Maid to Be Broken

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2012 by Honey Moon

Sex Story: Betty Chu was a grafter. Faking her own death to avoid prison, she then conned her way into a job as maid to Pamela Oswald and her daughter Lisa. After winning her wealthy employer’s trust, Betty began casing the Oswald home for leads on the BIG SCORE. She found it, but it was not what she expected! A secretly made video showed her that Lisa Oswald had a penis! The girl was a real live hermaphrodite! When her attempt at seduction and blackmail fails, Betty finds her life forever changed!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Blackmail   Hermaphrodite   DomSub   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   White Female   Oriental Female   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

Thirty year old Betty Chu smiled her best smile as she sat before Miss Penelope Oswald. She had answers ready for every question, and references that would please the most stringent background check. The fact that none of it was true didn't worry the petite Asian one little bit. She paid through the nose for this new ID, and she knew enough to pay for the very best! Faking her own death had been a necessity in order for her to avoid a rather lengthy prison stay! She took another sip of iced tea, and put the glass down. "That's right Ma'am. I worked the last ten years for the Bridgeton family in The Hamptons." She gave what she judged to be just the right note of sadness. "Of course they had to let me go when Mr. Bridgeton was arrested for orchestrating such a massive Ponzi scheme."

Miss Oswald sighed. "What a foolish greedy man. I've read all about his little escapades. Imagine him bringing such scandal right into his home! The to top it all off, he went and got himself killed in that rather foolhardy escape attempt from a minimum security prison! Who but a fool would try and hide in the business end of a sanitation department truck. Still, it was quite sad that nobody could hear his cries for help over the hydraulics of the compactor."

Betty expertly hid her smugness. She never met the man, but his death, followed shortly by his wife hastily leaving the country with what was left of his fortune, made it nearly impossible that anybody would discover her credentials were false. "Yes ma'am. I was heartbroken. He was such a wonderful man."

"Douglas, wonderful? Well, maybe to a pretty little maid." Betty noticed Miss Oswald gave her a very appreciative, yet speculative look. "Frankly, I thought him a bore." The statuesque blonde smiled. "Never mind that. You will not find any hint of scandal in the Oswald household! An Oswald knows how to hold the family name proud!"

What a pompous bitch! Why were the rich so egocentric? It was going to be a pleasure knocking her down a peg, while making a financial windfall at her expense. Betty let no hint of her inner thoughts reach her hopeful smiling face. "Does that mean I get the job?"

Miss Oswald paused for a moment. "Yes, my dear. You are hired. I think it will do my daughter a world of good to have someone like you about the place."

The following day, Betty suppressed the urge to whistle appreciatively at the living arrangements of the Oswald's as she was shown around. You couldn't call this a penthouse suite. Mother and daughter lived alone in the entire top floor of their flagship hotel, right in the very heart of New York City. The newly hired maid could smell money in the air, and her palms itched to get a hold of it! She stared at a lovely portrait in the gallery wing. In it was a woman the spitting image of Penelope Oswald. "Who is that?" she asked curiously.

Lisa Oswald paused. "That is my great grandmother, Amanda Oswald."

The maid smiled wickedly. "Who is that cute little redhead with her?"

"That's Mary Elizabeth O'Brian, Great Grand's lifelong friend and confidante. The two were inseparable."

"I'll bet." Betty couldn't help a laugh. "I guess that's why she never had a title."

"What are you implying?" Lisa's lovely face grew quite red. "Do you have anything against two women being so totally devoted to each other?" She went on in a softer voice, obviously a bit embarrassed by her sudden burst of emotion. "Mary had five children during their lifetime together. Their love was so great, that Great Grandmother adopted them all, so they could share the Oswald name and fortune!"

It wouldn't help her cause to antagonize little Miss Rich Bitch. "That's lovely!" she announced, while wondering just who had managed to get into the redhead's pants so often. Did good ol' Granny Amanda hire a man to keep knocking up her pretty little lesbian lover? Maybe Amanda took donations from her male servants, and used a turkey baster to plant the seed! Betty let herself smile serenely. "You can see in the painting that they loved each other dearly."

"Oh, please forgive me." Lisa smiled shyly. "I get a little sensitive if anyone thinks badly of them. Their love was so pure, and they defied the mores of their time to keep together!"

