Playing Doctor

by raltsn

Copyright© 2012 by raltsn

Fantasy Sex Story: My kids have an appointment with the nurse practitioner. I didn't know she was so hot! If you've ever read the 'my reward' type of story, this is what I would do if I had an all powerful being at my disposal. A stroke story pretty much.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Mind Control   Magic   Fiction   Humor   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Doctor/Nurse   .

I've always been fascinated with the concept of being "gifted" an all power being who can grant my every wish and whim a la My Reward by Azil. I even started to write own version of the story at one point. But then I realized I am really not that talented of a writer. Sure, I can come up with the quick stroke story, maybe even a little bit funny too but after trying to write something like that – yeah – no way. I'll stick with what I'm good at: the quick, somewhat amusing (at times), stroke story. I figured that instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I'll just keep turning it. So what is this? Basically instead of trying to write a whole introduction on how I obtained this "power", I'll just write little bits and pieces of what I want to do with it! With some suspension of disbelief and imagination maybe it'll even be enjoyable.

This particular story came about after I took my kids to their yearly checkup at the pediatricians' office. We saw the nurse practitioner and she was HOT! After I came home let's just say it took me a little longer to get changed but this is what was going through my head at the time.

There were only a few people in the waiting room as I looked around while I signed in. My middle and youngest boys had their yearly check up and I was the lucky one who got to bring them in today.

"Go sit down and wait" I said. "Sit over there, at least there's a TV and you can watch Toy Story 3 while we wait."

I heard a couple of "OK's" as I watched them jump into the open seats at the end. I handed the bored looking receptionist my credit card and waited for her finish up and give me the receipt before sitting down next to the boys. I hope this doesn't take all day I thought. At least I got out of work early today though, it could be worse.

I looked up as a woman with her young daughter sat down next to me. I gave her a quick once over out of the corner of my eye. For a moment, I thought that I could kill some time with her but the back office door opened a nurse stepped out.

"Ethan and Trevor?"

"Come on guys, it's time to go in."

The nurse took the two boys back and went through the standard check up stuff. Height, weight, hearing and eye tests and blood pressure and brought us into the examination room. Sometimes scrubs are hot, but I found that most of the time, it just made them look frumpy. The nurse today was probably in her early 30's, blondish hair and probably a nice figure but who could tell under that hot pink loose fitting blouse where you couldn't even tell if she had breasts.

She dropped a couple of kid's gowns on the table and told them to take off everything down to their underwear. That got her a couple of looks from the boys. Then she asked the requisite questions and stepped out after letting me know that the nurse practitioner would be in shortly.

"Ok guys, let's get these gowns on." I told them.

"Really dad, do we have to take off our clothes and put these on?" asked Ethan.

"Yup, so let's get movin!"

"Is there a certain age where we don't have to wear these anymore?" Trevor asked. Sometimes I wonder where this kid comes up with stuff (he really did ask this today!).

"Nope, even I have to wear these when I see the doctor" I laughed.

"Even Grandma and Grandpa?"

"Yup them too."

I helped them into the gowns as they pulled off their shirts, I told them they could leave on their shorts until the doctor came in. Which happened right as we were done with the gowns. I turned to greet her and all I could think was "Wow". OK, let me clarify. She wasn't like a stop traffic kinda gal, but she definitely wasn't hurting in the looks department. I think I just wasn't expecting her to look like she did. If I had to guess, I'd say she was barely in her low 30's, if that. She was pretty tall, maybe 5'8 or so, not thin but in no way overweight. If I had to guess, I would say it looks like she had a baby and still had 10lbs to lose to get back to "normal". Rounding that out was shoulder length dark hair with dark eyes and a big smile as she greeted us.

"Hey there, I'm Kelly. How are you guys doing?" she asked with a delightful southern drawl.

I shook her hand and introduced myself while the kids just sat and stared from the table. Figures, they can't keep their mouth shut at home, but a couple of mumbled "hi's" was all they can come up with here. Anyway, I won't bore you with more details but if you have kids and have taken them for a checkup, I doubt there was anything new happening here.


I have an all powerful being that can do whatever I want. And what do I want? Let's see, a hot nurse practitioner, and a hard cock. Yup!

Once she gave the kids the A-OK for their health I told them to go back to the waiting room with a quick mention to my APB (All-Powerful Being) to keep them safe while I "talked" to the nurse practitioner. When they left, I shut the door leaving the two of us alone in the room. She turned around from her paperwork to look at me.

"Where are the kids?"

"I sent them to the waiting room to watch the movie."

I mentally told APB to block us off from the rest of the office so that no one would interrupt us or hear anything in that room until I left. I also told APB to have her play along with everything I said as if it were completely normal to her. A smile formed on my face as I thought of what I wanted to do with her.

