Making It Easy

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My sister walked in when I was masturbating but quickly left and I made sure she had another opportunity to even see more, oh, lots more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   White Couple   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

My sister, Anna, was always a pest, at least until she turned fourteen and started really getting boobs and looking more like the girls I went to school with.

Then she became a lot more interesting and I was much more on the lookout to catch her in some way or other that might get me a peek at her new, nice body.

I had seen her, when we would watch television in the den, with her hand slipped between her legs and I was pretty sure she was getting off or at least making herself feel good. She did keep it subtle, even at times getting a blanket over her. But the motions under the blanket gave her away each time.

I was masturbating, too, of course, I was sixteen, after all, and my dick was hard all the time just begging for relief. And relieve it, I did. Lot and lots.

One evening, I was watching the TV in my room with my shorts and briefs pulled down, stroking up and down, when my door opened and she walked in.

I scrambled to cover myself but from her look, I knew she must have seen what I was doing though she said nothing, just asked me if I still had something that I'd borrowed from her earlier in the day.

I told her where it was and she went, got it and left, not saying a single word.

Now, I knew she saw, I could see her eyes light up and what it did to me was surprising.

I was expecting to be really scared and embarrassed that she'd caught me but, no, the feelings I felt from it were like a rush, an excitement that she saw me, saw me masturbating, saw my cock. It turned me on, I liked the fact that my sister had seen my dick and even a little of my masturbating; I loved it.

I let a few days go by, just to make sure that she didn't tell our Mom or Dad; I really didn't think she would; then I thought I'd make sure she saw me once again.

This time I had my iPod handy with a set of earphones and was stroking away when I heard her come up the stairs. So, I slipped the headphones on, closed my eyes, went back to masturbating and could hear the door slowly open.

I did it for a minute more, making sure she got a good, long look, then opened my eyes.

"Anna, geez, what are you doing here?" I barked at her as I scrambled to cover myself.

"Oh, sorry, I guess you want me to leave. So you can finish."

"Yeah, I do want to finish, it's never fun to stop in the middle," I told her and quickly added, "Do you wanna watch while I do it?"

There, I said it.

"You really mean it?"

"Yeah, sure, why not? You can see how guys do it. It's something you'll need to know when you start dating, right?"

"Oh, I guess so."

So I pulled the covers back, showing her my dick standing straight up.

"It's kind of big, huh? I remember when it was really small and cute. Now it's lots bigger."

"I guess. Do you want to look at it? You can touch it if you want, even play with it, find out what it feels like."

She looked at me rather hesitantly, then slowly brought her hand over my lap and with her index finger touched the tip. It jerked.

"Oh, did I hurt it?" she asked, rather alarmed.

"No, I think it just liked you touching it. Go ahead. Feel it all you want."

Her hand came back down and wrapped around the length and I felt her softly squeeze.

"It's kind of hard inside, isn't it. But soft, like the top here," she said rubbing her thumb over the crown.

"It feels nice what you're doing, Anna."

She let go and said, "Well, maybe you should finish so I can watch," and I spit on my hand to begin again.

After a minute, I asked her, "You do this, too, right? Your own way?"

"Yeah, it feels good but girls do it lots different from what you're doing."

"Maybe you should show me, huh?"

"You gotta be kidding."

"But you're watching me?"

"Well, you were already doing it."

So, I stroked as she watched until I was getting closer, then I told her, "You've never seen a guy cum? See his dick shoot cum out the end?"

"No, I saw it on a friend's computer, it looked pretty cool. It really flew out. Does yours do it that way?"

"Just watch, it'll only be a minute."

The head was all tingly just the way it gets before I shoot my cum and as always happens, I gave a few gasps and out shot globs of cum landing on my stomach and thighs.

"Oh, wow, it really goes," she exclaimed rather excitedly. "It's really wild. Girls don't do anything like that. There's nothing like that. I mean it feels good, really good, and all, but we don't shoot."

I pulled a few tissues out of the box next to my bed and started wiping up.

"I thought your thing got all soft and floppy after you shoot," she said.

"Does it feel soft and floppy?"

Her hand reached over and took hold.

"No, it's like it was before. It's really so naughty for us to be doing this. For me to be touching you like this."

"It feels good, though, Anna, even if you're my own sister. Do you like it?" I asked nodding down to my lap.

"Now that I'm touching you there, yes, it's really cool. And you might be my brother but this feels pretty sexy," she said grinning at me. "How often do you do it? Once a day?"

I laughed, then told her, "I hope not. It's more like three, five, maybe six times a day, especially like now, during the summer when I have the time." She looked at me rather astonished.

"So you could do it again? Pretty soon?"

"Right now, Anna, if I wanted to. You want to see me shoot again?"

"You could? That soon after?"

I nodded, then suggested, "You could do it for me? Have you ever given a boy a hand job? Maybe that guy you saw last year, John Doan?"

"No, I never did anything like that with him. We just kissed and stuff. Oh, he tried to feel me up. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you that."

"Well, if you want to learn how, to practice some before you get a boyfriend, here's one you can practice on."

She sat there on my bed, looking at me, her hand softly holding my cock, still hard, of course, when I heard her say softly, "Yeah, okay, show me how to do it." I was in heaven.

