The Teacher

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2012 by Linda Jean

Erotica Sex Story: How a teacher gets blackmailed for something she did way back in collage and she never knew anyone recorder her. A former student gets her to anything that he wants her to and like everything done habitat ally it becomes a habit and one that turns out to be extremely enjoyable for her. She never does anything that she doesn’t like, it is getting use to doing it with strangers that takes a while to get over.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Coercion   Blackmail   Slut Wife   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Interracial   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   .

Let's see, how do I tell you what happened and how this all started? Just think about it; over the past few years there has been so much talk about student and teacher sex going on. I am living proof that it is not always the Teacher's fault when you hear about a teacher having sex with her students. After I tell you my story maybe you can understand that the teacher may be nothing but an innocent victim as I was.

You see I am forty-one years old and I am happily married with two children. I say happily married, I guess to be honest with you (and myself) that may be up in the air right now. It all started about six months ago and now it seems that I am in some kind of plunge. I feel out of control ready to crash and burn. What kills me is the fact that I have no control over what happened to me, and what was going on even today. I know that I will have no control over my own actions tomorrow anymore than I had today.

Well I can see that you have no idea what started this, so I better start at the beginning. I work in a small town; we have one elementary school and our junior high and High school share the same building. It is a three-story brick building.

The first floor is used for the town's education offices while the second floor is used for grades six, seven and eight. The Third floor is used for our ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. I teach the eighth grade students and since we are so small of a city all nineteen students are in my classroom. Unlike what you see on TV or maybe in your town, the kids here do not change classrooms every hour; I have them all day long. (Expect for PE and shop.)

Like I said earlier, this all started six months ago with a slip of paper that I found in the top drawer of my desk. It said, "turn on your phone, there is a message for you." I pulled my phone out from my purse and turned it on; sure enough it vibrated and I had a new message. It said, "Be sure to check your e-mail to day Mrs. Phillips."

I was puzzled by the message, I mean why did they bother sending me a message on my phone, I always check my e-mails, it is the way the staff keeps everyone informed. It is very seldom that I send or receive any personal e-mails, in fact I can not remember ever receiving a personal e-mail from anyone out side the school that did not pertain to my class or my job.

Since we are a very small city, we get a lot of Federal grants. Part of those Federal grants comes as what they call "guide lines." One of the brand new "guide lines" is, we are to have school uniforms for students and of course the teaching staff.

The girls wear white blouses with navy blue skirts that cannot be any higher than the knees of the student wearing them. The young men wear white shirts with navy blue trousers. The female teachers are required to wear white blouses with navy blue jumpers. The male teachers wear the same thing as the boys do.

Along with the grants the Government provided every teacher with a computer at their desk. All internal computers are all linked to the main server in our building. So all of my e-mails come from staff and internal. (Well they all did before that day.)

I opened my e-mail once I had the class working on a chapter (during History). I thought it was something for me from Fran down stairs. (She sends most of the e-mails to all the teachers and staff. She only sends things that we all need to be aware of for our classrooms) I will never forget the words of that e-mail.

It said, "Hi Bunny, do you have any idea just how sexy you look today? Even wearing those uniform jumpers makes my cock hard as a rock. But what really got me going was watching your three movies that you made a few years ago. How old were you then, eighteen, nineteen, maybe twenty? I bet you made those movies before you became a teacher, didn't you, Bunny.

Maybe you made them before you were even married. Does your husband know how much you love fucking and sucking boy's hard cocks? Did he ever appear with you in one of your many gangbangs? I attached one of my favorite clips. I really like the clarity of it because it shows your lovely face with that cute heart shaped birthmark on the side of your neck just under your right ear.

The way you swallow that black cock while you are riding some lucky white dude who you are bouncing up and down on as fast as you can on his cock. Then the way you respond as the other black guys take turns fucking you in your asshole and face.

Fuck, Bunny, I mean Mrs. Phelps; I have to stop for a moment to stroke my rock hard cock. You sure are one hot piece of ass, just listen to the way you yell and beg them to keep fucking you. Oh yeah, you better hit the mute button; we don't want the whole classroom to hear you now, do we?

I'll IM you later; I have a question for you before I go. Should I send a copy of this clip out onto the school network? You know, to everyone in the school computer system? What about hubby? I can't see the face of the white guy, was that him?

