Homosexual Indoctrination: Winter Break

by theobedientboy

Copyright© 2012 by theobedientboy

Mind Control Sex Story: The newly indoctrinated slaves return home from university on break.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Slavery   Gay   Science Fiction   Robot   Brother   Father   DomSub   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Body Modification   Prostitution   .


As the month long holiday break began, students from the university returned home to see their families, often traveling in luxurious air trains that they school picked up the tab for as part of their tuition. Newly enslaved, former boys, however, took a different ride on the same trains. In a storage car near the middle of the train, four fresh slaves waited at attention in a row. Each slave held a blank expression as if having been turned "off" for the time being. Their names and identities had been brainwashed out of them at the end of the semester. All four would only react to the "slave" name attached to their collars. The will-less slaves existed for only one purpose: to obey their male superiors.

As the train stopped in various cities, each of the new slaves, one in each city, blinked back to life and swiftly swayed out of the storage car. After the first three stops, all that was left was the slave formerly known as Chrissie. The chrissie-slave blankly waited for another hour until the city it was destined for was arrived at by the train. A tingle went up the slave as it began moving, automatically just knowing where it was supposed to be. It swayed down a few cars, sighing happily as its ass was grabbed by a man. It reported to a man standing by an exit, who was one of the assistant conductors.

"Hello," the assistant conductor smiled, "slave." He put a gentle hand on the slave's arm. "It will report to its father's home. Take one of the taxis to the programmed destination. Does it understand?"

"Yes, Master." The slave sighed and smiled at the nice man. After the train came to a stop, the assistant conductor took his hand off the slave's arm as the doors of the train swooshed open. Inside the station, the slave moved as programmed and found a nearby taxi. He stood quietly in the queue along with two young men from another university and a few other slaves heading home for the holiday as well.

A taxi came up for the young men, who kissed and hugged tightly, exchanging goodbyes. Two more taxis came up, picking up the first two slaves in quick succession. After a few minutes more in the queue, slave stepped forward to enter a taxi. The drone driving it asked where it was going, which the slave obediently recited in a quiet voice.

The ride was quiet. The drone driving was focused entirely on the drive. In the backseat, slave blankly stared ahead like a mindless doll. Its eyes were empty and lost in the simple act of mindless docility. Until drone and slave arrived at its home, there was no reason to act or move outside of the slight breaths it took. About halfway through the trip, a small helmet dropped down from the ceiling of the taxi. The helmet wrapped itself around slave's head and the hypnotic lights that began dancing across its face immediately brought it into a deep trance.

A new scene of programming played inside the slave's mind as the lights continued to dance. A deep need to domestically serve began a focus in the slave's mind. It couldn't wait to arrive at Father's home so it could begin obeying.

After the taxi arrived at the home of slave's father, slave quietly thanked the drone driving the taxi and slipped out of the car. It remembered the past, but did not have specific memories of its time before being enslaved. Father's home was an extravagant, three story, mansion with a long lawn that held an old fashioned stone walk way in the middle.

The slave swayed up the walkway and arrived at the door. Gently, it pressed its hand against a biometric verification screen. The word "slave" came up on the screen with a picture of the blond slave on it. It stared for a moment, smiling softly at a satisfaction which filled it.

Suddenly, the door opened and Father's husband, smiling proudly, motioned for the slave to enter the mansion. "Look at it," husband of Robert began, "he went off and it came back a slave. The child husband of Robert raised is gone, and in its place is a slave." They hugged and husband of Robert kissed the slave gently.

Behind them, the chrissie-slave's Father came into the waiting room slowly. The salt and pepper haired man observed the happy reunion and then gently tapped his foot to get his property's attention. husband of Robert pulled away from chrissie-slave and took the slave's hand and bowed. "Master, may your husband present slave to you."

The slave curtsied low before its father, "Master, how will slave obey?" It knew Father was different from other men, but still addressed him in the same way. Men were men, slaves were slaves.

The proud father of the slave walked over to it and cuffed the slave's chin. "I saw your grades ... very good work ... what is our relationship?"

