A Reminder

by Jessy19

Copyright© 2012 by Jessy19

Coming of Age Sex Story: A famous radio DJ receives a phone call from someone from his past.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Babysitter   Slow   .

"It's that time of the night again. Yes, it's the midnight love hour. Coming to you live I'm DJ Dakota. Call me up and let me know who you're thinking of. Let me know who is special to you. Tell me who you admire."

Larry punched one of the many buttons at his station and The Verve's "Sonnet" began to play.

He sat back and watched the lights flicker on the telephone line. Larry loved his job as one of the cities most popular DJ's. He was well known for his late night show on the radio.

He took the first call.

"Hi I'd like to send my love to Richard from Cindy." The girl had a squeaky voice.

"Ok will do," Larry jotted down the name.

He pressed second line.

"Hey DJ Dakota, I'd like to request Modern English 'I'd melt with you' to Brian Thompson from a secret admirer."

Larry laughed. "Ok you got it."

Next caller.

"I'd like to send a dedication to Annie, the love of my life from her husband Jeff."

"You got it man."

Next call. Silence. Static.

"Hello? KTYZ Radio? Caller, are you there?"


"Hello?" Larry sat up. For some reason his heart began to pound.

"Yes. Hello DJ Dakota."

"Good evening, what can I do for you? Who do you want to send some love to?" Larry asked. His heart still pounding.

"This goes out to ... you actually. Can you play The Cure's "Love Song?"

Larry smiled. "Um ... yeah sure."

"I bet it's one of your favorite's isn't it DJ Dakota?" The female voice asked in a sultry tone.

Larry closed his eyes and could hear the song playing. He remembered being in his room. He remembered watching long dark brown wavy hair swirl and the smell of soft scented perfume. Suddenly he came back to reality. It was another quick flashback. He wished he could remember everything.

"So ... can you play it? Please?" The female implored. Her voice was smooth like honey.

"Y-yeah, sure. No problem." Larry was about to hang up when he heard her say something.

"Play it and remember me."

The line went dead.

Larry stared at the phone and the blinking lights that kept flashing, urging him to answer. He was in a trance for a moment until he realized the song that was playing earlier had stopped. He went straight for commercial break.

The next evening DJ Dakota was on again in full force. The lines were bombarded with dedications and song requests.

"Hey DJ Dakota, can you play Erasures "I could fall in love" dedicate it to Georgie from his love Debbie."

"Yeah you got it," Larry answered.

He got more dedications to husbands from their wives, to boyfriends to their girlfriends to anyone from secret admirers. The phones were ringing off the hook that Wednesday night. Larry was busy answering calls more than ever hoping that maybe ... just maybe that one caller would call in again.

Her voice sounded sweet like honey. Her laugh was sultry. Something about her voice was reminding him of someone. Someone he used to know. He was trying his hardest to place that voice but he needed to hear more.

"KTYZ Radio, who are you sending some love out to?" Larry asked full of energy.


His heart pounded again. "KTYZ radio ... anyone there?"

"Hello again."

It was her!

Larry sat up straight in his leather chair and smiled. "Well, well. Hi again. Don't tell me, you want to hear the Cure's 'Love Song' is that right?"

She laughed softly. Larry closed his eyes and could hear the laughter more now. The sweet sounds of female laugh surrounding him. He was in bed looking up at someone...

He opened his eyes and the flashback was gone. Damnit!

"Hmmm ... actually no ... can you play 'Under the Milkyway' by The Church?"

Larry licked his dry lips. "Y-yeah no problem. Is that a dedication to me again?"

He could hear hard breathing. "Maybe," she said softly. "Do you want it to be?"

Larry bit his lower lip. Who was this woman? She was such a mystery but he knew he'd met her before somewhere. She did have great taste in music, he had to admit.

"I'd like it to be," he finally spoke.

"Ok then, it's to you baby. All yours."

Larry opened his mouth to speak but then heard nothing but a dial tone.

Larry got home that night around three in the morning as he usually did. Brandy, his girlfriend for over a year was fast asleep. She was still in college and didn't live with him, but often spent the night when her roommate was busy entertaining a gentleman.

Larry kicked off his shoes and crept towards the bed. Brandy stirred in her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Larry had unzipped his pants and had his hard cock sticking out. She groaned.

