Tales of the Dryden Dna Disaster 01: Opening Pandora's Box

by Honey Moon

Copyright© 2012 by Honey Moon

Sci-Fi Sex Story: Lisa Redfords life was about to turn upside down. The tall busty blonde had a startling metamorphosis after being exposed to the Dryden Sniffles. Growing a thick 12 inch dick posed many problems, but none as scary as being grabbed by a cop in the massive futanari roundup! Things go a little crazy when Lisa compromises the integrity of the lovely female cops respirator mask, and the officer of the law desperately tries to resist the powerful pheromones emitted by Lisa’s aroused body!

Caution: This Sci-Fi Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual   Hermaphrodite   Science Fiction   First   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Body Modification   Big Breasts   sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story.

Lisa Redford didn't know it yet, but her life was about to be turned upside down. The change began a few days ago when she began feeling cramps that had nothing to do with her menstrual cycle. At first she ignored the discomfort, taking Pamprin as needed, but the bloated nasty feeling only increased.

"I had my period this month." She announced to the walls of her empty apartment. "Dammit all, I can't be pregnant, can I?" The twenty-five year old shook her head over how uncomfortably snug her favorite jeans were now fitting. Lisa was pissed! It wasn't just that her life was in danger of being totally disrupted for the next eighteen years, either! It was always such a hassle finding clothes to fashionably clothe her fit, athletic, six foot frame. Now the slight but noticeable bulge said she could be in danger of needing a temporary maternity wardrobe!

"Oh fuck me, as if 50FF wasn't big enough! I'm gonna have to get all new bras!" Probing her lower abdomen, she could feel a distinct firm mass. "Damn, fuck one guy after a dry spell of six months, and I get knocked up? What the hell do use a diaphragm for, anyway? Mike was even nice enough to pull out and shoot on my tits and face!" She palpitated herself again. "What the hell? I'm as regular as a clock! How would I feel a baby bump when I never missed a period since I started having 'em? Tomorrow I'm taking myself to the damn Gynecologist!"

She didn't know it yet, but making an appointment would soon be the least of her worries. Lisa would never forget that night. Strange and vivid dreams haunted her. She always though of herself as slightly bisexual, but never before had she experience dreams of such raw burning sensuality concerning other women! Every woman she knew paraded across the movie screen of her subconscious mind, in various states of undress. She awoke in the small hours of the morning, breathless and embarrassed over the still vibrant images of her mother's naked body, and how her dream self had pulled the woman over her knees and spanked over and over while momma had whimpered and begged for more!

"I'm losing my mind." She moaned. "Well, maybe not. Maybe I should give serious thought to swinging over to the other side of the fence for a while." She thought back to a few sleepovers she had enjoyed while growing up. Her face grew warm while she remembered certain top secret games of "Truth or Dare" she and her friends had played. "Yes, maybe it's time to do a little more experimentation!"

She threw off the covers and felt an odd tense sensation as she moved. Sitting up, she felt the thin material of her nightshirt sort of pull and rub against her in unfamiliar yet pleasant way. Switching on the lamp on the nightstand, Lisa let out a scream!

"What the fuck is that?" she gasped, jumping out of bed to face her mirror. Her breasts did their usual stand up job of stretching the cotton tight across her chest, but now there was something new standing up firm and proud! "Oh fucking shit! Why do I have a tent?"

It was true! Fairly high over her tummy, the nightshirt was distended out from her body, sort of tapering in towards her crotch. Her hands shook as she grabbed the hem of the shirt, and yanked it upward. "Oh my freaking God!" she squealed. Lisa pulled the shirt the rest of the way off and threw it aside. She had her usual oversized boobs, but now she was sprouting an equally impressive cock as well!

Lisa stared at herself for nearly five minutes. "It's erect!" she whimpered. "Why do I have an erect cock?" She tried to calm herself, but panic was racing through her soul. "Why do I have a God damned twelve inch erect penis? This has got to be a dream!"

She touched it, and her legs went rubbery. She felt the sensation of fingers against her hard flesh, and it felt good! "Oh shit, this is no dream! What the hell is going on?" she whimpered, snatching her hand away, to clasp both behind her back as if fearful of touching it again. "Am I turning into a man?"