Nah, I don't think so, because watching you in your three films I never saw the same man twice. I tried counting all the men in your gang-bang movies but sometimes they never showed the faces. But then by the looks of it and from what you say, I don't think you really cared who was fucking you, now did you?

I'll be in contact later today telling you just what you will be doing for me. Oh yeah, we both know that you don't have to do anything at all, we both know that, right? But then we both also know what is going to happen if you for some strange reason want to act as if you are not the whore in the movies that I have.

By the way, did you know that in the credits on all three movies they put your name in? But it wasn't Phelps then was it; in the credits they all said "Bunny was played by Samantha Carson. Wasn't Carson your maiden name, Bunny? Shit, I know why they called you Bunny; you fucked all those boys harder and faster than a rabbit in heat."

I sat there stunned. I mean if someone had hit me in the head with a brick I am sure I would not have felt it. I was that numb. I had forgotten all about that part of my life when I was at UCLA in my wild days. Oh sure I was really wild, I did have all kinds of perverted sex at parties, but I did not make any porn movies.

I did recall that at the parties they always called me Bunny kidding around during the parties, I thought it was like a nickname that the boys called me when we had sex.

I saw that there was an attachment. I needed to look at it; I mean, since I never made any movies this person had the wrong woman. I finally clicked on it and I hit the mute button. The movie clip started and sure enough it was me, with two black men and one white man that I was straddling. I saw the close up of my face as the long black cock slid all the way inside of my mouth and I saw my tattoo. I stopped it and deleted it.

I looked at the return for the e-mail and it said that it was from "" I clicked the delete button and looked around the room, no one was watching me, no one saw anything.

I felt sick; I know that I never made any sex movies while at UCLA, and I never knew anyone even had a camera when I partied. I don't ever remember anyone with a camera. But then I just went to the parties to have fun and I did not pay any attention to anything but drinking and having sex, lots and lots of sex. Oh, I was wild all right, we all were; at the time I did not realize just how wild I was. Every weekend was a party; some days I would fall asleep at a party, then wake up and start all over again.

It was months when I sort of came to my senses and realize that I was failing every thing because of all the sex and the boozing; it was a sort of wake up call for me. I was only nineteen at the time and I just got caught up in the sex and liquor. For the first time in my life I was free to be wild and I made the best of it. You could say that I went nuts. Once I realized the damage I was doing to myself I began to wake up.

It hit me hard when I realized that my reputation on (and off) campus had me as the "easiest lay on campus;" hearing that woke me up. But even more important, it made me feel cheap. I realized that the girls wouldn't speak to me, and then the boys began treating me like shit. Well that is unless they wanted sex, and then I was the queen slut of every party.

I can remember putting on sex shows for the boys to get the sex parties started. The boys had this thing about watching me use rubber cocks and different things to fuck myself with as they would watch and jack off.

What was so bad about that was, I remember that I could hardly wait to be asked to give them a double fuck show. That is where I would be kneeling on the floor with my two big rubber cocks inside of me and I would move my ass up and down while sucking off the boys. The cocks were so big and heavy and I was so wet that they just slid in and out of me as I moved my bottom up and down.

I have no idea why they loved watching me like that but they did. I can't count the parties that I would be dancing naked, (even before I had finished my first beer.) and they would chant "fuck yourself, fuck yourself." A few times they wanted me douche myself using two full bottles of beer. (That was a huge charge!) God, what a feeling getting drunk like that with out drinking anything.

I can't even begin to count the times that I went to sleep with a boy inside of me only to wake up many hours later with another boy screwing me. Yeah, I guess I was a real honest to goodness skank back then.

When I came to my senses, I decided to move back home and get away from the influence at UCLA. I decided to go to our local City College. That way no one back home would ever know anything about my reputation and why I moved back. I made sure to never, ever get mixed up like that again. I never had more than one drink at any party when I got back home. I told myself that I would not have sex again until I was married.

Oh sure, giving up the sex like that was a struggle. (I'm only human, ) but I knew I had to get my life straight; I could not go through life having sex all day and night, getting drunk and being a skank. I have no idea how I managed to not get pregnant. I was on the pill but you and I know both that it is not 100% foolproof; then add the fact of screwing all the men. I mean every one of them did not use any condoms, because I hated them. I always love the feeling of being full and wet inside with their sperm. So it was a just miracle I never got pregnant.

