Tim and His Cousin

by RonBo

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Incest Sex Story: Tim expands his sexploits to include a cousin

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Cousins   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Tim was masturbating again. He was locked in the bathroom, sitting on the throne with his erect cock firmly in his tight right hand. As he stroked himself slowly letting his precum covered palm reduce the friction and intensify the feeling, while he jerked himself towards an orgasm.

He closed his eyes and thought of the day he had fucked his mother. She sucked and fucked her son finally begging him to put his teenage cock into her tight asshole. Libby, his mother, wouldn't have sex with him again after that day. She was guilt ridden over the affair with her fourteen years old son. The bible said that incest was a sin and Libby wouldn't ever let that sort of lewd behavior happen again.

He was almost there. Almost ready for another hard cum! His thoughts wandered to his recently divorced Aunt Tena and the wondrous weekend he had spent with her. He had done all the same things with her as he had done with his Mom, penetrating all three of her holes. Cunt, mouth and ass. She had even spanked him for fibbing about feeling ill. She not only turned his tight teen bottom a fiery red shade with her hand but she had spanked his penis. She had spanked his cock head while holding his erection tightly in her hand. Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! His cock erupted in savage spurts making a plopping noise as they hit the cold water in the toilet bowl. He had cum hard thinking about sex with his Mom and Aunt Tena.

He sat back against the lid while still massaging his mostly soft cock. His thoughts now were of the other female relatives he had. Was there another one he could fuck? He knew that his Aunt Tena would do him again but with her visiting her boyfriend's house out of state he didn't know when he would get into her pants again.

He had two more aunt's that were his father's sisters. They were both heavy and not too good looking. Now I'm fussy! Tim laughed to himself.

His mother only the one sister and an older brother who did have a teenage daughter. Betty was her name. She was too young though. Only about ten if he remembered correctly.

His father's sisters had two kids each. Lena had two boys and Selma had one of each. The daughter at fifteen was a year older than Tim. Tim remembered that Mary was cute and at one time had a crush on him. During a family get together all the cousins had gotten together in the basement of Tim's parent's house, sitting in the middle of the floor on an old area rug, playing spin the bottle.

Tim was twelve at the time and this was his first experience at kissing. If you spun the bottle and it landed on someone of your own sex, you spun again until it landed on the opposite sex cousin.

When thirteen years old Mary's turn came she spun the bottle hard and when it finally stopped it's gyrations it was pointed directly at Tim. Tim leaned over to meet Mary half way, his lips already puckered in anticipation of feeling her soft lips for the first time.

As soon as their lips touched Tim could feel Mary's wet tongue pressing against his mouth. Instinctively Tim opened his mouth to let her tongue enter his mouth. The dueled with their tongues until one of the cousins had exclaimed. "Hey! That's long enough. Spin the bottle again."

They played for at least an hour longer and although Tim kissed all of his female cousins several times Mary was the only one to feed him her tongue each time.

Tim was getting hard again. Maybe he should see if Mary wanted to go to the movies Friday night. It wasn't a real date since they were related so Tim thought neither set of parents would object. As the thoughts of possibly getting Mary to at least touch him 'down there' ran through his mind, Tim continued to rub his cock until he dropped another load of cum into the toilet.

When he called Mary she didn't hesitate and said 'yes' to Tim's suggestion of going to the movies together.

The Theater

When Friday finally arrived Tim was waiting on his front porch, freshly showered and in clean clothes. Mary and her mom, his Aunt Selma were to pick him up at seven so they would get dropped off at the theater by seven fifteen. Tim's mom was going to pick them up when the movie was over. Both sets of parents thought it was great that Tim and Mary were spending time together, not once thinking that putting the two teens together in a dark theater was not such a smart move.

After getting the tickets and pop corn, Tim guided Mary to the last row of seats commonly called amongst the local teens Make out row. There was another young teenage couple sitting there so Tim and his cousin knowing that the unwritten rule was to allow three empty seats between couples, sat down the requisite distance. Tim glanced over at the couple being thankful that they weren't classmates who would recognize them.

