Grammar School Education

by obohobo

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Sex Story: Headmaster Munroe’s staunch advocacy of corporal punishment leads to his downfall when he severely canes two innocent pupils at a prestigious grammar school. Set in England in the early 1970’s

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The huge polished black marble slab set on a granite base a little outside the old gatehouse, in ornate gilt lettering ostentatiously informed visitors and passersby of the purpose and establishment of the ancient brick building seen through the archway.

The Sir Edgar Whitby Grammar School

Founded in 1742

Headmaster: Dr. Gerald Munroe

'Leading the County in Education'

Headmaster Munroe would justify the pompous statement by citing the school's academic achievements and high examination pass rate but other schools would point out that the stiff entrance exam to The Sir Edgar Whitby creamed off the best of the county's talent and once in the establishment, with Munroe's staunch advocacy of corporal punishment, fear kept them working to the best of their ability. In this he bucked the growing trend for schools to phase out the use of the cane ahead of a government initiative to ban corporal punishment altogether. Only close associates knew the headmaster delighted in inflicting the pain and that seeing the livid stripes decorate the bare buttocks of the girl or boy needing chastisement, brought immediate sexual arousal, arousal which he found difficult to hide until the miscreant left the office.

"Alice O'Rourke? Again? Less than a month ago Mr. Rivers brought her in here so perhaps I was too lenient with her then. What has she been up to this time, Miss Dodds?"

"A serious matter, headmaster, she punched Claire Michaels in the face and knocked her to the floor and would have continued punching her had I not been there to stop it. Mr. Stevens came by and assisted Claire to the medical room. She had blood running from her nose and with her eye closing up, he had to support her because she couldn't walk properly. Quite likely Matron will take her home when she has seen her."

"I didn't punch her, Sir. It was an accident. I ran to get to the dining room early and when I swung round the post at the corner of the cloakroom, I skidded and slipped on a wet spot on the floor and my head hit Claire in the face." Shaking in front of the tall, broad-shouldered man, tearfully she pleaded her case but knowing Miss Dodds had no liking for her and the head would take the teacher's word over hers, she fully expected they'd decide to punish her. "I know I shouldn't have been running Sir, but it was an accident. I couldn't help falling into her."

"Did you actually see her hit the other girl, Miss Dodds?"

"No Sir, but as soon as I heard the disturbance and turned round, both were on the floor, O'Rourke was on top of Claire and had her fists clenched. I pulled her off before she could do further damage."

"I didn't hit her," Alice continued to plead in a soft Irish voice that years of private schooling had entirely eliminated, knowing full well the headmaster didn't wish to believe her and from the whispered stories that circulated in the classrooms, she rightly guessed he'd rather see her bent over the sturdy bench that stood prominently on display in his office, something she'd managed to avoid on her last visit.

"Report to me at end of school today, we'll sort it out then," he abruptly ordered, "If Claire is fit, I'll hear what she has to say." Unfortunately Matron took Claire home without knowing her friend needed her support.

"I heard one of the back windows break and when I ran outside, found this new boy still tossing the ball in the air. He blames boys playing cricket in the field the other side of the wall but when I looked, there wasn't anyone in sight, Sir," Caretaker Dick Boyce explained.

"And what is your version of the story, Michael Neary?"

"Sir, I was walking around the back way to the library when a ball came over the hedge, it hit the window and cracked the glass but most of the pieces stayed in place. The ball bounced back in my direction so I caught it but with it being a hard cricket ball, it stung my hands so I tossed it in the air and caught it again. I did that a couple of times Sir. I didn't throw the ball at the window Sir, it really did come from over the hedge. The hedge is higher than the wall Sir, and boys were playing cricket there but they must have hidden themselves when they heard the window break. It's not my ball Sir, I never play cricket." Worried because in the three weeks he'd attended the prestigious school, he'd heard stories of boys and girls being caned, frequently severely, for minor offences and seen them sit very gingerly at their desks the following day, whereas at his previous school, the head used the cane only a few times a year. Breaking a window would be considered a serious offence, an offence of which he was innocent.

