Home Schooling

by Submissive Romantic

Copyright© 2012 by Submissive Romantic

Erotica Sex Story: A short story about the day I cut school and the education I received.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Lesbian   FemaleDom   First   Oral Sex   .

Edited by Michael-Leonard

A short story about the day I cut school and the education I received.

I was in my home office, sitting at my desk in front of my computer, staring at the blank page trying to come up with an idea for my next story, when I my eyes focused on the empty section of the room where my bed and stereo used to sit. My mind began to wander back in time, nearly forty-five years ago, before I met the girl of my dreams who would eventually become my wife, to the time when I lost my innocence.

My name is Jack. The year was 1967, just before the summer of love. America was beginning to lose its innocence. The Vietnam War was escalating out of control, protests were making the nightly news, and the "sexual revolution" was just beginning. As for me, I was still living in my own little world. I was sixteen and a sophomore in high school. Up until about two years before I was considered a short "husky" little kid. Then, over the previous summer, I grew four inches but didn't gain an ounce of weight. I went from five feet tall to five feet four inches seemingly overnight. Prior to my transformation no girl would even look in my direction, now at least they were beginning to look. Now I was two inches taller, and still weighed about one hundred and thirty pounds. Judging from my parents I was never going to be too much taller. As a freshman, I played second-string guard on our basketball team and I was the starting second baseman on our baseball team. Playing sports, even sitting on the bench, at least made me known to most of the kids in my school. The cheerleaders all liked me because I was funny, cute and -- most importantly -- safe. They looked to me as a friend, not a potential boyfriend.

The following year I left our middle school and moved up to the town's three-year high school. Now I was back to being one of the little guys. Fortunately for me, my sport skills improved enough for me to make the junior varsity teams in both basketball and baseball, even though I was competing against kids not only from my middle school but also from the middle school from across town. Being junior varsity gave me semi-celebrity status among the nearly thirty five hundred students.

I was still a virgin, though that didn't really bother me too much. I thought of the girls in my classes as friends; I felt lucky to be accepted as their friend. You see my self-esteem was pretty low. I guess it had something to do with the way that I was raised. A shrink would say that it was because of my over-dominant mother and my seemingly-submissive father, but that wouldn't be entirely true either. I was always afraid to try something new -- including kissing a girl, or making out, or touching. It wasn't that I wasn't interest in sex, I was. I knew all about sex from reading the trashy adult paperback books I found in a cardboard box under my father's workbench in the basement. I had spent many an evening entertaining myself, with my six-inch friend, while reading all about it. I had the usual schoolboy crushes on the prettiest, biggest chested, or most athletic girls in the school; they just didn't know that I existed.

The school year was rapidly coming to an end. It was mid-June; the seniors were already done with their exams and would be graduating on Thursday. I had already completed all of my exams as well. For me this was going to be the last full week of school, the next week would consist of three half- days and school would be over for the summer. From now until the end of the year we'd be just going through the motions.

I heard the alarm go off, stretched out my arm and hit the snooze button. Five minutes later, the alarm went off again, this time I sat up and listened to the radio announcer reporting the weather. It was going to be a hot one again today. Hazy, hot and humid; high in the mid-nineties was forecast for today.

'Terrific, ' I thought to myself, 'the school is going to be like a furnace today.' The city fathers in their divine wisdom had designed the five-year-old high school with walls of windows, which only opened at the bottom to allow minimal amount of breeze into the classrooms, and had not installed or planned for air conditioning. After all, it only got really hot towards the end of May and the school year would end soon after.

I ran down stairs and jumped into the shower before my sister got in there. I got dressed in my slacks and a short-sleeved shirt, had my cereal and juice, and headed off to school. The walk lasted twenty minutes and, by that time, my head was soaked with sweat as was the back of my shirt. I found a nice shady tree to stand under hoping for a cooling breeze. The breeze never came, but two girls from my homeroom did. Christine and Heidi could not have been more different from one another. Christine was about my size, thin, and cute in a mousy sort of way. She had long straight brown hair that hung half way down her back and wore dark rimmed glasses. I always liked her, but not in a sexual way. She was just a school friend.