He knew that he had made a good choice when as soon as they sat down Betty held his hand in hers saying. "Thanks for taking me Tim. I know we are related but if you want we can make out just a little once the movie starts."

Tim smiled as he lights dimmed and the coming attractions started to play. This is going to work out fine He thought as simultaneously he offered Betty some pop corn and put his right arm across her shoulders letting the palm of his hand rest on her firm young boob. Although she was wearing a bra under her thin shirt Tim could feel the erect nipple poking at the front of her bra. Betty snuggled closer to Tim not seeming to care that he was 'feeling her up'.

By the time the main feature started Tim had unsnapped Betty's bra, unbuttoned several of her blouse buttons and had his hand on her bare firm teenage tit.

As they began kissing using their tongues like dueling swords she reached her right hand down and placed it on his right thigh. Tim was already hard and hoped she would use her hand on him. He knew that several of his friend's girlfriends made them cum with their hands in this very row of the theater.

Betty was wearing light cotton slacks. Tim abandoned his bag of popcorn and while still using his right hand on both of his cousin's bare breasts he reached between Betty's legs with his left hand, touching her ever so gently on the material hiding her pussy.

She moaned softly as Tim's hand gently massaged her between her now spread legs. She moved her hand from his thigh but instead of grabbing his cock she put her hand on his left thigh allowing her forearm to rest on his erection.

It isn't her hand but it sure feels good! Tim thought as his cousin's forearm began sliding up and down his jean covered cock. Their kissing had become so frantic that saliva was running from their open mouths making their chins and cheeks wet.

They stopped kissing long enough to use Tim's handkerchief to dry their faces. Tim took a peek at the couple to their left. This couple must be experienced in theater make out. The girl was wearing a loose fitting skirt and the guy had his hand way up inside of that skirt. The boy's zipper was down and the girl had her hand buried deep in his pants. Obviously by her hand motions Tim knew she was jerking the boy off.

Tim got back to his own 'date' in time to see her undo the top button of her pants. Tim got the hint. He reached down and lowered her zipper sliding his left hand into her pants, under her white panties and was able to slip his middle finger into her pussy. It slid in easily. She was very wet.

Tim wanted Betty to put her hand inside of his pants. He wanted to feel her hand on his bare cock, but Betty continued to slowly and softly rub his prick with her forearm. He was getting a wet spot on his jeans from the precum Betty had brought out with her arm masturbation technique.

Betty was breathing hard with her mouth opened a little while Tim increased the speed of his finger rubbing against her tender clit. With a moan, that was loud enough for the nearby couple to hear, Betty climaxed against Tim's still moving finger.

Betty stopped massaging his cock and used both hands to fasten up her pants. She left her blouse undone. Tim took advantage by locking his lips on one of her hard nipples and began sucking it hard.

"Not so hard Tim. Suck it gently and I bet my pussy will cum again without being touched."

"What about me?" Tim selfishly asked.

"Don't worry Tim. You won't have to go home and jerk off. I will make you cream good in a few minutes. Suck my other nipple."

Tim swapped nipples and used his lips and tongue gently as Betty had instructed. Betty did cum again while her tits were being sucked. It was a soft orgasm feeling good and bringing a flush to her cheeks as the orgasm ended.

"Good job Tim. I didn't think you knew this much at your age. You made me feel great. Now let me do you."

"Do you have an tissues Betty? It's going to be messy."

"Don't worry about it. I have what it takes to keep your pants dry." She giggled as she said that, then leaned in close to Tim to open his jeans so she would have easy access to his throbbing member. She reached into his briefs pulling his erection out through the opening in the front of the underwear.

Tim loved the feeling that he got in his cock as his cousin spat into her palm before wrapping her hand around Tim hot flesh tube. Her hand slid easily up and down his shaft, the spittle making everything slick and sensitive.

Tim's balls were tightening up as his orgasm neared. "I'm gonna cum."

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