Family Ties

by DonPedro

Copyright© 2012 by DonPedro

Incest Sex Story: Brother helps his sister escape from being placed in a foster home.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

"Jerry, can you come and get me?" My little sister was sobbing and I could barely understand what she was saying.

"Is that you, Jennie? What's going on?"

"Mom got picked up for prostitution last night and they're going to put me in a foster home."

"Shit! Where are you now, Jennie. Where are you calling from?"

"I'm at the Texaco station out on the highway. I ran after the social worker dropped me off at school."

"Um, OK, Jennie. It's gonna to take me at least two hours to get there but I'm on my way. Did you pack any clothes or anything?"

"No, all I have is my school books and three dollars. I'm afraid to go back home because Mom's there. I can't live with her any more Jerry, I just can't!"

"I know, Sweetheart. I'm sorry you've had to put up with so much crap. Just hang out there in the restaurant and I'll be there as soon as I can. We'll talk about it then."

"Thanks Jerry. I love you."

"I Love you too, Jennie. See you soon."

I found Frank, the rancher I worked for and told him I needed the rest of the day off to take care of a family emergency. He patted me on the shoulder and said, "Go on, son. Let me know if there's anything I can help with."

Frank's a great guy. He and his wife, Marie took me in when I ran away from home four years ago after my dad beat the crap out of me because I tackled him for slapping Jennie around. He took off to his favorite tavern and I took off for parts unknown and never went back. He and my mom have since split up but she's not much better than he is. She's usually drunk and, from what Jennie tells me, fucks anything that will lie still long enough for her to climb on. She never knew (or cared) where I wound up and I wasn't about to tell her but I stayed in touch with Jennie. We talked on the phone as often as we could.

When I turned sixteen, Frank hooked me up with his attorney and we managed to get me declared emancipated and then I got my last name legally changed. I'm nineteen now so I don't have to worry about any claims my mom could make but for now, getting Jennie out of her clutches was a priority.

Two and a half hours later, I saw Jennie waiting outside the restaurant when I pulled into the parking lot. She came running when she saw me get out of the pickup and jumped into my arms crying and saying how much she missed me.

"I missed you too, Jennie. Get in the truck and let's get back across the state line before anybody comes looking for you."

Once we crossed the line we both breathed a little easier. Jennie told me the whole sordid story and about all the other crap that had been going on since the last time we talked.

"Don't worry, Baby Sis. We'll fix it so you don't ever have to go back there again. I'm sure Frank and his wife would be happy to have you stay with them while we work out the problems."

"No, Jerry! I want to stay with you. I don't want to live with strangers. That's what I'm running away from. Please, please let me stay with you."

Her tearful pleas were breaking my heart. "OK, sweetheart. We'll work something out." She was holding on to my arm so tightly it was hard to drive.

Frank and Marie let me use the small apartment over his detached garage on the ranch. This coming fall, I'll begin my junior year at the university but I live and work on the ranch during the summer and anytime I'm home on break. Meeting them was just about the luckiest thing that ever happened to me. When I ran away I headed for the highway to thumb a ride to any place but where I was. They were the first ride I caught and when they saw my bruised and bloody face, they wanted to take me to a hospital but I refused. By the time we got to their ranch across the state line, they knew the whole story. Marie got me cleaned up and settled into a spare bedroom and I've been living on the ranch ever since. The cost of my tuition is mostly covered by grants, scholarships and student loans but Frank made sure I had a decent place to live and paid me enough that I didn't have to worry about starving.

When we got to the ranch about seven that evening, I introduced them to Jennie. Of course Marie immediately offered a room in their home but Jennie thanked them and said she wanted to stay with me. After we explained what Jennie was running away from, they were all sympathy and understanding. Marie even told Jennie to be ready to go into town the next morning to buy some clothing and basic toiletries. I gave her my credit card and begged her to not get carried away. I had a little money in my checking account but I wasn't rich by any stretch.

I took Jennie up to the apartment over the garage to get her settled in. It was small with one bedroom but there was a couch that was pretty comfortable to sleep on; I'd use that and give her the bed. She nixed that, saying she would either sleep with me in the bed or take the couch herself. I reluctantly agreed to share the bed but strongly suggested she not tell Marie. They were awesome people but a little strait-laced in that department.