On the other hand, Heidi was tall -- close to six feet -- and full figured with more than her share of womanly curves. She had short blond hair and was not really pretty; she had more of a handsome looking face. If they continued to hang around together, these two would be destined to become our class's odd couple for our yearbook. Heidi intimidated the hell out of me. She was six inches taller than me, probably outweighed me by at least thirty pounds and, from what I could see, her arms were almost twice the size of mine. She was loud and boisterous almost to the point of being overbearing.

"Hi Chris, hi Heidi; ready for another day in the hot box?"

"Hi Jack. Chris and I were thinking about cutting school today. Our exams are done, we're not going to be doing anything in classes anyway, so why go to class at all? Besides today is senior cut day, practically the entire senior class is going to be out walking around getting kids to sign their yearbooks or just not going to class. We were planning on leaving right after homeroom. Why don't you join us?"

"I don't know, won't we get in trouble?"

"Don't be such a wimp, the teachers aren't going to care; they don't want to be in school any more than we do."

I never did anything like this before; I never missed a day of class from the time I started kindergarten to this very day. I may have been the class clown and unruly at times, but never did I cause any trouble.

Chris looked at me with her big brown eyes.

"Jack, please join us, it will be so much fun."

How could I say no?

"OK, where are we going to go?"

"I remember you telling me one time that both of your parents work; my mom is home and Chris's Dad works the night shift so he's going to be home. Your house makes the most sense, as long as you have air conditioning."

"Sure, I have an air conditioner in my room. We could listen to some of my albums on my stereo."

"Great, then it's settled, right after homeroom we'll meet here and head over to Jack's house. Let's get inside before the bell."

Homeroom lasted about fifteen minutes, just long enough for the teacher to take attendance, and for us to say the pledge of allegiance. The whole time I sat there feeling like I had the word "guilty" stenciled on my forehead. Was I really going to cut school? At this point I had to, what choice did I have? If I backed out now Heidi would be calling me a wimp for the all of next year.

The bell sounded ending homeroom, and also ending the argument taking place inside my head. Instead of heading to my first period class I walked down the hall, down the staircase to the first floor and out the door; all the time worrying that at any moment I would feel the hand of one of my teachers grabbing hold of my shoulder and pulling me back into school. It never happened. Instead I found myself standing under the tree, with the trunk between me and the school. Two minutes later, I was joined by the girls.

"Come on, let's get out of here," Heidi practically dragging Chris and me by the hand, leading us off the school property in the direction of my house.

The whole time we were walking home, all I could think of was how much trouble I'd be in if my mother found out that I had cut school. Little did I know that this was nothing compared to what I was going to be doing for the rest of the day and the real trouble I could be in if anyone found out.

As I look back on it now it was amazing that my mother never found out. We walked through the park and down my street to my back door, in broad daylight, with at least ten of my neighbors along the route being home. In our neighborhood, everyone knew everyone else and talked to each other all the time. Yet, we walked right to my back door as if we were invisible to the rest of the world. Just dumb luck I guess.

I quickly unlocked the door and ushered the girls into the house. As I led them through the kitchen, the dining room and into the living room, Chris said,

"This is really nice."

All I got was a grunt out of Heidi. I know the neighborhoods that the girls lived in. Chris's folks have a house, a small Cape Cod, in one of the older sections of town. Heidi lives on the other side of the park in the relatively new section of larger split-level homes that were built a couple of years ago. My parents' home is a small ranch, the main floor, which is elevated off the ground by five feet, consists of a small kitchen, a dining room and living room a full bathroom and two bedrooms. My bedroom is up a short flight of stairs and is located over the garage.