The maid looked at her employer. The flushed look and dreamy expression told it all. The brat liked girls! That knowledge could prove to be very useful! "I had only meant that in such a wonderful arrangement, they obviously wouldn't be able to pass down a title to the next generation."

"I've read all of Great Grandmother's diaries and correspondence. She was glad not to be titled. She thought most of the royals were a pain in the butt, anyway. That's why she and Mary moved to the United States when our hotels started opening here."

It was never too soon to start laying on the act. Betty smiled sweetly, and even went as far as batting her eyes at the shy young woman. "I'm glad they did. I wouldn't have been able to meet you, um; I mean work for your family if they hadn't."

Lisa's blush deepened, but there was a look of wide eyed wonder in her eyes. "Thank you, Betty. That's very nice of you to say."

Betty smiled. "It's only the truth, Miss Lisa." The new maid left it at that, and went to check out her small, but well appointed room. Lisa Oswald was quite lovely, and Betty always did tend to go for busty girls. Seducing the kid would be a very nice fringe benefit! Thankfully the redhead had just turned eighteen the week before. If things went bad and Lisa had to hit the road in a hurry, at least she wouldn't be followed by a statutory rape charge!

Days and weeks went by. Betty let herself slip completely into character. There was something rather soothing in domestic work. She made sure to keep everything well up to the exacting standards her employers had set down. The new maid even prepared meals on those rare days when the cook had some time off. Miss Penelope was thrilled that Betty, being born in Hong Kong, had learned to cook authentic Chinese cuisine from her grandmother. Aside from that, Betty even felt more then a little pride in keeping all of the bathroom fixtures sparkling. She did her best to become indispensable!

Miss Penelope and her daughter were also very kind. Once they realized Betty envied them the bidets their private bathrooms contained, workmen were in the very next day to install one in her own little, but tasteful bathroom. Still, business was business. Kindness didn't put money in your pocket! Betty began her research into what would be the best way to liberate the most money from the Oswalds in the shortest amount of time.

One day while mother and daughter were out, and the cook was off doing the grocery shopping, Betty made a careful scan of the whole residence with the bug detector hidden in the handle of her feather duster. She did nothing to disrupt the well hidden security spy-cams, but noted the position and field of view for each one. As she suspected, hers and her employer's bedrooms contained no such devices. She promptly took care of this little lapse by installing her own cameras in Lisa's room. Penelope's would just have to wait. The cameras she used were on the cutting edge of technology. Frankly, Betty could only afford to buy the two she had planted in the young woman's room!

A few more days passed, before Betty had the household to herself again. "It's time to take a little risk." She whispered while booting up Lisa's laptop. "Maybe the kid left her passwords in a file somewhere. I could skim off a few grand while waiting to arrange the Big Score!" She checked the browser history, and felt her face grow warm. "What a little pervert! I was right though. I seem to be Lisa's type." That may have been an understatement! She followed links to dozens of streaming video sites. They all had one obvious thing in common. It looked like Lisa had chased down and bookmarked just about every site there was that featured Asian porn!

Shutting down the computer, Betty sat stunned for a few moments. "Well, that was educational. There has to be some way I can take advantage of Lil' Lisa's obsession though!" She couldn't help giggling. "The kid may be racist in thinking of people like me as sexual objects, but what the hell. This is one form of racism I don't mind." She shut down the computer and rose from the desk. Giving her long raven hair a practiced flip, she laughed again. "Can I help it if tiny Asians are everyone's favorite fetish?"

The maid returned to her own room, to see if she had captured anything interesting in the last twenty-four hours. She grinned as she opened the file. Interesting included the real hope that she had finally recorded the young woman masturbating! She watched as the lovely redhead booted up her laptop. "Bingo!" she shouted as Lisa began to undress. "The cameras have only been in place for a week. I thought the kid would never get to 'relaxing' herself in her bedroom. I thought I was going to have to re-task a camera for the bathroom to catch her playing in the shower!"