I told Jennie that Frank and I would have to be out working cattle at daybreak so I was going to shower and turn in. I gave her an old T-shirt to sleep in. When I walked out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist I got a little surprise. Jennie was naked with her back to me as she pulled the T-shirt over her head. The last time I had seen her body was four years ago when she was eleven and still shaped pretty much like a boy. The butt and the full breast I caught a little glimpse of were all woman now. I guess I was blushing because when she turned around and saw me she said, "Oh, don't be such an old prude. I'm sure you've seen lots of women's bodies."

"A couple, yeah. But I hadn't really given any thought to you being all grown up. You're got a really hot body, Sweetheart!" This time she blushed and we both laughed. I went into the bedroom to get into some clean underwear and jumped into bed before my hormone surge gave me away.

"Sorry I don't have a TV. There's some good books on that shelf or you can surf the net on my computer if you want."

"I didn't sleep worth a damn last night, Jerry. I think I'll crash too." She crawled into the other side of the bed and snuggled up to me. "Will you just hold me for a little while?"

"Sure I will. Scoot over here." I wrapped my arms around her as she spooned up against me. I had to push my butt back so she wouldn't feel the woody tenting my underwear. "I'll probably be gone when you wake up so I'll see you tomorrow afternoon. 'Night, sweetheart."

"'Night, Jerry. Thanks for coming after me."

Frank and I knocked off work at around six the next afternoon. Ranching means long days. When we got back to the house Jennie was helping Marie in the kitchen with dinner. She was wearing some new jeans and a loose top.

"You look good, Baby Sis. How was the shopping?"

"We had fun. Everything came in at under $200; I hope that's OK."

"That's a lot better than I expected. Did you get everything you needed?"

"Yeah, I'm good. And Marie and I have been talking about a lot of stuff, you know, about home. She has some ideas about how we can keep me here. I'll tell you about it later, OK?"

After we finished dinner and Jennie had helped Marie clean up, we headed over to the apartment. She told me that Marie had talked to their friend, the attorney today and he thought they had a good case for getting me appointed her guardian. If he could do that, it would be a huge load off my shoulders. As soon as we got everything squared away, we could get her enrolled into school.

I brought up some nice, soothing music on my computer and plopped down onto the couch to relax. Jennie slid onto my lap and hugged my neck with her head on my shoulder. The smell of her hair and the feeling of her breasts pressing against my chest made me feel a little too confined in my jeans. Apparently she could feel it too.

"Jerry! Am I giving you a boner?" she laughed.

I was embarrassed but I thought it was time for a little lesson in basic biology. "Look, sweetheart. Male human brains are hardwired to respond to certain stimuli. If a beautiful girl gets real close to a guy he's going to react in a pretty predictable way. Understand what I'm saying?"

"Do you think I'm beautiful, Jerry. Because I think you're about the sexiest guy in the world." She grinned as she wiggled her butt on my expanding erection.

I lifted her off my lap and set her on the couch beside me. "Careful, Baby Sis, were getting into unsafe territory here. I'm having thoughts that a future guardian shouldn't be having." I brushed my hand through her hair and kissed her on the cheek. "Why don't you show me what you bought today?"

"OK. Sit right here and don't move." She jumped up and ran into the bedroom, closing the door. A few minutes later she came out wearing some nice black slacks with a form-fitting top that really showed off her sexy figure. "What do you think?"

"That is so hot! You're gonna have guys following you around like puppies when you're back in school."

"Ya think? You're the only one I want to impress."

I let it pass. "What else did you get?"

She flashed a big smile and said, "Be right back."

When she reappeared a few minutes later, my jaw dropped. She was wearing a very sheer and very short black nightgown with bikini panties that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Her breasts with their dark aureoles and nipples were pushing it well away from her flat tummy and her dark pubic hair was clearly visible under her panties.

"Damn, Jennie. Was Marie with you when you picked that out?"

"No, silly. I bought it while she was talking to the lawyer. Give me credit for a little sense, Jerry."

Now my boner was pretty well defined pointing down the leg of my jeans and I could feel my heart rate speeding up. "I don't know if it's a good idea for you to wear that around the apartment, Jennie. People might get the wrong idea; hell, I might get the wrong idea."

Jennie stared directly at my erection and smiled, "I think it's a great idea 'cause it's doing exactly what it's supposed to." She knelt on the floor in front of me and lightly ran her fingers up and down the outline of my cock. "Please, Jerry, I really want you and I can see that you really want me. What harm can it do as long as I don't get knocked up?"

"That's what I'm most worried about, Jennie. That and the fact that you're my sister and you shouldn't be introduced to sex by your brother."

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