My First Thong

by Micahe7l

Copyright© 2012 by Micahe7l

: A short story about Carrie getting her first thong and cousin David buying it for her

Tags: True Story  

That's start with a description and that stuff. My name is Carrie I am 19 have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am only 5'1'' tall. I weigh in just below 100 pounds. I know I look a lot younger than I actually am but according to one of my cousins that just means I'll live longer which I am totally okay with.

On to my family It is quite large I am the youngest of 5 I have one older brother and three older sisters. It goes sister, brother, sister, sister and finally me.

Anyway this is a story about 2001. My parents were going out of town with my sister to a softball tournament she was in. Now I know what you're thinking. What kind of crazy parents would leave an 8 year old home alone? The truth is I wouldn't be home alone my cousin was gonna stay with me. He was in high school and my parents totally trusted as well they should. I wouldn't tell anyone else this but he was my favorite cousin. I guess because I was sort of his baby cousin even though I wasn't a baby he still called me his cutest cousin and that made me feel good

One morning early in the morning my parents came in to my room to say goodbye. I was still asleep but my cousin (David) had gotten there and would be watching me for the next week. My mom is a great cook and had made all sorts of casseroles and other foods which she left in the refrigerator. She also left us some money so that one or two of the nights we could go out to eat. The only problem was that I wouldn't g ET to spend the whole week with David c because I had three dance classes that David would have to take me to. That wasn't a problem because he had been to a couple of my recitals and knew where the dance place was.

The next day was the first of my dance classes. I always got there early and started warming up cause I think the instructor spends too little time with warm- ups. I get there and jog in place for a bit to warm my muscles and that make it easier to stretch the muscles. Now my class is made up of 9 and 8 year olds like me. The weird part is most girls in the class were underwear under the leotards but I know you aren't supposed to but on occasion I still do. That day I didn't. There are a couple of girls that wear their training bras under their leotard too. My older sister wears thongs and I'd like to wear one under my leotard but I'm 8 and there are no thongs for 8 year olds. I once asked my mom if she could cut and pin one of Amy's old thongs to fit me and she flipped out she said when they start selling thongs for 8 year olds I'll go out and buy you a couple. I knew at that point that I wasn't getting a thong until I was 13 at the youngest.

When my class me and my classmates went up on this stage and then a heavy curtain came down so the moms or in my case cousin couldn't see. That way when we did a recital or performance they'd be surprised. We all worked hard and worked up quite a sweat. After the class was done I and pretty much everyone else did the same thing. We pulled out tops down and let them sort of hang there and put a shirt on over it. For me and most the other girl it covered are bare chest but like I said a couple of girls had their training bras on.

David and I began walking out but I had to stop to get a drink at the drinking fountain. David saw I was tired so he carried me out to the car and put me in the back seat so I could rest. I couldn't sleep so I told him about how I wanted to wear thongs under my leotard and he sort of smirked. I understand why that is funny the thought of an 8 year old in a thong is pretty funny.

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