Bobby to Bobbie
Chapter 3

Copyright© 2012 by Honey Moon

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 3 - Bobby is a normal 19 year old man from a normal family. Well maybe not quite so normal. Bobby's sister Wendy possesses a genius unseen since Leonardo Da Vinci! Wendy hides her light under the bushel of being a bubbly busty blonde centerfold. Let's ignore Wendy, for this is Bobby's story! His world gets turned upside down when he and his buddy Alan sneak into Wendy's lab.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Reluctant   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Body Modification   Transformation   sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,adult science fiction story

When Bobbie awoke, she greeted the sunny day with a smile. That was really odd. When Wendy had left her last night, she had climbed into bed and sobbed herself to sleep! She got up and went into the bathroom. It was a nice change of pace to have no struggle with 'morning wood' as she sat down on the toilet to relieve her bladder. She finished up, washed her face, and brushed her teeth. After a moment's thought, she sighed. "I may as well use what ass-hole bought me!" With a slight smile on her lips, Bobbie slipped into the emerald green bra and matching panties. "I hope he sees me like this!" she hissed, as she slipped into the snug fitting tee. "I hope he fully realizes what happened last night will NEVER happen again!" She shimmied her hips into the jeans. "I hope he has to jerk off all night long thinking about my stupid tits!"

Once dressed, the young woman came to a realization of her own. "Dammit! I forgot to get a belt and a pair of shoes!" Her eyes opened wide. "Oh yeah, I should have thought of it sooner!" Digging through her rather untidy room, Bobbie located a specific box in her ever growing pile of collectables. "I hope it's in here!" She tore open the lid. "Got ya!" She yanked out the wide black leather belt, with its hugely oversized green and white enamel "Green Lantern" symbol buckle. She had never had the nerve to wear it before, but now it should just do the trick!

"Well, at least I don't have to cut the leather down." Thankfully, the belt was just about perfectly suited to ride low on her rather wide hips. She blushed. "I guess I have what they call 'baby birthing' hips now." She looked in the mirror and grinned. "Holy shit! I'm one hot nerd girl! Alan will love this!" Her eyes flashed fire. "Wait! Why should I care if Alan ever sees me again! What a jerk!" She turned to storm downstairs, but paused. Most days she didn't care one way or another. Today, she spent a quite a few minutes carefully brushing her hair, making sure it would look as nice as Wendy's always did.

Alyssa looked up from her coffee, and nearly dropped the cup. "Oh my! Those are new clothes! Honey, you look so cute!"

Bobbie couldn't help grinning at her mother. "Yours aren't new. Isn't that what you wore when you went out last night?"

Wendy giggled as she poured Bobbie a cup of coffee. "The cougar came slinking back home at about nine o'clock this morning. Ask her what happened to her panties."

"Do I really want to know?" Bobbie sat down and sipped the hot beverage. "Okay mom, what happened to your panties?"

If looks could kill, Wendy might have had something to worry about. "Somebody has a big mouth!" Alyssa sighed. "Okay! I couldn't find them! I think we lost then somewhere in the park."

"Personally, I think Richard stole them." Wendy joined them at the table. "I bet he's sniffing them right now, dreaming about diving right back into MILF snatch!"

Bobbie was stuck on a key point. "The park! Holy crap! You had sex in the park? What if someone caught you?"

"Poor Bobbie!" Wendy patted the younger girl's hand. "We've kept you shielded from it for such a long time!" she grinned wickedly at their embarrassed mother. "Mom is an exhibitionist, as well as a cougar. It's only her pull as an ex-cop that keeps her from getting arrested. How many times have you been busted, mother dear?"

"Oh please! It was only once!" she blushed. "I only go out to, uh, play, after midnight, so no little children will see. Besides Officer Brown was very nice about it, and accepted my out of court plea bargain!"

Wendy laughed. "Is that what you call it now?" she turned to the bemused and confused Bobbie. "That, in case you didn't know, translates into Mom gave a cop a blowjob in the back of a squad car, in order for him to forget he ever saw a thing!"

"Jeez, do you guys talk like this all the time?" Bobbie laughed. "I thought us guys were supposed to be the ones who talked trash!"

