Bobby to Bobbie
Chapter 4

Copyright© 2012 by Honey Moon

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Bobby is a normal 19 year old man from a normal family. Well maybe not quite so normal. Bobby's sister Wendy possesses a genius unseen since Leonardo Da Vinci! Wendy hides her light under the bushel of being a bubbly busty blonde centerfold. Let's ignore Wendy, for this is Bobby's story! His world gets turned upside down when he and his buddy Alan sneak into Wendy's lab.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Body Modification   Transformation   sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

Normally, it would take someone months to create an intricate Cosplay outfit for a convention. Bobbie was lucky. How many people had access to a fully equipped workshop and laboratory, and a genius big sister to help out? In two weeks, she was fully prepared. The young woman stretched her arms out while looking in the mirror. "How do I look?" she asked

Her sister grinned. "The molecular chain I came up with for the basis of my experimental non-pressurized vacuum suit worked out just great." She noted how firm and upright Bobbie's breasts appeared under the glistening red skin tight covering... "How's the support feel? Didn't I tell you there wouldn't be a need for undergarments?"

Bobbie giggled. "The girls are being held up quite nicely, sis!"

"The girls?" Wendy couldn't help grinning. "I can't believe you said that!"

"Well, that's what mom calls 'em!" She turned and looked over her shoulder at the floor length mirror. "Um, do you think we cut it a little too low? I think I'm showing a little too much butt-crack!"

Wendy eyed Bobbie's firm round posterior. "I told you. I didn't cut it. That's the way I programmed the molecular chain to assemble. Anyway, I think we got it just about right. I'm glad I got the stress forces to line up properly so we could have you go backless, and still support 'the girls' in style. I'll tell you what, Kiddo. You are going to be a hit! Coming or going, every guy's eyes are going to be locked right on target!"

"Good! Maybe that'll show Alan that he doesn't need to look at other girls when I'm around!"

"Kiddo, is there something you want to talk about?" Wendy gently placed a hand on Bobbie's shoulder. "What's going on between you and Alan?"

Bobbie felt her face grow hot. "Nothing!" she snapped. "Nothing at all!" the troubled young woman tried to calm herself. "Sorry sis. Things are complicated right now." She took a deep breath. "I, I think I let things go a little too far."

Wendy smiled. "I suspected as much. Does it help you any if I told you that I'm sure Alan loves you?"

"Loves me?" she laughed. "As a buddy, yeah, I guess he does."

"No silly." Wendy gave Bobbie a hug. "He loves you. He loves you as a man loves a woman. Please be careful around him until I change you back. You wouldn't want to hurt him, would you?"

"Of course not!" her heart pounded. Love? Was that what she was feeling too? "Oh my God! Sis, maybe the convention is a bad idea! Could you change me back right now?"

"I told you. I've already started the system wide auto-check. The calibrations aren't going to be finished until Monday morning." Wendy smiled. "Just relax and enjoy yourself at the convention tomorrow. Come Monday, this will all be set right!"

"I hope so!" Bobbie frowned. How was this going to ever be set right? Things were entirely too weird between Alan and her now. Somehow she had fallen into the habit of giving him a blow-job, not to mention the occasional olive oil lubed titty fuck after they hung out together every evening these last two weeks. No, she had to be honest with herself. She and Alan had been dating. No other word fit. They still did the same kinds of things they always had together, but it was so different now. Especially different when she contorted herself in the little Smart Car in order to get her lips around his beautiful penis!

Alan even had started walking her to the door, and giving her a goodnight kiss before she went inside! Bobbie liked that even more then giving head. Every time their lips met in that simple little kiss, it always left her aching for something more, something she dared not even contemplate letting him do! It frightened Bobbie to realize her resistance was weakening with each tender kiss. What would happen if her willpower crumbled, and she allowed Alan to do THAT with her? Things had gotten so mixed up that now she had to finger herself every night before she felt relaxed enough to even think about sleeping!

What was she going to do? Would Alan hate her when she turned back into a guy? Could she dare hope he'd still let her take his penis into her mouth, or that they'd lovingly kiss each other when they were both men together? No, that would never happen! Alan would probably never want to be alone with her again once she was restored to manhood! There's no way he'd want to turn into a homosexual, just because his buddy was a pretty girl for a couple of weeks!

"Cheer up Kiddo!" Wendy smiled, breaking into Bobbie's dismal thoughts. "Everything is going to work out okay. I feel it deep in my bones!"