I showed the girls where the bathroom was and headed upstairs to turn on the air conditioner. Without it the room heats up quickly and becomes almost unbearable especially to sleep in. I spent many a sleepless night standing in front of a window fan trying to keep cool before my parents could afford to buy an air conditioner for the room. It took about fifteen minutes for the a/c to cool the room to a comfortable temperature. The room is fairly large, basically the same size as the garage below it. I have a twin bed, a dresser, a small desk and chair, and a nightstand. The center of the room is empty and my stereo, last year's Christmas present, sits in one corner. The girls and I had plenty of room to sit or lie on the floor and talk as we listened to the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper.

Being as naïve as I was, it never occurred to me that I was home alone, in my bedroom, with not just one but two girls. After we listened to both sides of the album, I asked the girls what they wanted to listen to next.

"I don't know," said the take-charge Heidi. "But maybe we can play a game of cards while we listen?"

"Sure, Heidi, I have a deck of cards in my night stand drawer; I'll get them."

I put on an album by the Young Rascals, and retrieved the cards.

"What do you want to play?"

"How about poker," Chris said.

We played about six hands of five-card draw poker, then Heidi said, "This is boring, why don't we make it more interesting?"

I looked at her and asked, "How are we going to do that?"

"Let's play strip poker."

Now that got my attention in a hurry, as I looked first into Heidi's eyes and then over to Chris's. Both of them appeared to be fine with the idea. I, on the other hand, was going into emotional overload. I had never seen a naked girl before (or for that matter even a girl in her underwear except for my kid sister) and no girl had ever seen me naked. I could feel the heat coming to my face as I turned scarlet.

Heidi took over. "The rules will be the same, the winner gets to collect a piece of clothing from the losers. The losers have the right to choose the article of clothing that they take off."

Since we already had our shoes off, after a quick calculation that meant that if a player lost six hands in a row her or she would be completely naked. I could feel my cock already getting hard with the anticipation of seeing at least some bare tits.

We sat cross-legged in a circle and Heidi dealt the cards; after studying our cards, I elected to take three, Chris took three and Heidi said, "The dealer takes two." We each looked over our hands, since we weren't playing for money there was no betting or calling we just placed our hands down face up. I won the first hand with a pair of aces. Each of the girls reached for a sock and threw it in my face with a hardy laugh.

The deck passed over to me and after shuffling them, I dealt five cards to each of us. Chris took one card, Heidi took two and I took two. I could tell that Chris had nothing from the expression on her face. Heidi placed her cards down and shouted out that she had two pair, sixes over nines, then burst out laughing at her own joke, "Six over nine get it." I got it, alright; she also had my pair of tens beat. Chris and I each reached down and pulled off a sock. Seeing Chris in her bare feet was really turning me on, 'how was I ever going to last if I saw them both naked.' I passed the deck over to Chris and waited for my cards. If either Heidi or I won this hand Chris would have to give up her shirt. As luck would have it Chris won the hand and Heidi and I relinquished our remaining sock.

Heidi took the deck and dealt the cards, now it was getting very interesting. We each took two cards. I looked at my draw and smiled at the third queen that joined the pair I already held. Things were looking up. Chris had two pair and Heidi a single pair of jacks. When I laid down my three queens, the girls just groaned and began to unbutton their shirts. Chris was the first to take her shirt off. She smiled meekly as she sat there, her white bra offset by the deep tan she already had. Even covered by her bra, I was surprised by the size of her tits. They seemed round and full, the bra just barely able to hold them in. I never realized that she was so well-endowed; she hid it well. Then it was Heidi's turn, as she slowly unbuttoned her shirt I anticipated seeing a pair of big tits. I wasn't disappointed, her tits appeared to be much bigger than Chris's, but I was shocked at the rest of her. Her shoulders were broad, and well padded with muscles; her upper arms appeared huge especially in contrast with those of Chris. My mouth must have been wide open as she smiled at me and brought her arms up into a double bicep pose.

"Do you like my muscles? Most guys don't, especially the ones that don't behave themselves."

When I could finally speak, my words came out in a hushed exclamation,

"How did you get so big? I've never seen muscles that big on a girl before."