"Ugh Larry, not right now. I'm tired."

Larry felt his cock instantly get soft. He zipped up his pants and Brandy turned around with her back towards him. He sighed and went to take a shower. A cold shower.

The next evening Larry was busy again taking dedication calls and playing some of the best love songs he could think of. Each time he answered, he hoped that one caller would call him.

It was almost the end of his shift and she hadn't called. Disappointed, Larry began to play the last song of the night. His coworker Jay was taking off his jacket and going over some material he would talk about since he'd be taking over after Larry left.

The phone rang. Larry stared at the blinking orange light indicating a call was waiting to be answered. No one ever called at the end of the song. Not ever.

"KTYZ radio!" Larry answered.

Static. Silence.

Larry's shifted slightly in his seat. He looked over at his coworker who was busy looking through music he would play on his shift.

"Hello?" Larry whispered.

"Hi." The same sultry voice came through the line.

"Hey," Larry smiled.

"It's closing time huh?" She said and laughed softly.

Larry gulped. That laugh. He knew that laugh.

"Yeah. Sorry you didn't call earlier so I could play you another song."


"Hello?" He asked nervously hoping she hadn't hung up.

"I'm here. I'm just ... I like hearing your voice," she purred.

Larry licked his dry lips. "Oh yeah?"

"Yes, very much so. I have missed your voice for so long. I have missed you."

Larry looked over at the monitor that indicated the song playing only needed 45 seconds before it was over.

"Can you call me on my cell phone?" He asked cautiously.


"Hello?" Larry urged. The song was almost finished.

"I can. If you want me to."

"I do," Larry blurted out.

"Ok ... give me your number," she said softly.

Larry recited his number to her just in time the song finished. He quickly pressed the monitored for a commercial break. Larry took off his headphones and looked over at his friend Jay.

"I'm out of here. Have fun," Larry said as he tried to rush out.

"Alright bro, take care," Jay went over and took over the station.

Larry put on his jacket since fall had just arrived. He walked out of the building as fast as he could. He had told the caller to give him at least five minutes before calling him.

Once he was in his car, Larry sat and stared at his phone. He waited for her to call. A few minutes later his phone lit up displaying a private number. He smiled wondering why she had to block her phone number.

"Hello?" Larry answered.

"Hello again." Her voice caressing him.

"So ... you seem to know me. You sound familiar but I can't quite place you."

"Do you have children Larry?" She asked.

Larry leaned his car seat back and listened to her voice. "Um ... no kids. I'm 25 years old so I don't want children right now. Why do you ask?"

He could hear her breathing hard. "If you had children ... would you ever get a babysitter?"

Larry thought that was an odd question. "Well ... if I had to. Like maybe if I had a hot date with my wife." He laughed.

"Are you married?" She asked.

"No. I got a girlfriend though." Larry regretted saying that but it was too late to take it back.

"Oh..." she sounded disappointed.

"I don't know if I love her though," he said right away. He didn't know why he was being so open with her.

"Well why do you think that?" She inquired.

"I don't know. I guess you just know how you feel about someone. You know when there's a connection."

"Hmmm ... so you ever been in love Larry?"

Larry looked up at the ceiling of his car. "Yeah..."

"Me too," she said quietly.

"With who?" Larry asked. He was curious.

"It was a long time ago," she sounded sad. "I was so very much in love. I just couldn't be with him."

"Oh? Why not?" Larry wondered.

"He was much too young for me. I was his babysitter ... sort of."

Larry was suddenly stunned. "Babysitter?" His voice squealed as if he was going through puberty.

She laughed sweetly. "Yes, that's correct."

Larry began to pant. His cock suddenly stirred in his pants.

"You want me to tell you about it Larry?" She asked innocently.

Larry nodded and then realized she couldn't see him. "Y-yes."

"Well ... I was actually supposed to be babysitting his new born baby sister who is about ... hmmm ... she's about ten years old by now."

Larry gulped. His heart was pounding. "How old was he?" Larry dared to ask.

"He was fifteen at the time. He's probably ... about your age now Larry."

Larry knew it now! Her voice, her laugh, the way she made him feel. It was all coming back to him ... slowly...