There was a knock on the kitchen door. Wendy went to open it. "Why hello, Alan. Why don't you come in?"

Bobbie looked up at the nervous redhead. "What do you want, jerk?" she snapped, before taking another sip of coffee.

"Listen Bob. Last night I, um, I said something really dumb." He rubbed the back of his neck and shuffled his feet. "You know I didn't mean it like it sounded! I'm always like that! I, I talk without thinking!" He pulled his hand from behind his back. "Um, these were on sale. I, I bought them for my mom, but, uh, she didn't want them. I lost the receipt, so taking them back would be a big hassle. You can have them, if you want. I don't want to deal with any crazy chocolate makers!"

Bobbie looked at the offered box and couldn't help smiling. "Godiva Chocolatier 36 piece Signature Chocolate Truffle Assortment?" she read. "Oh, Okay, I suppose I can save you the trouble and take them off of your hands."

Wendy looked at the clock and almost laughed. Gift for his mother, indeed! The mall only opened for business at ten. Alan must have waited for the mall to open, and then broke several speed restrictions to get the box here at ten twenty-five! "Why don't you open the box, Bobbie? I'm sure we'd all like a piece."

Her blue eyes flashed fire. Bobbie forced herself to calm down. "Okay, I'll share, but I get to pick first!" Ignoring her mother's laughter, Bobbie opened the box and picked up a confection. She slowly bit into the truffle and moaned softly. "Alan, I haven't forgiven you for what you said, but I just decided to pretend it never happened." She finished the delightful treat with a contented sigh. "No, I was kidding. I guess I forgive you."

Wendy gave the relieved young man a 'thumb's up', when her sibling was distracted by another truffle. "Chocolate will go right to your hips, kiddo." She warned playfully.

"Jeez! I was only going to eat the two now!" She glanced at the clock on the wall. "Oh shoot!" Bolting from the table, she ran to the living room and grabbed a blue blazer from the coat closet. "I'm going to be late! I promised Mr. Murphy I would be in early today to help train the new employees! Alan, give me a ride to work!" It took her actually putting the blazer on and trying to close it over her ample assets to realize the predicament she was in. "Oh Hell's teeth! How am I going to go to work like this?"

"You'll just have to call out sick. When you called, you sounded perfectly normal. Just do whatever you did with me last night, with him."

Bobbie blushed. "Not everything, you dork!" she hissed, as she went to get her tablet. When she returned, she left it in the living room and went to get a chair.

"Kiddo, what are you doing?" Wendy asked as Bobbie hopped up onto the chair in front of the monitor wall.

"I've got to block the cameras" she said as she tried to position the clip chip so it wouldn't pop off this time. "It'll take too long to augment the video stream with a visual simulation of me as I'm supposed to look!"

Picking up the seldom used remote, Wendy laughed. "Voice control has everyone getting lazy." She hit a few keys and large blue letters lit up the screen.

"Default cameras offline. Please select new video source?" Alan couldn't help laughing as he read. "Bob, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm glad you didn't figure that out last night!"

"Oh, shut the hell up!" Face red, Bobbie set up her tablet. "Okay, I'm ready, but what should I say?"

Alyssa looked thoughtful. "Tell him you've suddenly been offered last minute plane tickets for an all expense paid trip to visit your uncle's marijuana farm in Florida." She giggled. "Everyone would understand a young man wanting to help out during harvest time!"

Bobbie sighed as she finished setting up her audio system. "I guess he'd go for that. Mr. Murphy always brags about the good old days when smoking herb was illegal. He'll probably ask me to bring him back some samples."

"I'll call your uncle Billy later and have him ship us some unprocessed leaves."

"Thanks, mom!" she made the call. "Hello. Mr. Murphy. This is Bob."

"Mr. Shay, I thought you agreed to come in early today. The clock tells me this isn't early! How come you're not sending a video feed?"

"Um, sorry boss! The cameras are burned out. The repair man is on the way." She couldn't help a little grin. "We, um, we're having a family problem. Remember when I told you about my Uncle Billy's farm? Well, he's short on reliable field hands, and needs me to fly down and help with the harvest. I really do apologize, but I have to go and lend a hand!"