Eyes opened wide, the maid eagerly watched as the young woman hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her undies. "She should really find a pair that fit better. That can't be comfortable being bunched up in a big roll right over her crotch like that." Jaw dropping, Betty nearly fell out of her desk chair. "That, that can't be, am I really seeing this?" She froze the image and backed it up. She watched again as the beautiful redhead pulled down her rather plain white boy shorts. She froze the image again, just as a massive penis sprang upwards to slap against the woman's trim flat tummy! She pulled in closer. "They're not bunched up. I wasn't seeing it right. They were just fitting her really, really tight! Oh shit! That is not a strap on either!" She looked closer. "She's not a boy. Hot damn, she has a cunt, too!" Betty's trembling finger hit the key to resume play. "Oh my God, I thought all the old stories and legends back home were just, well, stories. They are real! Lisa has both. She's a hermaphrodite!"

Betty felt herself growing warmer as she watched. Lisa went on to remove her bra and stood naked in her mistakenly thought to be private room. The HD cameras lovingly recorded every detail in two angles as displayed on the split screen of her computer. Aside from the startling sight of what looked like a foot long boner, the redhead's body was drop dead gorgeous! Being much more modest in a certain department, the maid could only stare in awe as the firm large breasts bounced and swayed with every movement, but showed no sign of sagging.

What the hell is she doing now?" Lisa had produced a roll of plastic wrap from a desk drawer. Betty had noted its presence when she cased the room, but didn't know why it would be there. Now she was astounded to see the girl completely wrap her laptop in the clinging film. "Oh God, is she really going to do it?' Yes, it has to be! Once the computer was safely wrapped, Lisa sat down and began looking for a movie to play. "Damn, she's gonna spunk the screen!"

Betty couldn't really see much of what Lisa was watching, but that didn't bother her. It featured a pretty Chinese girl dressed as a maid. That was all that mattered! She felt her mouth actually begin to water when Lisa began to stroke her amazing organ! "This is fantastic!" she whispered as she struggled to get out of her pretty black uniform with its cute little lace trimmed skirt.

In moments, Betty was just as nude as the stunning vision on her computer screen. Well, nearly as nude. In her haste, she had forgotten to remove the pretty little lace cap that was pinned to her shimmering long hair.

"She's like something out of a fairytale!" Betty breathed as she slumped onto the chair before her tiny computer desk. "Jeeze, I'm soaked!" she whispered as she touched her sex. She shivered delightfully as she ran a finger lightly over silky lips. "What's wrong with me? I never got turned on by a dick before!" The answer came to her instantly. It wasn't the penis that turned her off; it was just men in general. Even with that astoundingly large cock, nobody would ever confuse Lisa for a guy! "Oh my God, Now I just HAVE to seduce her!"

Fingers trembling, Betty reached out with her left hand, being that her right hand now had rather wet and slippery fingers, and turned up the sound. Lisa was moaning and whimpering as her hand flew up and down the massive shaft. Betty moaned herself when she saw the girl spit on her cock for extra lubrication! Soon, a few words could be recognized in all the sighing and panting. "Oh Betty!" The vision on the LCD screen breathed. "I want to give you a big belly! I want to make your tiny little titties fill up with milk! I bet I can make you a "B" cup, maybe even a "C"!"" The stroking grew faster. "Dammit!" the hermaphrodite swore. "Aren't there any Asian sites that have a girl as pretty as Betty?"

Betty blushed hotly at the tiny titty remark, but it was obviously meant as complimentary, sort of. She only smiled as her own hand grew busy. "Thank you, kiddo! I think you're sexy too!" She sat back up. "Wait a minute! Give me a big belly and milky tits? She wants to knock me up? How? I don't see any balls!"

Lisa gave a happy squeal when she moved to another web site. "They updated! Oh God, that one's pregnant!"

"This is getting too weird." Betty gasped, unable to stop her fingers caressing. "She's a hermaphrodite with a pregnancy fetish? That could be a dangerous combination!"

The girl on the screen was panting quite heavily now. "Oh Betty, I want you so bad, but I can never have you!" she moaned. "Mom is right. I can't ever risk impregnating an unsuitable partner. I, I'd have to pay support and maintenance until any bastard I produced was eighteen! Besides, it would be a huge scandal if the press found out what we really are. We could be ruined!"

"We?" Betty gasped weakly. "D-Does that mean Penelope's one too?" She thought of the portrait of Great Granny Amanda, and her pretty friend Mary that gave her five babies. "Holy God, they must breed true! They're a family of hermaphrodites!" She knew she should stop, but her thumb flicked against her engorged clit as she just kept right on diddling!

