In a Bind; a Knotty Problem Part 2

by Anne N. Mouse

Copyright© 2012 by Anne N. Mouse

Fiction Sex Story: Tara reflects on her adventures with Jake. Jake's owner shows up and Tara discovers that she really is in a bind!

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Blackmail   Slavery   Lesbian   BiSexual   Zoophilia   BDSM   DomSub   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Bestiality   .

Knotty II

Tara sat and cried after she got out of tnotty II

Tara sat and cried after she got out of the shower. Her emotions were in so much turmoil that was the only thing she could do. She watched the neighbor's dog Jake sitting by the door to her house as if he was just waiting for her to open it so he could get at her poor, abused little pussy again. She had been too stupid to live when she had thought that she could get the dog to lick her pussy earlier in the day. And now he was sitting there guarding her door with her bikini bottom in his mouth after having raped her for at least an hour.

She realized that the least that would happen if her parents came home and saw the dog with her panties was that they would assumed that she had been sunbathing in the nude. Which she knew would lead to a lecture on how dangerous nude sunbathing could be. The only nice thing about such a lecture was that at least it wouldn't be accompanied by a beating as some of her friends had described.

Tara let that thought lead her back to part of the reason she knew that her parents had moved into the country and effectively isolated her. She had been caught mostly naked with Bobby in the park that was about half way between her old house and his. Of course Bobby had been mostly naked as well. The worst part though was her mother saying, 'Tara, safe sex doesn't mean that you just use a condom for vaginal sex! You can get a disease just as easily by doing what you two were up to.'

What they had been up to had been a sixty-nine ... what her mother had done was to give her an assignment to write a report on the transmission of venereal disease. The basics that she had discovered were that while oral-genital contact didn't carry quite as much risk of catching a disease it was possible to catch any venereal disease by oral contact with an infected person. The risk went up as the degree of contact went up from french kissing to oral copulation.

'After what you were caught doing, ' her mother had lectured, 'I think it is wise that your father accepts the job he's been offered that will take our family out of the city. It seems to me that you need some space to learn to think about what you are doing before you do it.'

Other things that had been said at that time also led Tara to think that her parents were watching her communications, which was why she had resorted to writing letters to people like Emma and Bobby who had been her lovers in the city. She cried because she wanted to feel Emma's soft arms around her and hear her say that no matter what she would never abandon her.

Jake seemed to be intent on guarding the door to her house until about thirty minutes before her parents were due to arrive home from their work. Then just as Tara was wondering if the large brown dog would still be sitting in front of the door with her bikini bottom in his mouth when either her father or mother showed up he stopped looking at the door behind which Tara was hiding and trotted off still carrying her swimsuit bottom like a trophy.

Tara gaped after the dog for a moment. A glance at the small decorative mirror that hung on the wall near the door as she tried to decide what she was going to do about Jake having carried off her bikini bottom after raping her told Tara that if she didn't repair some of the ravages of her weeping jag her parents would be asking what had upset her so much.

Tara took another cool shower that was a cold as she could stand it and managed to not have her parents ask if anything was wrong. She was especially glad for that because it would have been more than a little embarrassing to end up telling her dad that she'd tried to get the neighbor's dog to lick her pussy and ended up being raped!

One way or another, though she wasn't sure how it happened at the time Tara made it through that evening without being questioned by her parents and slipped off to bed to sleep rather earlier than she might otherwise have. Her night was restless as her hand kept slipping down to investigate her pussy which seemed to be more swollen and sensitive than usual.

Eventually though the events of the day overwhelmed her and she slipped into a nightmare ridden sleep where she was constantly on her knees once more with Jake humping his penis into her pussy no matter what she did. In her dream though she didn't pass out and she felt the awesome presence of his knot as he tied with her. She awoke then to find her pussy empty but steaming and streaming with arousal. She bit her pillow as she slid her fingers down between her legs to caress her clitoris. It didn't take long for a body wracking orgasm to overtake her. She knew then as she slipped back into dreamland that if she got another chance she would surely let Jake have his way with her because she was addicted to the awesome intensity of being fucked by the dog.

Tara awoke late the next morning, or at least late enough that both her parents were gone from the house. That wasn't unusual though as her mother had taught her to cook at least enough to fry an egg or make hot cereal if that was what she wanted. 'You're a big girl, Tara, you can cook your own breakfast if you want something hot, ' had been her mother's attitude for quite a while.

Tara had just finished making herself a fried egg sandwich when there was a knock at the door. This was unusual and Tara almost forgot the caution living in the city had drummed into her. When she looked out the window in the door she saw her neighbor and Jake standing on her porch. The woman had Jake on a leash which made Tara feel a little better though her pussy gave a definite clench when she looked at his slightly extruded penis which was barely visible under his belly. Jake's mistress who Tara had only seen in passing had Tara's bikini bottom in her hand. Tara leaned against the door and wondered what the other girl who appeared to be somewhat older than her knew about what had happened the day before.

Apparently Tara hesitated too long trying to decide what to do about her unwelcome visitors as the woman on the porch asked loudly, "I know you're in there, now do you want to talk to me or have me still waiting here when your parents get home from work?"

"I'm afraid of your dog," Tara shouted through the door.

