

She lay quietly for a while but I sensed she debated whether or not to ask another question. "Charlie?" she started and paused, "At the end of this week will you have had your fill of fucking me and try and get into Jenny Carstairs' knickers. She seemed interested when she felt your prick earlier and she's much prettier than me."

"She also got a string of boys waiting to take her out and any relationship with her would last days or weeks only. You have the advantage of being a caring girl, a girl I'd like to know better and unless something drastic happens in the next few days, I'd like to continue to have you as a girlfriend after this week's ordeal is over and not just for the sex. I'm not in the world's top ten of handsome men, too tall and lanky for that, so yes, unless we have a falling out that can't be repaired, let's stay together and see how our love progresses."

Despite not sleeping much in the night we awoke early and after some fooling around and my playing with her tits and cunt we fucked again, gently this time as Charley's vagina was a little sore from our earlier fuck.

"We heard you enjoying yourselves this morning," Dora greeted us at breakfast with a hug and a kiss; something I still had to get used to.

"And we got to do it too so don't worry about disturbing us," Bob commented with a grin, "Not often I'm allowed sex on a weekday."

School went tolerably well although I had to hug and squeeze Charley's hand a few times to reassure her and prevent an outburst of crying. The worst was soon after entering our form room and Pete Sears wanted a feel of her mound and against the rules, pushed his finger inside. Charley cried out but Pete laughed, "I bet he fucked you last night cuz you're still sticky." Fortunately Mr. Browne reprimanded him and by then the bell for the first lesson rang but all our class rightfully assumed we'd fucked.


We didn't call at my home after school yesterday but I needed to pick up my PE kit on the way in, in case we were outside for the lesson. In the hope of easing mother's antagonism to Charley a little, I suggested she could make the afters for the evening meal.

"What, and have the little bitch show me up again in front of your father? Not likely. He's not spoken of anything else since then."

"Mother, you're the one that's being a bitch and the sooner you recognise Charley as my girlfriend, the better. We didn't want to be put together but now we are glad that we were and our relationship is not going to end on Monday so you'll see her around a good deal in future. We only thought to help with the cooking and had no intention of showing you up and as you saw last time, cooking is something she excels in. I'll just collect my kit and we'll be out of your sight and as far as we can, we'll stay out of your way when we come here tonight," I retorted and rushed upstairs. Not a good start to the day.

"What have I done to make her dislike me so much?" a tearful Charley asked.

"Nothing dear, she expected me to find a beautiful girl from what she considered an upper class family and didn't think about my wishes or happiness."

Pete's remark led to further unpleasantness for her during her domestic science lesson. I hadn't thought our separation for this particular lesson would pose any problems partly because they wear aprons so she'd be frontally covered but it seems that a group of girls were a little jealous of her ability at the subject and we surmised later at the fact that they were probably still virgins and they surreptitiously teased her about what we did in bed and made crude suggestions as to what we might have done. When I arrived to collect her at lunchtime, Mrs Ford stood talking with her and apologised to me that she hadn't heard what the girls were saying above the noise of the mixers. Although she had tears running down her cheeks, Charley hadn't cried out and Mrs. Ford said she wouldn't mention it to the headmaster unless he asked directly.

Wednesday afternoons are devoted to sport for all the sixth form pupils, boys and girls and this afternoon the weather turned very wet and cold and yet many of the hardier boys and a few girls wanted to go outside and play football. The rest of us were given the choice of netball or netball in the sports hall, in other words, we didn't have a choice and being in a hall we had to be naked apart from our shoes. Rod and Jayne were in the same situation and we all undressed in the girl's changing room surrounded by a couple of dozen girls changing into their PE kit. Several times Rod and I were asked if we needed relief. Jayne performed on her partner but I refused only to hear Jenny comment, "He's saving it up so he can put it inside her later." It wasn't far off the mark but I had the feeling she'd hoped to take my virginity and her words indicated that our having fucked was common knowledge without our ever having confirmed it.

With more players on the court than normal for the game, it degenerated into a fun free-for-all. My height stood me in good stead but I found the way my prick flopped around when I jumped to get the ball, very disconcerting. Charley had a similar problem with her tits but being short, she rarely had possession of the ball. At least, not having to take sweaty PE clothes off we got to the showers first along with Rod and Jayne. Rod surprised me by saying that he envied me being in the Naked at Home programme because neither Jayne's family or his allowed them to be together after they got home from school. After last night, we no longer resented it.

The weather didn't allow us to dawdle on the way to my home but to our surprise Mother wasn't in. "Let's get our homework done and out of the way so we can have more time together when we get to yours," I suggested. With maths being one of them, I sailed through mine and spent some time showing Charley how to do hers.

Time flew by and I'd nearly finished my German essay and Charley her domestic science write-up when we heard a car in the drive and shortly afterwards Dad's voice called up the stairs. Seconds later he appeared at our bedroom door, "Your mother said Charlotte was doing the cooking tonight so I came home early." We looked confused and I repeated this morning's altercation with Mother and together we went into the kitchen and found the note she'd left propped against a tin, "Your GIRLFRIEND can cook the whole meal tonight. I'm going for drinks after work. Be home at six." "We were cold and wet when we got here, Dad, and went straight to the bathroom and hung our clothes to dry and did our homework. We thought Mum would be home anytime and didn't come downstairs again."

"We've a little more than half-an-hour, is that enough time to organise anything Charlotte?" Dad asked.

She shrugged and we looked in the fridge to see if anything had been left for us and found four pork steaks together with the usual assortment of vegetables. After a further search of the pantry she held up a packet of Uncle Ben's boil-in-the-bag rice, she asked, "Do you fancy a Chinese?" We agreed and then she hit us with, "Well if we are to eat on time, you'll have to do the food preparation and some of the cooking while I make the afters." Again we were more or less forced to agree and I think Dad agreed more to ogle Charley's tits than wanting to help but he didn't get to see much of them except from the side because we wore aprons.

Charley showed us a side of her nature we hadn't seen before. "We'll have to do it like one of those television cooking programmes where they are given ingredients at the last moment and have to make a meal from them. Charlie, you will peel and scrape the veg and chop them into small pieces and Mark you can slice the meat into thin strips. Got that?"

"Yes, Delia," Dad called her after a TV celebrity cook and we all laughed and that set the theme for our cooking instruction, with us calling her Delia at every opportunity.

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