"Oh Wendy, I sure hope so!" Bobbie sighed. "I really do!"

Wendy glanced at the console of her transporter. The activity of the blinking lights sure looked convincing. Bobbie thought she was running system checks. It was all just a cosmetic show. The system was ready to restore Bobbie at any time. It had been for over a week. Wendy just wanted her sibling to be sure about things before that restoration took place! She was sure that Bobbie would make the right choice, given enough time.

She watched for a moment as Bobbie twisted and turned. "Here kiddo, let me do that." She took the molecular key from the flustered girl's hand, and brought the blunt emitter head to the barely perceptible seam between Bobbie's shoulders where the suit ended to expose her back. With a coded beeping, the seam split, allowing the girl to wriggle out of the tight garment. "Remember, getting in needs no tool. Don't lose the key, or you'll be stuck in cosplay until I can get there with a spare. My fastener system won't be on the market for another few months."

"Wait sis, what if I have to, um, pee?" Bobbie's face turned red. "I can't have Alan come in the ladies room with me!"

"I told you, this was meant for a prototype vacuum suit." Wendy grinned wickedly. "If you have to answer nature's call, just sit down on the pot and go. The suit will pass the excess fluids out. It's part of the cooling system, after all. Remember, urine only. Anything else will just make your butt look lumpy."

"Ew, that's nasty!" Bobbie couldn't help giggling again. "I won't be able to clean up afterward! You and mom told me I have to be very careful about hygiene, uh, down there."

"Kiddo, I think of everything. Just spread your legs wide and let it go! The urinal pore lines up with your urethra. The suit will take care of the rest. The nano valve system is auto regulating. In space, urine would exit slowly as a very fine mist over the entire surface of the suit, instantly freeze drying. That way the astronaut will be protected from extreme variances in pressure in a very delicate area. On Earth, the stream will be unhindered and flow freely. It'll wick all the excess moisture away from you too, so don't worry."

Bobbie struggled out of the suit. "I guess that's why it's giving me a bit of 'camel-toe'." Her blush deepened. "I'm glad THAT doesn't show from the outside! It's a good thing you made the surface so shiny though. If I get wet down there, um, for some reason, it won't show up."

"You'll be just fine. Normal vaginal moisture will pass so slowly it won't be noticeable. It'll help keep you at a normal PH level too, and freely pass oxygen under Earth normal pressures. In space, the suit's oxygen will channel through the molecular chain and do the same thing. Yeast infections hate oxygen, it helps prevent them from forming. That's why I made sure the suit could 'breathe'. I don't want female astronauts cursing Anson MacDonald, after all. Wearing it is nearly as good as going naked."

"Sis, you're such a geek!" Bobbie grimaced. "I don't want to hear about disgusting stuff like that!"

Wendy just grinned. "I'm just giving you the facts. We girls have to be careful about such things. Oh and remember the moisture wicking system if you get, well, excited. The extra moisture won't evaporate as quickly, so be careful where you sit if you watch any hentai in the video rooms. People might talk if you leave wet spots on the chairs."

"Gee, thanks for the warning, sis!" Bobbie self consciously dressed, slipping into bra and panty, and then another of the lovely vintage dresses their mother had insisted she wear.

"Cheer up, kiddo!" Wendy took the suit and zipped it up into a garment bag. "Just think. Your cosplay outfit is worth nearly twelve million dollars. What other girl could say that?"

Bobbie surprised herself by giving her big sister a hug. Before the "Event" such an emotional display would have been unheard of. "Thanks sis, you're the best big sister a guy, um, person could ever have!"

"You're quite welcome." Wendy said with a grin. "I certainly had fun helping you create your masterpiece."

Cheeks coloring rather becomingly, Bobbie smiled back. "I wonder what Alan will think when he sees me wearing it." her voice took on a distinct edge. "I bet he won't be hitting on any other girls when I'm strutting around looking so sexy!"

"Oh, really?" Wendy asked with a knowing glance.

"I, I didn't mean it like, um, like THAT!" Bobbie sighed. "I'm just getting tired of all his talk about using me as some kind of bait so he can score a hot nerd-girl!" She looked over at her sister's machine. "I can't wait until that thing is ready to unscramble me! It won't be a moment too soon!"

"Just relax and have fun at your convention, kiddo." I should be ready for the final calibration tests Monday afternoon."