"Mom, please find me someone!" Lisa whimpered from Betty's screen as she watched the porn movie on her own. The redhead leaned way back in her chair, and put both feet on either side of the laptop. "I'm already eighteen! I'm a grown-up now! I don't want to wait years for someone! Nobody stays a virgin until eighteen any more! I'll die if I don't fuck somebody soon!"

"Thirty!" Betty moaned as her fingers danced between her thighs. "I, I'm a virgin for cock, and I'm thirty!" she panted as the beauty on the screen began to writhe and whimper. "Oh God, do it!" she cried. "Shoot, you hermaphrodite whore! I need to see you squirt!"

Hips bucking in her seat. Lisa groaned deep in her throat like a while animal. Her whole body then went rigid. With a cry of satisfaction, a long rope of gooey shimmering while burst free from the straining girl's thick cock. That first blast missed the laptop completely and plastered wetly against the wall. Her hand pumped even faster. Again and again, more streamers of pearly liquid flew. A couple more missed the plastic shrouded laptop, but soon the panting hermaphrodite managed to improve her aim.

Fingers teasing, Betty watched in awe. "I, I never watched anything like this before!" Her free hand went to her cute little assets, and she began to tease and pinch the almost embarrassingly oversized nipples that seemed to be her compensation for being just an "A" cup. "How can she shoot so much?" she cried, as her body was consumed in orgasmic bliss.

On and on it went. The girl on the screen anointed desk, computer, and wall, while Betty risked ruining the leather of her chair by soaking it with her own copiously flowing juices. When Lisa finally finished shooting her amazingly huge wad, Betty kept right on going! The maid brought herself to two more fine orgasms as she watched the girl carefully begin licking up the pool of semen from her plastic wrapped computer, before standing up to lick the bedroom wall!

Later, back in her pretty little uniform and feeling a bit more composed, Betty checked the time stamp of her secretly recorded video file. "Is that normal? No, that can't be. No guy would survive sixteen big nasty spurts over a period of almost twenty seconds! The first few must have flown almost four feet when they hit the wall. All the rest had to have cleared a good two feet to hit the screen. Lisa must be a super-human. I bet if I gathered it all up, there would be almost four ounces of the stuff!"

That's when it hit her. There was a great way to make lots of money, spread out over eighteen years. Lisa had said it herself. It would be so easy. "I'm gonna seduce the hell out of that brat, and make her pump me full of that nasty money making stuff. Just look at what professional athletes and movie stars have to pay when they get some little one night stand bitch pregnant. The Oswalds have much more to lose. The scandal would rock their world. Between child support and all the hush money they'll need to keep my mouth shut about hermaphrodites, I'll be on easy street for the rest of my life. That's damn sure a deal worth giving the kid my virginity for!"

Betty hurried into her street clothes. She had some shopping to do. Hopefully she'd get back before her employers, but they weren't slave drivers. She'd just claim she had to step out and get some furniture polish or something. She stopped at book store, and bought their last copy of "Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control and Pregnancy Achievement", by Toni Weschler. She had to snatch it out of some high school girl's hand. If that little bitch didn't want to get knocked up, she should just keep her knees tightly together! Either that, or invest in some damn condoms. Her own cause was by far more important. Betty needed to be absolutely certain when she was at her most fertile, right down to the second, if possible. Next, she headed for a large pharmacy and bought a Clearblue Easy One-Month Digital Ovulation Test kit.

Racing back home, she managed to get there before anyone else. "I have to make sure my body is ready." she whispered while frantically flipping through her new book. "Okay, caffeine is out. No more morning coffee." She scanned through a few more pages. "Folic acid? Fine, I'll guzzle orange juice every damn day." She read farther. "Prenatal vitamins? Nothing's too good for our baby! I'll go back and get those later."

Betty settled into her new routine and began peeing on a test strip every morning when she reached the proper part of her cycle. She ate far healthier, and avoided anything that had harmful chemicals or additives. She totally avoided her usual end of day glass of wine, and suffered for several weeks in silence as she went through caffeine withdrawal head aches. The maid threw herself into her work, and made her every waking move part of her fitness regimen. She noticed the positive results within the first two months. Better still, so did Lisa. The girl's eyes followed her everywhere!