"Okay. I mostly use some hand lotion, right here," I began as I picked up the bottle from the table next to my bed. "Hold out your hand," I asked and I squirted some on her palm and nodded to my dick.

The first thing I felt was the coldness of the creamy lotion but then her fingers wrapped around me and began to move up and down and I knew then that doing it yourself was nice and fun and all, but having a girl do it, yes, even your sister, was far more exciting and erotic.

"Am I doing it all right? Is it feeling good yet?"

"Oh, yeah, it feels really good. Even better than when I do it."

"Really? That's cool, I've wondered what it would be like to do a guy like this. And your stuff will shoot if I keep doing this?"

"Mmm, it sure will, you're making me feel really great."

"Geez, just don't ever tell anyone about this, I mean we're brother and sister."

"I know but it's nice that we can be more like this with each other. You're not turned-off by this are you?"

"Oh, Trent, if anything I'm just so turned-on, it's incredible."

"Yeah I am, too, and I'm really feeling like I'm almost gonna shoot."

"Cool, that's so cool. I can't wait."

"Oh, yeah, like right now, look, just don't stop," I moaned as arcs of white, sticky cum went spurting up and landing on my sister's hand and leg as I had the best-feeling orgasm of my whole life.

"Wow, so cool. God, I did it. I can't believe we're doing this, it's just the hottest thing ever."

"We could do more?" I asked as I handed her some tissues.

Chapter 2

"More? You don't mean, like, sex?"

"No, I was thinking maybe I could do it for you. So I could learn how to do girls?"

"But I would have to take my clothes off. No, maybe we'd better just leave it this way for now. I'll do it for you whenever you want, okay? It was fun."

Rather than screw up what we'd already started, I agreed, "Sure, okay. When you did it just now it was the best feelings I've ever had. It was really great."

"Really? Me? My first time doing it?"

"Yeah, really. It was just the best. You're really good."

She really seemed pleased, then said what was pure music to my ears, "Well, let me know when you want it again. It was fun."

I thought I should wait at least a few hours and while we were having lunch, she beat me to it, "Are you feeling like you want to do it again? Like for me to do it for you?"

"Yeah, that would be great. You do it so good, Anna."

"Let's go up, it's really exciting to do this. I feel so naughty doing it but it's so fun, too," she said as she followed me up to my room.

"Why don't I get undressed, okay?" I asked her as I was pulling my clothes off. She didn't say anything just let me disrobe and I stood there with my cock hard and eager.

"It really stays hard. Does it ever go down, get smaller? I thought they did?"

"Yeah, sometimes. But, it gets hard a lot and it really never gets soft very often. And if I keep doing it and doing it, at the end I can't shoot much, sometimes nothing at all."

"But you're feeling like you want it now?" she asked as she took my dick in her hand. "It feels like you want it? Am I right?"

"You make me feel like I want it when we're like this," I told her as I handed her the lotion.

"I think you get off on showing me yourself like this, Trent. Like you want me to see you like this?"

"Yeah, it's kind of sexy," I told her, then I added, mostly kidding, "Maybe I should go around like this all day then we're home together like this, huh?"

I really didn't think she'd say much to that but she did.

"I think that would be cool. You look pretty hot to me like this," she said as she stroked me up and down. "Maybe that way I could see when you needed some attention," she giggled. "But it kind of looks like you want this all the time."

"It might help me get off if you took your shirt off," I said hoping she wouldn't get pissed-off and quit.

"I told you that I didn't want to take my clothes off, Trent, I said that already."

"Yeah, but your bra shows less than when you wear that pretty yellow bikini."

"Oh, so you've noticed my new bikini?"

"I sure have, your boobs have really grown in the last year. You really look good in that bikini. And, your bra shows even less. Why don't you let me see you that way? It's no big deal, right?"

"I guess compared to seeing me in my bikini, I guess not," she said as she pulled her top off and sat there in her bra, taking me in her hand again.

"You really have gotten bigger on top, Sis. You look good. Even like this, in your bra, you're turning me on."

"I could probably take it off, if you wanted. If it might help you get off."

She actually said that and I immediately told her that it would really help me a lot. So she let go of me and reached back and undid her bra and slid it down her arms.

"They're beautiful, Anna, really beautiful, just perfect."

"I thought they looked nice but it's great to hear a boy say they're good even, I guess, if it's my own brother. You're still a boy."

"Can I ... can I touch them?"

"I guess, I guess so," she said as she kept moving her hand up and down.

I reached out and put my hand over her breast and squeezed so gently.

"They're really nice, Anna, you're so pretty without your top on. You would be great at a topless beach."

"Oh, yeah, can't you see me parading around with my boobs in the open, every guy on earth staring at me?"

"They'd be admiring you, Anna, what's wrong with that? You're beautiful."

"I'm not beautiful. You're just enjoying what I'm doing, that's all."

"I am but you're making it a lot better by showing me these beauties. You can feel how hard you make me."

"But I'm your sister, Trent."

"You're sure not making me feel like your brother. More like a boyfriend."

"You're kidding."

"I'd kiss you if you'd let me."

She looked at me for a few seconds, then leaned toward me so I moved toward her and kissed her softly on the lips.

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