"I don't think so," the woman said. As she sat on the swing that occupied one corner of the porch. Tara watched as she made Jake lie down by her feet. When the woman swung a back pack off from her shoulder and pulled out a laptop computer Tara went into the room next to the swing. The window that looked onto the porch from this room was open a bit as the weather was not so hot as to make it uncomfortable. Also the only cooling the house had was a swamp cooler which needed at least some of the windows to be open at least a bit.

"Are you really going to sit there and wait for my parents?" Tara asked.

"If you don't come out and talk to me or let me in to talk to you then yes I will. After all I figure if you're going to let my dog fuck you I should know something about you," the woman said.

"Oh GOD!" Tara moaned, "How do you know about that?"

"You might notice that Jake has a web cam attached to his collar," Jake's owner said while pointing out the mini camera that was attached to the dog's collar.

"So you saw what happened when your dog raped me?" Tara asked.

"You seemed pretty interested in being fucked by him," the other girl stated flatly.

"I did not!" Tara shrieked.

"You might want to let me in and see just what Jake saw," the girl said.

"I ... I duno..." Tara stuttered.

"Don't you think it would be better if you and I reached an agreement without your parents finding out that their daughter likes to fuck dogs?" Jake's owner pressed.

"They'll find out anyway!" Tara moaned.

"Why do you say that?" The woman asked.

"'Cause they moved out here after they caught me with my boyfriend!" Tara said without thinking.

"Ah so, you're not just a dog slut, but an all around slut," the woman on the porch swing said, "Do you have any STDs?"

"No! That was the first time I'd been with a guy, and I was trying to give him a blow job," Tara lied a little.

"Well now we're getting somewhere slut," the woman on the porch said. "I'm sure your parents would just love to see how fast you went to your knees for Jake and how easily you took all of Jake's cock, hmm?"

"No! God, don't tell them!" Tara moaned.

"I will unless you let me in slut," the woman on the porch said relentlessly.

"Okay ... I guess, but can you leave Jake on the porch?"

"Now why would I want to do that? After all I like to watch him fuck. The bonus this time is I get to watch in person while he mounts you like the bitch you are!" The woman on the porch said.

"No please!" Tara maned, "not again."

"Oh yes," the woman on the porch said, "maybe not right away but once we have an understanding I'm going to bring Jake over here every day that your parents are away and you're going to entertain us."

"Look I don't know your name and I'm tired of you calling me slut or bitch. My name is Tara and I know that if I have sex very often in my house my parents are going to figure out what is happening," Tara told the woman on the porch.

"I'm only stating an obvious truth in either case. A girl who gets caught fucking or sucking her boyfriend's cock is a slut. A girl who kneels up for a dog is a bitch in my book. So I'm going to call you what you are and you maybe will call me mistress if I don't decide your parents should see this video," the woman on the porch told Tara.

Tara got up and went to the door a little bit and said, "You can come in but leave Jake outside for now."

"He's going to come in with me because I don't want him wandering off and fucking some other bitch. He will obey me as long as I keep him on a leash," Jake's mistress told Tara.

Tara opened the door further and said, "You can come in now."

"Who are you inviting in?" The other girl demanded to know.

"You, I don't know your name," Tara said.

"I told you how you were to address me if you don't want your parents to see a video of you fucking Jake," Jake's mistress told Tara.

Tara had never thought that she would say such a thing but the next words out of her mouth were, "You can come in mistress."

"Aht! Aht! Aht!" Jake's mistress said, "Who else are you inviting in?"

"Mistress, please come in and bring Jake with you," Tara said knowing some how that was what the very domineering woman on her porch wanted her to say.

The woman smiled as she came through the door. When she had seated herself on a kitchen chair and made Jake lie down under it she said, "Bitch! If you don't want your parents to see this video," she waved a memory stick menacingly, "you'll get naked and kneel right here," She pointed between her legs which were spread widely enough that Tara could catch a glimpse of her crotch though she couldn't decide just yet if the woman was wearing underwear.

Tara turned to leave the room and the woman she only knew by the title of Mistress slapped her sharply on her butt and said, "I didn't tell you to leave. Get naked right here. Now turn around so I can see you."

Tara turned back to face the woman. She didn't know which was foremost in her mind, embarrassment or excitement. She knew the moment that she lowered her pants the evidence of her excitement would be plainly visible. What she was barely beginning to realize was that her embarrassment was driving her excitement. Lowering her eyes so that she didn't have to look at her tormenter Tara pulled off her tee shirt.

"Look at me bitch," her mistress said, "I see your nipples are erect. Are your panties wet too?"

Tara nodded. "I can't hear you bitch, you don't have a belled collar or a rattle in your head so use your voice!"

"Yes mistress," Tara said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Why are your panties wet bitch?" Tara's mistress asked.

"I don't know..." Tara whispered.

"You do know, now tell me!" Tara's mistress said.

"I'm sexually excited mistress," Tara said quietly.

"Why do you find this situation exciting bitch?" Tara's mistress asked.

"I don't know," Tara whined, "yesterday I wouldn't have believed that I could be excited by something like this."

"What sorts of situations have excited you up to this point in your life?" Tara's mistress asked.

"Making out with my boyfriend," Tara said a bit more confidently.

"You never petted your pussy to a fantasy of being a slave?" Tara's mistress asked.

"No but I'm not a slave now," Tara said.

"Do you want to sit here with me while I show your parents what you were up to with Jake yesterday afternoon?" Tara's mistress asked.

"NO!" Tara shouted.

"Then I'd say I own you don't I bitch?" Tara's mistress asked.

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