A Hard Night

by Sadie

Copyright© 2012 by Sadie

Erotica Sex Story: After a rough day Kim has an altercation with her neighbor's teen son and his friends.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   BDSM   Rough   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Violent   .

The night began much as many other nights had. Kim had returned from a very long day at the restaurant. She was only scheduled to work a normal shift but one of the girls had an emergency and she reluctantly filled in. As her car turned onto her street she saw the red jeep parked in front of her driveway once again. It was the third time that week that the teenager who lived next door let his friends blocks her drive. Furious, she parked behind it and slammed her car door shut. The closer she got to the front door of his house the angrier she got.

Loud music radiated from within the house. She pounded hard on the door with her clenched fist for several minutes before a lull in the music made the sound heard in the living room. She could hear the boy yelling to turn off the music as he scrambled into the hall. The behavior made it clear to her that his parents were not home and they were doing something they should not be. He peered out the side window at her for a moment before opening the door.

"What the fuck do you want bitch?" he sneered as he stared at her.

"I want your fucking friend to move that piece of shit he parked in front of my driveway before I call the cops and have it towed."

She can hear the others talking in hushed tones. The words are unclear but their tone is tense. Before she manages to say another word the other two teens that had remained in the living room appeared behind them. One she had seen before. It was the driver of the jeep; the other was an unfamiliar face. The driver pushed past her neighbor and stood toe to toe with her for a moment. He stared her down with a look that would give a harden criminal chills. She considered breaking and running back to her car but she forced herself to stand her ground.

After a moment he stepped aside as if he was about to go move his vehicle. Instead he stepped behind her. Things happened so quickly that she had no time to respond. He gave her a hard shove, pushing her into the entryway in a single motion where the two boys caught her. They clumsily struggled to get a good grip on her as she squirmed. The unknown one grabbed her wrists and yanked her arms painfully behind her before she could get her footing and pull away.

"What's the matter bitch? Not so tough when you can't call the cops are you." Her neighbor, Tyler gloated.

"I think we should show her a good time. Maybe then she'll loosen up." Justin, the one gripping her wrists replied.

Marcus shut the door and locked it behind her. "What do you say Ty? Think a good fucking will loosen her up?" He laughed.

She could smell the liquor on their breath. "Just let me fucking go and I won't turn your asses to his parents".

She quickly realized that this was probably one of the weekends that his parents would be away. She tried to pull away, screaming loudly as she did. It only took a second before she felt the back of Marcus's hand land across her face. The cheek that he struck instantly began to redden. He drew back and gave her a second slap, leaving her with a matching set of prints.

"Shut the fuck up bitch." He growled at her. "Let's get her upstairs."

Justin pushed her up the stairs, laughing as she stumbled and fell to her knees more than once. Landing on the carpet the way that she had caused a run in the sheer pantyhose that she wore. He painfully yanked her to her feet again and guided her toward the parent's bedroom. Marcus was right behind him as they entered while Tyler had run off to his room. He arrived a moment later with a video camera in his hand. He pushed the door closed and grinned as he pointed the lens toward her.

"Get her naked and on the bed." He commanded.

Marcus started to unbutton the white blouse that she wore as part of her server uniform for work. The hands that held her wrist let go for a brief second only to be replaced by an arm sliding around her throat. With her hands free she tried to claw at either of them in hopes of stopping the nightmare that had only just begun. Another sharp slap across the face landed before her hands were yanked behind her back hard once again. Her shirt was ripped from her body and torn into ragged strips. The strips were then used to secure them behind her back. Justin made sure the knots were tight enough to keep her from getting loose.

With her hands restrained Marcus shoves her onto the bed. The two move to either side of her as they paw at her clothing. One of them pulls a small multi-tool from his pocket and starts to slice the thin straps of her plain white bra. The fabric is yanked away to expose her pert breasts. They were a generous C cup and flawless. Her nipples were already swollen to full erectness from the moments on the cold porch. The dark pink centers starkly stood out against her creamy white breasts. Justin took a moment to cradle them in his hand and give them a brutally hard squeeze.

"Nice tits bitch." Tyler said as he zoomed in on her bared breasts.

He kept the lens trained on her breasts as she was jostled around as his two friends got a good grip on her, before continuing to strip her down. They rolled her onto her stomach to unzip the back of the black skirt. Marcus gripped the painted zipper pull and slipped it down the length of the zipper. In that position it was much easier to control her. Justin slid his hands under her stomach and lifted her body enough for his friend to slide the skirt down over her hips and completely down her legs. It was tossed aside with the tattered remains of the shirt.