It took every bit of her willpower to slowly bring her hands to her waist, and hook her thumbs under the band of her stretched out panties. Taking a deep breath, she tugged them down over her wide hips. Sliding down her long firmly muscled legs they dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. "Oh thank God!" she gasped, as her fingers gingerly explored between her legs. "Kitty's still there!" She blushed; her vagina seemed just as aroused as the stupid hunk of hard quivering meat she was now wearing. Her fingers grew warm and slick from her moisture. "There's no sign of balls, either. What's going on?"

She bent to pick up the panties, but froze. Her whole body seemed electrified as her erection poked between her massive breasts, as if seeking out their warmth and comfort. It felt so damn good, but there was a serious problem! Such a movement brought the swollen head of her unwanted addition dangerously close to her face! It peeked at her from within her cleavage, as if begging for a sweet little kiss!

In an instant, Lisa stood up straight and tall. Then she slowly squatted, keeping her upper body as rigidly erect as her cock. She hastily grabbed the panties, and popped right back up again. "There's an awful lot of blood on them." She turned and pulled back the sheets and examined them in the light. "Damn, it looks like I had a seriously heavy flow day, but the timing is all wrong!" She timidly touched the red streaked flesh of her tummy at the base of the cock. It was sore, but not too uncomfortable. "Oh shit! I think it burst out of me like the chest-splitter sequence in the movie "Alien"! What the fuck!"

The initial shock was wearing off. "Now what?" she asked herself. "What the hell could have caused this?" The practical part of her mind took over. "I better check this out."

Picking up the hand mirror from her dresser, Lisa took a deep breath and calmly assessed the condition of her vagina. Carefully reaching under the twitching cock, Lisa carefully spread herself with index and ring finger of her right hand. She used her left to position the mirror to view her nether regions. "Kitty seems perfectly normal, but it looks like the urethra closed up. Oh hell, I guess this means I have to piss through the monster!"

As always, touching herself generated a warm pleasurable feeling within her soul, but she desperately tried to ignore it. "I, I guess I have to do something about this, uh, Morning Wood, or I'll have a serious problem peeing!"

She shook her head. "Who am I kidding? If I'm gonna have to piss with it, I may as well find out if it works in the other expected manner as well. I wonder what it'll feel like."

Walking stiffly, the hard cock pointing the way, she went through the apartment, turning on all the lights. In the kitchen, she took a deep breath. "This is just an experiment." She told herself. "I better be careful. For all I know a few drops of some kind of fluid might dribble out. I just scrubbed the floor; I don't want to have to wipe up anything weird!" Tearing off a single paper towel from the roll on the wall holder, she placed it on her immaculately clean counter within easy reach. "Well, I've given quite a few hand jobs in my time, so this shouldn't be too difficult."

The bottle of olive oil seemed to loom larger then life on the countertop. "Lube seems like a good idea." She muttered as her trembling fingers unscrewed the cap. "I'll just use a little, so I don't make a mess to clean up." She poured a moderate amount into the palm of her right hand, and stared at it for a minute. "Okay now, here goes nothing!"

Lisa gently anointed herself with the slippery golden fluid. "Oh, that, that's kinda nice." She moaned as she slowly slid her hand all over the organ, spreading the oil until the thick shaft glistened and gleamed under the bright overhead light. Wrapping her hand around the hot solid flesh, she realized that hers was by far the biggest penis she had ever encountered. Although her fingers were long and supple, there was a good three inches separating the tips of her thumb and index finger. Lisa firmed up her grip, and began to actively stroke. "It feels really nice!" Her hand went smoothly up and down the shaft. Lisa was mesmerized by the little game of peek-a-boo the swollen head of her cock was playing as it slowly emerged from her foreskin.

"Oh wow, no wonder guys spend so much time jerking off!!" she exclaimed, totally ignoring the fact that since highschool, she herself never had gone a day without masturbating at least once. "I could get used to this!" she whispered as her hand stroked ever faster.

Images began filling her mind again as she worked her cock. That new receptionist at her office was quite a hot little number. Lisa moaned throatily imagining herself throwing Molly over her desk, and tearing the cute little skirt from her tender lithe body. More dangerous images filled her mind. She imagined having some sweet virginal highschool girl in to have a cavity filled. A little extra gas would let her fill more then a sleeping girl's teeth!

"What am I thinking?" she whimpered as her hand just wouldn't stop moving. "I, I could get arrested for that! Older women! Think older women!"