"Are you home yet?" She asked him.

"No. I'm in my car."

"Well why don't you let me call you when you get home? It's going to be a long story."

Larry didn't want to hang up! "No. You can tell me. I got time."

"I prefer you were home," she insisted.

Larry sighed. "Why?"

"Because I would rather have you lying in bed and listening to me than being in your car."

She had a good point. "Ok. I should be home in about ten minutes. Do you promise me that you'll call me?"

"Hmmm yes of course," she promised.

"Ok but please call," Larry urged.

"I will. Hurry on home now," she teased and hung up.

Larry closed his eyes for a moment and the smell of Pantene shampoo, soft scented perfume and sweet girly laugh came rushing towards him. The feel of soft skin, dark brown eyes staring into his blue eyes...

Larry opened his eyes and adjusted his car chair back up. He quickly turned on his car and sped away into the night.

Larry got to his apartment within eight minutes. He hoped Brandy wasn't there. He was relieved not to find her but then he felt slightly guilty for feeling that way.

He tossed his keys on the kitchen table and went to change into some comfortable clothes that usually were pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt. It'd been over twenty minutes and the mysterious woman hadn't called.

Larry cursed hoping she hadn't teased him and then forgotten him. He laid down holding his phone and watching and hoping she'd call.

It was thirty minutes later until she finally called.

"I thought you had forgotten about me," Larry said as he answered.

"Oh trust me Larry, I could never forget you."

Larry's heart began to pound once again.

"So are you laying down now Larry?" She asked.


"What are you wearing?"

"My boxer shorts and a t-shirt," Larry replied.

"Hmmm ... nice ... but can you at least take off the shirt?" She asked.

Larry smiled. "Yeah I can do that."

Larry put the phone to the side while he peeled off his t-shirt.

"There," he said.

"Nice. Hmmm I can picture you know laying there in your boxer shorts. Do you wear flannel boxers Larry?"

Larry gulped. "Yeah. That's what I have on now."

"Nice ... very nice..." her voice got softer.

"So you were telling me about when you were a babysitter."

She giggled. "Oh yes ... you really want to hear this story don't you?"

Larry nodded again and once again realized she couldn't see him. "Y-yes."

"Ok ... so as I was saying ... he was fifteen. I was 25 at the time. I was finishing up my Masters degree in education. I wanted to be a teacher at the time."

Larry's heart stopped for a minute.

"Do you still want to hear more Larry?" She whispered.

Larry was silent for a moment.

"Larry?" She whispered his name.

"I want to hear more," he breathed into the phone.

"He was a real cutie. He was tall, lanky, longish blonde hair and big blue eyes. I had to admit I had a major crush on him as soon as I saw him. I didn't want to feel that way towards a teenager but one cannot control they way they feel sometimes. Don't you agree Larry?"

"Y-yes," he choked.

As she began to talk about this kid she developed a relationship with, Larry began to remember it all. He didn't know why he had pushed it away. Maybe because it had hurt to lose her or maybe because it was better that he forgot about it all and moved on to live a "normal" life.

He remembered just having turned fifteen. He had always been a shy kid. He had a few friends but none that he could really click with. His closest friend Arnie was a big pervert but one of the few guys Larry hung out with.

The day he met her came back to him. He recalled slowly climbing down the stairs as he heard his parents talking. He knew that since his baby sister Lily had been born, his parents would need a babysitter. His father was in politics and was often going to dinner parties and charity events. His mother of course would always accompany him. The left Larry alone after he turned 14 but then his mother got a "surprise" when she found out she was pregnant.

A year later his baby sister was born and now, they needed to hire a babysitter. Larry wasn't good with children. He knew nothing about taking care of an infant. He knew that was the reason his folks were hiring a babysitter.

He crept down the stairs to get a look at who his parents were interviewing for the job. He had a perfect view of the couch where she was sitting. Her hair was down, and long, dark brown and wavy. Her eyes, so brown and intense. She wore a button up blue shirt that seemed to fit snug around the chest area and black pants. She smiled as she spoke to his parents. Larry stared at awe at the beautiful college girl.

"I've taken care of two of my nieces so I know a lot about child care," she said in a smooth voice.