Her tummy was now better toned then when she was a school girl. Betty was also quite proud of the nice way her leg muscles had firmed up. As for her butt? She could feel Lisa's eyes almost caressing it whenever she worked while her young employer was home. Not bad for thirty! Betty knew she could pass herself off for fifteen if she wanted to. Judging by Lisa's tastes in websites, that was just exactly what the hermaphrodite was interested in. Everything was now perfect. Betty played the waiting game, and bided her time for just the right moment to act.

Exactly one year to the day of her employment, Betty awoke and grabbed a test strip while heading to the bathroom. Sitting on the potty for her first piddle of the day, she let her stream play over the business end of the stick. After the allotted time, she couldn't help grinning at the happy face that appeared. "Yes! I'm on my LH surge again!" The maid punched the air in happy anticipation. "My body is all ready. I have to get the kid's cock to squirt in me sometime in the next forty-eight hours to insure being impregnated. Hopefully, this cycle will be the one. With any luck, in nine months I'll be one rich little single mommy!"

The maid was surprised to find both of her employers already up and about when she went to the kitchen to start the day with a huge glass of fresh organic orange juice. "Good morning, Betty." Miss Penelope called happily as she checked a few notes before stuffing her iPad into her briefcase. "I'm glad I caught you. Patty has today off, so when you cook dinner, just make it for you and Lisa. I have to fly down to Florida for a day or so. Our Tampa location is having a few problems I need to sort out."

"Yes. Miss Penelope." Betty suddenly felt nervous. Since she originated her plan, this would be the first time she was alone in the residence with Lisa while as fertile as a turtle. Some time today she would be losing her virginity, she was sure of it. With any luck, nine months from now she would be delivering the hermaphrodite's illegitimate child! "Miss Lisa, how about Szechwan Shrimp for tonight?"

"Oh yes, please." the redhead smiled. "I love when you spice it up so hot!"

Betty couldn't help a little smile. "Oh, I'll make it hot for you, Miss Lisa. You can count on it."

Once Penelope left, Betty rushed to her room to make three little tactical changes. First and foremost, she slipped out of her uniform and carefully selected one she never dared wear before. At first glance, it was identical with all the others she owned. There was one critical difference. The little frilly lace trimmed black skirt was just a few inches shorter in the back then it should have been. It was hardly noticeable unless Betty bent at the waist. If she did, and she certainly planned on it, anyone behind her would have a rather appealing look at her panties.

The second tactical change went hand in glove with the first. With a cute little shimmy, Betty pulled down and stepped out of her panties. "Miss Lisa, wait until you check my butt out now!" she giggled as she felt excitingly naughty at being bottomless under her skirt.

The third and final tactical change added just the right touch, Betty thought. She stepped out of her sensible work shoes, leaving on her sheer white knee-high stockings. The look went from schoolgirl cute, to sexual Goddess when she slipped into her patent leather black pumps. Their four inch spikes tapering to a quarter inch square heel point really gave her maid uniform a sizzling look. Betty hated walking around in then, but they sure did highlight and define her calf muscles! It had taken her weeks to find such a pair in her diminutive size. At one hundred dollars they were worth every single penny of the hard earned money she had skimmed out of the household petty cash account.

Heart pounding, but outwardly appearing calm, Betty left her room and began doing s few simple household chores. Trusty feather duster in hand, the maid walked past the younger redhead as she sat in the day room perusing a newspaper over a cup of coffee. Nether woman said a word as was fitting for maid and employer. The maid flicked her duster around as she worked herself up to the big step. Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she bent at the waist and industrially applied herself to cleaning the base of the large tacky looking, but absolutely priceless vase in the far corner of the room.

The sudden crash of eggshell china smashing against hardwood floor told her that Lisa had gotten an eye full. Gracefully straightening up, Betty turned to face her employer. "Miss Lisa, are you alright?" she asked while keeping the triumphant grin from her face.

Face nearly as red as her hair, Lisa gulped. "Y-yes, I'm fine. Sorry about the mess. At, at least the cup was empty."

"Never mind about the mess Miss Lisa, I'm just glad you weren't hurt." Moving as fast as her spike heels would let her; Betty went and fetched a dustpan and brush. She could have used a broom, but this allowed her to gracefully kneel before the obviously flustered young woman. Face nearly at crotch level, Betty smiled her brightest smile. "I'll have this cleaned right up, Miss. You just go on reading your paper as if I wasn't here."