"Help on the hemp farm, eh?" he sounded thoughtful. "I remember back just before the turn of the century, me and some buddies started our own farm. The feds nailed us. You kids today don't appreciate how easy you have it!" he laughed. "Go ahead. Never let it be said I'd stand in the way of family! Oh, and Bob?"

"Yeah boss?"

"Bring me a little souvenir, okay?"

"Sure thing! Oh, I'm sending my cousin over to pick up my pay, alright? Her name is, uh, Bobbie, too. You'll know her when she comes in. She looks a lot like my sister Wendy."

"Looks like your sister?" You could hear the joy in the man's voice. "Sure! Send her down!"

Bobbie cut the call. "I knew he'd go for that!" she giggled. "He claims sales are still up since you did that commercial for Great-Purchases last Christmas. He keeps that autographed poster of you in your skin tight Miss Santa suit that you presented him with up all year round!"

Wendy smiled happily. "I still get fan mail about that spot!"

"Speaking of autographs. I think Alan has something to ask you."

"What? No, no I don't! Come on Bob! I'll give you a lift to the store!"

When the friends left, Alyssa sighed and shook her head. "I must be losing my touch. That young man hardly glanced at me at all!"

Her daughter looked thoughtful. "Same here. The poor guy was sure mooning over Bobbie though. I do hope things will be okay between them once I turn her back."

Bobbie felt a little nervous heading to the Great-Purchases store. "Sis is right. Nobody will think I'm really me. Still, this is going to be strange! I have to remember to pretend not to know anyone." When Alan didn't respond, she playfully punched his shoulder. "What's wrong with you today? I told you sis would be okay with signing your issues. You should have jumped at the opening I gave you."

Alan opened his mouth to answer, but only shut it again. How could he possibly admit there was now somebody else he was interested in? Wendy is really good looking and all that, but it suddenly dawned on him that perhaps at twenty-eight, she was a bit too old for him. "I couldn't ask her in front of your mom!" he finally blurted out. "That would have been too weird, even for me!"

"Mom isn't a prude. She wouldn't have minded." She smiled. "Don't worry. I'll ask Wendy later. Just bring the magazines over tomorrow."

"Uh, thanks." He pulled into a parking space in front of the home electronics super store. "I'll try to remember to bring them."

Once again, Bobbie felt eyes upon her as she entered the store. She suddenly felt self-conscious in the snugly fitting jeans and tight little tee. Her nervousness grew when she saw one of her fellow employees heading her way. Jack Andrews would be on today! She and Alan had known him since elementary school. The smug bastard thought he was God's gift to women. The trouble was, with his good looks and charm, many women seemed to actually believe it!

"How's it hangin', McAllister?" Jack asked with a mischievous glint in his eye. His smile broadened as he gazed in rapt appreciation of Bobbie's form. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend?"

"Uh, um, sure." Alan felt like sinking into the floor. "Jack Andrews, this is Bob's cousin Bobbie Shay. She's up from Florida to spend some time with her aunt while Bob is away."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Bobbie from Florida." He stepped a little closer, insinuating himself between her and Alan. "I'm getting off at three. Why don't you let me come by and pick you up? I could show you around, and then take you out to dinner. What do you say? Is it a date?"

"Real classy, Andrews!" Alan snapped with unexpected heat. "The lady is obviously already spoken for!"

"How's the job search coming, Alan? Find anything better then working at that recycle center, slaving away to drain toxic fluids from old pre-Shipstone clunkers?"

Bobbie felt her blood begin to boil. What was wrong with this jerk? It was bad enough that he lorded over all his fellow workers, just because he got the promotion that she should have received. Bobbie could take all the shit Jack regularly heaped on while working here, but this? The self centered ass simply had no call to try and belittle Alan! Someone had to put him in his place. Why not her? "Oh Alan" she cooed in an attempt to copy her sister's dumb bimbo routine. "I had no idea!"

"Sad but true." Jack grinned, sensing victory. "While I work here as assistant junior manager "he adjusted his tasteful tie proudly "poor Alan spends the day covered in grease and grime."

"I had no idea!" she repeated, taking the bemused Alan's arm in hers. "You work to try and better the planet? Cousin Bob never told me that! It must be so fulfilling knowing that you're helping restore nature's balance!" she led Alan away from the now fuming Jack. "You simply must tell me all about it!"