"Ok well do you know CPR and first aid?" Larry's mom asked sternly.

"Yes ma'am I do. I also worked in a daycare when I started college and I had to take first aid class."

"Very well then..." Larry's father said and they continued to question her. Larry couldn't move. He liked looking at her very much and hoped his parents would hire her and not the lady that had come in the day before.

He stared and stared. Maybe he stared a little too hard because her eyes caught his. Larry froze when their eyes met. She simply smiled sweetly at him and continued to stare right back. Larry got nervous and quickly ran back upstairs. He ran into his room and closed the door behind him as if she would follow him. His heart pounded loudly. He leaned against his door until he heard the front door close. He rushed towards his window and saw her walking to her car. The black pants were snug against her body. Larry was panting as he stared at her. He watched her get in her car and drive away. He could only wish that she would be back.

That night at dinner, Larry tossed his food around with his fork. He wasn't too hungry. He listened as his parents spoke of the possible babysitter.

"Well Laura seems nice but she's a little too old. I want someone that can move fast in case of an emergency. I mean what if the house is on fire or something," Larry's mom stated.

"True. But Laura did work at a daycare for thirty years."

"How about Brenda?" Larry's mom suggested.

Larry's father scowled. "No, she's only nineteen. She's not even going to school and seems like she would bring all of her friends over for a party."

They ate in silence for a while. Larry hoped they would mention the other girl. The one with the long wavy dark hair...

"Jennifer seems nice. She seems pretty responsible too. I like the fact that she's going far to get her education," Larry's mother began.

Larry's father nodded. "Yes ... I was leaning towards her more. She seems like a nice young lady."

Jennifer ... was that her name? His body felt warm just hearing her name.

"Yes ... I think she would be great. Shall I call her tomorrow?" Larry's mom asked Larry's father.

"Yes, why not. We could give her a trial run and if it does not work out we still have Laura to consider."

Larry smiled to himself. His parents had made a great decision.

A few days later, Jennifer was hired and Larry's parents had a silent auction event to attend one Saturday night.

Jennifer had arrived wearing comfortable sweat pants and a college t-shirt. Her long wavy hair was up in a ponytail and the only trace of makeup on her face was mascara and lip gloss. Even then, Larry thought she was breathtaking.

Larry quietly went down the stairs and peeped towards the living room where Jennifer sat on the couch talking to his folks. He stared again mesmerized by her beauty.

Suddenly he hadn't realized he had been in a trance, and didn't realize she caught him staring again. She smiled making him nervous as hell.

"Hello there," she said loudly. Larry thought about running away again but stayed put. His folks turned around and spotted him too. Awkward!

"Oh Larry! Come here! Meet Jennifer!" Larry's mom called out.

Larry took a deep breath and headed over to where everyone was at. As Larry got closer, he instantly smelled her perfume.

"Jennifer, this is our son Larry. He will be here just in case if you need anything else or need to reach us, he has all of our numbers. If he wants to go out, that's fine just be sure he's home by ten because I don't want him out late hours of the night. If he's not home by ten, you let us know."

Larry felt himself turning red as his mom spoke about him as if he was a child. Yes, he was only fifteen but it was so embarrassing having her talk about him that way in front of a hot college girl.

"Oh not to worry. I'm sure he's a great kid," she said and smiled at him making him weak in the knees. He didn't like the fact that she called him a "kid" but he'd put that aside.

"Well Jennifer, if you come upstairs with us, we'll let you meet little Lily," Larry's mom said proudly.

"Ok, can't wait to meet her," Jennifer gushed. She looked at Larry once again making Larry shift uncomfortably. He had his hands in his pockets and looked away from her. She was making him a little too nervous!

They headed upstairs but Larry stayed behind for a while and then followed them. He liked to see Jennifer's ass move as she climbed the stairs.

Once they were all upstairs, they headed to Lily's room which was between Larry's room and his parents bedroom.

They all crowded over Lily's crib and Jennifer reached in and lifted the infant up in her arms. She cradled the child so lovingly. "Hi Lily. I'm Jennifer. It's so nice to meet you."

Larry felt his heart melt as he watched Jennifer being so sweet.

Lily cooed in Jennifer's arms. Larry's folks smiled. "Aww she likes you!" Larry's mom said happily.

