In Which We Find True Love

by Robin

Copyright© 2012 by Robin

Fiction Sex Story: A six month web-cam relationship comes at last, to our fist time.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   .

In preparation

My Monday evening commute home from work was purposely interrupted. I wanted to be ready for my lover and had plans to help things along. A brief stop in a small shop in Greek Street, the irony was not lost on me, right next to Shaftesbury Avenue, resulted in the purchase of the very thing I wanted. It was at that moment, as I left the shop with my carefully wrapped goods safely tucked into my case that the reality struck me. After so much time, we were going to, at last, get around to it. D day was fast approaching with a particular finality to it that was almost palpable.

For several months, our relationship had been purely electronic, developing from simple, sexy chat, into video conference conversations in which I had enticed him, showing the capabilities of my body in various poses and in the insertions of every day objects like the handle of a hair brush or vegetables, while simultaneously telling him how much I wished it was his gorgeous cock that was sliding into me. Our web-cams transmitted, faithfully, all of our actions while we chatted and told each other, what we would do, given the chance, to our respective bodies. Seeing the copious amounts of his cum, as it spewed from the end of his delicious looking cock, was all the reward I wanted and could get. Until, that is, I mustered up the courage to invite him over and sincerely meant it.

But, before this coming Saturday, I wanted to be ready for his entry. I wanted to be absolutely certain that discomfort or the inability to engulf his length inside my body was not going to be a problem, a passion killer. I needed this to be perfect. I wanted my fantasy to be exactly as I had imagined it for more years than I care to remember. Losing my virginity had to be something truly momentous and choosing him was the first step towards that goal.

I suppose, technically, my virginity was purely something subjective. My lone sex life had always included insertions of anything vaguely phallic shaped and to hand. My imagination did the rest and usually ended up with me drenched in sweat after having a satisfying orgasm. So, technically, I wasn't a virgin and hadn't been for many years. On the other hand, I had never had living, breathing flesh inside of me. Never felt the throb and pulse of a cock spilling its potent seed within my canal, to coat the walls of my body. So, yes, I am still a virgin, but not for very much longer.

We had, at my suggestion and then insistence, decided and agreed to hold off with the nightly video conferencing until or Saturday tryst. Partly to save up and store his sperm, so I would get a huge load, but also to heighten the sense of anticipation, or wanting, or longing and to help make that, finally, first meeting, just that little bit more special. Objectively, it is one of those silly things that new lovers do and has no real purpose other than to test each others mettle.

I reached home, fairly quivering in anticipation, almost ready to forgo eating an evening meal and just diving straight into the shower, followed by bed and a frantic session with my new toy. I managed to control my urges and micro-waved a ready made telly meal, my staple diet. At least I was getting enough carbohydrates and proteins to keep a body reasonably healthy. However, my resolve was not that strong and, rather than watch the television, I unwrapped my toy.

To be frank, I hadn't realised that, even deflated, the butt plug was larger than anything that had been inserted into my anus before. The flared, conical shaped head had got a circumference of around three inches. This expanded to more than twice that when pumped up. It was about eight inches long with a flange at the base to stop it disappearing all the way into my hole. I seriously doubted suddenly, that I would be able to accommodate it. I had to try though. After all, I had spent several pounds on the Black Diamond, as the packaging christened it, and didn't want to think that my money was wasted.

A long, hot soak in the bath, with a few drops of patchouli oil to fragrance it, soon had me clean and quite pink from the scrubbing of an exfoliating sponge. I was as ready as I would ever be. My new rubber friend also had the benefit of a nice clean, just to take the factory protective oils off of it and also to get rid or the, slightly acrid smell of new rubber away.

A laid on a towel, draped over my queen sized bed and gently massaged a good amount of silicon based lube oil over the puckered hole of my ass and then, rubbed the Black Diamond flared head with the same. Lifting one leg the pointed end of it was pushed against my sphincter and by working it in small circles, soon was making an entrance into me. I hadn't set out to tease myself, but it turned out that way as it slowly, millimetre by millimetre, passed the outer muscle ring and dug its way in.

I hardly realised the gradient of its cone shape was pushing my hole further and wider than it had been taken before, until I got to the widest part. I had to make a decision, do I take it slowly, as I had up to now or, do I just push the monster straight in, now that it was at the widest point and wasn't causing too much discomfort. My body made the choice for me. An involuntary shiver was enough to send it deep inside, to lodge, nestled and snug, with just the circular base protruding. I gasped at the feeling of fullness and recognised that familiar tension in my lower abdomen, like the ignition spark of a furnace. The first steps of an explosive orgasm had been triggered, something I had meant to avoid, but had little choice in now that the sequence had begun.