Bobbie grabbed the garment bag and stormed towards the door, cute little patent leather pumps sounding loud against the concrete floor. "Good!"

Wendy smiled as she hurried after her neo-sister. She hoped against hope that Bobbie was getting closer to making the right decision.

Friday morning Bobbie was up at dawn. One thing hadn't changed. It was nearly impossible to sleep the night before a Con! She had spent the night packing and repacking. Usually it only took a backpack to carry some clean underwear, socks, a couple tee-shirts, and a change of jeans. Now, Bobbie couldn't help packing two suitcases for the three day extravaganza. It didn't seem right to spend so much time with only one change of clothing.

Bobbie had packed her cosplay stuff, of course, but she also packed three dresses, her snug fitting "Battling Princess Rio" tee-shirt, and the low riding hip hugging jeans that went so nicely with it. Of course she needed some pretty foundation garments too, not to mention the Hello Kitty nightgown mom had insisted on getting her. With a blush, Bobbie also made sure to bring the cherry red lipstick she had bought when nobody was looking, her Secret antiperspirant, and the bottle of Bath and Body-works Japanese Cherry Blossom body spray she had swiped from mom. Nobody would accuse her of being one of the stinky unwashed conventioneers nobody wanted to stand next too!

Lugging her suitcases downstairs, Bobbie was startled to find both Wendy and their mother already awake. "Why did you guys get up?" she asked as she set her luggage by the door. "I told you I would just slip out when Alan comes to pick me up."

Wendy laughed, but their mother only groaned. "Kiddo, didn't you hear mom come in at five? Somebody is just a tiny bit hung over right now."

"I am not hung over!" Alyssa yelled, before screwing her eyes tightly closed, and grabbing her head with both hands. "Really, I'm not!" she went on in a whisper.

Bobbie and Wendy exchanged grins. "Sure mom." Bobbie laughed. "Sorry if I made too much noise packing."

Alyssa crossed the room slowly and carefully, as if fearful any sudden movement would cause her aching head to simply fall off of her body. "Don't you worry about it, honey. You just go have fun with all the other cartoon fans." She gave Bobbie a hug.

"Anime!" Bobbie corrected for the thousandth time. "I watch anime, not cartoons!"

"What about "My Little Pony: Friendship Crusaders?"" Wendy asked with a smile. "Is that anime?"

"Well, no. It is the most manly cartoon in existence though!" She laughed. "Come on sis, you watch it too. You even calculated the forces involved when Captain Scootaloo performed Equestria's first FTL Rainboom!"

"She never would have done it if Professor Twilight Sparkle hadn't created a life support spell in time!"

"It did help that Rarity came up with a pressure garment that didn't inhibit wing motion." Bobbie giggled. "It's funny. I don't feel embarrassed admitting I watch any more. G-6 ponies rock!"

The doorbell rang, and Alyssa groaned. "If it wouldn't make even more noise, I'd shoot whoever is at the door!"

"Oops, better go now!" Bobbie yanked open the door, and thrust a suitcase at a startled Alan. "Come on! Let's get moving!"

Bobbie, lugging the smaller suitcase, made a beeline to Alan's Smart-car. She giggled as she saw it gleaming pinkly in the early morning sun. "I still think it looks cute pink." she said as he rushed after her.

"Dammit! Why didn't Wendy invent a solar collector you can paint over?" he sighed. "Since the whole body of the car is collector material, I'd have to replace the entire outer skin if I wanted a different color. Who the hell decided Pepto-pink was a good color for a car?"

Bobbie laughed. "It's Hello Kitty pink, you dolt! Anyone could see that!"

Alan looked at his buddy and grinned. "Anyone can see you're a knock-out in that dress, Bob. It's a cinch I'll get me some "steal the boyfriend from the hottie" booty tonight!"

When he said knock-out, Bobbie felt all warm and tingly inside. She wore a yellow sundress in honor of one of her other favorite classic anime characters, Asuka Langley. She even had a long haired red wig and A-10 nerve clips to wear once they got settled in and registered. It always paid to have a secondary cosplay look! That warm feeling vanished when he went on to mention other girls he would be interested in. "We'll see." she muttered as she got into the car. She glared at him when he openly stared at her legs as he closed the door on the passenger side.

"Remember, if you see a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, just go to one of the video rooms for a while, okay Bob?"