I did however become very devoted to using my hands and my two great big fake rubber cocks that first year back home. Oh, I did date, but second base was it. I was a Junior before I went all the way again and that was with my husband. We married three years later, and in all the time I knew only him sexually, we had sex three times before we married and that sex was oral. You see, I wanted to be a good girl.

I had forgotten all about that part of my life. I sat there with my mind racing, I thought, "Maybe this is just a big mistake. Maybe the girl in the movie is someone else, it can't be me, it can't be; maybe some one altered the movie and put my face in it, I mean I had heard those kind of things were possible, It had to be, I never made any movie!"

I had to make sure, that way I can just tell them they are making a mistake. That had to be it, I am sure I can prove it; I had nothing to worry about. It couldn't be me. No one ever filmed me at any of those sex parties, I was sure of that.

I had a pit in my stomach as I clicked into my deleted folder. I clicked on the clip. It took a moment to load up and all of a sudden there I was again. Oh I was younger all right, but there was no mistake, it was I. I was sucking this black guy and I was working him and myself to frenzy. I could see my birthmark under on my right shoulder so it was not a doctored thing with my face. The camera pulled back and there I was riding a white guy as another black man moved in behind me, I watched as he slid his cock into my ass with just one smooth plunge and began fucking me hard and fast.

Oh it was me all right, there was no question; I was moving my ass fast, I was doing the moving; it looked like the two men behind me were not moving at all and they were holding onto me for dear life. I slid up and down on those two cocks hard and fast. Instantly it flashed in my memory how much I loved doing that to guys. Seeing which one I could get to cum first. I remembered just how much I loved making a boy lose his cream. I remember how crazy I would get wanting more and more.

Once I realized the truth, I quickly deleted the message from the system. It was just then that the bell went off and I think I must have jumped out of my seat, (well it felt that way anyway.) When the bell rings every fifty minutes the kids have to go to their lockers and get the books and things needed for the next class as well as put away their materials from the last class.

It is done that way to get them up and walking as well as give us a break to get things geared up for the next hour's class. As everyone was walking out I felt my phone vibrate. I picked it up and I had a new message.

I clicked in and it said, "I noticed in all of your sex parties, you never had on any panties under your skirts when you undressed and you seemed to like it that way. I know for a fact, that I like you that way. What I want is for you to get up, go to the bathroom, and take off your panty hose and your panties, that is if you are wearing any panties.

I want you to then throw them in the trashcan at the end of the hallway. Come back to class and I will tell you what you are going to be doing. Now feel free to not do it, I sort of want to see what would happen if I sent out the mass e-mail to everyone showing all the staff just what a skank whore you are."

Do I need to tell you what will happen if you do not do what I tell you, Bunny? Even if your hubby does know about your porn star years, do you think his staff at his real-estate office knows? By the way check the e-mail list below; did I miss any one at his office? I think I have all 23 people, including his secretary and his 16 agents. Do I have all of his staff? We'll talk later, and by the way, I sure hope you still love sucking cock."

He (or she for that matter) was right, when I was at UCLA the only time I wore any panties was when I had to wear my pads during my periods. In those days we used belts with the pads and I wore the panties for extra protection just in case. But when I was not on my period, I was always bare under my skirts and dresses.

I turned off my phone. I looked around and the classroom was empty. The hallway was noisy as hell and I was sick. I mean my stomach was turning flip-flops. I got up and went to the teacher's lounge. I went into the toilet and pulling up my jumper dress I took off my hose and panties.

While I was doing that I had what felt like a big pit in my stomach, but something surprised me and I mean it really surprised me. As I pulled my panties down, the crotch stuck to me. Once in my hand I realized why. They were soaking wet. I mean they were very, very wet. I put my hand on my bottom and I could feel my clit, it was un-hooded and exposed, my labia were swollen and I was extremely wet. I was shocked by my sexual excitement.

I crunched them up tight in my right hand and I walked out. The hallways were crowed as was normal. I walked over to the trashcan and stuck my hand in side the cover and dropped my panties. I walked back to my classroom and I wanted to cry but I knew if I let myself cry, the kids would ask what was wrong.

I tried to keep my mind on my lesson plan, but it was hard to do. I was trying to think of who was doing this. It had to be some one that had access to my school e-mail and my phone. How did they get the name and e-mails of my husbands company? I had no idea if the e-mails were correct or not. I only recognized the names.

I thought for a moment it might be a student, but I knew it couldn't be. Maybe if they were smart enough they could get my e-mail address but then I told the kids they could e-mail me if they had homework questions. I never gave any student my cell phone number and they couldn't know about my husband's office.

