I Dated a Tease

by Happy

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Action/Adventure Story: Exhibitionist female. The title tells ther rest.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Exhibitionism   .

(Author's note: The following story is absolutely factual. Because of that, it will only be one chapter in length. I am reluctant to fictionalize it beyond the actual events. I want to have the memories of this woman to remain the way that they are. She unknowingly deserves most of the credit for my interest in nudity stories.)

Bonnie and I were coworkers. I was age 20. She was age 18. It took about two months before I got the courage up to ask her out. She accepted and asked why I had waited so long. I just shrugged my shoulders.

Bonnie is a small woman. She stands 5'2" and weighs 105 lbs. But, she has all the right curves. Her best feature is her face. She has dark blue eyes that shimmer against any light. She has those full pouty lips that Hollywood actresses pay big money to obtain. Bonnie's lips look right when they move because they're real. Her hair is light brown and just a little less than shoulder length. (I have photos but I cant show them here)

Bonnie doesn't have a driver's license or a car. We have similar work shifts, so she asked me if I would start giving her rides to and from work. I thought that this was a good idea. Little did I know that it would become our first 'alone time', even before our first date happened.

I didn't see it then, but I should have. Control of this relationship had already begun shifting away from me.

I arrived at her house (her parent's house) about twenty minutes early and leaped up onto the front porch. The front door has glass panels on the upper half of it. If you look through those panels, you can see the main hallway of the house straight ahead. There were several doors on the left side. There was an opening on the immediate right showing a living room. Beyond that was a eat-in kitchen that did have a wall separating it from the hallway, but was open to the living room. Finally, there was a doorway on the right at the end of the hallway that seemed to be beyond the kitchen.

I rapped my knuckles on the door. In a moment, Bonnie's face peeked out her doorway on the far right. She recognized me and stepped out into the hallway. She was holding a shirt against her chest. She strode quickly towards me and opened the front door.

"You're early", she scolded. She turned around and let me have the responsibility of closing the door behind me.

I stared at her for a moment. She was only wearing panties. Bonnie started walking back down the hallway back to her bedroom. It was quite a sight.

"Should I wait here?", I asked.

"No, we're alone. You can come back here. I just need to get dressed and I'll be ready to go", she answered nonchalantly.

She was facing away from the door and standing in front of her dresser when I entered her bedroom.

"Sit on the bed", she stated when she heard me enter.

I did as instructed and sat on the bed as near as I could to her which was directly behind her.

When she heard her bed springs squeak under my body, she dropped the shirt onto her dresser. She then reached for a tiny yellow bra that I hadn't previously noticed and held it up to her eye level to examine it. This arm position of hers allowed me absorb the beauty of the outer swells of her breasts when looking past her tiny ribcage.

She took her time putting on that bra. Then she added the shirt, some jeans, and turned to face me.

"I'm ready. Let's go", she stated sarcastically as she glanced at the bulge in my pants.

I was naive at the time. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. I had seen things that day that I'd never seen before.

I made a point of arriving early every work day after that. Bonnie caught on (or was leading me the whole time). On day two she left the shirt in her bedroom and just covered her nipples with one arm as she came down the hallway to let me in.

It was day two that I noticed something remarkable. Bonnie's bedroom had no door. All that was apparent were empty hinges on one side of her doorway. I looked across the hall and the same thing was true of the last bedroom on the left side of the hallway.

"Whose bedroom is that across the hall and why don't you have doors?", I asked

"That's my brother David's room. My father is trying to do some renovations. He took the doors down to the basement to refinish them. He is an excellent carpenter, but he is in poor health with lung disease. So, this kind of work takes him a while", Bonnie answered.

"How long have the doors been down there?", I asked quietly.

"I don't know exactly. A little more that six months", she answered.

"How do you have any privacy from David?", I asked even quieter.

"I don't", she answered casually. "He has walked in and out of his room numerous times when I've been dressing or undressing. On hot nights, I sleep naked with no covers. We have no air conditioning. I'm sure that he's seen me on some of those occasions too".

She went on, "He has never stopped and stared, so I have no problem with it. He's my brother and that is all".

I came back with, "His door is gone too. Have you ever seen David undressed"?

Bonnie said, "Yes, once, But he must be a lot more modest, because after that day, he started doing his dressing and undressing in the bathroom".

Day Three: Bonnie left both of her hands at her sides when she walked down the hallway to let me in. This was the first time that she showed me all of her bare breasts. Her pale aureola bounced as she strode to the door with a smile on her face. On this day she dressed facing me.

Day 4 - The first date: I took her to a very nice seafood restaurant. The tables had fine white linen table cloths that reached the floor on all sides. Everything was going well until the main course was served. When the waitress left our table, I heard a noise that sounded like a shoe had hit a leg of our table.

From under the table, I felt a bare female foot roughly push my knees apart. Once they were far enough away from each other, her foot went for her intended target. That foot began to gently massage my crotch while Bonnie's dark blue eyes stared into mine without blinking.

She took every bite of her food slowly and seductively. When she finally finished swallowing a bite, she would sensually lick the bottom side of the tines of her fork. At the same time, she would rub her big toe back and forth on the bottom side of my erection.

I sat there dumbfounded. Control was completely relinquished to her somehow. I was just a passenger in this relationship.

I looked around the dining room to see if anyone noticed what was going on. The answer was 'everybody'. Bonnie didn't just have my attention. She had the attention of everyone that could possibly see her behavior.

I brought her home after dinner. Her whole family was home, so the date ended with a quick kiss on the porch. I truly ached as she closed the door behind her.

Day 6 (the following Monday): Again, she answered the door wearing panties only. We had the house to ourselves. She invited me back to her room by explaining that she was looking through some new photos of her and a girlfriend that they had taken yesterday. That news had my immediate attention.

She plopped herself on the bed in front of a pile of about 60 photo prints. I sat nearby facing her. She flipped through approximately 10 prints and then handed the 10 to me to examine. They were prints of Bonnie wearing jean shorts and an oversized white t-shirt. The t-shirt was fine in the first print. The setting was outdoors in a meadow somewhere.

But in each succeeding photo, someone had taken scissors to the t-shirt and reduced it in some way. My naughty thoughts were interrupted when Bonnie said, " Oh! You can't see this one", as she laid down a print face down next to her hip. She handed me 6 more prints while peeking at my reaction from under her eyebrows.

I took the six prints and noticed that Bonnie and her girlfriend had switched places. These photos were of her Latina friend. Bonnie must have been behind the camera. I recognized on the second print of the six that the Latina girl was wearing Bonnie's cut up T-shirt!

I questioned Bonnie as to whether this was true.

She answered calmly, "We switched".

I looked down at the print that Bonnie had laid face down next to her hip. I had to see that image. I tried to reach for it. I don't know how she sensed it, because her head was tilted down. But, somehow her hand got to the print first and she dragged around behind her self and away from my reach.

Without looking up, Bonnie said, "Stop it. It's not going to happen".

Resigned, I looked through other photos of the 6. The t-shirt kept shrinking, but nothing interesting was being exposed on her Latina girlfriend.

Bonnie took a moment to look at the clock on her night stand.

"We're going to be late!", she announced as she stood and dropped the rest photos face down in a mess over the one that I wanted to see.

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