"So Kelly" I said as I sidled up next to her. "Who takes care of you when you need a checkup?"

"Hmmm? What do you mean?"

I walked up behind her and started massaging her shoulders. Another quick mental note to APB to ramp up her horniness a bit brought a small sigh.

"Well, don't you need someone to make sure that you are healthy too? Verify that everything is working like it's supposed to?" I asked with a smile.

"Sure I guess, I get a checkup every year."

"How about a sex checkup? To make sure you are sexually OK." Oh boy. Did I actually say that? Well this is my fantasy so I may as well go all out! "I happen to be certified in sex checkups so how about we do a quick checkup right now?"

"Oh ok, I've never had that type of checkup before so I guess I'm due." she said like it was normal. I gave APB silent kudos for how she was playing along.

I reached under the cabinet and found a larger gown and handed it to her. "First you'll need to get changed into this. Everything but your underwear." I said grinning.

"Um should you still be in the room while I get changed?" she asked.

"Sure, remember I'm a sex doctor so this isn't standard practice. We are going to be testing for specific sexual functionality so I need to make sure that we get the whole picture and that includes how you undress." I said while trying to stifle a grin. I cannot believe what was coming out of my mouth. Where was I coming up with this stuff. Eh, may as well have as much fun with this as I can I thought.

"Right, that makes sense. I'm sorry for questioning you."

"It's no problem, it happens often. There aren't many sex doctors in the world as it requires very specialized training so many folks aren't familiar with our procedure." I rambled on as I watched her start to undress.

She looked a little nervous as she pulled off her shirt. Her boobs weren't that big, maybe a small B cup and were covered up in a pink bra. I continued to watch as she reached around and fumbled with the clasps in the back. I tried to look nonchalant as she pulled off the bra and revealed a nice perky set of tits with large puffy nipples. Next she unbuttoned her slacks and slid them off too. She was wearing a pair of standard white cotton panties, although she pulled on the paper gown a little too quickly for me to get a better view.

"Great, although I think that this gown here will just get in the way of your examination so I think you should take it off before getting on the examination table."

"OK if you think so." She said as she slowly pulled off the gown and threw it on the chair. She nervously covered herself with her hands as she stood there.

"No reason to feel self-conscious here. " I said with a smile. "I've worked with hundreds of women before and there's nothing that I haven't seen before." Again, I can't believe some of the crap I was spouting here.

Fortunately, I had APB to smooth things out with Kelly because she became visibly less nervous.

"OK sorry, like I said, I've never had this type of examination before."

"It's no problem at all, let me start the examination. First I'm going to do a skin test. I need to check how your skin feels to your lover and that there are no anomalies. Why don't you turn and face the table."

Did I ever say how much I enjoy the feel of a woman's skin. It's so soft and smooth. I started out at her shoulders and ran my hands down her arms and back up, reaching around at the top of her neck. Moving down further, I ran my hands around her tits. A small gasp ensured that APB had definitely ramped her horniness a bit. Her nipples hardened up under my touch and I continued to rub them and pull on them. I could hear her breathing a bit more shallow now and her head leaned back, almost resting on my chest. Continuing on down I marveled how smooth her stomach was and enjoyed the little baby pouch at the bottom.

Did I also tell you that I'm a leg man? Well this girl had legs to spare! I moved down to her hips and got down on my knees as I ran my hands up and down her legs. She was definitely enjoying this as at this vantage point I could smell her arousal. Not wanting to get her too excited, I figured I'd check that out in a little bit.

"OK so your skin feels really good, I don't think you have a problem there. Why don't you lay down on the table here." I said as I patted the table. I pulled the table paper out and over but had APB turn it into a more comfortable blanket rather than the itchy paper.

She laid down on the table and I moved up next to her.

"Next we're going to test nipple response." Nipple response? Good grief.

"Mmmm ok" was the only response I got. Her eyes were closed and arms at her sides with her legs slightly apart. I leaned forward and took one of her small tits in my mouth. That got me a larger sigh and a bit of an arched back as I sucked her nipple. I continued to suck on one nipple as I fondled the other one, pulling and rubbing her small tits. After a few minutes of that she was moaning a bit and squirming a bit too much on the table.

"Good news Kelly, your nipple response is perfect. Look at how they are hard and elongated with typical stimulation. I think you passed this one with flying colors."

"That's great doctor, what other tests do you have left?"

"Just a couple of more tests, next will be the clitoris stimulation test."

"I was hoping you'd say that." She said as her eyes closed and her legs spread apart a little further.

"I am going to remove your underwear and you will need to scoot down here to the end of the table as well."

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