I kept making stupid mistakes; I lost my place I don't know how many times, I had two things gnawing at me. The first one was, who is this person who had this sick power over my life? Then there were the three porn movies that he told me about, or was the person even a He?

As the class ended my phone vibrated again and I saw I had another message, I opened it up and read it. "I sent you two more clips on your PC e-mail, so you can see that I have all three of your movies." I waited until the room was empty and I opened my e-mail. I saw the attachments and my hand shook as I clicked the first one open.

I saw myself sitting on a coffee table jerking off two boys as I sucked another. Then I switched. The boys turned me around and began fucking me doggie style as I knelt on the table, one right after another. I saw a line of boys waiting their turn to be next. I still had the mute button clicked but I could tell by my expression that I was yelling at them to fuck me. The clip ended and I opened the other one.

In that one I was on a bed on my back, legs open, and I was fucking myself real hard and real fast with a corncob like a crazy girl, frantic for an orgasm, as the bed was surrounded by all kinds of boys jacking off as they watched. They all watched as they stroked their cocks and after a while they all replaced my corncob, again one after another. The camera went down the line of boys waiting their turn; it was a long line and there were all shapes and sizes of cocks, some very small and some were gigantic, then the clip ended.

I sat there in shock, yet almost a tiny bit (a very tiny bit) disappointed that it ended. But just as it did, the kids begin to re-enter the classroom. I deleted the e-mail right away then again from my deleted file so it wasn't in my computer at all. I saw and heard my phone vibrate again as it lay on my desk in front of me. I opened it up and there was another message. It said, "I just sent you another e-mail; read it now or else."

As the kids got settled in I quickly opened my mail, it said, "During this hour in class you will sit at your desk and pull the front of your dress up all the way up. Once you have your dress up, you will open those lovely legs and you will finger your pussy. You will finger it and you will make yourself climax.

Don't worry, as long as everyone stays at his or her desk, no one will see you. Trust me, Bunny, I will know if you do not do as I tell you. If you do not do this and you do not climax before the next bell, I will hit send and every teacher in this building along with every county education office as well as your husbands office, will all get the same three clips that you just looked at."

This hour is current affairs; I had planned to have an open discussion about the United Nations and how it came about. The only thing on my mind was making sure that whoever is sending me e-mails and messages did not send those video clips that I saw on my computer to anyone. I knew that I would do what ever I had to do just to ensure that did not happen. I mean I really did not have any choice at all now, did I?

I thought for a moment; I am not sure how my husband would handle it, I mean for years he tried to have anal sex with me and I refused him every time. Add to that the fact, that right from our wedding night he wanted me to suck his dick like I did when we dated. I lied to him and told him I only did it so we would not have sex and now that we could I did not want to do it again. I told him that I would only have sex with him on my back.

Now I knew he would never understand why I would not let him. I just knew that if I gave into those sick desires again I would loose control and what would he think if he knew what I loved doing nasty things, I just knew some how that he would find out the sick desires and maybe the things I did before I met him.

To tell you the truth he was not my worst worry. This person had e-mails to every one that I knew and everyone that my husband knows. Then there is the rest of the school and county Education department. If this got out I would be ruined, my husband would be a laughing stock, and maybe it would ruin his company.

If this person wanted to fuck me, I knew that I had no choice. If he wants me to give him a blowjob I would have to do it. If he gets his kicks watching me masturbate and fuck myself, he will get what he wants. I can't allow those movies to get out. I moved my chair as close to my desk as I could. I sat there and I was going to get through the lesson plan.

As the class began I reached down with my right hand and using my fingers I pulled the front of my jumper up bunching it on my lap. I put my right hand back down after I opened my legs as far as the desk would allow and I touched myself between my legs. I touched my exposed clit and it was like touching electricity.

After rubbing it for a while, I slid my hand further down inserting two fingers into myself. (I have always used two, and three fingers to finger fuck myself since as far back as I can remember. I was shocked as I realized just how excited I was and just how sopping wet my pussy was even before I touched it.

It was as if my body had a mind of its own and it remembered the perverted sex that I had had so many years ago, and at one time loved so much, before I got married. It was as if my pussy wanted to have sex in the worst way.

