Saving Water With Joanne

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: An 18 yr old goes door to door selling water efficient shower heads. A girl friend of his mother wants to see his wares. He thought that meant the showerhead but she had other ideas... and so did her sister. After all they share everything.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Size   .

Life was tough at the moment for an 18 year old. Jobs were hard to find and keep, and I was desperate to earn an income and not be reliant on handouts from the government. Then I got a job, not the flashest of ones, it was selling and installing water efficient showerheads. I had to go door to door and try to interest the householder. They were reasonably priced and I had some success.

It was a Friday morning and I was about to leave home to scope out a new suburb in my city when my mum called me.

"Grant, my girlfriend Joanne would like you to call by this morning and show her your wares" mum said.

"Ok, I'll swing by there first thing" I responded as I picked up my sample case and headed out the door.

Half and hour later I was knocking on the Joanne's door. She was the same age as my mum, and that was 38 years old. I had met her only once when she visited our place a few weeks ago. Mum and her had hooked up at the gym and struck up a friendship that had blossomed. She is quite attractive, with her being about 5ft 3ins tall, petite build with the softest looking milky white skin with smatterings of faint and small freckles on her upper body. Oh wow ... an upper body to behold too ... for such a petite person she had a substantial set of tits which I'd seen harnessed in a sports bra and crop top. They'd been to the gym and her and mum were looking quite sporty.

It took about 10 seconds before the door popped open and Joanne was there greeting me.

My jaw must have dropped to the floor. She was standing there in a mid-thigh length wrap around robe and bare feet. Her flowing red hair was all mussed up.

"Hi, Joanne. I hope I didn't wake you" I asked her as I walked inside.

"Oh no, I was awake. I was just laying in bed reading. Like everyone else I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey" was her explanation.

Before I could check myself I asked "Have you been enjoying the sex descriptions?"

I turned red and looked to the floor. "Oh god..." I thought "That will surely get back to my mother".

Joanne spoke almost immediately "Yes, I have been ... and don't worry I'm not offended by the question".

She led me through to the kitchen and I opened my display case to show her the shower head.

"This shower head, when fitted can save you almost $500 in water charges over the course of a year. It reduces the flow of water yet you still get a beautiful stream of water in your shower" I explained.

Joanne spoke "Yes, I have used the one at your place, and I really liked it".

Hmmmm ... that was interesting news. She must have been at our place more often than I realised. I'd only fitted one to mum's ensuite shower at the moment, at least until we could afford to put one in my shower. She must have used the one in mum's ensuite.

Mum and I live alone. My father left us years ago to "find himself", and has never been seen since. I guess he's lost his way. Since become friends with Joanne, my mum had been much happier and more outgoing.

"I'd like to buy one from you Grant. Your mum said that you fit them too. Could you fit mine so I can try it this morning?" she asked.

"Of course I can" was my excited response. "Yes..." I shouted silently as I made another sale, and I got to spend a little longer in the company of this sexy older woman. The word MILF can immediately to mind, causing a stirring in my shorts.

Within about five minutes I was back from my car with her shower head and my tools. I kicked off my sandals and stepped into the shower recess and quickly removed her old shower head. The new one took a few minutes to fit and I stepped back to admire my handiwork and check its operations.

"Can I use it yet?" was the question that came from behind me.

I answered "Yes..." as I turned to find a very naked Joanne standing immediately behind me.

"Oh my fucking god... " I muttered as she stepped closer and thrust out her hand to grab my cock through my shorts. It had gone from mildly excited to rock hard in an instant.

"Oh wow!" she groaned as she palmed my cock "What the fuck have you got in your shorts?" she asked as her fingers and palm tried to measure the length and girth of my cock. She didn't wait for an answer before she continued "That feels fucking massive".

Joanne dropped to the floor and grabbed my shorts and underwear and dragged them to the floor. My cock popped free and stood erect - a full 10 inches long and massively thick. I've had lots of trouble getting girls my age to agree to be fucked by it. She grabbed it by the base and dragged its tip to her mouth. Her tongue came out and she licked all round the head before popping the head in her mouth and sucking it hard.

My hands went to her hair and pulled her face closer, with my cock sliding deeper into her mouth. She didn't eresist at all, instead she attacked it with gusto and was plunging just over half in and out of her mouth.