Bobbie took a deep breath as Alan crossed to the driver's side. She felt her anger rise when he so obviously enjoyed the rise and fall of her considerable assets as he leered through the windshield. "Same goes for me." she snapped. "If you see that damn sign, stay the fuck out. I'll be busy!"

"Oh yeah! You can play the closet lesbian looking for a fling. That's cool!" he grinned. "If you do, can I just have a quick peek? Girl on girl is way hot!"

That wasn't exactly what she meant, but Bobbie let it drop. She couldn't bring herself to mention her interests seemed to have drifted away from girls completely. "Just drive, dummy. I want to get there early!"

They drove in silence to the hotel hosting the convention. Bobbie's anger totally dissipated when they arrived. Once again, as with every time she was out in public since the "Event", Bobbie felt the attention of every male on her. She was sort of getting used to it, but it still made her blush. "Let's drop the bags off at the room, and then hit the Con registration lines."

Alan grabbed his backpack, but quickly realized people in the parking structure seemed to be looking in disapproval at him for letting a girl carry two suitcases. "Here, let me get those." he stated loudly as he grabbed the bags. "You shouldn't have to carry all that junk!"

Bobbie laughed as Alan tried to show the world how polite he was. "My hero!" she muttered, as they went to the front desk to get their key-cards.

When they got to the room, Bobbie felt her face grow red. "One bed." she muttered as Alan closed the door. "I forgot that's all they had left when we secured the room."

"Did you say something, Bob?" Alan asked as he lugged the bags into the room.

Ignoring him, Bobbie sighed. She'd just have Alan sleep on the floor. She didn't want their nightly oral and titty ritual to go way out of control! They'd never be able to face each other when she turned back into a guy, if she let anything like, gulp, actual intercourse happen! Worse yet, she knew in her heart that even as a guy, she'd still want the intimacy she and Alan now shared. She was sure her life long buddy would hate her if he knew she would still want to touch, fondle, and suck his lovely penis after she changed back. If they actually had sex now, she didn't know what would happen!

Her eyes opened wide. "Shit!" she had grown used to masturbating before going to sleep. Her body needed to be touched after she kissed him goodnight, and she didn't dare tell him. It was no longer a quick stroke session and popping off a hefty but single load into a bunch of tissue, either. Bobbie could now reach orgasm quite a few times over a rather satisfying long period, before being calm enough for sleep. She needed it after the stimulation of having Alan's penis in her mouth and sliding between her breasts! She'd have to do it in the shower and try to keep her mouth shut. Bobbie discovered she now had a rather embarrassing tendency to make strange noises at certain "Climactic" moments. She had to face it. She was a screamer now, on top of everything else!

"What's wrong?" Alan asked. "Did you forget something?"

"Yeah, that's it. I, I forgot to bring shampoo."

"Is that all? Hotels always have shampoo and crap free, in those little tiny bottles."

"You're right." she grinned sheepishly. "How could I forget?" Hopefully Alan wouldn't question her taking really long showers! She donned her red wig and made sure the nerve clips were in the proper placement on her head. "Let's go check out the Con!" she said before tastefully applying a little lipstick.

In the line to get their badges and programs, Alan was eying every girl in cosplay. That is, he was eyeing them when he could tear his eyes away from trying to look down Bobbie's impressive cleavage. That was okay, but when some of the girls started giving him smiles that seemed to invite more attention then just looking, Bobbie felt anger rising in her heart. She couldn't help herself. Linking arms with him, she rested her head on his broad shoulder. She also made damn sure she held his arm pressed tightly against her breast!

"Uh, Bob, what are you doing?" Alan asked in a husky voice.

"You want people to think I'm your girlfriend, right?" she whispered, while giving a sexy bikini clad girl with a sword a "Back off, bitch" glare.

"Oh, um, yeah. Thanks Bob." he grinned sheepishly enjoying the wonderful firm, yet softly yielding pressure against his arm. "You're the best!"

"You better believe that!" she snapped, with much more feeling then she had intended.

The dealer's room hadn't opened yet, so Bobbie and Alan strolled around just taking in the Con. The first time it happened, Bobbie was startled. Um, Miss, could, could I take your picture?" A nice looking younger boy asked rather hopefully.

Alan glared at him. "Get lost, twerp!"

Bobbie gave Alan's arm a not so playful punch. "Cut it out." she hissed. Giving the budding photographer a sunny smile, she said "Sure, you can take a picture." She put her hands on her hips, leaned slightly forward, giving him a nice view of developments. "How's this?"