I had a book in front of me on my desk as I worked my fingers in and out my cunt and every now and then worked my clit hard and fast. I made sure my upper body showed no signs of what I was doing under my desk, or just how much enjoyment that my hand and fingers were giving to my hot pussy.

Now that was very hard to do because I am (and always have been, ) what is known as a screamer. (Even when I masturbate alone at home I love to moan and make noise.) I worked my wet pussy to a frenzy, and doing it in my classroom, with a room full of teenagers just two feet in front of me, was more exciting to me than anything that I had ever experienced in my life before and since I have been married.

At first all, I wanted to do was make sure that I did what this person wanted. At first I had wanted to ensure that no one ever found out about what kind of a woman I was back in California. But somewhere that part faded away and all of a sudden it became more about my pleasure and my excitement. I know that where I was, and what I was doing made it so dirty and extremely exciting.

I kept watching the kids' eyes to make sure no one picked up on what I was doing. It was very hard to keep my breathing at a normal rate because I was very sexually turned on and I desperately wanted to climax.

It got so bad that I had to stop the discussion and I told the class to read pages 103 through 109 of the book we were discussing. I just knew that I was losing my mind. I lifted my feet off of the floor and raised my knees up to the bottom of my center drawer. I opened my knees as far right and left as I possibly could. Shit, was I ever hot, and I was so wet I swear that I could hear my juices slurping as I masturbated like crazy.

Don't get me wrong, I always get wet, but seldom as wet as I was at that moment. Over the years when I have masturbated and I used my two rubber dicks, I always seemed to fantasize about the things that I did back at UCLA. I have always loved the feeling of my asshole and my pussy being filled and fucked at the same time.

I sat there masturbating under my desk in class, remembering that just three days ago I had pulled out my two loving toys and did the fuck bounce in my bathroom. I knelt on the bathroom floor as the shower was running with two of my rubber dicks inside of me. I knelt there bouncing up and down on them fucking myself. They are both very thick and heavy so as I would rise up, they would both slide out causing me to slide back down capturing them both inside of myself again.

I flashed back to that video clip of being fucked and sucking cock just as if it happened yesterday. I knew I was going to climax; I bit on the inside of my cheek, I bit hard as my hips began to shake. I felt that lovely feeling begin to grow and slowly run down and back up my legs.

I felt it as the wonderful feeling came up to my stomach into my breast, my throat, my face, and to the ends of my hair. My toes tingled as fire whipped through me. I looked out over the class but I saw nothing. My eyes were open but I could only see myself fucking two men as I sucked another.

When my climax was over I began to relax, I dropped my legs and brought my feet back down to the floor. As I sat there returning back to the reality of my situation, I could smell myself. I mean it, I have always had this wonderful aroma rise up from between my legs when I am ready for sex and after sex it has a different smell.

Slowly I began to realize what I had done. Not so much the fact that I did it, what really hit me so hard was, just how much I got off doing something so nasty and so wrong in my classroom full of teenage boys and girls.

I told myself that I did not have any choice in it, I had to do it or everyone would know and find out just what kind of a person that I was in California. I had worked hard, very hard, all these years to keep my sexual appetite in check.

I would use my toys three maybe four or five times a month in secret in the bathroom with the shower running if my husband was home. If I was lucky and my husband went to play golf and the kids were out of the house I would play my sex games on the bed in my bedroom. That happened maybe five or six times a year; I hid my rubber cocks under the sink behind my pads. I knew they were safe there because my husband can't stand the sight of my large box of pads under the sink.

I finally began to relax and I got my mind back on the class. I decided I better get back to doing my job so I had everyone stop reading and we discussed what everyone had read until the bell rang. When it did ring it was time for lunch. The kids filed out and my computer screen popped on. I had an instant message on it from my blackmailer. I waited until the last child left the classroom then I opened it.

It said, "Not bad, not bad at all; as long as you keep doing what I tell you, your secret is safe with me. By the way, I attached another clip from your first movie. It seems as if you love to put on a nasty show. I really love this one where you are fucking yourself and beg the boys to come over so you can suck their cocks.

Just know that when you do that for me, you will be begging me for my big fat long hard cock. But of all the shows that you put on, the ones where you use the beer bottles full of beer to fuck yourself with, those, Bunny, were the hottest, they were hot as hell!

Now I want you to open your bottom left hand drawer and pull out the rubber cock I left there for you. I want you to sit there, put it in your pussy and watch the attached mpeg. While you watch it, just think; today after school you are going to be doing the exact same thing. Make sure you fuck yourself to a climax. After you cum for me one more time, you can go to lunch."