Marcus then took hold of the waistband of her pantyhose. He nearly lifted her off the bed as he stretched them to their ripping point. He literally tore them from her body seconds before Justin took the blade in hand again. He guided it slowly down her side before moving it to slice through the sides of her panties.

Her screams of protest had not stopped since she had been pushed into the house. Every one of them was caught clearly on the tape. Tyler made sure to catch every second of her squirming and fighting. The loud, piercing sound of her voice was growing tiresome to the teens. Once she was rolled over Marcus stuffed the tattered material into her mouth to quiet her.

"Try not to choke on those panties, bitch. I would hate to see you die before we got a chance to get off." He laughed cruelly.

"Roll her back over. I want to see those sweet titties again." Justin said.

The moment she was rolled back onto her back her hands dug into her spine. Her back was painfully bowed as a result of that. Justin's mouth attacked the left nipple, biting and sucking hard on it as she squirmed. The pained expression on her face made it very clear that he was causing her great discomfort as his teeth dug into the tender flesh over and over.

"I think she likes that. Marcus, take the right one." Tyler directed.

Marcus lowered his head and gave her right nipple the same attention. Each boy grabbed a leg and pulled them apart to expose her pussy. She kept the hair trimmed in a pristine little landing strip. Tyler focused on her cunt as they held her legs wide apart. She was clearly not responding well to their attention to her chest. It did not take Justin long to slide his fingers up her thigh toward her sex. It sparked renewed vigor in her struggle as well as her cries. She kicked and gave muffled screams as his fingers reached her sex.

He ran the tips of two fingers up and down her dry slit before he pulled away from her tit and spit on them. His mouth returned to her chest as he drove his two saliva coated fingers deep into her folds. She screamed in anger into the wad of fabric into her mouth as he started to work them in and out at a steady pace. The harder she struggled the harder he rammed them into her snatch. All three of them were getting quite aroused by the site of her naked body struggling on the bed.

"I think the bitch is ready for some cock." Justin announced as he pulled his fingers from her pussy. "Hold her down Marcus. I'm going to give this bitch just what she needs."

Kim's shoulders were pinned to the bed as Justin repositioned himself between her legs. It only took a few seconds for him to fish his cock from his pants. The tip was precariously placed at the entry of her sex. A single thrust was all it would take for him to fill her. Tyler zoomed in on her face as his friend pushed the full length of his entire cock into her. He grunted like a rutting animal as he drew back and slammed his cock into her again and again. The camera moved slowly down her body until it caught view of her pussy accepting the teen's cock. He scooped her legs up, resting them against his shoulders as he started to fuck her harder and deeper.

Marcus's gaze was fixed on her freely bouncing tits. Her anguished cries did little to distract any of them. If anything, it made them all a little hornier. Marcus moved using his elbows to brace her as he reached out and captured both of her nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. She shrieked into the torn panties as he squeezed them so hard they felt like they would pop in his grasp. He pulled them as far from her rounded breasts as he could before laughing cruelly and releasing them. He repeated the action as Justin continued to give her the pounding of a lifetime.

Tears streaked down the sides of her face as Justin's speed increased. She could feel him pulsing inside her as he got closer to filling her with his seed. It was a moment that she longed for and dreaded at the same time. She was getting no joy from the sex. She just wanted it to be over. She soon felt the warmth of his load as it emptied inside of her unprotected womb. Her body jerked as is she was being electrically shocked as each spurt entered her. It was almost as if she thought by squirming and trying to pull away from him it would keep his seed from reaching her womb. He pulled out quickly, watching the cum leak from her freshly fucked cunt. Tyler zoomed in on the site of her swollen pink lips as the cum started to ooze from her.

"Alright which one of you wants her now?" He smirked as he looked at her.

"I do." Marcus said as he grabbed her by the hair. "Hold her head." He said to Justin.

His friend quickly moved into position to hold her head. His vice-like grip left her no room to move. Marcus moved in front of her and stared cruelly into her eyes. Kim immediately knew what he wanted to do to her. Her first instinct was to cause him as much pain as she possibly could the second she got the chance. He was ready for such things and quickly thwarted all attempts to do so.

"Listen bitch. I am going to pull those panties and you are going to suck my fucking cock or my friend here will snap your neck and not even think twice about it. Now, get on your knees and open that pretty little mouth."

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