Lucky Luke

by JohnnyMax

Copyright© 2012 by JohnnyMax

Fiction Sex Story: Luke has got to be the unluckiest boy around, until....

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cousins   First   .

The first 17 years of Luke's life earnt him the title of Unlucky Luke. Unfortunately it was all bad luck. His daddy Pete died in a car accident driving home from the hospital after visiting Luke's mother Sarah the day before she was to bring Luke home. Sarah's father Jake had to bring her the bad news and then arrange to take her home. She stayed an extra day due to the upset and on that day their family home burnt down. So then Sarah and Luke had to stay an extra day due to the further upset. Jake finally took Sarah and Luke home 3 days late, home to Jakes house where he had lived alone since Sarah's mother died from breast cancer that was diagnosed the day Sarah's doctor told Sarah she was pregnant. From diagnosis till death was a short 3 months. Luke's bad luck had started before he was even born.

Jake had inherited some money and also worked hard and had plenty in the bank but frequent doctors visits and a series of cars that kept breaking down were eating into his nest egg. By the time Luke was 17 Jakes wealth was down to the last ten thousand.

Luke, well his school life growing up was ... not good. Imagine how popular a boy would be if every team that he was on ALWAYS lost, even if it was just kicking a ball around. He worked hard in class and, so long as there were no chance elements, he managed to pass, JUST. Girls avoided him after the one girl that he tried to talk to in the cafeteria actually had all the elastic in her panties snap leaving them around her ankles, a girls worst nightmare!

Luke's life bounced along, bouncing from one bad event to the next. If something bad could happen, it happened to Luke. He finished high school and had applied for every job that was going in town but – no luck there. Not surprising really. He'd had a paper route but the paper closed a week after Luke started delivering it. He'd worked in a cafe but it got closed down by the health department two weeks after he started. After ten jobs like that no-one was willing to hire him.

So what did Luke do with his time, on-line gaming was a washout – he lost those games too. His only escape was on-line porn, hours and hours of porn.

Luke's one bright spot in his negative life was his older sister Jamie. Eighteen months older and she was 'normal'. No she didn't have super good luck, she just had the regular girl type life. Whenever any of her dates got a bit pushy she had an unusual defence,

"I'll get Luke to touch you or your car." Those boys just didn't want to risk any of Luke's bad luck rubbing off on them.

So Luke bounced his way to one week before his eighteenth birthday, just finished school, nothing to do. Jake made his mind up and arranged for them all to visit his brother Mike who had bought 140 acres of farmland with his inheritance.

For once the car behaved itself and after the two day drive they pulled into Mikes yard. Now they'd met before but this was the first time they'd gone to the farm. Mikes wife Doreen welcomed them all and their daughters Peggy and Emma showed Luke and Jamie where they were sleeping and then took them for a tour of the farm.

The next few days were amazing. The hens kept laying, the pigs kept eating, no hail-storms hit them. In fact everything that should happen did. Peggy and Emma had heard all the stories and were somewhat disbelieving. They cracked up when Jamie told them about the girl in the cafe and carefully checked their own panties but the elastic was OK. Peggy tempted fate and wore a dress when she talked to Luke but her panties didn't fall down.

Now one area where Luke was sort of normal was his appearance, he actually looked OK, no Brad Pitt but quite acceptable. So after Luke's birthday lunch Peggy decided to take him for a walk to her favorite place down by the stream. They talked and walked, and walked and talked and when they got to the stream the cousins fairly quickly became kissing cousins.

Kissing cousins didn't take long to become horizontal kissing cousins and then Peggy was quite surprised to find that all her clothes had fallen off, although no broken elastic anywhere. It was now that Luke found a benefit from all that time spent watching porn. He actually had a pretty good idea what should happen between two virgins, and it wasn't play poker!

He'd seen it on screen so he had no problems with kissing Peggy EVERYWHERE. She didn't expect his face between her thighs but his tongue felt sooo goooood that she just had to let him continue. Her climax took her by surprise but Luke just smiled and continued using his tongue and fingers until she had had four more. By the time she was trying to pull his hair out and screaming for him to take her he felt it might be an opportune moment to introduce his cock to her pussy. He'd been a careful study of all that porn and had even found some clips of virgins so took her virginity and held while her pain subsided. His tender loving continued all through the afternoon with her discovering the joys of multiple orgasms and the fact that she was both a screamer and a squirter.

By the time they straggled home for dinner Peggy looked like she had been ten rounds with a grizzly bear. Although her clothes were back on, they had that sort of disordered appearance that screams to the world that she had been ... horizontal dancing. Luke and Peggy stood, slightly askew, in front of their families and Peggy carefully and deliberately explained the facts of life. In that deliberate manner that makes one think of someone who's had too much to drink, she told them all that Luke had got lucky and that Peggy was keeping all that luck to herself, that's if she could still walk tomorrow.

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