"I like her too," Jennifer said as she held Lily's little hand in hers.

"Well, we better be heading out. You have our cell phone numbers right? And remember we have a guest room downstairs where we have another crib for Lily so you can stay downstairs if you would like and watch TV." Larry's father said to Jennifer.

"Yes sir. I also have the emergency line one."

"Ok good. In case if you have trouble reaching us, let this kiddo know and he'll find other ways," Larry's dad tousled Larry's hair, embarrassing the heck out of him.

Larry's parents left and Larry was left all alone with a sexy college girl. "So ... Larry is it?" Jennifer asked as she held Lily.

Larry nodded.

"Well looks like it's just me and you..." Jennifer's voice was a whisper.

Larry's heart pounded.

"And Lily of course..." Jennifer added.

Larry exhaled. "Y-yeah of course."

"Well I have some homework I need to do. Do you mind bringing some of Lily's blankets downstairs so I can take her to the other room?"

"Sure I'll bring them," Larry said nervously.

He watched her walked away holding his baby sister in her arms. His eyes roamed down to her ass ... He quickly looked away when she looked back. "Oh and bring some bottles too ok?"

He blushed. "Yeah."

She left the room and he could finally breathe.

Once downstairs, Larry went to the guest room where Jennifer was putting the baby down in the crib.

"Here," Larry said quietly as he handed Jennifer the blankets and two bottles.

"Thanks," she smiled at him.

Larry looked away.

"Why are you so shy?" She asked him.

Larry knew he was turning red. "I don't know..." he said quietly.

She giggled. "It's ok sweetie. You'll grow out of that I'm sure."

The way she'd called him sweetie ... oh boy.


"Well ... I'm going to be up in my room so if you need me..."

"Ok. Have fun," she winked at him and went to tend to Lily.

Larry left her in the room and headed upstairs to his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and flopped down on the bed. He was panting and felt warm all over. His cock was hard already and had actually gotten hard when Jennifer had winked at him.

He knew there was no way a college beauty like Jennifer would even want a skinny kid like himself but it was nice to fantasize about it. He imagined her kissing him, giving him his first kiss ever. He could only imagine what her lip gloss tasted like...

By the time he knew it, Larry had jerked off and came all over his own hand. His heart pounded loudly in his chest as his panting subsided.

Larry didn't see Jennifer for two weeks. He wondered when his parents next function would be. He would go look at his father's calendar that he had in his office and curse when he would see no functions they had going.

It was two weeks later when his father had a dinner with the mayor that he had to attend. Larry was psyched since he knew those dinners lasted hours.

Jennifer got there that night wearing some snug blue jeans and a tight pink sweater that showed off her large breasts. Larry stared at her as he peeped from the stairs.

"We will be gone for at least four hours. These dinner parties go on and on," Larry's mom laughed as she explained to Jennifer. "Lily is already in her crib. She's been a little fussy I guess because I changed from breasts milk to formula so I hope you can handle her."

Jennifer nodded. "I can. You two just go and have fun."

"Ok Jennifer, you have our numbers right?" Larry's father asked.

"Sure do sir."

"Ok well, Larry is up in his room if you need anything."

"Thanks," Jennifer said and went to walk my parents out. After they left, she locked the doors and went to the living room to turn on the TV.

Larry headed back upstairs and went to his room. He usually either played video games or watched movies. He found himself pacing the room. He wanted more than anything to go out there and talk to her but he was so freaking nervous!

He decided to take a chance and pretend to go out there and get something to eat just so he can see her even if it was just for a few minutes.

He headed downstairs and the TV was on. Jennifer seemed entrance with a movie she was watching. As soon as she heard him though, she turned to see him.

"Hey stranger," she said and smiled at him making his heart race.

"Hi," Larry said shyly. "I was just getting something to eat."

"Oh ok ... what are you going to eat? Some popcorn maybe?" Jennifer asked with a smirk on her face.

Larry blushed. "I don't know. Do you want popcorn?"

She nodded eagerly. "Please. I'm watching this really good movie and popcorn would go great with it. Do you want to share some popcorn with me?"

Larry gulped. "Um ... yeah sure."