"Oh wow!" he snapped away. "Oh wow! Thanks Miss!"

Bobbie realized that the kid was aroused. It was something she never would have picked up on as a guy. She smiled. "No problem. Be sure to check out the cosplay parade. You'll really want pictures of me in my competition outfit."

"I will!" He held his backpack strategically in front of himself, and shuffled away. "I can't wait!" he called, before ducking into the men's room.

"Thank God the little twerp left!" Alan muttered. "I should have stuffed that kid's camera down his..."

He was cut off. "Hey, can I get a few pictures too?" An older guy in a brightly flowered Hawaiian shirt asked.

"Sure!" Bobbie posed for him, too. Before long, she lost count of just how many guys wanted to take her picture. Oddly, Bobbie enjoyed it. Did Wendy feel this way when she posed naked for Playboy? It was so exciting being the center of attention! There was a nice bonus attached, too. Alan no longer seemed to be looking at other girls. He was spending most of his time glaring angrily at the swarm of photographers!

In the darkness of one of the video rooms, Alan sighed. "Jeeze Bob, what's with all the posing and pictures? You never used to be an attention whore."

"Don't sweat it, Alan." Bobbie grinned, letting the whore comment slide. "I'm just having a little fun. No guy in history has ever cosplayed a girl as successfully as me! I figured I'd just relax and have a good time this weekend. You know Wendy is going to change me back on Monday."

"Fuck fuckin' Monday! I'm sick of hearing about God Damn Monday!" Alan snapped, causing people to turn and stare.

"Shh! Alan, what's gotten into you?"

He reacted as if slapped. "I, um, ah, I just remembered I promised to work two shifts on Monday. Yeah, that's it. I, I'm working a double." He continued in an embarrassed whisper. "I hate Mondays."

"Well keep it down! I never saw the original Sailor Moon before. I want to see this!"

After a few videos, Bobbie dragged Alan to the dealer's room. It was there she saw something she just had to have. "I never had the nerve before." she whispered as she stared wide eyed at her secret heart's desire. "I would have just died if anyone saw me buying something like this." She picked up the large plush Hello Kitty figure and couldn't help giving it a hug. "She's going to sit right on my bed." Bobbie giggled. "Even after Monday."

Alan felt a stupid grin spread over his face as he watched the lovely girl in the sexy yellow dress and red wig clutch the plush cat to her ample chest. With a sigh, he once again got out his wallet. "I'll get this, Bob." he remembered the near disaster after buying her some clothes. "No strings attached. I'm getting it for you just because you're my best friend!"

"Oh Alan, thank you!" Bobbie glanced at her wrist phone, much more delicate then her old mannish model, and gasped. "We have to hurry! I need to get changed for the Cosplay parade!"

"Oh hell." He shook his head. "Do I really have to dress in that weird uniform Wendy made me?"

"Yes, you do!"

"Oh well. At least dressing as Prince Rikki goes well with your Battling Princess Rio royal gown."

"Yeah, her royal gown." Bobbie tried not to snicker as they rode up in the elevator. She had managed to convince Alan that she was wearing the formal frilly gown Rio wore when she went off planet to finish her schooling. Just wait until her saw her in the battle suit! It came riskily close to breaking the "No costume is NO COSTUME!" rule against nudity and indecency! She was going to be a hit!

Back at the room, Bobbie grabbed one of her suitcases and headed for the bathroom. "I'll just be a minute Alan. Go ahead and get into your Rikki uniform."

"Yeah, a minute." Alan laughed. "Bob, your sense of timing went right out the window when you, uh, changed. "You always say a minute, and end up taking a half hour!"

"Oh shut up!" she laughed as the bathroom door closed behind her. She raised her voice. "Perfection takes time!"

"Time." Alan softly sighed. "Time is running out. What the hell will I do on Monday, when my dream girl turns back into a dude?"

Bobbie quickly kicked off her heels, stripping off wig and pretty yellow dress. "Oh God, Now I'm nervous!" she whispered as she slipped out of her undergarments. She grabbed a quick shower, fighting the almost irresistible urge to linger and lovingly touch her body under the warm flowing water. "Be good!" she scolded her fingers as they did more then wash between her legs. "I said I'd be fast!"