"Oh ... oh ... oh..." I chanted as she sucked me hard for a few minutes before she stopped. My cock was still half embedded in her mouth when she paused. Her hands went to my butt then she pulled me closer. I felt my cock hit the entrance to her throat before it kept on sliding deeper and deeper into her throat until her lips were around the base of my cock. She held it there for a few moments before easing back to catch her breath.

"Oh fuck" I groaned as she repeated her deep-throating of me over and over again.

"I'm going to cum if you keep that up" I warned her as I felt my peak rapidly approaching. She didn't back off, she actually sucked me harder until...

"Oh ... ahh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I shouted as my cock shot massive explosions of cum deep inside her mouth and throat. Strong squirts filled her mouth followed by weaker ones until my cock stopped squirting. It stayed hard courtesy of her gentle sucks and licks as she continued to worship my cock.

I pulled my shirt off to make myself as naked as her. I then grabbed her arms and lifted her from her kneeling position until I could pull her sexy naked body to mine. Our lips met and out tongues wrestled as our arousal levels climbed once again. I could feel her very erect nipples boring into my chest as we embraced with my cock trapped between us.

We kissed and embraced for minutes before breaking apart. I stepped back to admire her body. Her face was so sexy, especially with her massive smile. The hard nipples that had been boring into my chest were rosy red, very hard and long. They sat atop a very full set of tits, tits that were much more than a mouthful and handful combined. I loved their fullness and their shape, and I loved their feeling when they were quashed against my chest.

My eyes travelled lower ... her pussy was completely bald and she had the most pronounced set of pussy lips that I have ever seen - either in the flesh or in pictures. They were fleshy, big and engorged with her excitement. She watched me watching her, parting her legs slightly to give me a better view. Wrenching my eyes away from her pussy, they travelled down her thighs, down her ankles to her feet.

I have a foot fetish and I love the look of sexy feet. Hers were sensational, perfectly formed, petite with her toe nails painted a soft pink to match her finger nails. I planned to suck on those toes, most probably whilst I stuffed my engorged cock deep inside her pussy.

Joanne spoke then "Let's try out the shower before we retire to the bed for some more excitement". I followed her into the shower.

This was a first for me - I had never shared a shower with a woman before. Joanne got the shower running and adjusted the temperature before she led me in, by the cock. It was a large shower recess with two shower heads and a seat attached to one wall. She grabbed a bottle of shower gel and squirted some onto the tops of her stunning tits.

"Will you wash them for me please Grant?" she asked as she cupped her hands under them offering them to me. My hands were drawn to them like magnets as I smeared the gel all over her tits before taking over cupping them from her. I lifted them, feeling their weight and softness before tweaking her nipples between my fingers.

"Ooooh ... I like that ... you can lick and suck them too" she whispered.

I took up the invitation quickly and soon I had a nipple in my mouth, and the other between my fingers. I could feel her squirming around with the excitement and arousal that was building. My cock had returned to full stiffness and was pressing against her tummy, letting her know that her body was turning me on big time. For an older woman, the same age as my mother, this lady was just pure sexiness, much more so than the few teenagers who I'd fucked previously.

I switched nipples, sucking the other one and tweaking the other as her hand came to the back of my head and pulled my face hard against her tit. All this was happening as they fine mist of the shower heads were wetting us thoroughly. This was a new experience for me and one that I was enjoying immensely.

"Oooh ... ahhh..." she chanted with increasing frequency and volume as she built closer and closer to an orgasm. I pulled on her nipple with my lips before using my teeth to nip it. That was the tipping point as she erupted into orgasm.

"Ohhh fuck..." she groaned as her body trembled with her mashing her tit harder and harder into my face. "You wicked, wicked boy - how did you know ... know that my tits and nipples were so sensitive?"

I looked up at her, still with nipple in mouth, as I continued to tongue it as her orgasm waned. I winked at her - she smiled before releasing her hold on my head. I was free to move now, but I didn't for a few moments as I continued to lick and suck her quite large and hard nipples. Eventually she pushed me away, popping her nipple free of my attentions. I was now able to observe her nipple and tits.

