High School Harem

by Angel

Copyright© 2012 by Angel

Fantasy Sex Story: Young man discovers a book that changes his life and the life of his sister and her two friends. Changed for the better.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Harem   First   Petting   .

I'm Jason aka Jazz, and Emma is my sister and Nora and Jan her friend's. I'm 14 and my older sister Emma is 16. She and her friend's dress plain, hair in buns; like nerd girls, sweaters, long dresses, baggy clothes and dowdy; sis and her friend's pretend to be dowdy, but I've seen them in swim suits, they are all slim, shapely, pretty with their hair down. I bought a book at the Coventry Bookstore, the "Power of Magnetism", old, paperback book on Magnetism in the used book section. Somehow looking at the pages; it seemed so right! It was a short book, short and easy to read 78 pages, to conquer Magnetism, the power of the mind type, that Mesmerism a form of Hypnosis is based on. Writers in the early 20th Century thought that mental magnetism could change you and the world, sort of positive thinking. I was obsessed with the book, and bought it for 27 cents! I walked to my bus stop reading, got on the bus and read; as I read a small gold band fell out of the book onto my lap, I pocketed it and smiled, a freebee! The book was so simple, focus your mind and use a Mantra to heighten the focus of the mind to change yourself and all around you. Stopped and got a burger and fries at McD's and devoured it and finished the book. Immediately started the occult exercises! Even my sleep would now programed!

Could I use this book to change myself and have a better life; mom is a widow alone and my sister and I live with her in a poor section of town. I smiled knowing where to hide my ring, someone would steal it otherwise! In the men's room I removed the small chain around my neck with my lucky charm on it and added the ring; this was mine! Rode home alone and with new confidence! Arriving home early I took a nap and waited for dinner. Dreamed of my new life and how I could claim sis and her two girlfriends, to belong to me, my sex slut's to use. My sister Emma and her two friend's Nora and Jan are 16 year old hotti4es hidden as nerds, I knew their secret, they made themselves look dowdy and plain, all were small, slender and shapely, having seen them in our small, cheap pool, mom bought; a 12-Foot by 30-Inch Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set off Amazon for $95. The girls used it and hell even I used it along with mom. In swimsuit the girls were kind of hot!

I walked home in a kind of daze, day dreaming and wanting all life could offer. I have a lot of old books and am a bookworm and a nerd, read even online but workout too. Bought a nearly new copy of a Boxing book (Street Boxing) in the bookstore and I studied that like a hawk, practicing the punches, blocks for two years alone in my room! Just 14 but am a regular and haunt the bookstore's Occult and Magic sections. Just knew that if I could study my new book that my life will change! Just a short seven days; I practiced the mind control exercises the book taught, and I felt changed, more alive, more a man, more me! Having practiced the exercises throughout the day and even through the night, I just felt it had worked, I'd changed my luck, changed my life and I believed!

Laying there in the early hours of Saturday morning as I laid there half-asleep I sensed my sister Emma, Emmy she also liked to be called, but not Em. She wasn't happy, she wanted a boyfriend but someone nice, someone to fuck her and protect her, in the dream I knew she and her two friend's hated school, hated life and knew their lives after school would be crap. Emma was pretty and hid it so the rough boy's did not molest her, she wanted to look homely and plain! Then I knew even half sleep I was a Protector! Knew I could protect anyone, anywhere! Sensed Emma needed a special hand, needed someone special to take her and mold her, me! I awoke and took the ring off my chain and looked at it, letting it drop down on the chain, Emma would wear it! I knew Emma was a submissive female and so were her two friend's, they hid so males did not spot and use them, they needed someone to love and guard them, and needed to be used submissively and protected. Kind of like men did in the olden days and in novels about the Frontier. Emma is pretty, slim and shapely, hair mid way down her back, wavy black hair and blue eyes.

I smiled, the book had worked, knew the road to take. Arose and walked to the door, opened it and across the hall was Emma's room. Mom was gone to work and we were alone, entered Emma's room and she was asleep and so pretty, laid there like an angel. Walked to her bed and sat on the edge, looking down at Emma, in her sleep was smile on her lips, she was dreaming about being loved, protected and fucked like a little sex kitten, she wanted to be happy and have a man in her life, to surrender and belong, belong to someone just like me! Reaching out I lowered the sheet covering her, and looked at her sleep shirt, smiled, it was pale blue and nylon, and she liked to walk around her room in a nylon sleep shirt and panties where I'd not see her, but I now knew that. Undid the buttons of her shirt and stared at her cleavage, her breasts were a B and large for her small, slim body. I looked at my sisters naked breasts as she breathed in and out. I reached forward and gently cupped both her breasts. She was asleep and being felt up, her soft, beautiful breasts in my hands and her nipples hardened in my palms.