She winked at him again and turned back to watch the movie. Larry went off to the kitchen and went to look for some popcorn. He knew his parents kept some in the cupboard. He popped a bag in the microwave and waited. He craned his neck to see what Jennifer was doing. She was really into the movie it seemed.

Once the popcorn was done, Larry poured it in a big popcorn bowl and went to hand it to Jennifer. Jennifer looked up at him with intense eyes. "Oh thank you. Are you going to join me?"

Larry shrugged. He was shaking.

"I wish you would," Jennifer said as she took the bowl of popcorn.

Larry could hardly breathe! "Oh ok ... I mean if you don't mind."

"Not at all!" Jennifer said cheerfully and moved aside to let him sit next to her.

Larry slowly sat down and began to watch the movie with her although he couldn't really concentrate on the movie. He ate his popcorn in silence but once his hand accidentally touched hers as they reached for popcorn at the same time, he felt a jolt of electricity rush throughout his entire body.

"S-sorry," he apologized when their hands caressed.

Jennifer stared at him with those smoldering intense dark eyes. Larry found it hard to breathe.

"It's ok Larry. It's really ok," she spoke softly.

She moved closer to him and Larry panicked! He stood up so fast he almost dropped the bowl of popcorn.

"I just remembered it's one of my friends birthdays today and I haven't called him! Uh ... I have to go call him. Uh ... sorry." He rushed out fast and headed up to his room.

He paced his room. He had to think of what to do! Why had he gotten so scared from a simple touch? Maybe because no girl had ever been that close to him before? Or at least he'd never been that close to a girl. He knew his teenage body was going crazy with all his hormones raging. He knew his cock was slightly hard he could feel it in his pants.

He decided to call his friend Arnie. He begged Arnie to come over and hang out and explained to him to just pretend it was his birthday. Arnie was confused but agreed to go over.

Arnie arrived twenty minutes later. Larry rushed downstairs to get the door. Jennifer was almost at the door when he walked past her. "Sorry, it's for me," he said shyly.

Arnie stood at the door calmly with his hands in his pocket. "Hey dude," he said to Larry and then his jaw dropped when he saw Jennifer.

"Uh ... oh ... um hi," Arnie said nervously.

"Arnie, this is Jennifer, Jennifer this is Arnie."

"Oh is today your birthday?" Jennifer asked Arnie.

Larry felt his face turn red. He gave Arnie the look to say yes! Arnie just shook his head.

"Oh well ... happy birthday! Do you guys want to order some pizza or something? I mean if you want," Jennifer offered.

"N-no ... we're just going to hang out in my room, play some games and stuff," Larry said right away.

"Oh ... ok..."Jennifer said. She quickly turned when the baby started crying. "Oh there's Lily. Well, you boys have fun," she looked at Larry and winked at him again.

Once up in Larry's room, Arnie wanted to know all of the details.

"Dude! Don't hold out on me! Who is that fox?"

Larry rolled his eyes. "Fox?"

Arnie laughed. "You know what I mean bro. Oh fuck!"

"She's our babysitter."

"Hot dang! She's fine!"

"Dude, calm down! And be quiet! She might hear you!" Larry shushed his friend.

"Can't help it, she's fiiinnne!"

"I shouldn't have invited you over if I knew you were going to act like a pervert!"

Arnie smirked. "Is someone jealous I'm checking out his chick?"

"She's not my chick!" Larry hissed.

"Well then why are you getting all worked up?"

"Dude, just stay here until my folks get home ok? Please."

"Does she make you all nervous or what? You want to get that pussy don't you?"

"Dude, shut up!"

Arnie went and flopped on Larry's bed. He grabbed a game controller and laughed. "Whatever dude. Let's play some games I guess. You won't let me continue to check out that fine display out there I might as well have fun kicking your ass in the video game world."

Larry waited until his folks arrived. He and Arnie went downstairs so Arnie could leave. Larry's mom was paying Jennifer for her job and Arnie and Larry walked past them.

"Hello Arnie," Larry's mom greeted him.

"Hello," Arnie said politely and took another look at Jennifer.

Larry gave him a warning look.

"Bye Arnie. It was nice meeting you," Jennifer said nicely and then looked at Larry with saddened eyes. Larry looked away.