"slave," slave began without hesitation, "is property of Master." Both slave and husband of Robert dropped to the floor and bowed to their Master, each existing to serve the affluent man with their every being.

As the slaves bowed to their Master, the slave formerly know as chrissie's brother stood at the bottom of the stairs. The boy, blond like his dear brother, a year younger, stood heart pounding on the bottom step at how excited he was for his brother's conversion. Like his brother, he craved submission and had spent his life being a dutiful son for his Father.

Father noticed the boy, who was named after him, at the bottom of the steps and motioned him over. Robert padded over to his Father and hugged the man tightly against his body. His eyes, however, stayed on his slave brother. "Stand," the Father commanded the slaves. His husband and slave son both snapped up to their feet.

He motioned to his younger son to go over to his brother. Tentatively, the boy put a hand out. "Hi ... slave..." He looked down to find his own cock rock hard. "How are you?"

The slave smiled happily and chirped out a reply. "slave is fantastic."

The son Robert moved closer and put a hand on the slave's face. "What is it like being a slave?"

Again, the slave smiled. "Being a slave is wonderful! All boys should have the joy of slavery" It looked past its brother toward Father, who gave a pleased nod as the programmed reply.

Father stepped forward and addressed his property. "Get into the kitchen and prepare dinner with the drone. Robert Junior and I will be there shortly."

"Yes, Master." Both son and husband swiftly walked past their Master and towards the kitchen, where they would join the family drone in preparing the evening meal. Robert Junior stared after his slave brother, watching its cute butt sway as it walking through the automatically opening door to the kitchen.

Robert Junior turned and faced his Father, hugging the man. "Thank you for raising us so well, Sir." He buried his head against the tall man's chest. "I hope to always please you, Sir." The obedient boy knelt down before his Father.

Father petted the boy, but motioned for him to rise. "You're not ready yet." He patted the boy on the bottom and, taking his hand, "but let's go to dinner now."


After dinner, Father was in his study checking work messages for one last time after dinner when slave knocked gently on the ajar door to the room. "Master, what will slave do for you this evening?" It said, curtsying low and remaining there awaiting command.

Father patted his lap as he turned the chair around and slave bounced over to him and slid onto the man's lap. It wrapped its gentle arms around Father and snuggled tightly to him. "It has always been My property, hasn't it?" It nodded gently and closed its eyes as Father kissed the slave gently, as they has increasingly in the run up to slave's indoctrination at the university after schooling ended. "Strip," Father commanded the slave.

Immediately, slave slid off of its Master's lap and gracefully pulled off its top and shorts. At attention, a rock hard cock and hairless body was highlighted. The longer slave stood at attention, the emptier its eyes got, lost in the anticipation of a new command. It barely noticed when Father came over and began stroking the slave's cock gently. "You know, slave, your brother wants to be just like you. It is all he talks about some days when he hears reports about your progress."

As its cock stopped being stroked, slave sighed. "Master, slave thinks that is so wonderful! All boys," it began, a programmed belief being regurgitated, "should be enslaved to please men, Master."

"Good boy." Father petted his child. "It will help me in all ways possible to further the indoctrination of my children."

"Yes," slave sighed, "Master, slave has been trained to assist men in programming boys in numerous ways. It hopes it can be successful in pleasing you and will accept any conditioning to aide it."

Father smiled. "Yes, it will be on a conditioning schedule over the holiday. I have been in touch with your Preceptor and we have set up morning and evening programming sessions to benefit your conditioning."

Smiling, slave leaned up and kissed Father. "Thank you, Master."

Father squeezed the slave's naked backside. "Go see my son. Be a good example for him."

The naked slave, forgetting its clothes, bounced away, towards the door, and out the hall with a shrieked, "Yes, Master," as it padded away. Father chuckled, shut down his console, and pushed a button on the desk to bring his husband to him.


At its brother's door, slave knocked softly. There was a brief pause before slave's brother came to the door and hugged it tightly and dragged the slave into the room. The boy had his homework sprawled out on the bed, but picked it up, tossed it on the floor, and nudged his slave brother onto the bed. The brothers hugged again and slave stroked at its brother's, now its superior in some abstract way, cock.