Slowly and carefully sweeping up the fragments of the antique cup, Betty was aware of Lisa's eyes firmly locked onto her as she worked. Sweeping each particle, Betty began to slowly thrust her face towards the woman who sat before her. When she heard a tiny moan of hopelessness, she knew Lisa was having thoughts of her head bobbing between outstretched thighs! Once everything was in the pan, Betty slowly crawled between sofa and coffee table, as if searching out any last remaining fragments. She almost laughed as Lisa sort of casually slumped down in her seat, in order to get another look up her pretty little revealing skirt.

Feigning shock, Betty hastily managed to get on her feet. No easy task with the heels she was wearing. "Miss Lisa, what are you doing?"

"What? Nothing!" the redhead stammered. "I wasn't looking up, I mean, I wasn't doing anything!"

Betty dramatically clutched her brush to her modest chest. "Please Miss Lisa, tell me you didn't notice anything, and if you did, please don't tell your mother!" Priding herself on her abilities, Betty thought she gave a great performance as someone caught in an embarrassing situation. "I, I was just practicing!"

Wide eyed, Lisa stared at her. "Practicing for what? What could you possibly be practicing for that doesn't require, uh, panties?"

"It's my boyfriend, Miss." she said in a hushed voice. "I, I wanted to let him know I was finally ready. I, um, I was going to meet him at his apartment tonight, dressed like this. I just wanted to get used to it, first."

The redhead was practically drooling. "R-Ready for what?" she breathed.

"Oh Miss." The blush that colored her cheeks was very real. "I, I'm a virgin. I finally decided I want to change that! I know a lovely woman like you may not understand, but I've waited all this time and I think I finally found the right person. I want to have sex for the very first time." This was it! She knew she was laying it on a bit thick, but Betty unleashed her secret weapon. "I, I just wish I had some experience. I want to be sure I please him!"

"Some, some experience?"

The bait was taken! Now it was time to reel in her fish! "Miss Lisa, I never even kissed anyone before." She sat down next to the flushed young woman, making sure their legs touched. "You must have had lots of boyfriends. Could, could you give me any advice?"

"Advice?" Lisa stared. "W-What do you mean?"

"Please don't take this the wrong way, Miss Lisa, but could, um, could I kiss you? You can then tell me if I'm doing it right." Betty could hardly believe the naive nonsense she was spouting. She was banking on the hormone charged hermaphrodite falling for it, and landing right into her trap. "Please?" she asked softly, while actually batting her eyes.

Lisa didn't dare move. She sat woodenly, holding the newspaper over her lap as if it was an impenetrable shield. Why did Betty have to be so sexy? She took a shuddering breath, and decided she was in control of herself. "Well, just one kiss. Normally I wouldn't k-kiss girls, you understand. I just want to help you out because you're such a hard worker."

"It's okay." The maid assured, while lying through her teeth. "It's not like I'm a lesbian or anything." She stared right into gorgeous green eyes. "I know I like penis, even if I never tried it. I've looked at lots of video online, and to be honest, seeing a hard cock always gets me wet if I think about it pushing deep into my tight little virgin pussy. I can't wait to finally feel what being filled with one is like!"

"R-Really?" Lisa gulped. "Uh, me too, I, uh guess. Let's get this over with."

The beautiful redhead looked like a deer trapped in the headlights as Betty got up on her knees to being her face level with the much taller girl. She could hardly keep from laughing at how eagerly Lisa trembled for her. "Just one kiss." She whispered as she leaned in closer. Their lips touched. When Lisa whimpered, Betty took the initiative. There was very little resistance as she forced her tongue past those soft full lips.

The women moaned together as their tongues played. Lisa, using a massive amount of self control, managed to at last pull away. "You, you'll do just fine!" she gasped, while hastily getting to her feet. "That was a really good kiss. Your, your boyfriend will be pleased."

Betty watched amused as Lisa slowly made her way from the room. She was bent nearly double, and desperately trying to keep her back towards the maid. When she finally raced towards her room, Betty slipped off her heels and ran for her computer. "I knew it!" she gleefully cheered as she checked the real time feed displayed on her laptop screen. "She's hard as a rock. Uh, oh! I better hurry! I can't let her waste that boner on her hand!" Lisa had managed to get out of her skirt and blouse in record time. She stood in the center of her room wearing only her bra, with her boy shorts down around her ankles while slowly stroking her hardness. Betty raced to join the aroused young woman.

