Todd Brings a Friend to Play

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2012 by David Michaels

True Sex Story: Another in the sneaky nephew universe. Darrin's friend Todd shows up with a friend of his.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   mt/mt   Consensual   Gay   BiSexual   True Story   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Todd and Tim

You all remember Todd, my sneaky nephews' friend. After our first night, he surprised me the next night with more fun and experimentation. That night I asked him about some of his gay friends from school. Well about 3 weeks after our initial fun, Todd called and said he had a friend I needed to meet and wanted to come over. I actually had the next day off, so I was up for some company. I figured worse case I would get to hang with a couple of hot teens and jack off after they left.

When Todd arrived he introduced his friend Tim. Tim had the whole goth look going for him. Long dark hair, a few visible tats and piercings as well as eye shadow, and painted nails, yet still kind of cute. Seems Tim had just turned 17 and was totally out of the closet, he had a part-time boyfriend, James, who was his boyfriend when he wanted a good blowjob or his girlfriend was out of town. Tim wanted something a little more stable and liked older men. I really didn't want a boyfriend, but I told him I wouldn't mind just being a friend with benefits and no strings attached. He said that was fine and our conversation turned to other things. We ordered pizza and settled in for an evening of 420, beer and pizza. Ok before you judge, the smoke was theirs, I knew Todd's father and he knew Todd sometime drank at my house, as long as he didn't drive home. Since Todd was Tim's ride, I figured there was no harm. We watched a few On-Demand movies, and played a game of Phase 10. As the beer ran out, I discussed sleeping arrangements. Todd and Tim BOTH said they were sleeping in the bed, and I was to join them.

I got some towels out of the closet and told them I was taking a shower before bed. I started the water, and stepped under the spray. I had my eyes closed, and was enjoying the feeling of warm water cascading over my firm 40 year old body, when I felt a hand on my ass. I opened my eyes expecting Todd, but saw Tim instead. Naked he was a sight to behold. Roughly the same 5'6" as me, almost smooth, just a touch of chest hair between his well formed Pecs. His stomach was cut enough to wash cloths on, and his cock was nestled in a trimmed bush of blond hair, and what a cock it was. Even soft it looked big, and considering his size, it seemed out of place. He turned me around and softly kissed my lips, then got a little rougher, pulling my face into his. I opened my mouth and gladly accepted his invading tongue. As we stood there kissing I felt his hands roaming over my body, starting with his initial landing point, my ass, he worked his hands up my back, over my shoulders, down my arms, up my stomach and chest over my shoulders again, and finally back to my ass. He broke our kiss to tell me I had the hottest body he had seen in a while. Being 40 I was flattered, and told him he had nothing to be ashamed of either. He smiled and said his favorite part was my ass. He loved my firm smooth cheeks and the way they flexed when he probed between them. We moved together again for another kiss. This time I roamed his body, taking care to play with his now erect nipples, and taking a quick feel of his semi-hard cock and smooth balls. He returned the favor, however my cock was rock hard by this point. He placed our cocks together and slowly stroked them as we kissed and stood under the water. His cock got harder, longer and thicker, and by the time we broke off this time it was at full mast, I guessed it to be around 9" and thick as a roll of half-dollars, with a little extra skin. He wasn't uncut, but there was enough extra skin to cover the lip of his head.

I had to feel it for myself and I did. I pulled his head back to mine and we locked lips and tongues again. God he was a good kisser, and I was ready to cum just from this small amount of foreplay. As we stood there stroking each other and kissing neither of us heard the door open, but we both felt the body enter the shower. Todd said he got tired of waiting and wanted some hot water as well. Tim and I stopped what we were doing and turned our attention on Todd. Tim went for his lips I went after his cock and ass. First I soaped them up and rinsed them off, then just to make sure both were clean, I gave them a good tongue bath. By this time all three of us were plenty clean and plenty hard. I stood and kissed Tim and Todd, Tim was defiantly the better kisser, and I love a good kisser. As we stood under the water it started getting cold, so we quickly finished washing and showering. We toweled each other off, paying attention to the ass and cocks of the person we were helping. Instead of dressing we left our cloths where they were and headed to the bed. We picked up where we had left off in the shower, stroking cocks and kissing.

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