Trying to distract myself, I grasped the pump ball and gave it a few squeezes. Black Diamond responded instantly and stretched my inner walls. It was a delicious feeling and I desperately wanted to rub myself to completion. Somehow, with an almost superhuman effort, my hands are stilled and I concentrate my mind purely on the plug that fills my canal. The pressure it creates on my bladder makes me feel like I need to pee suddenly. It's an overwhelming need which has me gingerly rolling off the side of the bed and rapidly making for the toilet.

Even after a strong torrent, the feeling of needing to empty my bladder will not go away. I suppose to myself, that this is quite normal and if I ignore it, the feeling will pass. Lying back on the bed, where there is a lack of sensory stimulation, allowing for the various feelings of my body to become upper most in my thinking, is not an option for a while. Perhaps, I think to myself, my bladder and ass will get used to the feeling of having this foreign object lodged deep inside and, perhaps, my brain will begin to ignore it. After all, this is something absolutely new and will take a bit of adjustment. I figure that it's like having a chipped tooth. Your tongue just will not leave it alone for a while.

So I get up again and sit, naked, in my living room and switch on the television to try and occupy my mind and concentrate on something other than my ass, with its invasion of black rubber. Fortunately, I get into "The Hunger Games". A really great film and, having read the books, keeps me totally adsorbed for an hour and a half during which, I had almost forgotten Diamond, my name for the object of my training, in the way we personalise inanimate objects by providing a title and even inventing a persona for it.

Eventually, sleep begins to overtake me so, groggily, I stumble to my bedroom, snuggle under the duvet and drift off to sleep, replaying my last conversation with him the night before. Seeing his beautiful cock as he rubs it and then cums, letting his seed pool on the table his laptop sits on. The camera allows for a very good close up. I can almost taste it. I can almost scoop it up and rub it all over my face. As an image, it is hugely arousing and I am positive it continues when sleep has taken me to oblivion.

I wake to the sound of the radio alarm, buzzing next to my ear. Irritably, I thump it, scoring a direct hit on the reset. But, it has done its job. I'm awake and stretch with my arms above my head. As normal, the need to take a piss announces it's self directly after the stretch. I throw the bedcovers off and notice a rather large damp patch where my hip had previously been. Wow! I think to myself, a wet dream. I haven't had one of those for years, since I was a teenager anyway.

The need to take a leak is tinged with an increasing need to defecate. It's then I remember Diamond sitting in my ass. Bit of a dilemma, I hadn't thought about removing it in the morning and the likely mess that would ensue. In the end though, it wasn't a problem. I sat on the seat, took a piss and then manoeuvred Diamond out of my ass. It came out easily where the residual silicon lubricant was still helping. The good thing about silicone lubes is that the body does not absorb it quite as readily as water based ones.

I quickly defecated, getting rid of the waste matter that had accumulated over night and dropped Diamond in the basin to be washed. The smell was something I could have done without, first thing in the morning, especially before my first cup of coffee, but by breathing through my mouth, was bearable.

I felt a little sore after having the neck of Diamond keeping my anal ring open. It was irritating, but nothing more than that. After Diamond was washed and I had taken a hot shower, Diamond was shoved back into place and then secured by a tight pair of underpants. Almost immediately, the feeling of needing to push and expel this foreign object out of my ass started up again. I found that sitting on the chair next to the kitchen table stopped the feeling straight away and instead, made it feel as if Diamond was working its way further into my body.

Eating breakfast cereal with a butt plug in your ass and sitting on a cold wooden chair is not something one does every day. I giggled a bit and then squirmed on the chair, just to feel the pleasure of having it occupying my canal. If you don't stop this, you are going to explode, I tell myself and then giggle some more, but stop the wiggling.

I have a rest day today. No work. Yippee! It means that Diamond can stay right where it is as long as I want, to give me a chance to really get used to it. I found walking around a little uncomfortable at first, but then, because the rubber is soft and I hadn't inflated it too much, it became bearable. Having it held in place by my tight undergarments helps counteract the natural function of my body in pushing it out. Gradually, the desire to push passes.