"So we have you with a ball in your hand, the ball you admit broke the window, and a disappearing cricket team. An unlikely story, Neary. Perhaps it is time you found out how I deal with misbehaviour of this kind and boys that try to lie there way out of trouble. See me at the end of school today and unless you can find this phantom cricket team, I'll believe you broke the window." To himself he muttered with glee, "Two in need of a good caning, both for serious misdemeanours, I can justifiably give them the full eight and witnessing that will get Rachel horny and ready to fuck afterwards. Maybe she'll come home and spend the evening with me and we can have a longer fuck session."


"Hi, you're the new boy, Michael something, you're in some of my classes but I never expected you to get into trouble so soon. What did you do to upset Monster Munroe?" Alice whispered as the pair sat outside the head's office.

"Michael Neary. He says I broke a window but I didn't," tears had already formed in his eyes, "Some boys played cricket on the public field by the school and they hid when they heard the glass break. I caught the ball and now I'm getting blamed for the damage. You're Alice, aren't you? I heard you beat up another girl?"

Michael glanced at the blonde girl with well-developed breasts that pushed her out white blouse, sitting nervously alongside him. Had not fear for his forthcoming punishment been uppermost in his mind, he would have taken more notice but his eyes were already blurred with tears that had yet to overflow and run down his cheeks. He knew Alice was a popular girl with the boys in his class but, being reticent rather than shy, he hadn't any social contact with her or any other girl for that matter.

"Yeah, that's what they say but I didn't punch her or anything, she's a friend of mine, I ran along the corridor and slipped and head butted Claire and knocked her out. They took her home so she can't corroborate my story and Dotty Dodds hates my guts and will lie her arse off to get me caned. You'll probably get the cane too because I doubt he'll believe you even if you are innocent, and I expect you are. It was probably Doug Hoskins and three or four others that often play cricket out there but they'll swear they were somewhere else and they don't go to this school so he will have to find them first."

Alice studied the skinny boy with more candour than he did her. "He's not bad looking really and he's intelligent, well we all have to be to get into this hell-hole, and we must both be sixteen but I bet he's still a virgin. If bloody Munroe doesn't soon call us in, Mikey will pass out with the worry," she mused.

After a deliberate wait of fifteen minutes, a wait that made them more and more anxious, Rachel Mathews, the buxom, sour-faced school secretary, called Alice into the office but intentionally failed to close the door completely, allowing the sounds that emanated from the room to reach Michael's ears, sounds that caused him further worry and anger. Alice shouted and pleaded her innocence and at first refused to bend over the caning bench, a desk-like structure that had been in use since the early days of the school. Pupils were required to lie face down over the top and were fastened in place with a broad strap across the lower back to prevent them moving and being caned in the wrong place. With girls, their skirt and knickers would be lowered, boys their trousers and underpants, to reveal their bare bottoms and in most cases, their genitals too. Miss Rachel Mathews, a lady in her mid forties, always willingly acted as witness and assisted restraining any recalcitrant pupils who refused to take their punishment.

"No, I'm not going over that bench, I didn't punch her." Michael heard Alice yell and then screaming and sounds of a struggle, more swearing from Alice and then sobs.

"You're getting extra for that performance girl. We don't tolerate that sort of behaviour in this school," the head's angry voice came through the door. "You certainly won't want to sit for long this evening." He hated it when pupils rebelled against his authority even if it gave him an excuse for further punishment or to lay the strokes on with more severity. Her angering him had repercussions that not only affected her backside, but Michael's too. He picked up the long, whippy, crook handled cane and swished it in the air.

A few minutes later a loud CRACK followed by a horrendous scream as the head laid on the first stroke. Michael now wondered if he would be caned with the same ferocity and half decided to run home but his father had signed the form allowing corporal punishment never expecting his quiet, studious son to experience it. The thought of the alternative, expulsion and loss of his scholarship, kept Michael in his seat. His thoughts were interrupted by a second CRACK and another loud scream and pleading but with fear almost rooting him to the chair, he stayed and listened and counted each stroke. Eight all told. A longer wait while the crying and wailing continued but after five minutes Alice walked unsteadily through the door and headed for the girl's toilets, her face distorted in agony, her hair in a mess and tears flowing down her cheeks. Before the secretary closed the door again, Michael noticed the head's prick tented the front of his trousers and wasn't surprised he had to wait before the door opened again.