"Thank you again Jennifer. You have been a godsend."

"No problem ma'am anytime."

"We will be going out of town next weekend so we will need you all next weekend. Is that ok? Or will you be busy? We will compensate you nicely we promise."

All weekend? Larry's heart pounded. He'd be alone with her all weekend?

Jennifer beamed. "Yes I can do that. No problem. I don't have anything going on."

"Ok then we will see you next weekend. Please come over Friday afternoon if you can we want to leave Friday night so we can beat the traffic."

"No problem. I'll be here early Friday afternoon."

Jennifer began to leave and walked past Larry who stood near the door. She paused in front of him and looked at him intensely with those dark eyes of hers. "Bye Larry," she whispered.

It wasn't until she was completely gone that Larry spoke. "Bye Jennifer."

"Larry, please close the door already! It's freezing!"

Larry snapped out of his trance. He hadn't realized he stood at the doorway holding the door open minutes after Jennifer had already disappeared.

Larry anticipated the weekend to arrive. He waited anxiously but then again he feared it too. He didn't know what he'd do all weekend with a beautiful girl in his house.

Once Friday came around, Larry was a nervous wreck. He arrived home after school and his parents were already packing. He could hear them talk about how exciting it would be to finally get away on a romantic weekend.

He went to get himself a snack when he heard the door bell ring.

"Larry! Can you get that please?" His mother called out.

"Yeah!" Larry said and went to get the door. Jennifer stood at the door wearing another pair of snug jeans and a white sweater that hugged her breasts nicely.

"Hi Larry," she said in a soft voice. Her wavy long dark hair was loose and wild.

Larry opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"Can I come in? It's kind of cold out here," she said.

"Uh yeah ... s-sorry," Larry stammered and stepped aside to let her in. His eyes were instantly glued to her ass.

"You're so cute," she said.

Larry looked up quickly and blushed. Damnit, he didn't want to blush.

"Jennifer! Hello!" Larry's mom entered the room. Larry quickly went off into the kitchen to avoid looking at Jennifer's body.

He heard Jennifer and his parents talking. He began to slice himself an apple but realized he wasn't very hungry all of a sudden.

"Larry! Come over here and say goodbye!" Larry's mother hollered.

Larry sighed and went over to say his goodbye to his parents. He felt Jennifer's eyes on him and once again he found it hard to breathe.

He walked his parents outside to the car while Jennifer went to take care of Lily. Once his folks were gone, Larry slowly walked in the house and closed the door behind him quietly.

He could hear Jennifer talking to Lily in baby talk. He listened for a moment and smiled. She sounded cute talking like that. He went off to the kitchen to start eating his apple.

A few minutes later, Jennifer walked in the kitchen. Those eyes...

"So Larry, what do you have planned this Friday night?"

Larry shrugged. "Nothing really."

"No hot dates?" Jennifer asked.

Larry nodded. "Nah."

"You don't have a girlfriend Larry?" She asked curiously.

Larry shook his head and went off to throw away the few pieces of apple he hadn't eaten. When he turned around Jennifer was standing right in front of him. He gasped.

"Oh sorry," she said and giggled. "I was just going to throw away my gum."

Larry walked past her cautiously as if she would harm him if she touched him. "I'm going to be up in my room so if you need anything..."

"Ok Larry," Jennifer said sadly.

Larry went up to his room and decided to watch a movie that would take his mind off of Jennifer.

It was past midnight when Larry woke up. His stomach was growling. He'd been asleep for over 5 hours! He stretched his body and raised himself up from the bed. He wondered if Jennifer was asleep already. He opened his bedroom door and the house was silent. He quietly crept down the stairs and that's when he heard some voices. Larry leaned in and peeped from the usual spot.

Jennifer was holding some guy's hand. He was a tall muscular guy with dark brown hair and an olive complexion.

"Come on baby ... let me please you," the dude told her in a very sleazy way.

"I can't. What if the baby wakes up in the middle of us doing it?"

"The baby can wait," the jerk assured Jennifer.

"Yeah but her older brother is right upstairs and he might see us."

The tall asshole kept pawing Jennifer. Larry felt his hands turn into fists.

"At least let me do this..."