Her tits were milky whote like the rest of her skin, with a smattering of faint freckles splashed across their tops. Her nipples were rosy red and quite long, surrounded by a deep pink areola. She had a deep channel between her tits, one that I planned to use later whilst titty fucking her.

Joanne reach for the shower gel again, this time squirting some on her tits and then some on my chest. Then she moved forward again and mashed her tits into my chest. The combining of the gels created a very slippery surface between us, with her soft tits mashing into my harder chest. We stayed mashed together kissing and carrying on until we finally broke apart.

She backed over to the side wall and popped her ass into the seat, initially with her legs together before she slowly opened her legs to give me a birds-eye view of her delicious pussy. It was all wet - partly from the shower and partly from her own juices. Her pussy glistened and beckoned me. I moved closer as she slipped her hands behind her knees to lever herself further apart for my viewing pleasure.

"Lick me!" she whispered.

I knelt down, bringing my face close to her pussy with its pronounced lips. I just gazed at it for a few moments, entranced by its form. The lips were large and engorged. They were a slightly darker colour than her skin, wrinkly was a word that came to mind. They met in the middle but weren't a tight fit together. The crease between them was wet; I could see the moisture glistening.

"Lick me!" she whispered again.

I moved closer and ran my tongue in the crease between her thigh and her pubis. First one side, then the other I licked and nipped with my teeth. I was teasing her and she was getting impatient.

"Lick me ... you fucking teaser" she growled as she grabbed my head and pulled me closer to her pussy. I responsed by biting and sucking in the crease, imparting a small hickey on the spot.

"Oh ... oh..." she groaned as I sucked to expand its size. She pushed back on my forehead to redirect me to her pussy. I released her skin and allowed her to push me closer to her pussy lips. They were now against my lips. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, trying to cover her engorged lips with my mouth. I was successful as I kissed her lips for a moment before thrusting my tongue between her pussy lips.

"Oh fuck!" she shouted as the sensation rocked her body. She tasted divine and her pussy lips held my tongue between them as I burrowed my tongue deep in the crevice. The tip of my tongue touched on her hot inner lips before parting them and exposing her inner molten-hot core to my inquisitive tongue. I repeatedly thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy channel, releasing a pent up dam of her hot juices to my tongue. Lapping up her juices, feeding off her tasty juices, I licked like a man possessed and starving from lack of food and drink.

I initially concentrated on her pussy channel, but changed my focus to her whole pussy crevice after a few minutes. Running my tongue up and down the full length of her pussy crevice with single deep thrusts into her pussy channel as I passed over it. After a few repetitions, Joanne had worked out my rhythm and was actively pushing her pussy at my tongue when time for the tongue thrust deep into her channel.

Up until then I had ignored her clit. I'd accidently nudged it a couple of times but I'd avoided direct contact with it because I wanted the contact to be sudden and unexpected.

"Ahh ... ahhh" she chanted as she mashed her pussy against my mouth and tongue. I could sense that she was building to a huge cum so I eased off a little to let her settle. Then I started again, teasing her and building her arousal once again.

"Oh you fucking tease!!! you..." she started to berate me until I cut her short by licking her pea-sized clit directly. I licked back and forth across it, then round and round it before taking it between my lips and gently sucking on it.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! cummmmmmmmmmiinnnggg!!!" she screamed as her body convulsed and a strong spray of her juices painted my face. A couple of very strong squirts followed by a few weaker ones until my face glistened with her expelled juices. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up from my knees to mash her lips to my sticky ones. We kissed for a few moments before she lickec my face, cleaning my face of her own tasty juices before sharing them with me again with a kiss.

My position meant that my very big and fat cock came to rest on her pussy mound. I rubbed it across her mound as we kissed until she had cleaned up my face completely. Her petite hand went between us to grab my very hard cock and rub its head back and forth across her very wet and engorged pussy lips.

Finally she found her voice. "Let's take this monster to the bedroom. You can impale me there".

Joanne led me by the cock from her bathroom to the side of her bed. She crawled onto the bed and laid back with her legs spread, showing her delicious pussy. She ran her fingers over her pussy and then used her fingers to spread her lips.

"Right here ... is where I want your beautiful cock" she groaned. "I want it now and I want it deep".

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