Out of the shower, she carefully blow-dried her short blonde hair. She didn't want it to look all rumpled from her usual vigorous towel drying. She was thankful that the hairstyle she copied from sis was just about exactly right for Princess Rio! No wig was needed tonight! Standing naked in the bathroom, she sprayed a rather large cloud of Japanese cherry blossom body-spray, and stepped forward into it so it could settle gently onto her skin. She was glad that the breathable nature of the suit would let the scent pass freely.

She used her antiperspirant, pleased that the treatments she had undergone for swim meets had held. True, the change had made her new skin far softer and silkier then it had ever been when she was a guy, but thank goodness it was still completely denude of hair! The thought of shaving her legs on a regular basis was just so nasty! Let's not even think about shaving the ol' pits!

Wriggling into the snug suit, Bobbie once again wondered at how the material almost seemed alive. It gave and shifted freely as she worked into it, only to snug up to cling tightly to her skin as it settled into proper place. She brought the ends of the neck piece together behind her, and they automatically zipped seamlessly together. She gave a little jump, and giggled at how her tenderly yet firmly supported breasts bounced, with no real discomfort. "I look just like an anime character! I even have the Gainax Bounce!"

Working fast, she clipped the bright yellow plastic replica weapons pods to her upper arms, and slipped her red clad feet into the blue thruster boot mock-ups she had glued over a pair of cheap rain boots. She thought it was clever how sis had worked the molecular key into the design. Bobbie had it safely stashed in the side of her right boot, just in case she had an emergency.

Lastly, Bobbie settled the golden tiara onto her head. It really sparkled, being that Wendy plated it with twenty-four karat gold. "Oh wow, I, I look HOT!" her face flushed as she noted how readily the clinging molecular chain followed the lines of her body. It was a bit embarrassing how visible her rather large nipples were. "It looks like somebody just painted me a high gloss red! Thank goodness Wendy built some modesty into the crotch! If the suit's camel-toe tendency was visible, they'd kick me out of the Con!"

She took a deep breath and opened the bathroom door. "Pretty good." Alan laughed as he turned towards her. "You were only forty-two minutes." He froze. "Oh Merciful heaven!" he gasped. He took a step toward her, and stumbled over a chair. "Oh my God! Bob, you're gorgeous!"

Bobbie's face flushed as she smiled happily. "Thank you, Alan." she stood tall as he stared at her body. Embarrassingly enough, the material of the suit adjusted against certain strain factors, and her nipples showed even larger as they grew firm and erect under his hungry gaze.

Alan had a stupid grin on his face, but suddenly it vanished to be replaced by a look of anger. "Bob, I can't let you go out like that! It, it's indecent! People will stare!"

"What happened to gorgeous?" her baby blue eyes flashed fire. "And what's this crap about you can't let me?"

"What will your mom say?" he muttered. "What will Wendy say?"

"Oh, grow up! Wendy created this suit for me. You remember Wendy, the girl who posed NAKED for playboy!" she laughed, not unkindly. "Mom just wants me to steer a few young studs her way. So there's no problem!"

"Aren't you embarrassed?" Alan shouted. "You're still a guy!"

"Not 'til Monday, bub!" she smiled. "It is a little embarrassing, but come Monday, nobody will ever see the cosplay attention whore again." She picked up the object on the chair Alan had nearly fallen over. "Here, strap on your blaster belt, and lets get going!"

They rode down in the elevator. "I feel stupid in this getup. Alan muttered as he adjusted his sky blue uniform tunic, and made sure his gleaming black belt was buckled properly. "I never do cosplay. Why can't I just be a spectator?"

"Princess Rio needs her trusted right-hand man, Rikki." she laughed as the elevator doors opened and guys nearly fell over themselves when she stepped out. "Besides, I think there's a distinct possibility that nobody will even notice you're standing next to me!"

Bobbie was quite right. All eyes were on her as they made their way to the cosplay staging area. She wished she had on sunglasses. So many people were taking pictures, that the continuous flashes were nearly as bright as the noonday sun! "What should I do?" Alan asked nervously as their post at the very end of the line grew closer and closer to the microphone stand made ready for people wanting to do a little performing while in costume.

"Just move around me with your blaster drawn. Do it like Rikki does in the anime. Remember, you're protecting your beloved Princess!"

Moving a bit woodenly, Alan did as he was told while Bobbie took hold of the microphone. Just this once, Bobbie disregarded her own aversion to singing, and launched into a rousing rendition of "Home is Glory" the "Battling Princess Rio" opening theme. She had forgotten her recording of the song's Karaoke version, so she just went Acappella, singing the song phonetically in Japanese.