"Come in Neary, I hope we do not have the same rebelliousness from you as that girl, if we do, your bottom will pay the price," the head threatened.

"I did not break the window Sir, I don't deserve any caning."

"Nonsense boy, lying will only get you further strokes of the cane. Bend over the bench." Seeing no way out of the situation, he did and immediately felt the belt being tightly buckled across his back, holding him immovably to the solid oak bench. To his surprise Miss Richards unfastened his trousers and pulled them and his pants to his ankles and spread his legs as far as his clothing allowed. He knew that from her kneeling position she could see his prick and balls hanging down and would see that he'd the start of an erection, an erection that deflated as soon as the first stroke landed.

Munroe didn't spare him. In a bad mood after the girl defiance and now the boy disputing his judgement, he decided Michael would receive the same number of strokes as the girl and cracked each of them across both bony cheeks with as much force as he dared and not split the skin. Even so it was a near thing and would only require a little knock before some stripes would bleed. Being tall and thin for his sixteen years and not being a macho man type, Michael screamed and begged but too aroused by the boy's suffering, the head gave him the full eight. Afterwards both he and the secretary examined the stripes carefully, 'to make sure there was no untoward damage', they said, before finally releasing him and allowing him to go. Again the boy noticed the head's erection but only later when the pain diminished a little, did he remember it.

Rachel clicked the lock on the door and removed the head's prick from its confinement. "You really gave that pair a good thrashing Gerald, they'll be tender for a while. I bet you wish you could have stuffed this prick into that Alice's cunt and I wouldn't have minded the boy's but at least we can take care of each other." She took Gerald's manhood into her mouth and sucked vigorously.


Painfully and slowly, Michael walked the three-quarters of a mile to the newspaper offices where his father worked. His appointment as chief editor, the reason for the family's move to Gressingbury, a move Michael disliked from the start and now had even more reasons to hate. Ignoring the receptionist who he usually spoke to and who checked to see if his father was free, Michael went straight to his father's office. Seeing his son crying and in pain, David, dismissed the man with him and, realising something serious had happened, with much concern asked the matter and listened with mounting anger whilst Michael blubbered out the whole story. Furious at his son being caned for something he didn't do, he asked, "May I see the stripes?" The walk caused a couple of the stripes to open and bleed and stick to his pants and the moving of them caused further bleeding. "That bastard has to be stopped," he hissed, picking up the phone and punching a number, yelled, "Sara, my office please, bring your camera."

"Munroe's doing?" she enquired kneeling to photograph the wounds, "You going to make an issue of it in the paper? We tried once before but your predecessor cut it and it wasn't as bad as this. Jim needs to see him."


"Dr. James Cadogan, the police surgeon, I've met him on other police cases. Good bloke. Can I phone him, he's probably at the clinic at the end of the road?"

"Alice had the same caning but I didn't see her after she went into the toilets but she'll be in a bad way too," Michael mentioned.

While they waited for the doctor, Sara continued taking photographs not only of the injuries but also of Michael's distraught face and between them, heard more of the reasons for the canings and Munroe's failure to check on the facts.

"I'm taking him to the hospital," the doctor announced as soon as he examined the wounds, "They'll record them as non-accidental injuries and involve the police and me in my official capacity. You said he caned a girl well Michael, do you know where she lives?" He didn't but they had her name and it wouldn't take long to find her. Sara, in hot pursuit of a story and already on the way, had a head start.

"As you saw David, Michael has welts across both buttocks and two have opened and split and it shows something of his courage that he walked to your offices considering the pain he suffered. Besides the visible marks, the underlying bones are bruised so it will be some time before he can sit in comfort and even with our efforts here, there may be permanent scarring. The hospital will do their best to minimise it but we have to also see that no others suffer like this," the doctor explained to Michael's father and the police that were in attendance.

"May we speak to Alice please, Mrs. O'Rourke?" WPC Karen Smithson enquired when the door opened, "We understand she had a severe caning at school today." PC Josh Jacobs stood to one side.

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