Tim and His Aunt

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Fiction Sex Story: Tim spends the weekend with his Aunt Tena who knows about Tim screwing his own mother, her sister. She wants some of the same!

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

It had been several weeks since Tim's sexual encounter with his mother. It had started with a legitimate enema for Tim's upset stomach and had ended with a day of fucking and sucking that Tim would remember for the rest of his life. It was by far the best experience that the fourteen years old boy had had to date.

No matter what Tim said. No amount of shameless begging. Nothing would change Libby's mind. It was a one time experience that she had thoroughly enjoyed but was so guilt ridden over, that she vowed to never let it repeat itself. Incest was a most shameful thing. She would not succumb to her base desires ever again. She vowed to herself.

Tim had resigned himself to masturbating while thinking about his mother's mature body and the things she had done with him. He had never thought that having his teenage dick in someone's mouth could feel so good. He spurted his boy juice many times thinking about his mother sucking him to orgasm.

His parents were planning a three day weekend at some resort upstate and they had decided that Tim would spend the weekend with his Aunt Tena while they were away, not trusting a teenager to behave himself for three days home alone.

Tim's Aunt Tena was his mother's younger sister who at thirty was two years younger than Libby. Tim liked his aunt a lot. She was built very similar to his mother except her breasts were just a bit smaller.

He wondered if he could fake a stomach ache and talk his aunt into giving him an enema. That's how it had started with his mother. Maybe he could talk his pretty aunt into having him strip for her so she could slide an enema tube up his bottom hole. Maybe she would get horny like his mother had. Maybe Tim could get laid again. This time by his Aunt Tena. It was worth a try. Tim thought.

Friday afternoon, on their way out of town, Tim's parents dropped him off at Tena's house with his small black overnight bag. Aunt Tena was all smiles as she greeted Tim, kissing him on his cheek, on the way to the spare bedroom where he would be spending the next three nights.

Over a dinner consisting of pork chops, yellow rice and applesauce Tim mentioned his stomach was a little upset preparing for the morning's big lie. Tena just smiled and went on talking about maybe going to a Saturday matinee at the local cinema the next day.

Not what I'm planning Auntie. The boy thought as he perfected the details of his plan for the morning. Aunt Tena was dressed in a snug fitting sweater showing off her perky tits and a pair of too tight jeans. Tim admired how the jean material fit snuggly into the cleft of his aunt's bottom. Tim had an erection as his aunt put down a dish of ice cream in front of him.

He didn't want to wait until morning to start his complaining of not feeling well but didn't want to blow it either, so he ate his ice cream in silence knowing that it would be painful to sit next to his sexy aunt watching TV after dinner, but that's exactly what he did.

His cock went from hard to soft several more times Friday night in anticipation of seeing his aunt without the protection of her sweater and jeans.

He went to bed around ten P. M. after showering in the small upstairs bathroom. He caught a glimpse of his aunt heading to her bedroom already showered and dressed in a long white nightgown. He loved the way her hips swayed when she walked and how the light material clung to her shapely bottom.

First thing in the morning Tim went downstairs to the kitchen where is aunt was preparing pancakes. He feigned discomfort by walking slightly bent over.

Tena played along with his amateurish acting. "What's the matter Tim?"

"I have a stomach ache. I haven't been able to move my bowels in three days." He moaned out loud.

"I'm not sure what to do Tim."

"My mother usually gives me an enema when I feel this bad."

Tena had trouble concealing a smirk. Did the boy take her for a fool? She thought, having trouble keeping a smile off of her face. Tim didn't realize that his mother had confided to her all about her incestuous day with her son.

Tena had her own game to play. "Enema? O.K. Tim. Strip down for me."

"Here? Now?" Tim hadn't expected her to concede so quickly.

"Yes. Here. I am going to see you naked whether it be here or the bathroom. Strip boy!"

Tim was only wearing a t shirt and his sleep shorts. He pulled his cotton shirt over his head, then pushed his shorts down to his ankles before stepping out of them. He stood before his aunt bare ass naked with his pecker at half mast. He was getting turned on baring all to his pretty aunt. The fact that she was dressed and he was nude made him so aroused that his prick hardened until he was standing in the middle of the kitchen floor with a nice hard erection standing out from his pubic hairs.

Libby was right. Tim had a fine looking five and a half inches of taught cock between his legs. She was staring at the boy's privates for a full minute before she realized that Tim was looking into his aunt's blue eyes. She looked away quickly.

Libby had given her sister a blow by blow account of her day with Tim. How Tim had used his cock in all of her orifices including her tight virgin ass.

The pancakes sat cooling on the table on her best white plates, the thought of breakfast far from either of their minds at the moment.

Tena moved to stand in front of her nephew. Although he was only fourteen he had at least two inches on his petite aunt and was able to look down into her eyes. She reached out with her left hand to cup his throbbing dick as she raised her right hand. Smack! Smack! Smack! Tena slapped Tim's cock head several times with the tips of her fingers emitting a low moan from the boy.

His cock did not flag. It remained hard. Just the head of his cock was visible sticking out from Tena's tight grip. He watched as his cock was repeatedly spanked by his aunt. Tim didn't try to pull away. This was a new feeling. He liked his cock being spanked. It wouldn't take much for his cock to erupt while Tena attended to her version of a cock punishment.

"I know what you are up to Tim. Your mother told me everything."

CRAP! She knew what he was up to.

Tena stopped slapping Tim's cock. With a firm grip on his cock she led Tim to the living room. She sat in an armless easy chair and using her tight grip on Tim's still erect penis she pulled him down onto her nightgown covered lap.

Tena let go of the teen's cock to use that hand on the small of Tim's back to keep him still while she raised her right hand up high. Slap! Slap! Slap! Tena spanked Tim's bare ass, much like her father had done to both she and Libby while they were growing up.

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