Bobbie didn't notice at first, but the large exhibition hall fell silent as she sang. Alan even stopped his self conscience prancing about, and stared in wide eyed wonder as his buddy sang her heart out. She held the last note for a moment, and then all was quiet. Quiet until the crowd exploded into cheering and applause!

Although she only knew a rough translation of the song, the emotional content always got to her. The effect was greatly amplified now. Bobbie wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled. "Thank you." she said softly into the microphone, before hastily putting it back on the stand and rushing from the stage.

"Bob, get back here!" Alan called as he ran after her. "You have to get back on stage!"

"Why?" she asked nervously. "I just want to go somewhere and get my head together."

"Why?" he laughed. "Don't be a dork. Didn't you hear the MC? You just won the best performance award!" He grabbed her arm and dragged her back to the spotlight.

When they handed her the little plastic loving-cup, Bobbie looked at it as if it were the most fabulous treasure she had ever seen! "Thank you!" she said again. Bowing to the shouts of the audience, she sang the song again. Then, she sang a few other popular anime themes as people requested them.

"You do know that you're going to be on about a hundred websites by tomorrow, don't you?" Alan asked later that night, as they made their way wearily back to the room. He groaned. "Assholes all over the world are going to be beating their meat while staring at your boobs!" He sighed ruefully. "I guess all the people downloading files of your singing helps balance that out a bit."

"Did, did you like my singing?" Bobbie asked bashfully. "I never really sang before, except for in the shower were nobody could hear me."

"Are you kidding me?" he grinned. "I bet you go viral on the net before dawn tomorrow!"

At their door, Bobbie turned towards her lifelong buddy. "Thank you." she said softly, before leaning close and kissing him.

They had kissed goodnight after most of there dates these last two weeks. This time, things seemed just a tiny bit different. Before she knew what was happening, Bobbie felt so warm and alive as she accepted Alan's tongue in her mouth. Without hesitation, she returned the action by slipping her tongue into his! Time stood still as their tongues caressed and teased against each other.

A young woman passing by laughed. "Get a room, you two!" she said playfully. "Oh, I guess you already have one! Have fun!"

Alan fumbled the key-card out of his pocket, and they nearly fell into the room when the door opened. Their busy tongues never stopped as they shuffled in while wrapped in each others arms.

Bobbie heart was pounding. Things were different tonight. Was it the emotional state she was in from singing to the crowd's obvious approval? Maybe it was just that she knew there was only one bed in their hotel room. It didn't matter what was the cause. Bobbie felt like she was burning up inside! She was filled with a longing she didn't understand. It's pure intensity was frightening. If Alan got her naked, who knows what would happen? Alan's hands were warm on her exposed back as he tried to find a way to release her from the glorious confines of her costume.

"No zipper!" he grunted as their lips parted. "How the hell did you get into this thing?" His hands tried to slip under the glossy red surface, but it was so tight against her skin that he could only get his fingertips tantalizingly under it. "Bob, I need to see you naked!" He managed to get his index finger to slip to the second knuckle down the cleft of her bottom, but that was as far as he could go.

Bobbie was starting to panic. She was going to be a guy again in just three days! She couldn't let things go too far out of control now! Thank goodness the suit was acting as a kind of high tech chastity belt. It's impenetrable nature was just what she needed to back up her faltering willpower. She was absolutely safe as long as Alan couldn't figure out how to undress her! She kissed him again, almost savagely, probing his sweet cool mouth with her tongue.

When Alan began to struggle out of his own costume, Bobbie helped him. That was safe enough. "Oh God, Bob, get undressed too!" he begged, as his engorged member proudly sprang free. "I need this! I, I need you!"

"This is enough." Bobbie moaned as she ran her fingers lovingly along his shaft. "I, I can't let things get crazy!"

"Bob, I'm already crazy! You gotta do something before I die!"

"You won't die!" she laughed huskily. "You, you might make a mess on my costume though!"

Alan moaned when she knelt before him and lovingly kissed the head of his straining penis. "Oh God! Bob, you're so damn hot in that getup, but I have to see you out of it!"

Bobbie was beginning to tremble as she stood back up. Trying to stop herself was useless. The words just tumbled out on their own. "My boots!" she gasped. "Help me out of my boots! I, I need something in the right one!"

