She Had Always Been Different

by jj76

Copyright© 2012 by jj76

Fiction Story: An unusual ‘monster of nature’ story that could be true. Big teeth, some blood, some sex, no humans directly involved. Story codes do not quite fit but are needed for SOL searches.

Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   non-anthro   Rough   First   Pregnancy   .

She had always been different, and for most of her life she had been larger than everyone else. As a result, she had only had sexual relations three times in her long life. The first time was when she was quite young. It was only the second year after her body was able to produce a child. At that point she was not overly large or different enough to be unattractive to her cousins.

She accepted the advances of a large suitor, who she knew was wrong for her, but her body had a need that she couldn't deny. His moves were good enough to let her know that he wanted the same thing that she did, so she let him do what he wished to her body. He was rough with her, but that was the way of his kind. Unfortunately, the resultant baby in her belly was deformed and stillborn.

A few years later she had her second encounter with a willing male. This time she was larger, and he was smaller than her first. Once again, she let a sexual partner have his way with her body even though she knew it was wrong.

His body pressed against hers and his organ slid deep into her birth canal. She could feel his seminal fluid pump into her. It was a pleasurable feeling, something that was unusual for her kind. But this male felt a need to dominate and control her large body. Even as he was releasing his semen into her, he began to savage her by sinking his teeth into her neck, tearing into her flesh. She wrenched herself free and chased him off.

She didn't know why he had to do that. She was letting him do what he wanted after all.

It took her weeks to heal, and by that time she sensed that life was growing inside of her.

Months later she felt vigorous movement inside of her as the strongest of her unborn children exerted his dominance and fed upon his two less developed siblings.

Her own first conscious memories were when she awakened inside of her mother's womb, hungry and in the dark. The umbilicus that connected her to her mother transferred enough oxygen for her growth, but less than the maximum nutrients that her growing body could process at that point. Her own digestive system was well developed and she could use more food for growth. Her first feeling that could be called emotion came about when she sank her teeth into the soft, unborn flesh of her brother. It was a feeling of excitement and satisfaction that would accompany her on kills throughout her life. Over the next week she devoured him entirely.

Next came the large, yolky, unfertilized eggs. Her sharp teeth ruptured the membranes and she simply swallowed the fluid that surrounded her.

Her son was born off of southern Africa. She would never know what happened to him, nor would she care.

Her third mating never went to completion. At the time, she was nearly twice the size of her suitor, and for many years males had been afraid of her. This one was not. He had just been run off from another mating attempt by a larger male, and he was not in the mood to be picky.

If anything, he was even more aggressive than her second mate, but she was older, wiser, and had thicker skin.

His three foot long organ was deeply seated in her and just about to begin pumping semen when she reacted to his 'uncalled for' biting. She thrashed her body once to dislodge him, turned, and sank her own razor sharp teeth into him. After shaking his small seventeen foot long body like a dog would a rat, he was limp from a severed spinal cord.

The blood in the water from his dying body switched her into feeding mode and after gorging herself on his flesh and oil rich liver she swam off into the inky blue depths.

She was born in the Channel Islands off of Southern California. Her mother and father were the last of their kind to have a pure blooded child; a child capable of reproducing. It was a big ocean, just one of many, and it was a wonder that they met at all. Her species had ruled the ocean for millions of years, and like the coelacanth, was thought to be extinct for millions more after. Her mother migrated around the north Pacific and preferred to summer in the waters around the Commander Islands north of Japan, where she fed on Steller's sea cows to build up her reserves. It was not the usual environment of her kind, but the world had changed.

Her father had been driven into those waters by hunger too. Unfortunately, another species discovered the huge manatee-like sea cows and hunted them to extinction during her first years of life. By the time she would make it to those waters, the sea cows would be gone; as would her mother and father.

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