That wasn't any better! Momma was a MILF from way back! Lisa towered over her beautiful petite mother. It would be so simple to overpower the dainty woman and show just how much she really loved her mother! "Oh no, don't think that! Not momma! Oh no, not momma like that!" she whimpered. "Not mom, not with momma!" she shook her head, long blond hair flying around her face. "Oh momma, suck me! Suck my damn cock!"

Strange instincts seemed to be taking over. Lisa no longer was stroking her cock. Flexing her knees and thrusting her hips, she began fucking her greasy hand as she tried to hold it still before her. "Oh God, what would a pussy feel like?" she groaned as her movements grew more wild. Hand shaking, she reached for the still open bottle of olive oil. Not thinking about anything but the intense pleasures she was feeling, Lisa slopped the viscous fluid all over her hand and cock!

She clasped the greasy dripping cock with both hands, and wildly fucked her clasping fingers. "Take my cock momma!" she cried as her chest heaved and her massive breasts bounced. "You gave birth to me, now I want to shove part of me back into you!"

Bouncing up on the balls of her feet with every thrust, her foot slipped on the lubricated tile floor. Down she went! Lisa was hardly conscience of the pain in her rump as she sat hard onto the floor. Legs spread wide; her hands began jerking once more, wildly gilding up and down the throbbing shaft.

"I feel something!" she gasped, as she panted and moaned. "I, I feel something happening inside!" Her eyes opened wide. "Paper towel!" she screamed as a wondrous feeling of power seemed to gather within her. She looked up at the dispenser on the wall. It was too far away, and there was no way in heaven or hell she could stop now to get up and grab one!

Deep inside her, muscles she never had before contracted powerfully. That energy she felt gathered and focused. Her cock jerked in her hands, and she felt an unstoppable onrush! Lisa cried out as that first thick ribbon of pearly white fluid squirted free of her cock. It shot high into the air, to spatter down onto her nice clean counter! She had to stop, but her traitorous hands wouldn't obey her fevered mind. Her pumping hands deflected the aim wildly. The next gooey spurt was flung against her lovely new kitchen curtains! The next one after scored a direct hit on her prized Hello Kitty toaster, falling with wet plops into the bread slots.

Slumping backward, Lisa banged her head on the floor, but that didn't faze her a bit! She cried out again and again as wet streamers of fluid shut up and over her, to land all over the stove top! Her whole body was shaking. The power of this climax was frightening in its intensity!

Panting, the last few spurts landed on her face and quivering breasts. She could smell the sharp musk of her ejaculate, and it made her moan again. She opened her mouth wide, and was rewarded when one last good dollop landed on her tongue!

Lying on her back on the chilly floor, Lisa stared upward as her heart rate slowly returned to normal. To her utter amazement, she saw a glistening blob of fluid hanging suspended near the overhead light. She had scored a hit on the ceiling! As she watched, it stretched slowly, and dropped onto her quivering breasts. "Good God above!" she managed to gasp. "No man alive ever shot off like that!"

She closed her eyes, savoring the zesty salty musk on her tongue. Lisa didn't mind giving a blowjob now and then, but she had never cared for the taste of semen before. Her own was different! Was it disgusting to even think that something issued from her brand new penis was delicious?

She climbed shakily to her feet, being very careful about the olive oil still on the floor. "Oh fuck! That was fantastic!" She looked down at her cock. It still seemed just as hard as ever. "I don't know how the hell I got this thing, but I don't think I'll mind if it sticks around for a while!"

Looking around her formerly spotless kitchen was a sobering sight. "Oh hell, I'm gonna have to scrub everything again!" She turned to the stove, and picked up her teapot. "Damn, I even hit this!" She stared at it for as long moment. Hands trembling, she slowly brought it to her face. Extending her tongue, she began to lick her congealing fluid from the red enamel of the pot.

"I, I scrubbed everything yesterday!" she cried as she put down the saliva covered pot. "Everything is clean and sanitary!" Unable to stop herself, Lisa spent the next half hour licking her semen off of every surface she found it on! She even pulled over a chair and stood on it, as she sucked the ejaculate from the fabric of her new curtains! She then crawled around on her hands and knees like a dog, lapping up every last glistening puddle of semen from the floor.