Again I was caught off guard. I opened the drawer and there was a lovely fat black rubber cock just as big as mine at home. I closed the drawer, got up and closed my classroom door and locked it, and pulled down the blind. I went back to my desk, pulled out the cock, sat down at my desk chair, opened my legs and slid it in. I scooted up close to my desk and clicked on the mpeg.

I saw myself in the center of a living room on a coffee table covered with towels. I was surrounded by boys as I knelt down on the table using two beer bottles full of beer fucking myself. I wanted to hear what was going on so I took the speakers off of mute and turned it down so low that I could barley hear the video.

I was begging the boys to let me suck them off and for them to cum in my mouth. After watching me for awhile one of the boys said, "The only way we're going to shut her up, is to let her suck us off." so one by one they walked up to me as I was kneeling moving up and down on both beer bottles in my cunt and asshole. They in turn inserted their cocks into my mouth and I went after their sperm, it was clear what I wanted, I wanted them to climax and give me their sperm. I say that because I work hard and fast like a woman possessed going after it and want them to come in my mouth which seemed to drive me crazy.

I watched and I had forgotten that I had done that, but seeing it reminded me that the boys loved watching me fuck myself at the sex parties, and I remembered doing that a lot before they took turns fucking me. I could hear the chant as the other boys kept saying over and over "Fuck yourself, fuck yourself, shove them all the way in Bunny." I watched as the boy I was sucking held my head in his hands and fucked my face.

I watched as I slowly brought my hips down on the beer bottles and seeing my ass cheeks touched the towel covered table. The weight of them with the beer inside kept them on the table. That went on for some time and then I heard another voice say, "Lay on your back Bunny, cram those bottles up inside your big cunt and asshole, show us Bunny how you love it so much. I watched as I took hold of them both and turned on my back so I could fuck myself and as I did I watched as both the beer bottles emptied into me.

I could see as I held them and they began to disappear up inside of me. I watched as the boys all stroked their dicks. I watched myself as I kept pulling them into myself as less and less could be seen of both bottles as my finger tips were pushing them inside. Then finely I saw that they both disappear. I cupped my hands at my bottom and ass as I just laid on the coffee table and rocked my hips hard and fast climaxing.

Who ever was filming me stood off to my feet and to the side. They would move to show a close up and slowly pulled back showing me holding both bottles in with my hands as I laid there rocking and yelling out during my very long climax. As I slowed down one man said "Ok Bunny, get on your knees again, I have two more full bottles for you."

I relaxed and I saw the bottles begin to show and my fingertips grabbed them I pulled them out and liquid went everywhere onto the towels. I got up on my knees and I saw hands take away the two empty bottles and someone handed me to full long neck bottles. I placed them both under me and inserted them.

Once I had the bottle necks in I began sliding all the way down to the table, then as I slid up the bottles stayed on the table. I began a steady pace that gave me a great feeling as the boys all chanted "take them bunny all the way baby, all the way." I was moving myself up and down on them and I went too far up one time. They both popped out for a moment causing me to franticly reach down and get them back inside my holes.

I sat there at my desk watching myself doing this sick perverted thing and I was mesmerized as I watched. Knowing that the door was locked and the blinds were closed I felt that I was safe in doing what he wanted. I moved back a little from my desk and I raised my legs up again. This time I opened them really wide so I could have very easy access to my pussy. As I sat there like that I slid the black fat rubber cock way up inside of myself.

As I did that, I never took my eyes off of the video clip on my computer screen. I watched myself being so fucking perverted in my younger years. I was really fucking myself harder and faster, matching the speed of what I was doing to the speed of what I was watching in the video right in front of me.

It did not take long before I came and I clenched my mouth tight so I would not scream out, but I did grunt hard as I came and kept coming. I really had an extremely hard climax fucking myself like that.

It was one thing to do this kind of thing at home where it is always great, but here in my classroom was so fucking depraved it was maybe one of the hottest things that I had ever done. Then adding to it that I was watching myself doing the exact same thing so many years ago and got off so much doing it at the sex parties just blew my fucking mind.

I came hard and when I did climax, I crammed that black rubber cock as far up inside of my cunt as I possibly could. Since I have used one like it for almost all of my adult life I had no trouble taking it all up inside of me. I have always loved the feeling of being over stuffed when it came to sex. (I just love the feeling of being stuffed like that as I climax.)