Hands on her shoulders, Alan guided her to the bed and firmly sat her down. "Give me your foot!" he ordered as he stood proudly naked before her.

"I shouldn't! I shouldn't!" she whimpered, as she lifted first her left foot, and then her right. "We have to calm down!" Alan had no trouble slipping the gaudy boots off of her feet even as she continued to protest. "Alan, I, I'll do a blow job, b-but that's it. I forgot the olive oil! We can't do a titty-fuck!"

Alan's voice sounded husky, but much more authoritative then normal. "We'll think of something." he looked over her cosplay foot-gear.

Bobbie moaned, the sound was a mix of fear and desire. "That, that's what I'm afraid of!"

"Right boot?" Alan examined it, and discovered how to slide a metal and plastic cylinder from the hidden compartment. "What's this do?"

Bobbie had to calm down! Alan didn't know what the molecular key was, or how it worked. She was still safe in the protection of the suit as long as she maintained the status quo. "What's that?" she asked weakly. "Um, nothing. It's just part of the outfit."

Alan pressed the single button. The device beeped a few musical tones. "It's not part of the outfit. I've seen every episode of "Battling Princess Rio" too. Nobody has any kind of rod like this in the show." He pressed the button again and listened to the tones. "That's not random." He tapped it against the nightstand, and then attempted to unscrew the base.

"Don't break it!" Bobbie cried. "I don't want to be stuck in cosplay until my sister can come here!" Her eyes opened wide. "Um, I mean, Wendy made that, don't break it on her!"

"Stuck in cosplay?" Alan may not be related to a mad super genius, but he wasn't stupid, either. "There's no zipper on that getup. Wendy invented something, didn't she?"

"Uh oh!" In a split second, Alan was on the bed with her. "Wait!" she squealed through her laughter as he rubbed the end of the cylindrical device over her. "L-Let's talk this over!" They rolled all over the bed as Bobbie struggled to prevent him from finding the right spot to press the key against. She struggled, but cursed herself too. She could very easily just shove Alan off of her and say NO, but somehow she couldn't make herself seriously try and stop him.

Alan loved rubbing the flashlight shaped device over the glistening material over his buddy's amazing breasts, but soon logic made him try a new approach. One hand around her slender waist, he brought the device to the back of her neck. "Eureka!" he shouted, as the material parted.

"Oh shoot!" Bobbie moaned, as their struggling took on a more urgent tone. "Slow down!" she gasped, as Alan pulled and tugged at her outfit, slowly but steadily exposing her quivering breasts.

"I need to see all of you!" he groaned, as he worked on freeing her arms.

"Alan, oh Alan!" she whimpered, unable to prevent herself from assisting in her disrobing. "We can't!" she cried, as she extended her arms so he could slide the sleeves down and off of her. "It's too crazy! We, we have to stop!"

"Stand up, Bob!" he ordered firmly.

Blushing quite pink, Bobbie couldn't help herself. She popped up right to her feet, and put her hands on Alan's shoulders to steady herself as he tugged the material off of her firm round bottom, and down her long shapely legs. "We can't do this." she muttered, as she lifted first one foot, and then the other so he could finish stripping her.

"Calm down Bob, I won't hurt you!"

"Oh no! Oh no!" she whimpered. Since she gave him that first blowjob and titty fuck two weeks ago, this was the first time they were both completely naked together.

Alan was still on his knees before her. He was staring right at the glory between her thighs. "Oh God! Bob, I, I need to taste you!" He got up and pushed her unresisting body onto the bed. She fell back with a squeak of fearful surprise, and then he scrambled after, and placed his face just over her. "So beautiful!" he breathed, before lowering his face.

"Alan!" Bobbie felt a sensation like none she had ever dreamed of! Her fingers had gently explored her new self quite often in the last two weeks, but nothing could compare to a tongue softly gliding over those silken lips! "Oh, this, this is okay! Yes Alan, give me a blowjob too!"

He nearly choked and lifted his face. "Bob, that's not what it's called when you go down on a girl! Don't say that! There's no way I'd put a dick in my mouth! This is Cunnilingus! Don't you read porn?"

Her heart ached at his declaration. What would happen to them when she changed back to normal? What will he think if he knew she still would accept him into her mouth as a guy? Still, emotions, hormones, or whatever were controlling the moment. "Oh God, I don't care what it's called!" she cried. "Do it some more, please!"

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