Circle Jerk and More

by David Michaels

Copyright© 2012 by David Michaels

Coming of Age Sex Story: I was 11 when I first started masturbating, and by 14 I had a circle jerk session on a regular basis at school. One of the boys came to spend a weekend at the house and....

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I first discovered masturbation at the tender age of 11. I grew up on a farm so sex was something my brothers and I saw on a regular basis, not between people, but between the animals on the farm, so I knew what I had a penis for. At age 11 I had my first wet dream, and soon discovered that I could experience that feeling anytime I wanted, and lost no time in finding spots around our house and grandma's farm to jack off. At 12 I started getting hair around my cock and balls as well as a little under my arms, and I also started getting curious about other boys.

Ages 12 – 14 are off limits due to restrictions on this site, and the fact it's about more than just me, however I can start at 14 by which point I was into a regular circle jerk session with various boys from the neighborhood and school. There were about 4 of us who found a great place to jack off together at school, and since I only lived a mile away it was nothing unusual for me to walk home after school. One boy, Tommy, was 14, played football, worked out with the high school boys in the weight room as well as helped his dad on the farm. He had dark hair and was in the process of letting it grow out, this was the late 70's and long hair was in. He already had a full bush of hair around his cock, and was already shooting a large load when he would jack off. One funny thing even with his full bush, hairy pits, arms and legs, his balls were baby smooth, not a sign of hair at all. Another boy was Jimmy, skinny stick of a boy with little hair at all, he kept his blonde head shaved almost bald, and he had the largest cock among us four. Then there was Jason, he was just an average 14 year old boy nothing special or strange, just a love of jacking off, plus his brother worked at a gas station that sold porn, so he always had a new magazine for us to use as JO material. Then there was me, 14, short blonde hair, a wisp of hair around my cock and a little on my balls, some under my arms and a nice defined farm boy body. I did not work out with weights, but I had to help on the farm, so I regularly moved bales of hay and straw, as well as lifting the milk tanks from under the cows. I won't say I was buff, but I was defined in a way that hard work does to a growing boy.

I didn't mind the magazines, however, I was more interested in the boys and how they played with their tools, and what their tools looked like, than I was in the models in the magazine. One day Jason brought in a movie book, someone had taken shots from a porn movie and made a nice full color book. One of my favorite scenes was where two guys were sharing a young woman, and each other. The others thought it was weird, but Jimmy seemed as fascinated by it as I was. So not long after I arranged for Jimmy to sleep over for a weekend at the farm.

Jimmy came over Friday after school, and our circle jerk. We did our homework, played hide and seek with my brothers, ate, watched some TV, and went for a swim. After swimming we showered together before bed, I couldn't keep my eyes off his cock. I really wanted to touch it, slide my hand up and down it, feel it shoot, I just wasn't sure if Jimmy wanted what I wanted or if he'd run and tell my parents or worse yet the others in our little circle jerk group. Jimmy solved that problem when he asked if I needed help washing my back. As he slid the soap across my shoulders, and down my back he stood awful close. At one point I was sure I felt his cock on my ass, but he backed away, and I know it doesn't take as long as it took to wash my ass. He then handed me the soap and asked me to wash his back, and I did it just the way he did, shoulder to shoulder, down his spine, then each cheek and up in between. As my hand slid in between his ass cheeks, he lifted up ever so slightly saying he was ticklish. As I lingered with my fingers just between his ass cheeks, he asked if I liked what I saw in our last magazine. I told him I thought it was ok, and my favorite was the pictures of the two guys and one girl. He said that was his favorite too, especially when the two guys were playing with each other. I laughed, and told him I found that really hot as well. Jimmy turned around and his cock was at its full 7" thick hardest. That sight made my little 5" cock stand up as well, and Jimmy went first, and wrapped his warm hand around my cock. I wanted to touch his cock, so I reached out and tried to wrap my hand around his, but it just wouldn't fit. Jimmy said he had that problem too, that's why he always used two hands at the circle jerk. Just then mom yelled it was bed time, and we had wasted enough hot water. We quickly rinsed, shut off the water, dried off, and put on our sleeping pants.

I had the only big bed so Jimmy had to sleep with me, and after our shower I couldn't have been happier. Mom kissed me good-night, tucked Jimmy and I in, yes still at my age, turned off the lights and shut the door. Jimmy and I talked a bit, just waiting; I knew mom would be back, she always was. Soon enough I heard the squeaking of the loose board in the hall and then there was mom. She told us enough talking; it's a long day tomorrow, so get some sleep. As she walked back to her bedroom, I again heard the familiar squeak of the floor and knew we were now safe for the night. We wasted no time in shedding our sleeping pants, and grabbing for each other's cocks. We were both already hard and wasted no time in starting the jacking process. As we lay there slowly stroking each other's cocks, Jimmy asked if I had ever thought about trying anything else.

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