I needed to go to the local market for groceries. That is a strange experience, walking amongst the shoppers. Knowing I had Diamond inside me, had me feeling extremely horny. My cock is semi-erect throughout the shopping session and I am sure the guy, who served me with the vegetables, could tell that something was up. If only he knew.

I managed to get through the day without too much of a problem, but confess that I looked at my laptop several times, wanting to show my lover just what I was going through in preparation for his entry. I am tempted, but self denial and the quickening of anticipation, stop me.

I washed Diamond again before going to bed. The soreness had abated and I didn't need the silicon either when it went back into my hole. A few pumps of the detachable rubber ball soon had it filling me in a satisfying size. I decided I would lay a towel in the place I sleep, just in case I had another wet dream. It is a good thing I did. The stain in the morning, tells me the tale that my memory cannot. I had cum during my sleep and it looked like a huge load had been blown out of me.

Diamond went back in, starting off deflated, while I went to work and he stayed there all week, getting washed twice a day before going straight back into the warmth of my hole. As the days passed, I had it inflated with two, then three, then four pumps of air. By Friday, the plug was expanded to six pumps which made it about the size of a tennis ball lodged in my ass. Sitting at my computer in work was quite interesting, as if I had ants in my pants. I squirmed quite a bit, just to feel the pressure move around. I must have looked a bit comical, but didn't care and was I horny all week. I'm sure it noticed, but my colleagues were either, too polite to say anything or just embarrassed. It didn't matter to me, but Friday, I was like a cat on heat, knowing that tomorrow would be the day. No one remarked on my twitchy condition, I wouldn't have been able to tell them anyway. I'm not sure that they would understand my preparation for losing my virginity to someone who I had never met before. I knew they would not understand that I wanted to be loose enough to take your large cock in my ass and not scream the house down because of the pain. How could they know just how perfect I wanted it to be for both of us?


Diamond was removed first thing in the morning. The feeling of emptiness surprises me and becomes more acute as the day wore on. Even though I had only had it in for five days, it had become almost part of me and something I had become completely used to.

I had wondered if leaving it out might allow my sphincter to return to its normal tightness and take me right back to the point before I had bought it. I needn't have worried. Although my ass was water tight, entry with my fingers was absolutely no problem. I was satisfied that getting his cock inside of me would be no problem. That realisation suddenly had me nervous. Would he like me in the flesh, would he be able to perform and fuck me as he had so often described during our on-line relationship? I realise that perhaps, he might be even more nervous that me and might not be able to coax life into his wondrous cock and stuff it into my body.

It is time for my final preparations in readiness for our first meeting this evening. A long soak in the bath with a few drops of patchouli oil to make my skin smell nice and be as soft as I can get it. I imagine his hands caressing me.

Once the bath water has been emptied, I take the shower head off of the hose, adjust the temperature of the water so it isn't too hot and then put the end of the hose hard up against my ass, forcing the water into my canal and then, allowing it to be forcibly ejected in a torrent. I do this several times to make sure there is no faecal matter left to spoil our lovemaking. Being filled with warm water is quite a nice sensation and because of the training, I can take rather more than I thought I would be able to.

I have studied what you wear when you're not naked in front of your webcam. I noticed you wear casual shirts and slacks with loafer shoes. I have been shopping to emulate your style and hope to compliment you while we eat at the restaurant we have chosen to meet at. Perhaps it is over the top, perhaps a mistake in removing my identity, but that is me. I want to be perfect for you.

At last, I am ready and can already feel that peculiar flutter in the pit of my stomach, like butterflies with hob nail boots. But, at the same time, I am so excited and filled with anticipation of our first time together.

I am ten minutes early at "Laline's", our chosen restaurant. The table was reserved earlier in the week. I'm shown to our table by a cute Italian guy with lovely tight buns. His ass swishes from side to side, provocatively and I hope he doesn't catch your eye with his sensuous movement. I order a glass of chardonnay while I wait, getting more and more anxious that you might not even turn up.

And then, there you are, standing in the doorway, scanning the room, looking for me. I recognise you immediately and begin to rise. You see me and walk between the tables, set for the evening service. I want to rush over and throw my arms around your neck while I kiss you passionately, but modesty and a sudden shyness stops me in mid-raise.

You say hello and sit opposite me, maintaining eye contact. I cannot read your face. Nothing is transmitted through your eyes. Your expression is bland, guarded even, giving nothing away. But, then, I realise that you are only masking your excitement when your voice tremulously gives away the inner turmoil you are suffering. Just as I am.

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