"What are you doing?" Alan hissed. "Stop acting so weird!"

"Quiet!" Bobbie casually glanced back. Jack looked fit to be tied! "That asshole makes me sick! Good, he's watching! Hurry up and kiss me!"

Confused as he was, Alan had no trouble following that order. His lips met Bobbie's and time seemed to stand still. His arms encircled his beautiful best friend as he lost what little self control he had. The tip of his tongue moved, encountering glorious cool sweetness as he slipped it into his best friend's mouth! "S-Sorry about that." He whispered as they finally parted.

Bobbie tried to slow her racing heart. There was that bolt of electricity again! Had Alan felt it? She dared not tell him that his play acting had made her legs go all rubbery! Her face flushed as she felt that warmth between her legs again. "Th-That's okay! Good acting! The more realistic the better! I bet that jerk is pissed!"

Alan sighed. Did Bobbie know? Could she somehow sense just how that kiss made him feel? The almost painful strain in his pants paled before the sudden ache of his heart. "Yeah, acting." He took a deep breath and smiled. "Help restore nature's balance? What am I, a super hero?"

"You do your part!" Flustered and confused, Bobbie made a decision. Last night had burned a bridge rather dramatically and spectacularly. What she had in mind wasn't a problem then, was it? Besides, Jack the jerk really had gone too far this time! "Come with me." She hissed, pulling Alan towards the rear of the store. "I'm going to teach that womanizing martinet dork a lesson he'll never forget!"

"What are you up to?" Alan whispered when they reached a short corridor at the back of the showroom. "Oh, you want to use the ladies room."

"Close!" Bobbie felt a little self-conscious going into the girl's bathroom during business hours, but it was also kinda fun, too!" She leaned down and peeked under the stalls. Good! The room was empty! She went back to Alan and gave a quick look around. Better and better! Jack was following! The jerk was making a beeline for the little closet he called his office! "Come with me if you want to live!" she said in a cheesy accent, quoting from her favorite old movie. Making sure Jack saw them, she grabbed Alan's arm again and yanked him into the restroom. Bobbie only paused long enough to put the closed for cleaning sign on the outside of the door.

"Have you lost your mind?" Alan felt his face flush. "I can't be in the ladies room!" he looked around despite himself. "It looks weird in here, there are no urinals."

"Of course not, dummy!" She dragged him to the large handicap stall. "This place is wired." Her face flushed. The other employees may be pissed at her. She was about to kill their golden goose! Well, who could blame him when he returned to normal? It would just be something his crazy cousin did while he was away! This more then made up for keeping quiet for so long! Several times Jack had offered copies of his secret recordings. Bobbie had always turned them down. Only fear that other male employees that had accepted these 'gifts' would land in trouble had kept Bobbie silent. That was about to end! "Mr. Murphy doesn't know it, but his Assistant junior manager wired this stall with three hidden cameras. We're about to give Jack the jerk a show he'll never forget!"

Alan did his very best to calm himself, but his raging erection had totally degraded his morals. "Are you sure about this?" he asked feebly as she steered him into the stall." He noticed a box on the metal wall, near the toilet paper dispenser. "What the hell is that?"

Bobbie grabbed his hand before he could lift the lid. "Never mind!" Bobbie had been stuck cleaning the bathrooms too many times not to know what was inside. She shuddered. "It's something I won't have to deal with if sis changes me back in less then a month!"

"Why a month?" It finally hit him. "Ew! That's disgusting!"

"Oh, shut up and pull down your pants!" she fumbled at his belt while trying to hurry him up. "Sit down and relax." She whispered as between them they freed his impressively erect shaft.

Alan nearly collapsed onto the seat. Who could blame him? "Are, are you sure about this?" he said once again, stammering weakly as his cock throbbed.

"It's just to put that jerk Jack in his place!" she lied, while looking at the dirty floor. Unwilling to kneel on it in her nice new jeans, she pulled the box of toilet seat liners from its holder and knelt on the nice clean cardboard. "Besides, um, you'd do the same for me!"

"I, uh, yeah, sure!" Alan didn't know if he would, but he didn't dare hint otherwise after the shambles he had made of last night!

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