The door was locked, as she expected. No mater. A good maid always knew where the spare keys were, and Betty was very good! She slipped back into her heels, and then into the room. She stood and stared at the wondrous sight of Lisa gripping her throbbing hard cock. "You're lovely!" she assured, while stepping closer.

"Don't look at me!" Lisa begged, while turning to face the wall. It didn't accomplish much. The view was just as good in the mirror over the dresser. "Betty, get out right now or you're fired!"

"You wouldn't fire me, would you Miss Lisa?" Betty asked softly while slipping her uniform upward, off of her petite and slender body. "I thought you liked me."

Hearing the rustle of fabric, Lisa couldn't help turning to look. "What, what are you doing?" she gasped, while staring back at the naked maid. "Get out!"

"I thought you liked Asian chicks. You certainly collected enough photographs and video clips." Betty laughed. "Don't you like me?"

"Yes, uh, no!" Lisa's eyes opened wide. "You used my computer? You saw my secret files? Oh my God, I'm sorry!"

"Sorry for what?" Betty walked slowly towards the fear frozen trembling hermaphrodite. "I think it's sort of flattering."

Panic stricken, Lisa tried to back away. Her ankles got tangled up in her shorts, and she toppled backwards onto her neatly made up bed. "W-What about your boyfriend?" she gasped, while frantically grabbing a pillow to hide her engorged cock. "We practiced kissing for him!"

The maid smiled brightly. "That was my little fib. I just wanted to see if I could get you to kiss me." She winked. "You are a damn good kisser, Miss Lisa!"

She couldn't tear her eyes away from the sexy little woman. She was right out of Lisa's deepest fantasies! Who would have ever thought she'd have such a dainty and perfect China doll in her room? Betty was wearing nothing but heels, knee highs, a lovely smile, and her cute little maid's cap. Lisa's cock surged even harder at the sight. "You, you don't have a boyfriend?" she asked, hopeful longing sounding in her whispered words.

"Nope. Do you have a girlfriend?"

Lisa just shook her head.

Betty grinned wickedly. "Then I think we can help each other out. What do you think, Miss Lisa?"

"Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?" Lisa asked breathlessly.

Betty sighed. "Naughty naughty, you're forcing me to come right out and say it." She put a hand on her hip, posing seductively while playfully tossing her long raven hair. "Miss Lisa, would you like to push your cock into the virgin pussy of a sexy Chinese girl?"

"Oh my God!" The redhead stared in awe. "Oh sweet God in Heaven, Yes!"

"Ask me nicely, now."

"Betty, please, can I fuck you?"

"Why Miss Lisa, that would hardly be proper employer employee behavior, would it?"

"I don't know! Please Betty! You're so perfect! Just a little bit? Just this one time? I, I'll talk mother into giving you a raise if you do."

"So, you think I'm a prostitute as well as a servant?" Betty smiled at Lisa's stricken look. "That's okay. I know you meant well. We can talk about that later." She pretended to think it over. "We can't let things get out of control now. I'm not on any birth control, you know. If you cum inside me, I'll probably get pregnant."

Lisa moaned at that, and her cock gave a noticeable twitch. "I swear I'll pull out! Mother would kill me if I got someone not my social equal pregnant! I swear to God I won't cum in you!"

The maid decided to let that social equal bullshit slide and played it up big for Lisa's festish. "How do I know I can trust you? One little slip and I get a big belly. You'll have had your fun, and I'll be an unwed mommy. Your mother would fire me to avoid the scandal of having a pregnant and single maid." she pretended to think again. "I know. I'll only risk it if I can be on top, and you let me secure your arms and legs. That way you can't roll over on me and give me a belly full of your baby."

Blinded by lust, and totally misplaced trust, Lisa never expected it to be this easy. "Yes! That's perfect! We'll do it that way! Can we do it now? I'm so hard I may die!"

