Halloween Fun

by Sly Dog

Copyright© 2012 by Sly Dog

Sex Story: This is a short stroke story with a twist.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Size   .

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It's a pedophile's dream come true to have little kids coming to your door and asking you for a 'Trick or Treat'. The reason I like it so much is I can be in disguise and inevitably a little girl will get away from her parents or older siblings and approach my house unescorted. That is when my fun begins. Some are scared at first when I ask them into my house but I make them feel comfortable right away by showing them all the candy I have to give out. I tell them if they can keep a secret that I will let them eat a piece of candy now. They are eager to eat a piece of candy and don't look at the wrapper as carefully as a parent would. After eating the candy they are very suggestible for a few hours. That's when my fun really begins.

At first I turn off my outside lights so I will have no intrusions. Next I take the little girl to my bedroom and talk her into removing her costume slowly. I love the tease of the build up to the little girl being completely naked for my pleasure. Once she is naked I remove my own clothes in a more rushed manor. All except the specially applied make-up on my face. If for some reason the drug in the candy didn't do everything I was promised, I don't want her to be able to describe me. Now that the girl is naked I get her to stand in front of me and as she does her curiosity gets her to reach for my hard cock and hold it. I smile at the little tyke as I wrap my hand around hers and slide it up and down my shaft. She gets the idea after only a few seconds and I can remove my hand and watch her continue on her own.

I then ask her in a soft and gentle voice for her to kiss the tip of my cock. As she does that I gently put my hand on the back of her head and pull her closer making her have to open her mouth. I take my other hand and remove her hand from my shaft as I slide her mouth back and forth on my cock. I tell her to lick it as it goes in and out and to curl her lips over her teeth. Next I tell her to keep doing what I was making her do and to look up into my eyes and show me how much she likes sucking my cock. Then I make a game of telling her that I will give her $10 if she can get it all in her mouth. When the tip hits the back of her mouth she gags but I tell her to keep going and to swallow when it hits the entrance to her throat.

When she gets it down her throat I put my hand back on her head and hold her there for a few seconds. Not long enough to make her pass out but just long enough to make her panic. I tell her to stay calm and that it won't hurt her. Her eyes are pleading with me but turn to relief as I pull completely out of her mouth. That's when I have her lay down as I begin to kiss her face and around her head settling on her lips for a soft but lingering kiss. I slip my tongue out of my mouth and coax her to open her mouth as I slide it into her mouth. She closes her eyes as what I'm doing to her and the drug in the candy start to affect her cunnie.

I draw my tongue back and although she hesitates for only a moment she follows my tongue with hers into my mouth. She starts to do battle with my tongue as she moans and growls into my mouth. I make a mental note to get more of this drug just in case other young girls come by on other occasions. But for now I slide my hand between her legs and feel her damp cunnie as the drug makes her more and more sexually aroused. She may not know the reason she feels this way because of her age or naivety but she is receptive to whatever I want. After I pull back from the kiss I have her get on the bed on all fours. I position her with her knees at the edge of the bed and her legs spread just enough for me to stand between them.

So I don't hurt her more than it will when I burst her maidenhead I grab a tube of medical lubricant and place a line of it on the top of my ridged prick. I use my right hand to rub it in and take a dollop of the lube on my left and spread it all through her tight slit and especially in the opening to her sex. She shivers a little as the excitement builds even more then looks back as she sees the head of my penis get closer to her treasure. She licks her lips but doesn't know why as she feels the tip lodge against her tiny opening. I gently push forward letting her opening stretch slowly to take the head of my cock inside her tiny body. As it pops inside, my legs start to shake with the intense excitement I feel at being just 8 inches from having my full cock buried completely in this little girl.

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