Operation Masturbation

by BlackStallion21

Copyright© 2012 by BlackStallion21

Erotica Sex Story: Ms Alderson is relentless and gets what she wants... even if she has to work for it!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Masturbation   Teacher/Student   Public Sex   School   .

I've always had a thing about getting caught doing things. Call it a fetish if you would but I don't think it's to that level yet ... well maybe. Although I have the thing about getting caught, I never put myself in harms way with things, until I met my crush that is ... My crush is my Chemistry teacher, Mr. Kline.

He's been my chemistry teacher for the last three years and I'm desperately plotting on how I can get him into my pants. Yeah, twelfth grade girls are as horny as the next girl, and I am horny for him! I just need to get him to notice me in a sexual way, and not just as his student.

I wear short skirts with my legs propped open and my panties showing, I wear low cut shirts with what little cleavage I have showing, and I even wear skirts with no panties, and still nothing! No response out of him! I've even gone as far as kissing him on the cheek one day, and would you know that bastard had the nerve to write me up for sexual harassment! So I have one more way that I have decided to try going about getting Mr. Kline to notice me, and if it doesn't work, I give up!

... Operation Masturbation!...

My plan is to drop a pen on the floor while he is walking past my lab table and when he becomes the gentleman that he is, and picks it up, I'll spread my little legs and stick my hand up my skirt and insert a couple fingers or a fist into my pretty little hot box. I haven't decided which yet. It's just as simple as that, right? Wrong! Let me tell you what really happened!

It was a Wednesday and it was hot outside, so I wore my skirt ... wait, you don't need to know all of that, I'll get on with the story...

I did drop the pen when Kline was walking down the aisle past my table, and wouldn't you know, he didn't even notice! He kept walking and went on with his lecture. Damn! Plan B! On his next trip down the aisle, I "dropped" my notebook and all of my papers directly in front of me.

"Stacie, what seems to be the problem today? You're dropping everything. Please pick up your papers and don't let it happen again." He said interrupting his lecture. NOW I was furious!

What's not to like about me? I'm five feet six inches tall with curly red hair and freckles all over my body. (Yes, even my cunny too... )I have small perky b cup tits, and a tight little bum that all of the guys like to grab. I have pretty blue eyes, and for those of you that want to know, yes the carpet matches the drapes, but its strawberry blonde instead of fire red. So I have said all of that to say this, I DON'T KNOW why he won't pay attention to me. But here's the cliff hanger...

"Ms Alderson, I want to see you after class please," Kline said after his speech, "Class Dismissed."

Good, I have one more chance; well after I get yelled at.

"Ms Alderson, I'm not quite sure what your problem is, but you need to stop disrupting my classes, as of this moment! You're on the verge of being kicked out of my classes, and being blocked from taking any other classes with me in the future. Knock it off. You're dismissed."

I was going to kiss him mid-sentence, (I'm relentless) but I realized that probably wouldn't have been the right time.

"And Ms Alderson ... wear panties school, or at least to my class from now on."

Oh, that was it! He was getting it! He noticed and all he could say was "wear panties to my class?" Fuck that, fuck him, he was going to hear about this.

"You know what you miserable fuck? I've been trying to get your attention for the past three months, and when I do, all you can do is insult me? How about not! All I've wanted was for you to at least notice me, and when you do, you have smart ass comments? That's pretty shitty! I know I'm not one of these cheerleaders that have huge tits, and big asses with blond hair and blue eyes, but I'm not ugly. And I do wear panties to all of my other classes, but I take them off to give you a show, but you know what? I'll gladly oblige you, and I'll also let all of my underclassmen friends know to take Mrs. Logger's Chem class instead of yours! I don't have to take another class with you, I'm a senior sir!" And with that, I stormed out of his classroom and went straight home.

I cried, no balled my freaking eyes out for the rest of the night! Mr. Kline was an asshole, and everyone was soon to know that!

That next Friday came and I was walking down the hallway towards the band room and supposedly to my car, when Mr. Kline stopped me.

"Stacie, do you have a second?" he asked.

"I had all of the seconds in the world for you for the last couple weeks Kline, what do you need? I'm headed to my doctor's appointment."

"Come into my room please?" He asked sheepishly. "Listen, I have to apologize for my actions and behavior last week. I know I shouldn't have called you on the carpet about your panty issue, but I can lose my job if I'm even found looking at a student the wrong way, and neither you nor I want that!" He continued, "Now I would love nothing more than to spread your cute little freckled legs and stick my warm hot hard meat into your slippery wet cunt, ( ... and oh it was at the moment listening to him talk to me like that ... GUSHING is more like it!) but in the circumstances we're in, I can only go home and rub one off thinking about your little wet pussy, and the things I would like to do to it!"

Well, I don't know about the next girl, but at that moment I could have taken my thong off, and rung out the wetness two or three times over! I was leaking down my legs at that moment for Christ sake! So I figured I would torture him just like he was doing to me at that moment.

"Oh Mister Kline, What exactly would you like to do to my little pussy? Because all I think is that you'd like to publicly humiliate me in front of the class like you did last week, I don't think you really want me. I think you're full of shit." I said as seductively as I could.

"No Stacie, what I really want is to fuck you publicly in front of the class, and take out all of the pent up frustration that you've caused me for the last couple of weeks. I want to rip those panties that you don't like to wear, from your tiny little frail body, and ram my thick cock into you until you shiver in orgasm over and over again!" (God I was gushing at that moment.) "Then I would stick my tongue into your little slutty pussy and fuck you with it until I swallowed enough of your fluids, and had you laying there lifeless in ecstasy, and then to finish you off, I would flip you over, or better yet, I'd leave you on your back, and I'd pull your legs into my chest and plunge my cock deep into your tiny little rose bud. And when I was finished, I would pull out, and spray my spunk on your little flat stomach, tits, chin, and hopefully I'd even land some in your mouth!"

... Ummmm yeah, I was creaming all over myself. I could see that he was hard through his dress slacks, and if I heard him say another thing about what he wanted to do to my body, I think I might have exploded! I dropped the couple of books that I had in my hand, let my book bag, and purse slide from my shoulder, and I walked up to him, and when I was close enough to have to look up at him to meet his eyes, I unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants, and then let my hands drop to my sides.

"Do something about it Kline!"

He didn't speak, but picked me up under my arms, and sat my ass on the lab table that I was leaning against. He dropped to his knees in front of me and reached up my skirt and pulled off my panties. "I'll keep these," he said, "Souvenir. You actually do own a pair ... or did."

I giggled but my laughs were short lived as his head disappeared under my school girl plaid skirt, and his tongue made contact with my hot cunny. His hot breath felt so good, and those giggles that were just coming from me, turned into baited moans. His skillful tongue went straight to work. He sucked on my clit, and flicked it gently with the tip of his tongue. As he went on sucking, he took two fingers and fucked my dripping hole, and I couldn't help but to moan. This man knew his shit! I realized that the orgasm approaching the brink was going to be massive with in moments, and before I knew anything, I was crying out, "Fuck Jaymie, I'm going to cum!"

He looked up from his work with a raised eyebrow, "Excuse me?"

"Don't fucking stop! I'm about to explode!" I said grabbing his head and pushing it back to my center.

I exploded so hard that I thought I was actually about to squirt all over him. (I don't squirt, but a girl watches porn, I know all about that shit.)

Jaymie stood up and whipped his massive sword out of his pants, and damn am I glad he did! He was massive. "I want you to cry out my name as I'm fucking you," he said as he lined his tool up to my entrance.

"I think I'm going to cry rape! That thing is massive!"

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