Planning for this moment, Betty had thought of using handcuffs. That would have spoiled the whole heat of the moment ambiance she was trying to build. Instead, she started rummaging through Lisa's belongings, pretending she had no idea what she could use. After a moment, she 'found' several very tasteful, not to mention expensive silk scarves. "I think these may work out." She said while pondering the strength of the scarves. "You won't rip them, will you?" she asked, not mentioning she had looked up the tensile strength of silk, and had been quite impressed by the numbers. Nothing human would be able to break these bonds.

"I wouldn't do anything to damage those! I promise!" Lisa nearly shouted. "I won't struggle at all. Please Betty, you have to trust me! I need you so bad, but there's no way I'd risk getting you pregnant!"

"Well, I guess I can trust you." Betty climbed onto the bed with her employer. "Now lay back, and I'll make sure there's no way you can take advantage and knock me up!"

Flushed and excited, Lisa put her arms up over her head and willingly let the maid tie them securely to the headboard of the bed. Once her legs were also bound, the redhead began to feel a little bit nervous. "You'll be real careful, won't you? You have to hop off the second I tell you. If you don't, I could accidentally shoot off inside you. I have a very high sperm count. You'd be pregnant for sure. We have to be very cautious. Please be ready the second I tell you, okay? You can't stay on for even one second after I tell you to stop. Just get off, and finish me with your hand. You can't risk letting even one drop of semen get inside you!"

"Why would you think I'd do something like that?" Betty asked sweetly. "Do you think I'd do this, just to trick you into knocking me up for the child support? Why would I want to get rich over having your bastard baby?"

At first Lisa giggled, but then she saw the gleam in the maid's eyes. "Uh, wait. Untie me, okay? This isn't a very good idea! Untie me, and I, um, I'll run to the store and buy some condoms. It'll just take a few minutes."

Betty stared at the impressively long and hard shaft. "That's okay. I don't want anything to be between you and me, sweetheart! I don't want to block your precious sperm from gushing right up into my womb!"

"Untie me right now!" Lisa ordered sternly. "If you don't untie me right this second, I'll have mother fire you!"

"Oh Officer." Betty simpered in a sugary sweet voice. "Miss Lisa is so much bigger then me. When she made me go to bed with her, I had no idea she had a p-penis. I couldn't fight her off!" Betty gave quite a convincing show of tears. "I, I know it's wrong to sleep with your boss, but she promised me a raise if I did. I thought it would just be a little fun between two girls. How was I to know Miss Lisa would rape a baby into me?"

"You wouldn't dare!" Lisa gasped. "Who would believe that anyway?"

"Just about everyone!" Betty grinned. "I'm only four foot eight inches. You're almost seven feet. "Watch your mouth, or I'll see you in jail. Who would ever believe that I overpowered an oversized Amazon hermaphrodite and made her knock me up? I am going to be so rich because of you!" The maid paused. "I never thought of this, but what jail would they stick you in? A pretty girl with a cock would be quite popular in a woman's penitentiary, but think about it. If you're housed with the men, they'd be screwing you every night!"

"Don't do this!" Lisa begged. "I swear I'll never mention it to anyone! You'll even still get your raise! Please, just let me get some condoms! We can still do it, if we use protection!"

"Don't you get it yet?" Betty laughed. "I own you! I've tracked my fertility for months. This is the perfect time for me. You're putting a baby in my belly today. The DNA will prove it's yours, and then your family will be paying my ticket until my precious child is an adult. If not, I'll cry rape, and the whole world knows that you and your mommy are dick-girl freaks! If just one member of the jury has ever seen Bible Black, they'll have no trouble convicting a hermaphrodite of rape after the courtroom show I'll put on. I'm going to milk the Oswalds for all you're worth." she gave the cock a playful squeeze. "Giving up my virginity is going to be my passport to easy street!"

Lisa closed her eyes tightly, trying desperately to will her erection down. It wasn't working! She hadn't 'relieved' herself since last night. Her stupid cock didn't know this was wrong. It had a mind of it's own, and it wanted more then anything to enter the beautiful maid! "Please!" she begged. Her panic grew when Betty left the room. "Don't leave me like this!"

"Jeeze, I only went to get these." Betty snipped the air with a shining pair of scissors. "I was only gone a second."

Looking at the blades, Lisa began to bounce on the bed. "No, oh please no! Betty, don't hurt me!" she cried in desperation. "I don't want to die!"

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