Larry watched at the guy sat Jennifer down on the couch and began to remove her pants. Her pants came off easily revealing her legs that were nice and toned. Jennifer was short but so sweet looking. He then proceeded to remove her panties. Larry tried as hard as he could to see her pussy but her long sweater covered that. The guy put his head between her legs and began to please her.

Jennifer moaned so softly trying not to make too much noise. Larry's blood was boiling but at the same time he couldn't look away. Jennifer looked so sexy as her body squirmed on the couch.

"Oh fuck!" She moaned.

Larry could hear the guy slurping up Jennifer's sweet juices. He could only wonder just how sweet she tasted. Larry felt his cock stirring in his boxer shorts. He was too entranced by the beautiful girl getting oral sex that he hadn't realized she was looking his way. It was dark how could she possibly see him, he wondered. Her passionate eyes glaring at him as she bit down on her lip and he swore he saw her smiling as her orgasm took over her beautiful body.

She tossed her head back and her lips parted. She moaned and her body trembled. Larry licked his dry lips and grabbed his cock over his boxers. He gave his cock a little squeeze and that was enough to make him cum all inside of his boxers.

Larry quickly rushed back to his room and didn't want to stick around for the rest. He was angry he had been so turned on. He went to change his boxer shorts and tried to go back to sleep but his stomach growled from not having eaten a good meal earlier.

He decided to wait a few hours. It wasn't until after three in the morning when the guy had left. He heard the front door close. Larry got up and put on a t-shirt and walked down the stairs quietly. He hoped Jennifer had gone into the guest room to go to sleep.

He reached downstairs and headed off to the kitchen where Jennifer was fixing herself a midnight snack. Their eyes met for a moment but Larry quickly looked away.

"Hey," Jennifer said quietly.

"Hey," Larry replied. He felt he was still mad at her for brining the guy over.

"Are you ok?" She asked cautiously.

Larry slowly looked up at her. She still wore her jeans and sweater minus any shoes.

"I'm fine," Larry replied curtly. He didn't know why he couldn't control his jealousy.

"Are you sure?" She asked sounding concerned. She moved towards him. Larry backed away.

"I said I'm fine. Didn't my parents say not to bring any of your boyfriends over? Or did they not go over the rules with you?" Larry fumed.

Jennifer blinked. "He's not a boyfriend."

"Oh no? Well you two seemed pretty chummy," Larry was letting it all come out.

"You saw didn't you?" She questioned. Her eyes piercing at him.

"Yeah ... I saw some," Larry answered shyly.

"What exactly did you see?" She asked and walked closer to him.

Larry backed away again. Her perfume lingered in the air. "Nothing. Forget it. Just don't bring your boyfriends over. My parents don't like that."

"I'm sorry Larry. Please don't tell them. And he's not my boyfriend. He's a friend that's all."

"Yeah a friend with benefits I take it."

She raised a brow and smiled. "How do you know about friends with benefits?"

"I'm not stupid," Larry shot back.

"I didn't say you were," Jennifer replied softly.

"Why do people treat me like I don't know what's going on in the world? I may be young, but I know what's going on. I wish people would show me some respect!" Larry hadn't realized he'd raised his voice.

Jennifer stood back and eyed him carefully. "Adults tend to forget that kids are not naïve. I'm sorry."

Larry clenched his jaw. "That's fine. Well, I'm going to sleep. Goodnight!"

He spun around and took off fast. He ran up to his room and slammed the door shut. Now he was madder than ever. So she had a friend with benefits huh? Shit! He laid down on his bed and felt anger and jealousy. Why did she have to bring that guy over? Why couldn't she just have seen him another time? Now that image of that guy between Jennifer's legs would haunt him the rest of the night.

The next morning, Larry woke up to the smell of bacon. His tummy growled since he didn't get to eat dinner the night before all because of Jennifer and her gentleman friend. He put on a pair of sweat pants and wore his Hanes gray t-shirt. He went to wash up and headed downstairs. There stood Jennifer in the kitchen wearing a long night shirt and nothing else. Her wild hair was up in a ponytail and she swayed to the music playing on the music player that Larry's parents had in the kitchen.

"Oh hi!" She greeted Larry happily.

Larry stood near the kitchen entrance. "Hi," he replied nonchalantly.

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