She did have enough sense to use Windex and paper towels to clean up the olive oil. The thought of licking up that mess was just too disgusting! The only thing that defeated her was the toaster. She unplugged it, and licked off the top. She had no idea how to go about getting her spunk out from inside of it! "I'll let it dry." She said in a husky voice. "It might stink the first few times I use it, but the heat should sterilize and cook off any remaining gunk!"

Looking around, she was almost sad when she could find no more of her luscious ejaculate to consume. "I, I want more." She whispered. She looked down at herself and smiled. "I'm still hard. I'll just make more!"

Lisa sat back down on the floor. "No use making a mess anywhere else. I may as well try this right here!" Lying down, she threw her long legs up over her head. She laughed in pure delight. "Being in shape has more benefits then I ever dreamed of! Guys would kill to be able to do this!" Hooking her toes under the storage drawer at the bottom of her oven, Lisa had no trouble taking the head of her cock between her lips!

Her ponderous breasts sort of hindered things, but that was no big deal. Lisa was flexible enough that she managed to get nearly four inches of yummy olive oil flavored penis into her greedy mouth! As she blew her own cock, the sensations also blew her mind! The guys fortunate enough to experience her favors were right! She sure did know how to give head!

Her tongue felt so soothing and soft against her hardness, as that hardness felt so firm and hot against her tongue! Getting direct sensual feedback as her tongue moved greatly increased Lisa's oral skills. She was the lucky recipient of the very best blowjob she had ever given! For the sheer perverse thrill of it, she made disgusting slurpy sloppy noises as she eagerly sucked away at her cock.

Thoughts of her mother invaded her mind again, but this time Lisa just went with it! Momma would give great head! She sucked harder, trying to get a little more penis into her mouth. Momma would be able to deep throat! Lisa moaned around her shaft. How would it feel to lodge her cock into Momma's, or any woman's throat? That would be heaven on Earth!

Last week a patient came to her right after high school cheer practice. Lisa gurgled as she couldn't help thinking about the healthy buxom young cheerleader on her knees before her! Her imagination pictured her mother right there too, urging her to fuck the pretty teens face, stating over and over that it was okay; the girl had been left back a couple grades, and was really eighteen!

Moaning and bouncing on the floor, Lisa was driving herself wild! Her tongue explored playfully as she sucked. When she tried to wedge the tip of her tongue under her foreskin, the intense sensation overpowered her senses! She began to shake, and it happened again! Lisa felt that wonderful rush once more, and a thick spurt of semen blasted over her tongue!

Gout after gooey gout of ejaculate burst free to fill her mouth. Swallowing frantically, Lisa could hardly keep up! She felt the warmth of it filling her tummy, as she produced nearly as much fluid as her wild jerking session had launched all over the kitchen!

"Wow!" she exclaimed thickly as she released her cock from between her now smiling lips. "George Carlin was right. I might never leave the house!" she joked as she unfolded herself and climbed unsteadily to her feet. "If I did, I'd never know what fucking a woman was like! I gotta find a lesbian bar! I bet I could pick someone up, and then give her the surprise of her life!"

Sunlight was just beginning to filter through the curtains when Lisa heard a click, and her clock radio activated in the bedroom. "This is an emergency broadcast! I repeat. Do not panic. Only woman six foot or taller, with a bust size DD or larger, are transforming. There are unconfirmed reports of, uh, appendages in excess of twenty inches! If you are such a person, stay in your home! If you know such a person, and are an unaffected female, STAY AWAY! If you are an unaffected virgin female, LOCK YOUR DOORS! Researchers even now are studying the event! Early inductions link it to the dispersal of the Dryden Virus. Doctor Mary Ellen Dryden is at this time not a suspect of wrongdoing, but authorities wish to question her about key factors of her creation. This is an emergency broadcast!"

Lisa ran into her bedroom. The announcement seemed to be a recording. It just kept cycling over and repeating. She shut off the radio. "Oh shit, I'm not alone in this!" Oddly, that was a bit of a comfort. "At least I won't be branded a freak! Damn, who would have thought that the conspiracy theorists would be right about something for once! I thought they were crazy to protest the Dryden Sniffles!"

When her phone rang, Lisa snatched it up. "Darling, are you okay?" the worried voice asked. "The reports are everywhere! Did, did you, uh, um, you're so tall, and, uh, healthy. Are you, are you still the same?"

Her face grew warm, and her flaccid cock gave a distinct jerk. "Momma, I'm fine." She gulped. "I, um, I'm one of the effected, though."