"My mother started me in gymnastics when I was seven years old. She thought that I could become a great gymnast like she was back in West Germany. I took gymnastics until I was twelve years old, that's when my body started to change. I started to get taller and heavier and began growing these," she said, indicating her breasts. "Soon I was just too big to be a gymnast. At that point, I decided to take up boxing like my father had done. He was US Army champion in while stationed in Germany. He had met my mother while he was in the service. When he was discharged, they got married, and he went to work for an engineering company. Last year, his job was transferred to the United States. We wanted to continue our training together so he built a small gym complete with a padded ring in the basement. He and I train at least three times a week. He says I'm better than he was at my age. It's too bad I can't get into any organized boxing program. They don't let girls box. They think its un-lady like and far too dangerous. Maybe someday I'll be able to box, maybe in the Olympics if they ever let women box. In the mean time I keep training."

At this point my cock was so hard that I was sure that I was going to rip my pants. I was also scared. Here was a girl who was obviously bigger and way stronger than me, who was also a trained boxer and was sitting across from me along with another nearly half naked girl who I really liked. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen. If I was smart I would have ended the game right then; but the chance to see my first naked girls was more than I could resist so we continued.

I took the deck and with shaky hands I dealt the cards. This hand Heidi won. I watched as Chris stood up and in a very sensual strip tease movement slid her pants down to the floor and stepped out of them. She stood there with her hands on her hips in just her bra and panties.

"Well what are you waiting for take off your shirt."

I nodded to her slowly and unbuttoned my shirt, tossing it on the pile with the rest of the clothes.

It was Chris's turn to deal; if she lost this hand I would be seeing my first pair of naked tits. When she was finished dealing we all picked up our cards. This was not good; I had nothing. When it was my turn, I kept my two highest cards and asked for three. Heidi had asked for three. Chris took only one. She almost shouted with joy when she turned her draw card over and revealed the ace of hearts. She slapped down her four other hearts," can anybody beat a flush." I held the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head, throwing it on the pile. I looked over in Heidi's direction. She stood and unbuttoned and slid her pants down to the floor. I just stared as she stood there before us. A six foot tall Bavarian Goddess, her legs every bit as impressive as her arms. The image of my body being squeezed into submission between those massive legs, much as I had seen professional wrestlers on TV do to a smaller opponent flashed through my mind.

Heidi looked down at my naked arms and chest and snickered.

"You don't work out very much do you? Not bad muscle tone what there is of it. You wouldn't stand a chance against someone like me."

"I realize that. I don't need a lot of muscle to play basketball or baseball. I can get by with speed and quickness."

Heidi grabbed the deck and began to shuffle. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that after this hand I was going to be seeing my first set of naked tits and with any luck I'd be seeing two sets.

Heidi dealt each of us five cards. I picked up mine and smiled. I held three kings and an eight and a three. I threw down the three and asked for one. Chris asked for three and Heidi took two. I was casually shuffling my cards as they each revealed a single pair. I spread my cards over and smiled. The poker gods were looking down on me; there, next to my three kings, was a pair of eights.

"Full house, kings and eights."

A low moan escaped Chris's mouth. Then she shrugged and reached behind her back for the clasp that held her bra. With the other hand she held it over her chest as if she was waiting for Heidi to do the same. Heidi slid her straps down over her shoulders and pulled the bra down off her tits. When it was down around her waist she spun it around until the clasp was in the front and unfastened it, throwing it on the pile. Her tits seemed to defy gravity. They sat high on her chest; her nipples appeared to be half an inch wide and at least that long. I sat there with my mouth open, wanting to reach out and touch them but knowing that if I did I could be in some major trouble. Then I turned to Chris who, upon seeing Heidi's exposed tits, threw her bra on the pile as well. Chris's tits weren't as large as Heidi's but were big, round, and beautiful; creamy white compared to her dark tanned body. Her nipples were smaller but appeared to be just as hard as Heidi's.

"Hey Jack, here's the cards; deal before you burn a hole through her tits."

I took the cards, shuffled and dealt the hand, my eyes moving from one set of tits to the other.

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