The younger brother kissed slave gently, but then pulled away. "Tell me all about school. I want to know about the campus! I have been reading all the promotional materials, and I had a nice video chat with a counselor last week."

Cheerfully, slave recounted its semester, how it arrived on campus and was brainwashed during orientation, which it now knew had happened, how its roommate became intimate with it almost every night. The slave recalled the relationship it had with another slave, and how that slave aided a man in slave's final brainwashing of the semester. When slave finished, its brother hugged it again.

As the brothers snuggled, another male came into being in the room. The boyfriend of the slave's brother came into place, having transported from his own family's home. The young male, a handsome brown haired football player, smiled at Robert as the boy jumped out of slave's arms and into his boyfriends. They kissed and the tall male held the boy in his arms. After a moment, Robert pulled away and waved toward his brother. "May I present to you ... slave."

The slave slid off the bed and curtsied before its superior. "Master, how will slave obey?" Since he was on dominant track, and slave knew it, slave would refer to him as Master like any other male.

Robert stared over at his brother and joined the slave in a low, awkward, but obviously practiced, curtsy of his own. "Master, how will slave obey?" The boy had been telling his boyfriend about slave for months; he wanted to give the young athlete a nice night with the boy and slave.

Robert's boyfriend smiled, admiring his obedient thralls. He motioned them toward him and pointed toward his pants as both boy and slave eagerly moved forward to obey.


A few weeks into winter break, all newly brainwashed slaves were recalled for a few days to begin practicing for their cheerleading assignment during the spring. On the green field, a long row of slaves cheered and recited chants in unison as was programmed into them for 12 hours each day during their training camp.

The slave formerly known as chrissie chanted in unison next to the slave formerly known as robby. Both were found to be quite the exceptional jumpers and were suddenly launched into the air to practice aeriel cheers. The slaves continued to practice their cheers and chants, soaked in sweat as they cheerfully bounced around the field in brainwashed unison. Each slave was devoted to service, and part of their service was to cheer on their teams to be utmost of their little slave abilities.

From across the field, the former chrissie's Preceptor and the Head Master watched practice. Both had a vested interest in the slave. The Preceptor for obvious reasons; it was one of his assigned slaves and he took great pride in mentoring them. The Head Master, on the other hand, had taken an interest in the beautiful slave out of curiosity about the slave.


As the slaves worked out, the men chatted in a friendly manner. "This semester's team looks like they will do very well." The Preceptor began, idly watching the legs of a slave swing up and down as it was thrown into the air.

The Head Master nodded from behind a pair of sunglasses. The sunny winter day bothered his aging eyes. "Yes, they are sure to complete rather well in this year's tournament and in support of our teams." He took his glasses off and watched the slave formerly known as chrissie for a long moment. "Certain slaves look even better than others."

Both men watched chrissie-slave laughing and smiling with a few other slaves as they worked out a new routine. "Hey, I called him for this semester," The Preceptor playfully chided his friend.

The Head Master smiled, "Well, I do have seniority here." He paused for a long moment. "It is a very beautiful slave. I am thinking, and we can discuss this at the first committee meeting, of sending it," he pointed at chrissie-slave, "it," and robby-slave, and a few other slaves, "and a few drones from last year to the resort during spring break for an early reprogramming. These boys stand above the others and deserve early droning."

The Preceptor shrugged..."Yes, well, I do want at least a few months with it."

The Head Master patted his dear old friend on the shoulder. "You can certainly have that. Besides, you did have last semester as well." His friend grinned mischievously. He looked back toward the slaves, who were now listening intently to their coach and an upperclassman. "I think, friend, we need to make my annual appearance here."

The slaves on the cheer squad all moved into a lined formation as they had been taught for the past few days by their Coach. All of the slaves snapped to attention with arms at their sides and empty looks on their faces. Each slave felt their minds empty out as they waited for instruction at their presentation.

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