"Don't go outside, baby girl!" her mother seemed to forget her embarrassment. "They're rounding up everyone who's statuesque, and, well, with big breasts. I don't know what's going on, but I don't want you interred in some nasty camp or something! Just stay in your apartment, and keep the doors locked!"

"Momma, you pay too much attention to all those conspiracy theories! Nobody is going to arrest people that committed no crime! It would be like being arrested because you caught a cold or something!"

"Please Lisa, promise me! I'll cover your practice! Just please humor me and stay home!" Lisa heard a sniffle. "Remember Lisa, no matter what, you're still my pretty little girl!"

Penis aside, Lisa grew even more embarrassed. She had towered over her mother since she was twelve years old. Did that mean anything? No! She was stuck being "Darling little girl"! She sighed. "I know momma! I love you too!"

"Promise me!"

"Okay, okay! I promise! I'll hide out here for a few days. Oh, Mrs. Olsen is going to be in at two. Be warned. I think the woman purposely eats garlic before her checkups! I nearly passed out last time she was in!"

"Honey, you're always too nice. If I get a whiff of something, I'm going to stop everything and demand that she brush her teeth before I continue!"

Lisa sighed. "Would you? Thanks momma! You're the best tooth jockey I know!"

"Tooth jockey? Have you been reading those weird murder mysteries again? That sounds like something your Philip Marlowe would call a dentist!"

"Good bye Momma!" Lisa hung up with a grin. Who was mom kidding? It was her mother that got her hooked on Hard Boiled detective tales!

Her penis seemed to be getting interested again, just from being on the phone with her lovely mother. "Cut it out, you overgrown turkey baster! Twice is enough for now!"

Lisa gritted her teeth and took an ice cold shower. The excess blood, not to mention drying seminal fluid was rinsed from her toned body. She carefully examined the base of her now totally wilted penis. It seemed nearly healed already. Her skin just sort of naturally blended into the flesh of the cock. It looked like it had always been a part of her body.

"Well, at least I don't have to worry about infections." She thought about it, while shivering under the needle fine spray of arctic water. "I've read enough science fiction in my day. If I had to guess, I'd say Doctor Dryden pulled some sort of a genetic re-write using her virus as a vector to deliver the new genetic instructions. Why else would the change be so swift and neatly executed? I wonder what the hell she did it for. Is she just a fan of those weird Japanese cartoons with dick-girls in them?"

Lisa sighed. "There must have been some massive hormonal and chromosomal changes as well. Intellectually, I know I should be going insane with fear, not standing around admiring a stupid prick!" she giggled and gave the six inch limp noodle a sharp little flick with her finger. "I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship!"

Standing up to pee was actually kind of fun! It was like having your own built in super-soaker water gun! She had some problems getting dressed though. "What do guys do with their junk when they're not using it?" she mused as she tried arranging herself different ways. Six limp inches was easier to cope with then twelve hard ones, but it looked downright ridiculous trying to cram it into even her most unflattering "Granny Panties"! Wait, I think I still have 'em!" she looked around, and found a pair of men's boxers buried in the bottom of her panty drawer.

She slipped into them. "Thanks Mike!" she said to their donor. "Thank goodness he never asked for them back after making such a big deal in leaving "Commando" style after we spent the night together!" She let the member sort of hang down her right thigh. "There, that seems to work!"

She dressed in her usual idea of high fashion for her days off. Pink sweatpants, with the word PINK emblazoned boldly across her firm round bottom, a ratty old tee-shirt, topped with the snuggly warm pink zip up hoodie to match the pants completed the ensemble. Her sweats were cheap knock-offs, but she didn't care. Victoria's Secret didn't stock much in her healthy proportions, so screw 'em! Besides, VS didn't have anything in official Hello Kitty pink! Lisa didn't admit it to many people, but deep down she was girly-girl enough to adore anything in pink. One of the things that had annoyed her about Mike was when he had exclaimed her apartment looked like the Pepto Bismol factory had exploded!

She pulled back her shoulder length blonde hair and tied it in a simple pony-tail with a pink Scrunchie. It was ten minutes before she realized she had forgotten something.