I removed one hand from her breast and lowered the sheet further, her plain white nylon panties were old and tight, could see the lips of her vagina, thin and pretty just a few light blond hairs. My hands gently fondled her breasts, I knew she was mine and what I must do. I looked and sis was staring up at me, and I smiled. "You like me touching your boobs sis?" I asked and I saw a tear rolling down her cheek, so I leaned forward and kissed her lips, gently and softly as my hand's remained on her naked breasts, gently touching, feeling her up, her nipples as hard as diamonds. Kissing her as I felt her, and then I pulled her sleep shirt down off her shoulder and she was laid on her back, it trapped her arms. I kissed her slowly, and removed her panty. Sis whispered "no, please" and I stopped her talking and pressed my mouth to hers. Then hovered over her, pulling my sleep shorts down and taking my penis, pressing it against her hole, pushing gently in and then a obstruction stopped me.

Sis had a look of panic on her face, I whispered "I own you sis, you belong to me, your virginity belongs to me and I shall take your virginity and take care of you!". I pressed in and felt something break and sis cried and I held myself inside her and stopped, letting her adjust to my penis being in her vagina. "Lay there sis" I ordered and I slowly pulled out, and took tissues and whipped the little blood off my penis and her vagina. Walked to the bathroom got a towel, returned and slipped it under her bottom. Got back in bed with her and pushed inside her, and kissed her. "I took your virginity and you belong to me now for the rest of your life" and I slid all the way into her. Sis cried as we had sex but I knew she wanted this, my new self told me, I knew things now. I fucked sis like a little whore, she was my whore now and forever my little sex slave.

As I fucked my older sister I heard my own voice ask "who owns you now, forever, who's cunt are you?" and she whispered back in shock "I belong to you, I'm your cunt to use, abuse and fuck" and I kissed her as my penis pushed in and out of her tight cunt. In and out over and over and her beautiful face looking up at me and then my penis spouted fire and she moaned "Yessssssssss" her legs wrapped around me. I laid there my cock inside her body and told her "I love you" and she smiled and whispering "I love you brother, I am your's now". Sex was magical, now neither of us was a virgin and my sister accepted my rights to her. We fucked two more times and I touched, kissed and fucked her just as I'd dreamed, her beautiful tits fit my hands, her ass was a wonder to hold, fingering her wet little pussy made it mine!

Laying there, kissing her and holding her was a dream come true, feeling her kiss me back made it real, I took her to the shower, to clean us. Soaping up her body, cleaning her ass, cunt and tits, kissing her as we had water spraying over us. I held her in my hands and asked "do you mind that I raped you and took you?" and she gave me an odd answer "I've been waiting for this" and threw her arms around my neck, pressing into me. "Jazz you are my man now, you own me, I need this, need to be loved, fucked and protected. You can not rape the willing, this was to be and we both knew it" and she kissed me. "Thank you for raping me" and she threw her arms around my neck, pressing her sexy, wet naked body to mine kissing me. I picked her up, her arms around my neck, and her feet left the floor. "Ohhhhhh" she gushed as she came; as her feet left the floor and she trembled against me; "I feel so helpless, so swept away, my feet off the floor and my body in my Master's hands" as I kneaded her buttocks, pressing her into me. Sis cried "love me, please love me, never let me go" and we kissed. Later as we lay there exhausted she had an after glow, "I feel finally alive, finally loved. I knew my man was would come, I felt a force just the other day (I realized she meant the day I bought the book). Knew I was called to serve", sis took my hand kissed my palm and placed my hand on her naked breast. "I belong to you now and forever Master" and she kissed me. I smiled. Holding your naked, well fucked sister with your cum dripping out of her cunt, she having been a virgin until you took her virginity, is a life event second to none! Now I owned her body and soul. The sex was good but now I had a lover, and I removed the ring and slipped on her middle finger, sis said "your hands are big, I need a ring guard" and she smiled, kissing me; "I am your woman now" she whispered.

I suggested to sis "let's take a shower" and she smiled and nodded. I adjusted the shower and we got in, soaping up your naked, hot sexy older sister was a dream. My hands sliding over her nubile body, making sure her beautiful tits was well felt up, then cleaning her pussy! We rinsed off and I sat on the edge of the tub and pulled her forward, kissing her wet pussy lips, and my hands were on her peace of an ass, pulling her forward. Sis moaned "oh damnnnnnnnn" as I licked her slit and her little clit, kissing, tonguing and licking. Feeling her shake and moan into my mouth her hands on the back of my head. Finally she said "fuck me against the wall, use me like a little whore, your own sex slave, fill me with cum" and I lifted her by her bottom, her legs wrapped around me as my cock slide inside sis, using the safety bar on the wall I hammered and she was screaming "Jazz fuck me, fuck a baby into my pussy. Fuck me please and love me" as we mated. Later her arms around my neck she asked in a whisper "when you want me pregnant I'll stop my pills" and she kissed me. "Now take me back to bed and use me all day, mom's is working and I want to be fucked as your sex slave" and she kissed me.

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