I finally began to relax and came back to reality again. I heard a Ding and knew that I had another instant message. I opened it and it said, "Not bad, not bad at all, Bunny. I sure did not think you could have shoved the whole fucking thing up inside your cunt like you did, but you sure as hell did."

I thought to myself, "How? What? How in the hell did he know? I am alone and the door is locked. The blinds are closed he (or she) can't look into the classroom." Then as if he (or she) was reading my mind, another message popped up; it said, "Look under your desk."

I pulled the cock out of me and quickly put it back into my drawer. I slid my chair further back, stood, and then knelt to look under my desk. I saw a tiny square box with a tiny lens showing on one side a tiny red light was on. I saw a tiny antenna and it hit me when I realized how this person had been watching me.

I got back up, sat in my chair and as I sat yet another message popped up. It said, "Now look over to your right and smile." Before turning to look a picture screen popped up and it was a split screen; on the right I saw myself sitting at my desk staring at my computer and my right arm was moving like crazy.

The box changed to one picture screen and it showed me holding the black cock and sliding it in and out between my open legs in every detail. I could clearly see every time it came out of me that it was covered and it glistened with my juice. I watched as I brought myself to a climax and I crammed the black rubber cock as deep as my fingers would allow it to go.

The screen went blank and then it came back on. This time it showed the split screen again of me masturbating in class as I spoke to the class and when I told them to read, I masturbated and fingered my pussy.

I sat and watched. My brain was numb. The screen went blank and another message popped up. It said, "So to tell you the truth, Bunny, (I hope that you don't mind me calling you Bunny) I think those two clips would be the best thing yet to send out to everyone, what do you think?"

Then a message box appeared and I knew I should type and try to talk with him. (By then I was pretty sure it was a male I was dealing with.) I quickly typed in. "Why, why are you doing this, who are you?"

He wrote back, "Because I can, that is why; and as to who I am, you will see after school. You are going to put on the same show that you did in your movie, you are going to get fucked today by six of us and you will go home with a cunt full of sperm. Do you understand, Bunny?"

I quickly typed back. "I understand, but can I just do you, I mean why so many?"

He came right back with, "Because you love to fuck a lot and you love it when you get fucked over and over. We both know that you love to get off, that is why. You love cock and I plan on giving you all the cock that you can ever want until I get bored. You are going to be my fuck toy. You are going to suck any one I tell you to suck; you will fuck any one that I want you to fuck. And do you know why you will do it, Bunny?"

I quickly typed back, "Yes because I don't want you to send out those e-mails to everyone."

He typed back, "Oh no, that is not the reason you are going to be my personnel fuck toy! The reason you are going to do this is, it excites you; it gives you very hard climaxes. We both know just how just much you love to be gang-banged don't we? You will do it because you want to. Oh sure, you can tell yourself it is the videos, but just look at yourself. You are still so wet your pussy is glistening just talking about this. You can't wait for this to happen now, can you, Teach?"

I looked at the screen, what should I say? Should I scream at him and tell him what kind of a sick man I think he is, or do I tell him what I know he wants to hear just so I can figure a way out of this mess?

I typed, "Yes I am turned on right now, but it is a physical thing. I do not have any desire to do this. I will do it to keep you from sending out those emails to everyone, but when will this end? When will you give me those movies you have and what you filmed today. How will this end? I may as well just kill myself if you are going to blackmail me for the rest of my life. I can't live like this."

I typed that and I really meant it; I felt completely trapped, he was not giving me any way out. I know how life works; this all just proved it to me yet again. I knew that no matter what I did, eventually someone somehow would find out. I just knew that my husband would eventually find out and then the school. If there was a way out of this other than killing myself I did not see it.

He wrote back, "Look, don't be that way; I promise you if you do what I say for four months, just four months, I will give you all the movies I have and I will let you delete all the Vid's of you from my PC. Don't go crazy on me; you will be my sex toy for just four months, that is all, OK?"

I sat there relieved that I had an out or at least the thought of one and that he was willing to give me all the stuff that he had on me. I typed back "OK, where do I meet you?"

He wrote, "Right after school go to the Quality Inn right off the interstate. Go to room 375 Go inside take off your clothes, put on the blindfold and begin doing what you did in your movie. Bring the black cock with you and there will be another black cock under the pillow. Squat or kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed.

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