Lisa stared at her reflection in the mirror. "Oh shit, the girls are riding high! I look like I'm wearing some kind of serious heavy duty underwire here! This is great!" She gave a little experimental hop. "Damn! I haven't been this bouncy since I was the only eleven year old in the whole school with DD's, and all the boys would gather around to watch me skip rope! Is Dr. Dryden trying to knock bra manufacturers out of business, too? Whatever, else, I think I should thank her for this!" She gave another hop. "I was worried I'd be wearing them down around my knees by the time I turned forty!" her cock gave another little twitch. "That's enough out of you! I refuse to turn myself on!"

Laughing, she turned her back on the sexy woman in the mirror, and went to the kitchen. That's when calamity struck. "Of all the worst things that could happen, this is the worst possible thing! Fuck, I'm completely out of coffee!" She searched quickly, but there wasn't even any of the dreaded emergency back-up instant! "Damn, I promised momma, but this is important! I'll just run down to Starbucks, get a quick Venti and a pound of beans. I'll be back here in twenty minutes!"

She pulled on her specially ordered Hello Kitty sneakers, and donned her favorite pink ball cap, tucking her ponytail through the back. Grabbing her keys and a single twenty dollar bill, she was on her way. Once out in the early morning sun, Lisa felt the tension in the city. Guys looked at her, that was nothing unusual, but now there seemed to be a bit of distrust and maybe even fear in their glances. She saw a few women, and they practically ran from her, crossing the oddly deserted streets to avoid coming close. "Just get your coffee." She muttered while walking self-consciously down the sidewalk. "They can't be sure I have a dick. Just ignore 'em!"

Officer Pandora Boxten drove slowly down the nearly deserted streets of the city. "This isn't right." She muttered, watching for any sign of those she was ordered to apprehend. Sure it was frightening, but the people affected were not at fault. She wished she knew just who had ordered the fascist style roundup. It was probably some man who felt threatened and insecure over this strange new twist to human development.

The radio beeped, and then issued yet another report. "Any cars in the vicinity of Fifth and Main Street be advised. Melee reported at Saint Augustus School for girls. The student body has barricaded the premises, preventing the apprehension of six nuns, reportedly fitting the characteristics of known altered women, and the school's entire basketball team. Cordon off the area, but do not approach. There are unconfirmed reports of a bonfire consisting of," The voice went silent for a moment. "Good Lord, School Uniforms and habits? Keep all onlookers back! We can't let anyone record this for the news! The girls and the rest of the nuns are burning their clothes! They're dancing naked around the blaze!"

Pandora felt her face grow hot under the respirator mask she was ordered to wear. This was like some of the weird internet stories she searches for, uh, finds by accident once in a great while. Well, nearly every night. "Oh shit, this can't be happening!"

Pandora drove on. Despite hopes to the contrary, she spotted one! A tall athletic woman dressed from head to toe in a nearly eye searing pink was striding along at a pace that would be almost a run for someone with shorter legs. "Fuck, her tits are freakin' huge! She looks like she's smuggling basketballs!" For a second, vestiges of high school born envy clouded her mind. "Show off!" she muttered, trying not to think about her delicate A cup bust, and how she didn't even bother wearing a bra today. "With a body like that, why the hell does she dress like a little kid?" With a vengeful flick of a finger, she gave a warning blast on the siren.

Lisa's heart rose up in her throat when she heard the distinct "Blurt-blurt" of a police car signaling for attention. She ignored it, and walked on. Ice filled her veins when she heard a full three second blast of the cruiser's siren, and bright flashing lights rivaled the dawn's early light. "You there, halt!" announced a voice over the car's public address system. "Yes, I mean you, Pinkie Pie! Turn and put your hands up over your head and face the wall. Lean forward, grab those bricks and take a step back so your weight is on the wall. Spread those legs, and don't move a muscle!"

Pandora made sure the mask snugly covered her face before exiting the car and approaching the subject. She carefully walked closer, feeling embarrassed as her face continued to radiate heat. The PINK logo was stretched skin tight over firm round buttocks that would make Kim Kardashian feel inadequate!

Lisa trembled as she leaned against the wall. Oh damn, was Momma right? Was there really some dark roundup going on? "Officer, I didn't do anything!" she cried as she heard steps drawing closer behind her. She glanced quickly back and forth. The few people she had seen rapidly faded from view. It looked like nobody wanted to be a witness to this! "What's going on?"

"Don't move!" the oddly muffled voice ordered. Lisa trembled as hands briskly patted down her body. She let out a squeal when one hand grabbed her in a unique new way she had never experienced before. "Is this a weapon?" the muted voice asked urgently.

"No, that, that's just, um, that's me!" Lisa moaned as her penis was squeezed uncomfortably tight.

"Jesus Mary and Joseph, you really are on of them!" Pandora gasped, snatching her hand away from the log hanging down the pink clad woman's thigh. "Thank God I was wearing gloves! We're not supposed to let ourselves risk coming in contact with any bodily fluids!" She paused to collect her thoughts. She had just accidentally fondled the second penis she had ever touched in her life! She shook her head. "Okay, I guess your fairly harmless now. Lower your right hand." The arm slowly came down, and Pandora slapped a cuff on the wrist. "Now let's have the other one!" In seconds she had both arms restrained. "Now turn around!"

Lisa turned, and saw the officer for the first time. She must have just made the height requirement. Not counting the hat, she looked to be exactly five foot tall. She wore the complete regulation uniform, with its fifteen pound utility belt with gun (a 15-shot, 9mm Beretta) and holster, taser, pepper spray, handcuffs, keys, radio and flashlight. Aside from that, she also wore surgical gloves and a 3M 7800 Series Full-Face Respirator Mask. At least that explained the muffled voice! "What the hell is that for?" Lisa demanded. "The radio said only people like me are affected! I seriously doubt if I'm contagious!"

Pandora's green eyes opened wide behind the polycarbonate faceplate. "No, you aren't, but I have to be careful about your smell!"

"What? Hey, I wash regularly, pip-squeak! I took a shower less then an hour ago!"

"I don't mean like that!" The officer shook her head. Lisa couldn't help noticing how lovely her blazing red hair was, what she could see of it under hat and mask straps. "Now get in the car and don't give me any trouble!"

"What charge?" Lisa snapped angrily.

Pandora dropped her hand to the taser at her hip. "How does 50,000 volts sound? Is that enough charge for you, Pinkie?"

Lisa climbed into the open door, and settled into the hard plastic form fitted seat. She watched as the cop circled around the front of the car, and couldn't help noticing the sway of her wide hips, with the big heavy belt riding so low and sexy. "Not now!" she groaned through clenched teeth, as her penis stirred and began to grow. Her discomfort grew as it slithered farther down the leg of her sweatpants to actually extend past her knee. She couldn't help a pained groan as her hardness strained against boxers and tight sweats. Tears of frustration filled her eyes as they drove down the street.

At a red light, Pandora looked back at her prisoner and felt a stab of pure unadulterated guilt. "It's for your own good!" she assured, eyes betraying her own disbelief in the words. "Why are you crying? I didn't hurt you."

"I, I, um, I have to, uh, arrange myself!" She fidgeted. "Can't you cuff me in front? I'm not used to this, and, um, my thing is really uncomfortable now!"

"Oh my God, it really is a part of you, isn't it?"

"Yes! And my underwear is digging into me something fierce!"

The police car suddenly turned almost by itself as Pandora made a quick decision. "This isn't proper procedure, but nothing about today has been proper!" She pulled into an alleyway and the shut off the engine. "This is how it's going to work. Turn and lie down across the seats. When you're in position, I'll open the door and unlock the cuffs. Any funny business and I'll taser your ass, and bring you in while your shaking in your own piss, understand me?"

"Yes officer!" Lisa said meekly as she tried her best to comply.

"Okay now, just be good!" The Pandora stepped out of the car, and walked around to open Lisa's door.

Lisa couldn't help noticing how nice the cop smelled. She also couldn't help a thrilled feeling when the woman slipped a little, and her perky little breasts pressed against her back. Something in her mind just clicked. When the cuffs snicked open, she moved! Sitting up, she grabbed the cop and yanked her completely into the car!

Pandora gasped, and started to struggle. She had fucked up badly! The woman in pink had both a size and strength advantage! "No, stop this immediately!" she squealed as the cuffs clamped down on her own wrists! In seconds it was over. She had her hands cuffed behind her back, and was lying on the floor of her cruiser!

Lisa stared as the officer struggled. "Let me up this instant!" The cop demanded, fear showing in her emerald eyes. "Assaulting an officer is a felony! You'll do serious time for this!"

"But I didn't do anything! You didn't even read me my rights! What the hell is going on?" Lisa tried to calm herself down. "Just tell me what's happening, and I'll let you up. Start with this." Lisa tapped the faceplate of the respirator, and saw the glint of fear in the cop's eyes.

"Okay! When I said your smell, I meant pheromones! You changelings are emitting a sent that makes normal women go a little funny!"

"Funny, what do you mean?"

"There's a marked lowering of inhibitions." Pandora knew her fair and freckled face was nearly glowing red as she continued. "It's more pronounced in virgins. We, uh, they seem to start craving penetration! It seems to be a part of the Dryden disaster. There are reports of orgies all over the city! The only way we can control matters is to round up all the changelings and secure them in lockup!"

The word virgin seemed to enter her soul like an electric shock! Her cock throbbed. Lisa looked down to see a slowly spreading dark wet spot on the knee of her sweatpants. She worked her fingers against it and moaned. Lifting her hand, she licked at her delightful wetness. "Officer?" she asked softly. "Are you a virgin, by any chance?"

"Oh shit!" Pandora began struggling harder. She couldn't let this changeling compromise her mask! "Let me up! You didn't have any ID on you! Let me up and unlock the cuffs. Then just walk away! I promise I won't come after you again!"

Lisa smiled. Reaching down, she grasped one of the twin filter cartridges on the respirator mask. It's mounting was self explanatory. Giving it a half twist, she unlocked and removed it. "I'll let you up in a minute. I just want to see something first." Massaging her cock through her sweatpants, the wetness grew. Lisa anointed her finger with the fluid again, but this time she didn't lick it off. Lisa shoved her wet finger into the open hole of the mask, and wiped the slimy fluid all around inside. Then she put the filter back with a twist to lock it in place.

"No, oh fuck no!" Pandora closed her eyes and mouth tightly. She had to hold her breath at all costs! It was no use! She lasted almost two minutes when everything began to swim around and grow dim. Pandora couldn't stop herself! She gasped convulsively and took a deep shuddering breath! One gasping lungful of precious air after another made her became aware of a musky strong scent. She knew what it was, but had never smelled it this strongly before! She was sniffing a total stranger's pre-cum, and that stranger was a hermaphrodite!

Lisa watched intently, not knowing what to expect. The cop opened her eyes. They seemed to flash fire as the prone woman stared up at her. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed deeply. Slowly, those lovely eyes began to dilate. Lisa felt like she could lose herself in those dark depths. "I, I'll let you up now."

With a strong hand under her shoulder, Pandora was helped into a sitting position. "The rest of the way, Dammit!" she snapped as she scooted forward until she could rest her feet outside of the car on the grimy alleyway. "Help me up, and unlock these damn cuffs!"

Whatever Lisa was expecting, this wasn't it. "Okay, just don't shoot me!"

Once she was on her feet, and the cuffs were unlocked, Pandora rubbed her wrists. "What are you, one of those cop haters? Why the fuck would I shoot you?"

Lisa stared at the cop. "No, of course not! I, um, well, maybe I went too far."

Pandora took off the compromised mask and threw it to the ground. "You're lucky I don't charge you with assaulting an officer, Pinkie!" Her hand strayed, and began to sort of sensually caress the Mag-lite hanging from her heavy belt. "It's just lucky for you that my willpower is unbreakable!" The hand cupped around the shaft of the light, and began giving it what could only be called a hand job. "Now get back in the damn car before I start compiling charges!"

Lisa sighed and climbed back in. At least she wasn't cuffed this time! "Thanks officer." She said softly. The cop suddenly snatched her hand from the hard black metal tube as if it had turned red hot. "I swear I won't cause any more trouble!"

"I should think not!" The cop walked around the car. Lisa couldn't help noticing that she was now moving with a pronounced undulating stride, looking like a cat on the prowl. "Now just relax. This is for your own good!"

"My own good?"

"Yeah, that's what I'm told! It's lucky for you that my willpower is so strong, or you'd be in a world of trouble now! I'm getting married in six weeks to a man I, uh, I respect totally. I was going to, uh, I mean I am giving myself to him." At a red light, Lisa noticed the cop drop her right hand from the steering wheel. Her eyes opened wide. She was fondling the light again!

"Um, does he know you're a virgin?" she asked softly as both hands once again where on the wheel, and they drove on.

"I never came right out and said as much." Pandora said with a sigh. "He has begun to question why I'll only blow him." She shook her head, trying to snap herself back to normal. "This conversation is over! I can't believe I just said that to you!"

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